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Last chance to book Flybe with Avios and to save your Flybe Avios account

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Avios and Flybe are ending their partnership on 30th April.  Details are on the Flybe website here.

You will still earn Avios on any Flybe flights taken by 30th April (you must complete BOTH legs, not just the outbound).  You can also still book Flybe redemptions with Avios until 30th April.

There is no risk in booking a Flybe redemption apart from the standard £35 cancellation fee.  Whilst it will be impossible to change it from 1st May, you can still cancel it and have the Avios put back into your account.

Avios accounts linked to Flybe are closing

Act now or your account will be closed if linked to Flybe is NOT following the same migration process that it used when the Avios Travel Rewards Programme was closed.  In that scenario, your balance was transferred to your British Airways Executive Club account, and if you didn’t have one then one was opened for you.

This is not the case here.  If you have an account which is linked to Flybe, it will be closed on 30th April and all Avios lost.

Full details are on here.

In order to check if your account is linked to Flybe or not, take a look at my earlier article on the end of the Avios / Flybe partnership from 5th April.  It has a step-by-step guide with pictures!

If you have pending Avios coming into your Flybe-linked account, they will NOT be transferred to your British Airways account.

The Q&A page says that you need to ring in a few months time, after you expect the missing Avios to have arrived, and they can look into your old account.  If the Avios did arrive, the call centre can transfer them to British Airways.  You will not be able to do any of this online.

Read my 5th April article here if you think any of this will impact you.

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  1. O/T, but I thought interesting (if a bit long) Hertz customer service story. Currently in Petrolina, Brazil and I booked 27 day car hire through Hertz to pick up yesterday at 1pm. In the period between booking and arriving, Avianca cancelled my flight (as with many other flights), which means Petrolina airport has now has no flights arriving during the day at all (I had to take a horrendously expensive flight from recife that arrived at 115am instead). Anyway, this prompted the local Hertz office (localiza Hertz) to change their opening hours – except no one told me this. I arrive back at the airport at 1pm to pick up the car and it is like a ghost town, and all phone numbers I try either don’t work, or don’t speak English. They seem to be next open at midnight Sunday. Eventually, and somewhat bizarrely, I manage to start WhatsApping a localiza Hertz customer assistant, who over the course of the next 5 hours starts working to find a solution (I am back at the hotel by this point so not too inconvenient). He decides the best solution is to send me a car from the nearest open office, which is 350km away! The car eventually arrives at 215am at the hotel. The crazy thing is its not even the car I booked (I need an SUV for driving in Serra da Capivara) so they are promising to switch the cars on Monday which would be another 4 hour delivery drive. Can’t decide if I am more impressed at the efforts the local company has gone to to right a wrong, or frustrated at the inconvenience of it all! Will probably send a complaint to Hertz head office (anyone know how i should go about doing so?) whilst also trying to commend the Brazilian customer service assistant.

  2. Waddle says:

    OT: Is there a bonus for adding the first supp on the Business Plat?

  3. Ot – so points and money bookings with Hilton count towards qualifying stays and would they count towards diamond status match. Plus if I do it now I reckon I will get 2k points even if I spend 5k points + cash on a my understanding correct?

    • Qwerty Bertie says:

      Reward stays all on points count for the status match, so I can’t see why points + money wouldn’t.

      I’m not sure about the 2k promotion though; I think you should read the terms and conditions.

    • Crafty says:

      You’ll get the 2k if you spend any amount of cash except zero.

  4. IanMac says:

    I’ll pass on my experience with :
    I just learned today that I must have had an Avios Travel Rewards Programme account.
    When that scheme was closing some time back I received correspondence from BA about a new account etc but called BA and avoided having a duplicate account and was also able to transfer avios from Avios TRP to BAEC.
    However I was still earning avios from occasional Flybe flights – these were still crediting into my Avios TRP account.
    I also earn avios from Scottish Hydro Electric (SSE plc) which transfer every quarter or so (??).
    Prompted by Rob’s article I tried to log in to my avios account today and was blocked – it was closed.
    However, it was not really closed – there were still 3,691 avios in the account (from Flybe and SSE). I called the avios helpline where the guy could see the avios in the ‘dead’ account and transferred them over to my BAEC account.
    No more problems with Flybe after tomorrow.
    However, I will still earn periodic avios from SSE. Avios cannot set up that any future SSE avios automatically transfer to my BAEC account. He suggested that I call SSE and see if they can re-route my avios through to my BAEC account.

    • Another option, because I doubt SSE can do this, is open an Aer Lingus AerClub account. This gives you an ‘3081xxxxxx’ number which SSE can use and you’ll be able to access the account via

      • IanMac says:

        Rob, thanks for the advice !
        So I registered with Aer Lingus website – easy enough.
        Then went to register with Aer Club – not so easy !
        After numerous attempts to join online, I called the Aer Club helpline – and helpful they were
        WARNING – when you enter your postcode it cannot have a space so SW19 5AE has to be input as SW195AE back on your Aer Lingus registration.
        WARNING – your address first line can only have so many characters (mine has 21 which won’t work) – I had to change Terrace to Tce (gives 17 characters which does work).
        SUCCESS !!!
        Now the problem is getting Scottish Hydro / SSE to change the recipient account number – because that tariff plan is no longer offered almost nobody has dealt with it and nobody knows how to change destination accounts …
        Waiting to hear back from Scottish Hydro / SSE

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