IHG Rewards Club adds an extra Accelerate target

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IHG Rewards Club is currently running another round of its ‘Accelerate’ promotion.

Each member has their own personalised targets.  You can register here – once you have logged in you will see your personal goals.  You have until 31st August to hit some or all of the targets.

Our original article on the Summer Accelerate offer is here.  In general, IHG was being less generous than it was during its Spring 2019 promotion.

IHG may be regretting this move, because a lot of people have seen an extra target appear – 3,000 points for a stay in June.  I don’t have it myself, but my wife does:

IHG Accelerate bonus offer

To check if you have got the June bonus added to your account, click here and log in.

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  1. Wongster says:

    Hi folks, I’m thinking of cancelling my Amex Plat. However I have an upcoming FHR reservation. Would I lose my FHR benefits if I cancel my Amex Plat before my trip? Just wondering if any of yous had gone through this before and know what would happen. Thanks!

    • Matthew says:

      IIRC your Plat card has to be used at check in/check out as they are not pre paid rates to receive the benefits….

      • Wongster says:

        Oh, will they check though, as last time at a particular hotel in Dublin, they didn’t ask to see my Plat card. I paid with a different Amex

        • Matthew says:

          To be fair I’ve only done it once and they asked for it but doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the rule. Take a chance maybe and just claim you forgot it?!

        • Darren says:

          I just handed it over rather than try another Amex, but I think it’s required.

    • The hotel may insist you pay on an Amex but any Amex will do. FHR rules even say ‘any Amex’.

      • illuminatus says:

        +1, I always used BA Amex or Lloyds Amex upon ckeckin to a FHR booking

  2. OT – Advice required on Marriott Travel Packages

    Prior to the changes last summer I made 3 separate reward bookings to cover a 7 day booking, I could not make one booking as the same room type was not available for one of the nights. I attempted to add my travel package but as they could not make it into one reservation they were unable to do so. The customer services rep spoke to the hotel and once availability opened up, which was post the changes in Aug, Customer Services were able to combine all bookings into one. Customer Services confirmed the vacation had been booked and they had attached the travel package.

    This week I received an email stating that I had insufficient points for the booking. Having spoken to Customer Services they now state that they are unable to add the travel package as the hotel is a higher category than the certificate I have. The points they are quoting are also at the new higher rates, which is significantly higher than the points required for my initial booking. I have logged a complaint but it will take 3 working days for them to come back to me and I fly a week on Sunday so time is running tight.

    Despite the travel package being added after the changes in Aug it was logged against a point booking that had been made before the changes and the Customer Service Agent confirmed by email it was booked. What are my chances of getting them to honor it?

    If I do decide to transfer MR points to pay for the booking if they do not let me use the travel package, should I not be paying the lower rate when I booked the room, rather than the higher rate quoted now?

    How long is the average transfer time from Amex to Marriott?

    Any advice is welcome!

    • Rooster says:

      Amex to Marriot is usually within 3 working days.

      Don’t expect them to be helpful at all or give any compensation/points.

      • useful to know thanks. Trouble is if they take the full 3 working days to get back to me then I will have missed the transfer window. So have to make the decision as to whether to go early.

        I can only do that though if they honor the points per room from when I originally booked the room and not the higher rate they are quoting now.

        • TGLoyalty says:

          They should honour the rate when it was booked have you called the uk customer service?

          Also if your very is the wrong type you can get it converted. There is a guide on flyertalk with the exact language to use. Worked a great for me and very was upgraded and confirmed against a booking within 20 mins.

        • Lady London says:

          I’d tell them I would revert to the original booking strucure if they were not going to be helpful and honour the rates at the time the original booking was made.

          But first I’d ask nicely. It may be that they don’t realise the intervening rate changes should not really be applied to your booking in the circumstances and a nicely stated request has a good chance of getting it sorted.

    • Spoke to a different agent in the US this time and he spent a lot of time with one of the back room specialists looking into the history to see if they could resolve it. They said it looks like when the agent merged my 3 bookings into one it changed it to a higher rate, which should not have happened.

      They could not fix it but have raised it up to their senior specialist. Recommended that I call again on Mon to see if there is progress.

      Lady London – I agree if they do that then I can afford it on MR points, although I would then be stuck with a travel package which I may not have time to use!

      fingers crossed.

  3. OT – advice greatly received.

    Is there any feasible way of using a 2-4-1 voucher to travel to Australia? (I know, I know…). Is it possible to, for example, fly to Tokyo for 2-3 days, then get another flight to Australia – all under the same 2-4-1 voucher umbrella?

    Has anybody else found any creative ways to get to Australia using the 2-4-1 voucher?

    As an aside, I assume it is ok to add my 12 month old son to the booking for me and my wife’s 2-4-1 voucher?


    • marcw says:

      You can only use your 241 on BA metal. Either you try your luck on the Sydney service, or you redeem to SIN/HKG/TYO/KIX/KUL… or wherever you like. Then you only need to buy (or redeem) a ticket to Australia, but that’s not within your 241 allowance.

      Yes you can add your infant to the booking.

    • Only option is via SIN as must be BA flights. Best chance of you are happy stopping in SIN for a while to match up availability on both legs.

    • Hi Marc, We managed to get outbound LHR-HKG and inbound from SYD-LHR on 241. Filled in the gaps with partner redemptions on bookings via VS and BA. Hope that helps

  4. Shoestring says:

    Interesting article in the Telegraph: British fintech Monzo prepares to play trump card as it enters US digital banking market. Behind the paywall but read it for free here, using a random barcode along the lines 800147XXX where X is any digit


    UK—>The Daily Telegraph—>Business p4

  5. Benylin says:

    OT: Got my IHG premium card (black card) in September 2018. Hit the 10k spend months ago. When can I book the free night, now or at/after anniversary?

    • TGLoyalty says:

      In September 2019 unfortunately the certificate will show in your account same time as the points hit after your anniversary.

    • MarkH says:

      You will get the voucher at the end of Sept 2019 i.e. with first statement after anniversary

  6. Help please!!

    Mighty long shot given the time, but we’ve just been denied boarding by Vueling to NCN because they oversold the flight.

    They gave us 250eur x2, hotel night near LGW and rebooked us on a 1pm flight tomorrow with them (not the earliest btw but the one with availability).

    Can we book the 6am one with BA tomorrow and claim it? Theyve told us they cant guarantee reimbursment but we are missing numerous appointments by arriving so late! Any help appreciated.



    • Also worth noting we I’m almost certain we booked using Amex Plat…which we still have. Not sure yet, but it was definitely booked with Amex.

      Would this cover an earlier BA flight?

    • Lady London says:

      I would book the 6am BA flight if I was prepared to lose the cost of the BA flight. Why not book it on Avios if you’ve got enough? you can do it online. might only be 4,500 or so plus not much money each. I do not think EU261 itself, gives you cost of your preferred alternate flight if you book it yourself (although it does give you duty of care (see below) and compensation which I thought was about 280 euros for a landing time of over 3 hours for your distance, on short haul.

      Rob did a recent article, in fact very recently, listing which travel expenses MUST be spent on the relevant Amex card, to be covered under the travel insurance. If Amex have a helpline for travel I’d call them now and ask, rather than try to find the answer at this time of night. Hopefully someone else who’s up late, will see your question and advise. However if you have other travel insurance than Amex, have a read of the t’c and c’s for that or call your other insurance’s 24 hour helpline if there is one. Good chance if you have urgent reasons, cost of rebooking the earlier BA flight might be covered by any other insurance you’ve got even if not sure about Amex yet..

      Remember you don’t just get hotel costs you also get from Vueling transport to and from the hotel (even to another flight), food and drink (not alcohol) within reason appropriate to meal times during your delay, and communications cost to let people know you are late – covered, such as, by your paying for internet at the hotel if necessary. If Vueling hasn’t given you that money keep the receipts and make sure you claim these under “duty of care” provisions of EU261 from Vueling for reimbursement. this is as well as the compensation due under EU261 for delayed flight.

    • Easyjet at 7am

    • Jovanna says:
    • Crafty says:

      What does your travel insurance say? This is who you’ll be claiming from.

    • Shoestring says:

      Worth noting that the EUR250pp you got already does not replace your compo rights under EC261 – it is *in addition* to your compo entitlement (if any). If you took the suggested alternative Vueling flight, you’d definitely get the EC261 delayed flight compo. If you re-route yourself on BA or EasyJet, you should be looking to get that ticket cost refunded by Vueling but you won’t be entitled to delayed flight compo. But in this case, you should have refused the re-ticketing option offered by Vueling (1pm). should have asked them to re-ticket you on BA or EasyJet because of your meetings, then if they refused, should have told them you would be re-ticketing yourself and claiming the cost back from Vueling.

      How did you leave the situation with Vueling? If you accepted re-ticketing on the 1pm Vueling flight, but re-ticketed yourself on the BA or EasyJet flight, you’re stuffed. You won’t get a refund of your re-ticketing cost. You won’t be entitled to EC261 compo because you are now a no-show.

      • Shoestring says:

        You still have time – if you went on the BA or EasyJet flight – to contact Vueling, explain that your meetings made the 1pm Vueling flight a bad option, so you re-ticketed yourself. And ask for a refund on the original Vueling ticket cost.

  7. Thank you for the Infomation on TAP to NYC, just booked a Business trip Via LCY to NY (Single) and another Return at the End of August to begin of September , Like the convenience of flying from LCY and short stop over in Lisbon and Porto , Saved over 2k compared to Virgin and BA

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