Redeem a lot of Hilton Honors points for a McLaren track day

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If you are keen on fast cars, Hilton Honors and McLaren have got together to organise another exceptional track day.

This is what you get:

Here’s your chance to score the ultimate McLaren track day experience at the famous Dunsfold Circuit.  You and a guest will have the opportunity to experience the full capabilities of a McLaren road car, combined with the highest standard of hospitality.

Dunsfold Circuit is designed to deliver a fun mix of low and high-speed corners as well as a series of straights, offering the optimal track for this McLaren track day experience.

This experience for two (2) includes:

Opportunity to drive both a McLaren 570S and 720S alongside professionally qualified driving coaches

Hot Lap, where the driving coach will take the wheel and show you how to maximize car performance around the track

VIP hospitality throughout the day, including lunch

Please note this package does not include rail, airfare or hotel accommodations. Must be 25+ years of age and have valid international driving license.

If you know anything about performance cars you’ll know what an opportunity this is.  If you don’t, it’s not for you anyway!  The date is 24th October.

Last year this was a ‘buy it now’ deal for 275,000 Hilton Honors points.  This year it is being auctioned, and by coincidence the price is currently 275,000 points but could obviously go higher.

It isn’t cheap – based on my 0.33p per point valuation, you are ‘paying’ close to £900 at the current bid – but it would be an amazing day out.  You can bid here.

Hilton Honors Auctions McLaren track day

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  1. When renting with can I book Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) with deductible(cheapest) and just use Amex Platinum for the cover?

    • Yes

      • Just as a follow up question:

        1) Do I need to book the car rental with the Amex plat in order to be covered by the excess insurance, or is it any Amex at all, or any (non-amex) card at all?

        2) When booking through, say the Hertz Australia website using plat CDP or any other US aggregator, do I forfeit any other insurance because of not booking it through my home country? Same question as above, do I need to book with Amex plat?


        • Why don’t you call them for a definitive answer ?

          • TGLoyalty says:

            I see this posted a lot here recently and I’m very surprised. how many times do we all come across CS on a phone who has no idea about the actual T&C’s of the company that they claim to represent.

            The amount of times Amex CS tell customers their BA 2-4-1 will be cancelled if they cancel their card is proof enough that asking CS anything is a waste of time.

  2. OT – looking at going to Budapest for New Year. Any hotel recommendations? Ideally a Hotel with a Club Lounge although not a deal breaker if not.

    • I wouldn’t personally recommend the Ritz Carlton. Stayed there in March this year. Had a Carton Suite which was nice but nothing overly special.the bathroom was rather small, with a small tub and separate but small shower. The bathroom had no heating either, which even in March made it a bit uncomfortable. So I would imagine at new year could be rather chilly!

      The club lounge was disappointing. I’ve stayed in plenty of Marriotts with far better lounges.

      The hotel’s Deak St Kitchen restaurant was very good if you like steak though!

      The hotel breakfast was decent but not overly amazing. It is served in a stunning room however, called Kupola Lounge.

      • Thanks Ian, initially started looking at Ritz but reviews were a bit mixed. Stayed at Ritz with Club in Singapore and the club was phenomenal. Thought they might put something on for NYE.

    • Travel Strong says:

      3 approaches to budapest:-
      1) Top end chain (sofitel/intercontinental)
      Will offer what you want, but pricey.
      2) Top end independent (e.g. the Continental) – almost the same offering (not quite, but almost) and much cheaper.
      3) AirBnB. Insane value for money with amazing apartments available for £35 per night. Collect your own breakfast from a bakery and immerse yourself

      • We had a fabulous Airbnb in the Opera/ St Stephen’s area of Budapest, with a sauna and a well-stocked wine fridge and the whole thing seemed to cost thruppence.

    • The Hilton Budapest or the Corinthia are both very good hotels with a lounge for executive or club rooms. The Hilton has exceptional views across the river and different style rooms depending on what you need.

      • Thanks the Hilton does look good and not much more for suite – do you know if the club lounge has views over the Danube? Thinking might be good for watching fireworks

        • Booked River view room and be upgraded to River view Executive suite here as diamond member, amazing view and nice lounge.

    • Stayed at the IC a couple of years ago and was well treated as ABM member. Nice lounge – good food but not enough to skip dinner.

    • Highly recommend the Hilton Budapest

  3. Le Accor points never ever post from euopcar, even when I fill out the form I get an email from europcar confirming I’m due them and they will tell Le Accor but months and months and they still never show up.

  4. OT: how is premium economy for long haul? I am tossing between buying cash tickets for around £900 to Canada or redemption using BA 2 for 1 in business. I have never traveled premium economy.

    • stevenhp1987 says:

      £900 is too much for me to travel in premium economy.

      Opinions differ but to me it’s just economy with extra legroom / seat recline. Extra features like economy meals served on actual plates or slightly better amenity kits are not worth double a typical economy fare to me. I’m sure someone else can chip in here…

      It’s not a half way between economy and business, it’s still very much an economy product.

      I’d take the business 2-4-1 personally, or grab economy on sale.

      • What is the economy price?

        • Thanks both. Economy is £400 or thereabouts. It’s 11 hours flight to Vancouver.
          I can get 241 to Seattle or Calgary which are widely available if Vancouver is not available.

          • Lady London says:

            Do Calgary if you do thé 241 option. Flights there are rarer.

          • By the way, haven’t checked but the LHR – Vancouver flight used to be scheduled at under 10 hours. It’s the shortest West Coast flight.

      • Lady London says:

        +1. My max for Transatlantic PY would be 570-660.

        However you could also do the sums for buying PY, then upgrading to J with Avios. Thé trick with that is to check there is Avios seat availability on thé flight in J, then book cash PY immediately upgrading with Avios.

      • Depends where you are going. If it’s the east side of Canada, just save your cash and go economy to Canada since it is a day flight and for the 6 hours, it’s fine and certainly not worth the £900 to PE. If it’s west coast, close to 9 hours of travel, it might be but I would still have reservations of paying £900 for it. However coming back to UK overnight, neither economy or PE is advisable since not a great deal of difference apart from a little bit more room and recline but if you can get an exit row seats, you get the same, more or less in economy. My thoughts would be to use the 2-4-1 and get up to Club World.

        • Agree with almost everyone else that CW with 241 or even economy probably makes more sense in this case.

          Even on a 12-hour west coast flight I wouldn’t bother with BA’s premium economy unless the price difference above economy is fairly minimal, or I needed the tier points / extra avios.

          Almost everything about it is economy, including service, with the exception of a little extra leg room. It also has a disadvantage when choosing seats if you don’t have BA silver or above. There simply aren’t that many seats in the PE cabin, so if you have to wait for on-line check in you have a good chance of ending up in a middle seat.

          • The plus side of PE is that of the flight is oversold you stand a good chance of an upgrade, even without status.

            The wider seats and extra leg room make a significant difference to comfort, especially if the flight is a high density 777 or 787 with an extra seat crammed into each row.

            I’ve not down PE for a few years now (since I discovered this site!) but used to use it a lot. The old PE seats were soft with a great recline and leg rests. I used to sleep well in them. My last PE flight was 2016 on a 787 to Montreal. The seats were really hard and there was no leg rest, which was a big step backwards. I understand the latest seating has the leg rests back. Personally, I wouldn’t do long haul economy, and would pay up to £250 extra on each leg for PE of J wasn’t an option.

      • Lady London says:

        You are completely right about BA since the footrests seem to have disappeared in PY there’s about an extra inch or two of legroom and a bit better food. Planes I have been on have been 4 in the middle in PY as well.

        So on BA PY seems to still be a better form of Economy. Or, what normal Economy was.not so many years ago.

        However on some other airlines comments are that PY is closer to Business eg NZ, SQ. So need to research depending on the airline.

        • TGLoyalty says:

          I feel like it’s far more than an inch or two of leg room on any new BA plane (being 6ft 2 I can really tell)

          For an 11 hour flight I’d probably pay £200 each way over economy and it looks like £1.6k for business so £900 isn’t too bad.

          don’t forget you can upgrade to Business with Avios so do the sums as could be better than a 2-4-1 plus get 160 tier points return.

  5. OT – I have the free curve product. Are the monthly £500 foreign spend and £200 cash limits based on calendar month or a rolling 30 day period? Is not massively clear from what I’ve read.

    • The £200 (ATM) is calendar month. The £500 (foreign) is rolling 30 day. It’s all at

      • Thanks

      • Just looking through, I must have mixed up the t&cs for different ATM activity:

        For domestic withdrawls in currency of payment card – “In addition, where your selected Payment ‎Card is a credit card*: free up to £200 /€200 per calendar month;”

        But for ATM Withdrawals in currency other than the currency of the selected Payment Card – “Up to £200 per rolling 30-day period withdrawn “

        • I have always just treated it as once a month on average, and never been charged. Sometimes I do two months’ worth in the space of a few days then nothing for 60 days.

      • when does the initial 30 day actually begin? application date, card approval date, card received date, card activation date, or something else?

        I’m travelling USA from 28 Nov to Dec 5, so would like to split the 30 day rolling in the middle of this if possible!

  6. OT: A big thanks to Rob. My BA companion voucher was about to expire during the BA strike dates and I read his comment about someone managing to get it extended by 6 months during the articles on strike. Called up BA thrice was refused twice. (once was asked to contact Amex as it is given by Amex).Nevertheless dropped a message via website and was surprised to receive a reply within 48 hrs grating a 6 months extension!!!!
    I was originally under the impression that you need to book by expiry date so had left the booking last minute but you need to fly the outbound before expiry and I would surely have lost the voucher had it not been for Rob’s comment.

  7. OT – Marriott peak/off peak redemption pricing..

    I’ve spent 20min this morning looking at various dates over the coming 12 months at different hotels I visit and I am yet to find ANY off peak redemption rates. Only peak and standard..

    Seems like a bigger devaluation than I feared.

    • Marriott has sent me a list. New York is off peak is Jan-Feb for example, although not all hotels in all days.

      • I have checked a booking of mine for London in March 2020 where I was using points advance. Good news for me in that the points required has dropped from 60k to 50k per night without me having to rebook.

        However may be worth others checking their bookings to check it hasn’t gone the other way for peak times!

    • My personal approach is to assume everything is now peak and see it as a bonus discount if it’s standard or off peak.

    • Agree with the devaluation comment – I do fancy a stay at Al Maha, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa, Dubai which shows off peak in May if you can stand the heat. Is it still full board for a redemption? I’m only gold in Marriott so usually push my points towards Hilton where I’m Diamond.

      On the positive The Langley is showing plenty of dates at only 30,000 points – probably the best value redemption in the UK? When I stayed I received free breakfast as Gold not sure if this was an error?

    • Leap Days are off peak. Not sure about anything else.

      • Lady London says:


        And just in case they accidentally left any days as not Peak, don’t forget they will be reviewing off-peak dates (or is that peak dates?) monthly.

        Dynamic pricing, pretty much.

  8. The chap with his hands in the air and tongue stuck out on the Hilton/mclaren promotional slots is a HfP reader;)

  9. OT:

    Do AA release all of the reward seats at once for domestics? Looking for seats ORD- Kansas City in April and only options on the return are very early morning or via Charlotte with 50 minute connection which I do not fancy at all. Nothing showing on the later direct flights.

    Every flight that IS available has 7 seats.

    Will buy cash if I need to, but if something is likely to come up I will wait.

    • IME AA release award seats quite unpredictably and they can appear any time up until a few days before the date of travel. We once got 3 award seats in AA first from MIA to BOS a week before we flew for whatever the avios rate was plus $4 each in taxes, which was an extremely pleasant way to fly and also a bargain as it included seat selection and checked luggage. Bear in mind they often seem to be delayed which could have a knock on effect on a connecting fight – but we might just have been unlucky!

  10. Shoestring says:

    GATWICK will become the first British airport to permanently use facial recognition technology, in a move that will allow passengers to travel without being checked by staff.

    The airport, which conducted several trials in a joint venture with easyJet, will use the face-scanning technology on eight departure gates after the runway extension in 2022.

    Heathrow airport is expected to announce similar plans before the end of this year, as executives are understood to be in advanced talks to roll out technology permanently after a £50million trial this summer.

  11. The worst thing about the Europcar £1 One Way offer is this….

    Utterly abysmal & possibly the most painful website I’ve ever encountered.

    • And once you have managed to force their site to take your money you’re presented with a variety of antiquated things other big brand hire companies don’t demand, including “UK and non-UK residents should bring a PAPER BASED PROOF OF ADDRESS (such as a bank statement or utility bill) that is less than 3 months old).”

      If it wasn’t for the £1 One Way rates then I wouldn’t bother with this bunch ever again.

      • So don’t bother … Doubt they will miss your £1 lol

        • Shoestring says:

          you can speed up the website by scrolling the map and clicking on your departure point, eg Newquay airport is 10

          I can’t see that bringing a bit of paper with your address (eg credit card statemnt!) on it is too difficult!

          • When your life is digital & you don’t possess a printer, that’s when it gets difficult.
            The only paper bill or statement I get now which would comply is my annual council tax notification.

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