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Redeem a lot of Hilton Honors points for a McLaren track day

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If you are keen on fast cars, Hilton Honors and McLaren have got together to organise another exceptional track day.

This is what you get:

Here’s your chance to score the ultimate McLaren track day experience at the famous Dunsfold Circuit.  You and a guest will have the opportunity to experience the full capabilities of a McLaren road car, combined with the highest standard of hospitality.

Dunsfold Circuit is designed to deliver a fun mix of low and high-speed corners as well as a series of straights, offering the optimal track for this McLaren track day experience.

This experience for two (2) includes:

Opportunity to drive both a McLaren 570S and 720S alongside professionally qualified driving coaches

Hot Lap, where the driving coach will take the wheel and show you how to maximize car performance around the track

VIP hospitality throughout the day, including lunch

Please note this package does not include rail, airfare or hotel accommodations. Must be 25+ years of age and have valid international driving license.

If you know anything about performance cars you’ll know what an opportunity this is.  If you don’t, it’s not for you anyway!  The date is 24th October.

Last year this was a ‘buy it now’ deal for 275,000 Hilton Honors points.  This year it is being auctioned, and by coincidence the price is currently 275,000 points but could obviously go higher.

It isn’t cheap – based on my 0.33p per point valuation, you are ‘paying’ close to £900 at the current bid – but it would be an amazing day out.  You can bid here.

Hilton Honors Auctions McLaren track day

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Comments (122)

  • Dawn says:

    Maybe I’m just stupid but I thought the one way car rental cost only £1. Europcar wanted £61 from me – £60 for the rental and £1 for the one way. I can get a taxi from where I live from Basingstoke to London Heathrow for cheaper than this. Have I just misread it?

    • Shoestring says:
      Total price
      to pay now (excluding fuel)
      GBP 1.00
      for 1 day

      • Dawn says:

        Thanks for this Shoestring. That’s what I booked on but if I put timings in as 10am pick up, 12 noon drop off it gives me £1. As my flight is 1035 I need to leave earlier and drop off earlier and as soon as I put those times in I get the £61 price. Probably because their Basingstoke office is closed at 7am when I’d need to collect.

    • kumar says:

      I cant remember exactly but I did hire with Europcar for this 1GBP rental and in case if you do not return the car on time then you could be charged an additional 60GBP or if you pick up the car after 6pm (after scheduled hours or out of business hours)

      They did charge 25GBP after the 1GBP return for fuel.I barely did 40 miles in the one day rental and did hold the fuel receipt at the nearest airport fuel station.They did claim the tank was not full and I sent the receipt after which they returned 25pounds as a good gesture.

      Not again for me after the fuel drama.

      • Shoestring says:

        it’s £3/ litre so you’re better off filling up yourself, there’s a convenient Shell just half a mile away from LHR Europcar

      • Lady London says:

        Hi Kumar, was that Europcar LHR that tried that on with the fuel ?

        • Kumar says:

          It was london Stanstead .returned @5am when no one in office.Drop the keys in the box and leave otherwise i would had made sure everything was good in terms of fuel level…

          • Lady London says:

            Aaaah… one of the reasons it’s always better to drop off the car when the office is open for someone to receive it. Then you can insist they sign for the return of no-more-damaged car and that the tank was returned full and close the rental. (and allow extra time for any queues or “discussion” needed for your flight).

            IM (long)E an airport car hire office, in particular, is a mine of risk for potential dodgy practices. Much more than non-airport locations. Although all car hire has a risk of encountering such practices. Hence the need for decent insurance via charge card or other means unless you are a HNWI.

            You did well to ensure you refilled the tank and kept the receipt @Kumar

        • @mkcol says:

          I’ve had Europcar LHR whack on a cleaning bill of either £25 or £50 after I’d returned the car & it was signed-off as all fine, no further charges.
          A couple of emails to their CS got it sorted but they do come across as shysters a bit.

  • Relaxo says:

    OT BA cancellations related. I have a GLA-LHR positioning flight on the 28th evening. First of a cascade of flights for honeymoon in Africa (all on separate PNRs). What are the chances flights day after strike will be cancelled? Additionally, ticket is Avios redemption – what are the chances we will get bumped off? Could potentially book a train down as a backup but would rather not eat further into the holiday budget. Any advice based on experience from strikes last week?

    • Andrew says:

      No guarantees of course, but BA have updated their strike advice to say that if your flight is cancelled they have emailed you (past tense), so no news is good news.

      Plus, they’ll want to not cancel flights on 28 sept now as they are within the 14-day combo window now (which is why they cancelled flights on the 27th 15 days in advance on the 12th).

      That’s what I’m telling myself as I’m booked for a LHR-GVA-LHR day trip on 28/9!!

      • Shoestring says:

        There was loads of disruption on the day after the last strike a couple of days ago, with planes out of position and more cancelled flights, esp within the UK. The separate PNRs issue poses a significant risk to catching your second flight from LHR with no alternative flight offered if you miss the connection. What are the timings? as obvs there are plenty of GLA-LHR flights each day.

        Advice? train is possible but as you said it’s GLA-LHR evening, can you not pay to change this positioning flight to a much earlier one?, giving more time to get put on a later flight if your one gets canceeled.

    • Lady London says:

      Your risk is high due to separate PNR’s. I’d book a cancellable alternative to get me to LHR if flight is cancelled last minute. Or pay a change fee now and get it moved a lot earlier for safety.

      If you’ve got enough Avios spare you could see if it’s possible to book a big-avios-plus-£1 Avios backup ticket as that would limite your lisses to £1 if you cancel it.

      I hope you’ve got good travel Insurance, and i hope you paid everything by credit card for s.75.

    • Jill. (kinkell) says:

      BA cancelled our evening flight from INV on the 11th sept with just 6 hours to go! We had checked in, boarding passes sorted as well. So, in your case you need a Plan B as others have suggested.
      Hope it all goes well.

  • Lee says:

    O/T – Missed flight help – Hi everyone, hoping for some advice off you knowledgable folk! I should start this by saying i’m not a frequent flyer…. I should have been on the 5.55 flight to Palma this morning from Manchester airport, booked with avios points. The British airways itinerary stated check in desk opened at 04.30, so my wife, two infants and I arrived at the check in desk just before then (and was checked in straight away at 04.30). I was then made to check in a car seat separately (taking 20mins) and get through security (another 45 mins) which allowing for walking time from these places meant we did not arrive at the gate until 5.45, at which point we was told we had missed the flight. We heard the generic final call a couple of minutes before getting to the gate so thought we was ok. The BA staff member at the gate said she knew we was at security at 5am so i’m frustrated we wasn’t told of the urgency in getting to the gate as early as possible, and i also feel the plane has left the gate early. My question for anyone who may know on such matters is where do i stand on this regarding seeking compensation or taking legal action against BA for leaving the gate early, providing poor info on the itinerary? Or is it tough luck on me and they have not done anything wrong! Thanks

    • Lady London says:

      I think you should ask thé airline for help. Passengers getting caught in airport processing delays on very early flights must be a common occurrence. If the checking desk does not open soon enough to allow for those then IMV not thé passengers fault.

      I should think the airline normally advises being at thé airport at least 2 hours ahead. If thé checkin desk is not open at least that regularly quoted time ahead then IMV it’s not opening soon enough and they know it.

      One flight i take fairly regularly départs at 0620. But checkin desks are open no earlier than 0530. And not all checkin desks open at that time it’s gradual. If i was checked in 5mins after they opened i would expect to be put on a later flight f.o.c. if the airport could not process me in time.

      Court case needed to clarify this so youll just have to ask nicely – essential you do this while still at the airport.

      • Lee says:

        Going to enjoy my holiday and then have a think about what to do on the way back. Customer service wise I think they have had a shocker, contractually not sure I have an argument. Thanks for input.

      • Anna says:

        +1 – you are advised to get to the airport 3 hours before an international flight, so how can they possibly justify only opening the check in desks only 90 minutes before scheduled departure time? I try to avoid very early flights out of MAN precisely because it’s so busy between 4 and 6 am but even when passing through security at that time it’s never taken 45 minutes, despite regularly being singled out for extra bag screening – you must have been quite unlucky! It’s not even school holidays any more so it sounds unbelievably badly managed from all angles.

        Anyway, I hope you have a lovely holiday despite the unfortunate start!

    • Lee says:

      Thank you for the reply. Yes security was horrendous! they put my wife’s baby changing bag to one side which took up most of the time but we never felt like we was at risk (more fool us and lesson learnt). We was actually put in a priority queue because we had a pram but they were just horrendously slow to check anything and then when the bag was rechecked it just added on the minutes. Checking the flight and it actually set off an hour late in the end, whether that was them unloading the bags, missing the slot or something else i don’t know…..

      I have managed to rebook this evening with jet2 from Manchester so all is not lost. Thanks again for info and reply.

      • Chuck says:

        Don’t know if mentioned Lee but your inbound will be cancelled automatically if you didn’t fly the first sector ! Get on to BA CS and get them to reinstate your return flight …

        • Lee says:

          Thanks, have spoken to them earlier and inbound has not been cancelled. Hopefully no issues on way back home!

      • Anna says:

        The BA services from MAN are delayed all the time, they basically try and fit far too many flights into the available time and then each delay has a knock on effect on the next one.

  • M says:

    When renting with can I book Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) with deductible(cheapest) and just use Amex Platinum for the cover?

      • Hg333 says:

        Just as a follow up question:

        1) Do I need to book the car rental with the Amex plat in order to be covered by the excess insurance, or is it any Amex at all, or any (non-amex) card at all?

        2) When booking through, say the Hertz Australia website using plat CDP or any other US aggregator, do I forfeit any other insurance because of not booking it through my home country? Same question as above, do I need to book with Amex plat?


        • Mikeact says:

          Why don’t you call them for a definitive answer ?

          • TGLoyalty says:

            I see this posted a lot here recently and I’m very surprised. how many times do we all come across CS on a phone who has no idea about the actual T&C’s of the company that they claim to represent.

            The amount of times Amex CS tell customers their BA 2-4-1 will be cancelled if they cancel their card is proof enough that asking CS anything is a waste of time.

  • Jon says:

    OT – looking at going to Budapest for New Year. Any hotel recommendations? Ideally a Hotel with a Club Lounge although not a deal breaker if not.

    • Ian M says:

      I wouldn’t personally recommend the Ritz Carlton. Stayed there in March this year. Had a Carton Suite which was nice but nothing overly special.the bathroom was rather small, with a small tub and separate but small shower. The bathroom had no heating either, which even in March made it a bit uncomfortable. So I would imagine at new year could be rather chilly!

      The club lounge was disappointing. I’ve stayed in plenty of Marriotts with far better lounges.

      The hotel’s Deak St Kitchen restaurant was very good if you like steak though!

      The hotel breakfast was decent but not overly amazing. It is served in a stunning room however, called Kupola Lounge.

      • Jon says:

        Thanks Ian, initially started looking at Ritz but reviews were a bit mixed. Stayed at Ritz with Club in Singapore and the club was phenomenal. Thought they might put something on for NYE.

    • Travel Strong says:

      3 approaches to budapest:-
      1) Top end chain (sofitel/intercontinental)
      Will offer what you want, but pricey.
      2) Top end independent (e.g. the Continental) – almost the same offering (not quite, but almost) and much cheaper.
      3) AirBnB. Insane value for money with amazing apartments available for £35 per night. Collect your own breakfast from a bakery and immerse yourself

      • Sandra says:

        We had a fabulous Airbnb in the Opera/ St Stephen’s area of Budapest, with a sauna and a well-stocked wine fridge and the whole thing seemed to cost thruppence.

    • David D says:

      The Hilton Budapest or the Corinthia are both very good hotels with a lounge for executive or club rooms. The Hilton has exceptional views across the river and different style rooms depending on what you need.

      • Jon says:

        Thanks the Hilton does look good and not much more for suite – do you know if the club lounge has views over the Danube? Thinking might be good for watching fireworks

        • Lee says:

          Booked River view room and be upgraded to River view Executive suite here as diamond member, amazing view and nice lounge.

    • Steve-B says:

      Stayed at the IC a couple of years ago and was well treated as ABM member. Nice lounge – good food but not enough to skip dinner.

    • NvT1115 says:

      Highly recommend the Hilton Budapest

  • Jack says:

    Le Accor points never ever post from euopcar, even when I fill out the form I get an email from europcar confirming I’m due them and they will tell Le Accor but months and months and they still never show up.

  • Boi says:

    OT: how is premium economy for long haul? I am tossing between buying cash tickets for around £900 to Canada or redemption using BA 2 for 1 in business. I have never traveled premium economy.

    • stevenhp1987 says:

      £900 is too much for me to travel in premium economy.

      Opinions differ but to me it’s just economy with extra legroom / seat recline. Extra features like economy meals served on actual plates or slightly better amenity kits are not worth double a typical economy fare to me. I’m sure someone else can chip in here…

      It’s not a half way between economy and business, it’s still very much an economy product.

      I’d take the business 2-4-1 personally, or grab economy on sale.

      • Matt B says:

        What is the economy price?

        • Boi says:

          Thanks both. Economy is £400 or thereabouts. It’s 11 hours flight to Vancouver.
          I can get 241 to Seattle or Calgary which are widely available if Vancouver is not available.

          • Lady London says:

            Do Calgary if you do thé 241 option. Flights there are rarer.

          • Lyn says:

            By the way, haven’t checked but the LHR – Vancouver flight used to be scheduled at under 10 hours. It’s the shortest West Coast flight.

      • Lady London says:

        +1. My max for Transatlantic PY would be 570-660.

        However you could also do the sums for buying PY, then upgrading to J with Avios. Thé trick with that is to check there is Avios seat availability on thé flight in J, then book cash PY immediately upgrading with Avios.

      • David S says:

        Depends where you are going. If it’s the east side of Canada, just save your cash and go economy to Canada since it is a day flight and for the 6 hours, it’s fine and certainly not worth the £900 to PE. If it’s west coast, close to 9 hours of travel, it might be but I would still have reservations of paying £900 for it. However coming back to UK overnight, neither economy or PE is advisable since not a great deal of difference apart from a little bit more room and recline but if you can get an exit row seats, you get the same, more or less in economy. My thoughts would be to use the 2-4-1 and get up to Club World.

        • Lyn says:

          Agree with almost everyone else that CW with 241 or even economy probably makes more sense in this case.

          Even on a 12-hour west coast flight I wouldn’t bother with BA’s premium economy unless the price difference above economy is fairly minimal, or I needed the tier points / extra avios.

          Almost everything about it is economy, including service, with the exception of a little extra leg room. It also has a disadvantage when choosing seats if you don’t have BA silver or above. There simply aren’t that many seats in the PE cabin, so if you have to wait for on-line check in you have a good chance of ending up in a middle seat.

          • Nick_C says:

            The plus side of PE is that of the flight is oversold you stand a good chance of an upgrade, even without status.

            The wider seats and extra leg room make a significant difference to comfort, especially if the flight is a high density 777 or 787 with an extra seat crammed into each row.

            I’ve not down PE for a few years now (since I discovered this site!) but used to use it a lot. The old PE seats were soft with a great recline and leg rests. I used to sleep well in them. My last PE flight was 2016 on a 787 to Montreal. The seats were really hard and there was no leg rest, which was a big step backwards. I understand the latest seating has the leg rests back. Personally, I wouldn’t do long haul economy, and would pay up to £250 extra on each leg for PE of J wasn’t an option.

      • Lady London says:

        You are completely right about BA since the footrests seem to have disappeared in PY there’s about an extra inch or two of legroom and a bit better food. Planes I have been on have been 4 in the middle in PY as well.

        So on BA PY seems to still be a better form of Economy. Or, what normal Economy was.not so many years ago.

        However on some other airlines comments are that PY is closer to Business eg NZ, SQ. So need to research depending on the airline.

        • TGLoyalty says:

          I feel like it’s far more than an inch or two of leg room on any new BA plane (being 6ft 2 I can really tell)

          For an 11 hour flight I’d probably pay £200 each way over economy and it looks like £1.6k for business so £900 isn’t too bad.

          don’t forget you can upgrade to Business with Avios so do the sums as could be better than a 2-4-1 plus get 160 tier points return.

  • Matt B says:

    OT – I have the free curve product. Are the monthly £500 foreign spend and £200 cash limits based on calendar month or a rolling 30 day period? Is not massively clear from what I’ve read.

    • jc says:

      The £200 (ATM) is calendar month. The £500 (foreign) is rolling 30 day. It’s all at

      • Matt B says:


      • Matt B says:

        Just looking through, I must have mixed up the t&cs for different ATM activity:

        For domestic withdrawls in currency of payment card – “In addition, where your selected Payment ‎Card is a credit card*: free up to £200 /€200 per calendar month;”

        But for ATM Withdrawals in currency other than the currency of the selected Payment Card – “Up to £200 per rolling 30-day period withdrawn “

        • John says:

          I have always just treated it as once a month on average, and never been charged. Sometimes I do two months’ worth in the space of a few days then nothing for 60 days.

      • Jeremy says:

        when does the initial 30 day actually begin? application date, card approval date, card received date, card activation date, or something else?

        I’m travelling USA from 28 Nov to Dec 5, so would like to split the 30 day rolling in the middle of this if possible!