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British Airways terminal moves announced at Heathrow Airport

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British Airways has announced a few Heathrow terminal moves from the start of the Winter timetable on 27th October:

Billund, Hanover, Zagreb – moving from Terminal 5 to Terminal 3

Luxembourg, Lyon – moving from Terminal 3 to Terminal 5

This is on top of the previously announced switches of Phoenix (T3 to T5) and San Diego (T5 to T3) on the same day.

Whilst most London-based readers are travelling point-to-point, any readers due to connect in Heathrow to one of these destinations should check that they will still have time to make their onward flight.

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Comments (161)

  • Dan L says:

    Be interesting to see which MAS flights Rhys earns Avios and tier points on. I’ve just taken six MAS flights (two long haul business and four regional economy) and was only credited for the business legs, despite having eligible fares according to the website (but not the Exec Club customer service team)!

    • Michael says:

      I highly doubt Rhys will be earning any avios and tier points on these flights.

      • Rob says:

        We have, in the past, occasionally earned on review flights by crediting them to a partner airline 🙂 in the same way that crediting redemption flights to a partner can often trigger miles.

        I never got anything from Etihad by crediting my Oman Air flights though!

        • Sussex Bantam says:

          Sorry – “crediting to a partner can often trigger miles”. Really and how ?!?

          • Shoestring says:

            just go to a friendly Oneworld site – Finnair is good – and credit your flight to a different airline loyalty prog

          • Shoestring says:

            through MMB

          • Rob says:

            Depends what buckets rewards come from. Remember how bookings used to show in MMB as earning, even though BA was able to stop them crediting? Other partners do not always see it as a redemption.

          • Sussex Bantam says:

            Man – every day is a school day !

            What happens to status benefits if I assign to Iberia for example rather than BA ?

          • Rob says:

            You may not get, which is why it is rarely worth the bother.

          • Chas says:

            Is there a similar way with VS reward flights?

        • Michael says:

          @ Rob – Interesting!

    • Rhys says:

      None, because I was travelling on special non-earning rates as the flights were provided by MH!

      • Dev says:


        If you haven’t checked into the FS Langkawi or are still there, then please give my regards to Michael Casey, who is a manager there. He should remember me as I am a regular at FS Singapore, where he used to be before moving to Langkawi. Great guy.

        • Rhys says:

          Afraid I returned on Saturday. I did meet Michael who is lovely, as you say – had some great conversations with him!

  • sunguy says:


    I took my Mum to LHR the other day and noticed something odd – the business checkin was only showing access for Sliver/Sapphire and not Bronze/Ruby. I did ask and none of the staff were aware of any changes…

    So, are BA about to remove about the only actual benefit of Bronze membership (i.e. using a real human to checkin) or was it just bad signage ?

  • Tracy says:

    O/T just a note about my flight check in for today. I have a club world reward flight Lgw to Lima today. Checked in yesterday and got row 11 (back row) on the 777 with the weird row numbers, 1-5 then 10&11 I think. There wasnt any window pairs in rows 1-5 left. As per chat on here I did not print boarding passes and kept checking back for better seats. About 10 hours after check in opened some seats became available and I managed to get a window pair in row 2 🙂

  • Sussex Bantam says:

    Did it actually turn into any real points though ? Has anyone won anything ?

  • Lee says:

    OT – has anyone received 2000 Nectar points from virtual HFP party between Haymarket and Edinburgh this week?

  • luckyjim says:

    OT: just got and an email confirming that Good To Go ‘Park and Ride’ and ‘Meet and Greet’ are no more. They now recommend the official Heathrow Meet & Greet. WTF were they thinking? Offer the exact same thinly branded product at a lower price and then withdraw it because people stopped buying the same thing at a higher price. Who’d have thunk it?

    It reminds me of when BA launched a low cost airline and offloaded it because it was highly successful at pinching customers from BA.

  • Lux says:

    OT: It seems that Heathrow is dropping its Good to Go parking brand and, presumably, the good value deals that went with it. If the pricing doesn’t carry over to the main car parks, it makes one wonder how far it was cannibalising its own client base.

    • Doug M says:

      It went a while back, except for the meet and greet, that seems to have gone too now. Didn’t make sense to sell same thing via two brands at such different prices.

  • Andrew says:

    Bits – “Good to Go”

    Just had the email from Heathrow (incredibly rudely addressed as “Hello Traveller” – I don’t live in a bl**dy caravan!) announcing the end of cheap(er) parking:-

    We want to let you know that Good To Go Park & Ride and Good To Go Meet & Greet are no longer available for new bookings. If you have an existing booking, it is not affected – you’ll park as normal.

    If you’d like to make a new booking, please click here for all Official Heathrow Parking options including Good To Go Drop & Ride, which continues to be available.

    If you have previously booked Good To Go Meet & Greet, we recommend Heathrow Meet & Greet, and if you previously booked Good To Go Park & Ride, we recommend Heathrow Long Stay.