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Amex Platinum is letting you order a metal replacement card – and a quick benefits reminder

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The new American Express Platinum fee and benefits package kicked in yesterday.  You are now looking at a £575 annual fee, with the carrot of a £10 monthly Addison Lee credit and a metal card.

When we originally wrote about the launch of a metal card, I joked that American Express would be facing a large number of claims from existing holders of The Platinum Card who had ‘lost’ or ‘damaged’ their old plastic one.

As it happens, this isn’t necessary 🙂

New American Express Platinum card

If you log in to your American Express account, click on Account Management and then Order A Replacement Card, you now see this option (click to enlarge):

How to order an American Express Platinum Metal card

Select Replace Metal Card and a new card will be sent out to you ASAP.

Don’t forget to register for onefinestay

There is one other thing to note.

The Addison Lee benefit of £10 credit per month is automatic.  Remember to use code RIDE8 on your first trip, which gives you an £8 saving as long as you spend over £15.

However, the 2nd new offer – $200 cashback on every onefinestay home rental you book – requires registration.

onefinestay American Express Platinum

The registration link is on the same page as registration for all of the hotel and car rental status upgrades.  You need to log in and go Benefits & Help (top menu) and then Platinum Benefits.

Scroll down to where it offers onefinestay enrollment and you will be taken to a screen like this (click to enlarge):

American Express Platinum benefits

…. where you can see which Platinum benefits you are registered for.  Onefinestay has been added to the top row.

(Want to earn more miles and points from credit cards?  Click here to visit our dedicated airline and hotel travel credit cards page or use the ‘Credit Cards Update’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. When in click order a replacement card or just says:

    We apologise but your request to replace this Card requires you to contact us.

    Anyone else have this?

    • Sorry, predictive text..

      When I click order a replacement card it just says***

    • Mine says the same “We apologise but your request to replace this Card requires you to contact us”

  2. I have just ordered but when you come to the final screen it does say “When you submit your request, we’ll send you a replacement with a new Card number. Continue using your existing Card until the replacement arrives. You can use your existing PIN with your new Card.” So still treated as a replacement card ie new card number?

  3. Jchoy73 says:

    Same here, I get a “ you need to contact us” notice. Card is only a few weeks old so maybe that’s why?

  4. Oh no here we go! Seriously people, get a life, degree of craving for a metal credit card must be directly proportional to the sadness of one’s existence.

    • Andrew says:

      Nearly as sad as someone who feels the need to comment on what other people are doing. Why don’t you mind your own business BJ!

    • Sandgrounder says:

      Amex cards are a classic design, I am looking forward to seeing the metal version at first hand. The current Plat is not my favourite version, I rather like the Green. I held off on ordering a supp for Mrs S until yesterday, but I haven’t ordered a replacement for my card yet.

    • Dwb1873 says:

      As I can’t use the new benefits and it is costing an extra £100 I’m going to make sure I get the only ‘improvement’ I can.

    • I wish there was an option to stay with plastic and pay the lower fee! I’d happily also give up the useless Addison Lee credit!

    • I only use the card to get into Centurion lounges, so haven’t bothered until now, but mine needs replacing anyway, as I’ve folded it somehow. But yeah, I’m paying for it, I’ll request the metal card as a replacement. I can use the metal one to spread butter on my toast in the lounge more easily.

  5. Kevin says:

    Only yesterday I contacted AMEX to link BA and Platinum on the same account for the full Platinum travel insurance benefits. The agent categorically refused to accept that the benefits would apply for purchases made with the BA card, insisting that wording of ‘card’ in the T&C specifically referred to Platinum only.

    This is, in my opinion, contrary to what was published on here in April. All Platinum insurance benefits apply when booked using a BA Amex if on the same account. Is this right and I simply had a uninformed agent?

    I am aware that some benefits from the Platinum insurance apply regardless of how the product was purchased, and I am referring to the full package.

    • Genghis says:

      Uninformed. But also no need to “link” to be in the same online account

    • Agent didn’t know what they’re talking about but there’s no way to ‘link’ them anyway – you as an individual holding the card agreements is the link!

    • The definition of ‘Card’ is clear as day in the document, even to someone with no legal experience.

  6. When I follow the instructions it says they’ll send me a card with a new number, does anyone know if that’s correct? I’ve grown rather attached to my current number!

    • Sandgrounder says:

      It was the case in other markets, it is probably true.

    • Digit 12 will increase (it’s more or less the “issue number” on Amex) and digit 15 will change because it’s computed based on all the other digits

    • SimonW says:

      I ordered the metal replacement yesterday. Said would arrive today – my online account already has a different number attached to it.

  7. I genuinely had to replace my card yesterday and got locked out of my account! I called and they pro actively offered my supplementary card holder a new card also. Within minutes my Apple Pay had updated!
    All very efficient, however getting to past the automated receptionist is a painful and frustrating experience. For £575 they need to sort this out. I want to talk to a human being at these prices.

    • Andrew says:

      If you just stay silent when the automated thing is asking you questions you get put through to someone after a couple of missed questions.

    • You need a Centurion to magically skip the ‘automated receptionist’.

      • David says:

        Or have a relationship managed account .

        They have their own Direct Dial numbers

    • Frenzie01 says:

      I am somewhat different.
      I rather not talk to a human being if there is a automated system work around.

  8. After doing this all the offers I had saved to the card have disappeared and is only showing the ones I hadn’t opted in for already. Is there a way of getting these back?

    • They show back on your account after a day or so, it happened to me the other week when I replaced one of my cards.

  9. hingeless says:

    The new card is really nice looking, easy to find in your wallet (as the edges stand out), I have had one for a few months and every time i use it in a bar or restaurant it gets a comment.

    My boss liked it so much that he applied for a card and i got the referral points, amex really know what they are doing with this card.

    • I look foward to using it in LIDL…………………..If my boss was the sort of chap who admired a metal credit card I would think he was an idiot !

    • Given the rubbish earnings rate on Plat I only ever use it when it’s required for an Amex offer so sounds like it’s just something heavy that will stick out and cause problems with my wallet lol

    • The Savage Squirrel says:

      “My boss liked it so much that he applied for a card and i got the referral points, amex really know what they are doing with this card.”

      Attracting idiots with more money than sense who are hypnotised like magpies by shiny things? To be fair, it’s an effective business model it would seem.

  10. System not responding with the ‘you need to contact us’ message… has been like it all day since I checked this morning. Not a new card either.

    • Dwb1873 says:

      Went though no problems for me and supplementary. Did have to provide memorable date and 2FA verification. If you aren’t signed up for both of those that may be a factor.

  11. Starlight says:

    You still get an automated telephone answer even with Centurion. Does anyone know if the Addison Lee benefit is applicable to Centurion as well?

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