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Good 18,000 Avios bonus with The Economist (1.2p per point)

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British Airways and The Economist have brought back their special offer for taking out a subscription.  As you can see at this link, you can earn up to 18,000 Avios with a new one-year subscription.

Here are the two options on offer if you are a UK resident:

Print only or digital only:  £179 with 15,000 Avios (1.19p per Avios)

Print and digital:  £215 with 18,000 Avios (1.19p per Avios)

Subscribing to The Economist could make sense just for the Avios bonus even if you have little intention of reading it in detail, although there are occasional opportunities to buy points for nearer 1p each.

avios economist

There are even better deals when looking at other countries.  A digital only subscription for someone with a Canadian address snags you 15,000 Avios at 0.8p per point (C$199). Pricing in the Eurozone is unfortunately poorer than in the UK, with 1.6p per Avios on digital-only subscriptions in Belgium, France and Germany.

As always, if you are self-employed you may be happy writing off the subscription cost as a business expense which would sharply reduce your price per Avios even further.

This offer runs until 30th September.

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  1. Can you book say 10 different hotel meeting rooms for business meetings then take an Economist subscription out for each venue? Thinking pop up branches?

    • Lady London says:

      Lots of compagies have more than one Economist subscription for departments/staff.

      I think on previous offers some schools, university research departments etc, in some foreign countries including Canada, did find subscriptions delivered to them out of the blue!

  2. laura says:

    OT, seems vueling thread is locked. I tried to recreate the thread about a better experience on Vueling: this is what happened, flight delays by over 2 hours both ways gtw-barcelona, extra baggage not being found on system, self service check in machines not working, stuck in boiling hot tunnels getting squashed as more people come down escalators, and then read trustpilot reviews, complaints website page “broken”. Can I recommend you don’t use this airline, seriously Rob, seems many people have these problems and 2 hour delays standard and no recourse even when resolver and Spanish Aesa makes ruling Vueling disregards them. Also the website is appalling and I can’t log into add my avios

    • Lady London says:

      So other than that, @Laura, you quite like Vueling?

    • ChrisBCN says:

      Boiling hot tunnels? Are you confusing them with the central line?

      • Lady London says:

        I thought TFL said they had got air conditioning on the Central Line sorted…?

        Cattle being transported, actually have better rights to space and temperature than people… at least so far as transport in London is concerned!!

        • Oh no nothing as luxurious as that for the Central Line until 2027. What you may have read was the plans to put a/c on new rolling stock due to be delivered in the second half of the 2020s.

          Until.then we can always open the windows at the end of each carriage. 😉

        • ChrisBCN says:

          Cattle generally don’t have choice about the transportation they use…. Humans do, and that’s why the rules aren’t as strict. Besides, have you tried holding your Oyster card in a hoof?

  3. Ivan_vee says:

    Re economist/avios – does someone know how long it takes for the avios to appear on my account? Many thanks

  4. fivebobbill says:

    OT please.
    Does anyone have the best number to call Marriott from the UK to move points between accounts?
    There are quite a few on the Marriott website.
    I know it’s been posted on these forums before, but I’ve trawled the search facility for 30 minutes now and just can’t find it.
    Many thanks

  5. guesswho2000 says:

    Any idea why there’s such differences between the cost between countries? CA$199 vs AU$475 definitely isn’t just the difference in the GST%!

    • guesswho2000 says:

      …The Economist applying their own version of DCC with a 200% rate loading…

      • AndyGWP says:

        Probably just pricing for the market isn’t it? Same as how Netflix, Deezer etc pricing varies globally (based on competition, wages, content / appeal etc)

  6. O/T: how long does it take for Virgin to credit manual Tesco clubcard transfer? I’m sure I saw 28 days written on some t’s and c’s somewhere but I’m hoping it’s a lot quicker!!

  7. Simon says:

    O/T • Krisflyer to Shangri-La G.C.

    Does anyone know approximately how long it takes for such a transfer to complete? Is it days or weeks? Many thanks in advance!

  8. Luthar says:

    OT – Has anyone ever used the Lloyds avios voucher for someone else e.g. spouse or family member when you weren’t traveling with them? I know it’s a long shot, but thought I’d check anyway.

    • lev441 says:

      Yes – Have done this on multiple occasions…

      • Had a voucher expiring on 30/6. I must have called a dozen times and each time they would not let the voucher be used for a family member.

        • MarkH says:

          Had the same experience.

          Think it used to be possible when booking on but doesn’t seem to work on the phone now.

  9. O/T Got my Lloyds statement today and they (suprise, suprise) charged the interest even though still under interest free period until 03/2020. This is the second time. Looks like more compensation!

    • xcalx says:

      Happened to me a couple of week ago. Sorted in a looong phone call. I was not offered any compo, does one need to ask for it.

  10. Eu261 help please.
    My parents are flying MAN-SIN tonight, via FRA with LH in premium economy.
    The man-fra is delayed so will miss the connection.
    Looks like the next LH flight to Sin is tomorrow evening. Even the indirect flights on other airlines don’t arrive much before.
    They are only there for 6 days, so cutting it even shorter. If they negotiated to accept the 24 hour delay outbound, but extend the stay to return on a later flight, would that jeopardise the eu261, as I think that will be 600 euros each?

    • Shoestring says:

      I guess it could depend on whether they sign any kind of waiver re their EC261 compo rights on the outward flight. I’d be inclined to keep the outward & homeward flights separate in their minds (& not even mention compo at this stage).

      Ie 1) get themselves booked onto the 24 hr delayed flight to Singapore. Then 2) try the ‘can we get a later flight back please as we wanted to spend 6 days in Singapore’ ploy. It’s not as if they’re going to be negotiating as such, is it? Do they really see themselves saying ‘we’ll only take the 24 hr delayed flight if you give us the later homeward flight as well’? All mention of EC261 compo can wait until they get home but it would be good to establish now that there are no extraordinary circs.

      tbh 5 days in Singapore is enough anyway but that’s just me! 🙂

      Which airline is it?

      Do they know the duty of care regs, ie entitlement to restaurant meals (no booze reclaimable), a proper hotel room of their choice (about £200 each per room budget, so together it could be more than £200 ie a better room), transport to/ from hotel – point being, they don’t have to accept a poor choice of refreshments & hotel from the airline, just choose for themselves, keep receipts & claim it back later.

      • Thanks – flying Lufthansa on one of the £500 ISH Premium economy fares earlier this year. Yep they are aware of duty of care thanks to me, and I know thanks to many of your previous posts!
        As you and Lyn suggest, I think the ‘worst case’ is a 24 hour delay, and then asking for anything better.
        They are off to see their new born granddaughter , so they will be happy to stay as long as they can!

        • Shoestring says:

          Expertflyer holds dispatch data for about 3 days, then it gets wiped – probably a good idea (EC261) to find out the exact/ official reason their first flight was delayed whilst that is easy to establish.

    • Sorry, I don’t know the answer to whether it would jeopardise EU compensation, although I suspect not. Hopefully someone else reading this late will have a better idea.

      Perhaps Lufthansa could also be persuaded to upgrade them to business class tomorrow under the circumstances of their very short trip, as well as putting them up in a decent hotel tonight under normal duty of care? I hope something works out for them and they can still enjoy their trip.

      • Yes that’s what I told them. I think they are quite excited about a ‘free’ day in Frankfurt.
        Priority pass will help tomorrow too!

        • Or even perhaps Lufthansa lounge access? I haven’t flown LH in many years but they used to be quite reasonable about service disruptions.

  11. Optimus Prime says:

    OT – In order to be covered by Amex Plat car hire insurance, do you have to pay the booking with the Platinum card?

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