Lots of new Amex cashback offers launched for hotel stays

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A new wave of American Express cashback deals has been launched.

You can see what you are targeted for by visiting the Amex website and looking at the ‘Offers’ tab on your online statement page.  You need to do this for each card you own.  Offers must be saved to your card as registration is not automatic.

As soon as you make a qualifying transaction, you receive a statement credit for the promised amount.

American Express cashback offers

The most relevant is another good Hilton offer.

There may be various versions of this, but I was offered – on The Platinum Card4,000 Membership Rewards points for spending £350 at selected European Hilton hotels by 31st August.

These offers are usually cumulative so the spend does not have to be in one transaction.  Remember that there is a 3% foreign exchange fee on all American Express cards so it is best to spend the £350 in the UK if you can.

You can double dip with the current Hilton Honors promotion which offers double points for stays until 8th September, starting with your 2nd stay.  You can register here.

American Express cashback offers

Other travel-related offers on my family cards include:

£100 cashback on £1,000 spend with travel agent Destinology (expires 31st August)

£50 cashback on £200 spend with Hand Picked Hotels (expires 27th November)

£55 cashback on £200 spend at Guoman Hotels (home page here, expires 6th September)

£100 cashback on £400 spend at Hotel Cafe Royal on Regent Street (expires 24th October)

£30 cashback on £100 spend at Thistle Hotels (home page here, expires 6th September)

£10 cashback on £60 spent with Sixt Ride (a Blacklane-style business, expires 31st August)

£55 cashback on £200 spend at Amba Hotels (home page here, expires 6th September)

£55 cashback on £200 spend at London’s Hard Rock Hotel (expires 6th September)

(Want to earn more miles and points from credit cards?  Click here to visit our dedicated airline and hotel travel credit cards page or use the ‘Credit Cards Update’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Roger says:

    Weirdly the only Hotel offer I could possibly use is Hilton and I do not have it.
    I have all usual Thistle, Amba etc. but not any international hotel chain.

    • Chris Cannon says:

      Me too. Could only use Hilton and don’t have it

    • Jonathan says:

      Probably deliberate if you’re a regular Hilton user. Pretty sure AmEx will be able to filter the offers based on previous spending patterns. Since Hilton will be funding the offer they probably ask for it to be targeted to gain new customers rather than reward existing ones.

      • I used to be of the opinion it was targeted to get people in who had not been in a Hilton but it is not the case as I have this offer and I use Hilton regularly. I have found in the past though that my offers came a week or two after people on HFP were posting their offers. You may get it, just later than others.

    • I’m the same as Roger. Have e every offer except the one I want – Hilton

  2. Nothing here

  3. Billy says:

    Nothing here but I did get a spend £355 on 20k Avios and receive a bonus of 10k avios from BA.com

    • Chuck says:

      How long did it take for the 10000 bonus to show on your BA account ?

      • For me, the extra 10k appeared with the to-be-credited balance on the amex card, and credited with the monthly transfer.

        • Chuck says:

          Ah, great many thanks, should have realised it would be credited that route…

  4. As normal, no targeted offers on either Amex card.

  5. I would rather have the Amex travel offers of last year. Had none this year at all though to be fair, Amex travel prices can be steep. A booking made for a short haul flight at the end of the year was £30 more expensive per person than booking direct.

  6. Had most of these for well over a week, having checked daily waiting for a Marriott or Amex Travel offer. In the end I gave up and booked with Rocketmiles for the 25% bonus avios offer instead!

  7. These are not new and have mostly been mantioned here before.

    The Hilton is only on the Platinum and even then only the primary card.

    Nothing else is of massive interest.

  8. So, seen other people in the past had this issue – does anyone know the solution?

    The only offer on any of my cards for months has been appleyard flowers. Not seen anything else at al across, plat, bapp, spg…

    Anyone ever managed to resurrect them, short of churning card?

    • Shoestring says:

      somebody said lost card leading to new card in the post a couple of days later (which comes with new numbers) worked for them

      • Shoestring says:

        you could lose a whole wallet of cards in one go, you clumsy oaf

        • Oh now look at that, was just checking I had them all with me safely and they’ve gone and fallen the office shredder.. What am I like?

          I’ll report back 🙂

          • I haven’t had any offers for 5+ months now! I tried replacing my card but made no difference!?

          • Once you get new cards create a totally separate online account as otherwise it might link with the old one, so you end up in the same situation. I wish I tried this before deciding to churn. But I did get some referrals from the quick churn, so on balance all well.

          • Shoestring says:

            good tip from meta, some people prefer to have all their Amex cards in 1 a/c but I don’t – for precisely that reason (offers)

    • Charlieface says:

      Try removing each card from online account and readding. Sometimes works

  9. Matt B says:

    Usually nothing useful for me but I was planning to use the Thistle at t5 for a night and parking so a nice saving. Makes up for leaving it so long and seeing the official parking prices shoot up.

  10. George K says:

    Speaking of 3% ForEx, for many years I was bemused with the fact that buying an airfare originating from outside the UK (but with a UK carrier) would trigger the charge (obviously you would say, as the fare is quoted in that currency). With the Lloyds 0% card gone (as the only avios-earning 0% forex card), I thought I might ask if there’s something I’ve been missing all these years: Is there a way to *not* trigger the forex charge if I am booking a trip, say from Greece to England with BA, using Amex Platinum?

    • Shoestring says:

      I’ve not found it, I generally buy T-355 so 2x 1-ways, the second one originating out at our place in the sun.

      2 solutions:

      1. use a card that doesn’t charge the 2.99% eg Halifax Clarity
      2. suck it up, no problem really using Amex Gold as (with the 2.99% fee) you are earning MR points @2.67 per £1, which all boils down to buying Avios (or MR points) @1.1p/ point, nothing to worry about, really.

      • George K says:

        Good suggestions. I think Curve will be my go-to card for 0% from now on.

        Speaking of Amex Gold though, I just had a thought. Is it possible, as an Amex Plat holder, to issue a supplementary Gold card to… myself?

        • Mark2 says:

          Yes; useful for ShopSmall. Use ‘other’ as relationship.

        • Sundar says:

          And extra-polating that logic, does that gold get the double bonus points for airline booking ?
          15K for 10K spend ?

          • George K says:

            That’s what I was thinking about, and I think the answer is yes. Once upon a time I tried to go another way about this, but taking an Amex Gold (charge card as it was then) and getting a Gold credit card on the same account. I kept the latter, even as I upgraded to Platinum, which is actually still a live supplementary card on my account (even alongside the Platinum credit card). I used it to buy BA tickets thinking that it would trigger x2 MRs as a Gold card, but no…

          • Charlieface says:

            No they are just Plat without the benefits.
            What @George K is referring to is an entirely separate account called Gold Companion card which was a credit card available to Gold Charge holders, there was also a Plat version but they wouldn’t upgrade at the same time as the charge card

    • Andrew says:

      Book the journey with an online travel agent rather than direct with BA?

    • BigSi says:

      @GeorgeK, you can call BA and ask for ticket to be priced in STG. I do it all the time for USD fares airports but I think it would work for you also. Sometimes the fare buckets are different and can be even cheaper on occasion. If you use AMEX travel or Expedia you will also get those fares in STG and avoid the FOREX charge.

  11. SimonW says:

    O/T On my Platinum, I spent £15 on Addison Lee 10 days ago, still no £10 credit showing.. But I have been made ClubLee GOLD at addison lee – 15% off at peak times, and a load of other offers on the app….

    • Similar situation for me. 14 days ago though. I contacted Amex through chat last Friday, who fobbed me off claiming it had only been 5 working days on Friday since the transaction appeared on my statement, which is how long the t&c’s say it will take (at the same time I was looking at my statement and could clearly see it was already 7 working days). They told me to wait 24-48 hours and the credit would post.

      Guess what, still nothing.

      • +1
        No credit so far and it has been 9 days since I used Addison Lee.

      • SimonW says:

        Spooky…. The £10 credit just hit my account, dated 22nd June….. I booked the car on 14th for travel 15th June…. All good….. Now just waiting for the £10 off my £100 Nespresso order. Didnt even get an email for that one.

        • Very spooky, that happened to me as well after I replied to your previous comment!

          No sign of the credit when I checked this morning, but it was there after I replied. Coincidentally also dated the 22nd (not sure why it wasn’t showing up today or yesterday though).

          Let’s see how it works going forward.

    • Not sure how to get any benefit out of Addison Lee myself. Pretty much the only time I use cabs is to get to LHR, and when I try to book in advance for a flight next week all I get is a notice saying they’re fully booked for cash/card bookings, and to pick an “ASAP” booking nearer the time. Hailing an ASAP for 0645 is not my idea of fun, so I guess I’ll be sticking with my local minicab firm after all.

      • SimonW says:

        You need to create an account for advance bookings I think. Net £5 for a £23 fare hard to beat really. £10 off via Amex, stacked with £8 off via ALee code.

        • Not sure where you live, but I can get an Uber 24/7 within 3 minutes. It has never even crossed my mind that a car is not available on demand. AddLee is probably not as good but won’t be far off if you live centrally.

          • I live in SW London/north Surrey. Uber is available but after a sequence of awful drivers and cars, and an £80 surge price to LHR (minicab is £25, without luggage I get two buses for £1.50), I’m no longer using them. Want to try Addison Lee once for the plat credit and £8 to make it competitive but having never used them I’ve no idea if they’ll be available on demand out here!

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