Review of the Premier Inn Heathrow Terminal 4 hotel …… quite a lot of room for not a lot of money

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This is a brief review of the Premier Inn at Heathrow Terminal 4.

On Tuesday morning I caught the 8am Qatar Airways flight to Doha for a meeting with Qatar Privilege Club and to take a look at Qsuite.  That story is coming up next week.

I had planned to get up around 4am and head out to the airport.  However, a broken night on Sunday due to a sick child meant that my wife was keen for a good sleep, so on Monday morning I thought I’d take a look at the Terminal 4 hotel prices for same-day check-in.

Review Premier Inn London Heathrow Terminal 4

To be honest, I was 90% certain that the best deal was going to be 20,000 IHG Rewards Club points for the Holiday Inn Express Terminal 4.  What I actually found was:

If you don’t know Heathrow Terminal 4, all four hotels are attached to the same fully enclosed walkway that runs directly into the departures hall.  The Crowne Plaza / Holiday Inn Express building is around a three minute walk whilst the Premier Inn and Hilton take five minutes.

£52, booked at 11am on the same day as I was checking in, was a no-brainer.  I was planning to arrive around 10pm and leave at 5.30am, so I didn’t need anything except a comfy bed and good soundproofing.

I like Premier Inn.  Whilst I kept it quiet at the time, I spent the weekend at the brand new one on Great Yarmouth seafront recently, for a golfing trip.  You really can’t complain – the quality is surprisingly high and it is almost certainly the best hotel in Great Yarmouth.  It seems the Beefeater restaurant attached is also the best restaurant in Great Yarmouth!

Anika did a full review of Premier Inn Heathrow Terminal 4 a couple of years ago – click here – on one of her more glamorous HFP assignments.  She claims it is a 7-minute walk down the walkway but my legs are longer – I timed it and it took me 5 minutes 🙂

I won’t repeat her coverage so here are a few quick pointers.  The room is perfectly acceptable – I ended up with an accessible room so it was a little bigger than average:

Review Premier Inn London Heathrow Terminal 4

Premier Inn uses Hypnos beds which are great.  You get a tea and coffee tray for free and basic wi-fi is free.  The wardrobe is ‘open’ but this isn’t an issue for an airport hotel aimed at one-night stays.

I should warn you that Vodafone reception on my wing (the building is triangular) varied from one bar of 3G to none at all:

Review Premier Inn London Heathrow Terminal 4

The free wi-fi is also exceptionally slow, although perfectly fine for email and HFP WordPress work.

The pleasant and bustling lobby area has a 24/7 Costa Coffee:

Review Premier Inn London Heathrow Terminal 4

…. a bar (usurprisingly quiet at 5.30am) and a restaurant, not pictured:

Review Premier Inn London Heathrow Terminal 4

Breakfast is £10.50 for the full hot and cold menu, or £8.50 for the ‘continental’ cold menu.  As I was leaving at 5.30am I didn’t try it.  There are plenty of vending machines in the building as well.

It is crazy that this hotel was less than half the price of any of the alternatives.  Even factoring in the free breakfast at the Holiday Inn Express Terminal 4, the Premier Inn is still exceptional value.  If you need a hotel at Terminal 4, you don’t need to have any concerns about taking the ‘bargain’ option.

How to book the Premier Inn Terminal 4

I booked on the Premier Inn website here.  I was under the impression that you couldn’t book Premier Inn hotels via any third party site with a loyalty scheme, so that means you cannot benefit from Rewards or anything similar.  Premier Inn itself does not have a loyalty scheme.

However, on Tuesday a HFP reader mentioned in the comments that this hotel can often be found on hotel booking site Rocketmiles – and it is, albeit only at ‘flexible’ rates.  This lets you earn Avios, Virgin Flying Club miles, Heathrow Rewards points or various other rewards with your booking.  It seems I missed a trick 🙂

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. We’ve stayed here a few times over the past 18 months and never flown from T4, always T3 or T5. Each time we’ve used different transport options. Don’t think I’ve ever paid more than £40 in advance.

    T3 by train – a fair bit of walking involved either side of the train, not too bad but the wife didn’t appreciate it.

    T5 by bus – bus stop right outside and free but was a bit crowded bag wise with only us and another couple. Also drops you off the wrong end for the first wing.

    T3 by taxi – booked late the night before through consierge in the Premier Inn. £14 in a nice car that took us to the virgin DTCI. So still 1/3 of the price all in compared to other closer hotels. Will be out preferred option moving forward if no parking needed.

    For our Easter trip next year its only £30 but I need parking so will probably go for the Thistle hotel and parking with Pod to T5 all in for £145

    • The Heathrow Express/Heathrow Connect transfer is the least attractive transfer option IMHO. Negotiating 2 ticket barriers (entry and exit) plus a train change and 4 platform barriers with luggage is a right pain. Couple that with a trainload of tourists all doing the same, then you have to do it all again in the morning……..

    • memesweeper says:

      I’m sure when they were planning the Premier Inn T4 they weren’t considering convenient access to the First wing in T5 … I’d guess the customer overlap is minuscule! 🙂

    • I have done the thistle/pod a few times, very convenient, but that hotel seriously needs updating!

  2. Pup irving says:

    The beefeater is awful in Great Yarmouth.

    The best restaurant is called Pamela, should have a Mitchell in star!!!

  3. The Savage Squirrel says:

    One of the main points of a brand (in hotels anyway) is to provide a consistent experience at every outlet so the consumer knows what they are getting and will be attracted to booking as a result. Premier Inn to be fair achieves this really well with a near-identical experience at most locations and the quality is correctly pitched at “not bad for the price”. Contrast to – for example – Hilton in the UK – the ultimate non-brand with its mixed bag of pleasant properties and ropey regional sh1tholes. No wonder PI has dominated in the UK.

    • Not my, admittedly limited, experience of Premier Inns.
      We recently stayed at the Dover one at the top of Jubilee Way, next to the Shell garage.It was cheap, but not very cheerful – similar to Travelodge or Days Inn. Single glazing, no air con, only one member of staff in sight. I doubt if it was a Hypnos bed too.
      By contrast the new Premier Inn 6 miles up the road is completely different, and does, pretty much match Rob’s description.

      • Actually I think some of the Travelodges are coming on now and deserve a second look. Yes they used to be a standing joke but there’s been a revamp of the brand and the meals and drinks are well priced for a business stop over IMHO.

        • We reviewed the new upmarket one in the City last year.

        • The best thing about Travelodges is that the family rooms have a double and 2 single beds. If you’re travelling with 2 kids this is a very welcome change from the “double bed plus sofa bed” option offered by so many hotels. You really don’t want to spend the night being woken up by children kicking each other and calling each other names all night! And even more sensibly, the singles are on either side of the double so a parent is within reach of each little darling!

        • So I have read, not just here.
          But I was thinking old school Travelodge!

          • I understand 😉

            Just logged on to United .com’s new UK shop and they’ve Travelodge listed as a spending partner. Earning zero points at the moment, just discounts, but just being there’s interesting.

          • Shoestring says:

            worth googling discount codes for Travelodge, 5-10% usually somewhere kicking around

          • Lady London says:

            Travelodge now has a business club with same discount as Accor (5% Accor really gives, not the 10% Accor claim to give and give once in a blue moon) and the odd decent promo. Particularly interesting if you want to stay away from London 🙂

  4. I’ve stayed here several times and can’t fault it. Very quiet, friendly and helpful staff, clean and well maintained rooms and the breakfast is one of the better Premier Inn offerings. If you intend using your car the onsite car park is very small so they use a valet parking service which is about £15. Highly recommended for the price.

  5. I am going to be trying my first Premiere Inn in Chelmsford soon.. I am looking forward to it a little more now!

  6. Rob,
    I’m guessing you value 20000 IHG Rewards Club points more highly than the £52 cash? Should I cancel my reward booking and book the Premier Inn (still can’t find it on Rocketmiles, even using Hounslow as location)?

    • I would certainly value 20 000 IHG Rewards Club points more highly than £52 cash. Rob’s own estimate of value for those points is £80, and I have had 20 000 rooms that were well over £100 at cash prices.

      • I spent 70k points yesterday for £736 of holiday inn rooms ( 2 rooms) at LGW…
        Long story and only hotel I could find for a 2am check in.

        • Lady London says:

          Well actually Premier Inn LGW is a bit of a sore point for me. As I use the airport a lot I’ve often looked wistfully at the Hampton Inn there and the 2 Premier Inns when there’s been irrops and the usual winter arrival Sunday night for work, late at night and once again the Gatwick trains are not running properly….

          However in those circumstances every time I’ve looked, the LGW Premier Inns have been about £83-£85. Sometimes even worse. So on a par with the Hampton price there, for a regular day. (At irrops time and close-in, Hampton has been around £134). In the case of LGW PI I have heard pricing can be very reasonable but clearly booking ahead is required to achieve that.

          At 2am Yuff, unless I was unwell I’d just sit it out at LGW until the trains start running again in the morning. It’s only about 3 and a half hours.

        • Lady London says:

          Being a bit naughty but are you in a situation where you’re going to be claiming that under EU261? If you paid it I presume it was the only available reasonable option.

      • Some Premier Inns can certainly be found on Rocketmiles – there are three in Dover, and searching for Dover in the second week of November two of them (not the one we stayed at) are on Rocketmiles.
        But I have not been able to find our local Premier Inn there yet.
        Never actually booked through Rocketmiles yet, but it may well be worth giving it a look next time we need somewhere that does not earn the usual loyalty points!

        • I have been playing a bit further with Rocketmiles/Premier Inn around LHR – not good.
          I could get a few Premier Inns to show on Rocketmiles by adding the word “Premier” to the search. You are then taken through to to actually book.
          Rocket miles offers around 180 – 220 United miles per night for the night of Sunday 3 Nov – but the prices are are over £20 more than booking direct! Which is sometimes nearly 100% more.
          That is definitely what I call a bad deal!

          • Lady London says:

            some readers might care less depending on how their stay is funded especially if it’s still by far the lowest rate

      • Exactly.

        (I am also skewed by the fact that the £52 is a HFP tax deductible expense whilst my personal points are not, but I would have made the same decision regardless. You’re mad to use IHG points for less than 0.4p.)

        • Lady London says:

          Until I knew better I’ve used them for less.
          That was a mistake I made. (one of many!) So far they are ok from the point of view that Hilton and, now, Marriott,, both seem to be sneaking into dynamic pricing. Bringing them much closer to Accor in that there is no point hanging on to any points you earn in that they will always only ever get the same monetary value.

        • I’ve cancelled my reward stays and booked Premier Inn for £41!

  7. Premier Inn’s also have black pudding and bubble and squeak at breakfast. It’s a win for me!

    • Is that English Black Pudding (not my favourite), or Scottish or Irish Black Pudding (yes please!)??

      • Purely in the interest of answering your pudding question RussellH I moved last night’s stay to here. Don’t know what the difference is between them to be honest but it’s slightly spicy and tasted ok. Big plus for me over the HGI is the condiments being in individual portions rather than one large jar where everyone jabs in their spoon, knife, light sabre.

  8. Lloyds have a 10% cash-back offer on Premier Inn. So if you bank there worth checking.

  9. Neil Donoghue says:

    Staying here next Tuesday for £31 – It’s a no brainer and I’m a Hilton Diamond & Spire Elite member. Sometimes the price always wins.

  10. I like premier inns. They’re mostly consistent and good enough for a couple of nights. That plus often cheap pricing means they’re usually a good choice.

    Also got a full refund on my last stay due to non functional ac. Pretty much zero effort to get it.

  11. Loving your Premier Inn Great Yarmouth comments – as I work for Barnes Construction who build it 🏗

    • Lady London says:

      Hum. Wonder who built the Atrium Hotel at Heathrow, then, which has just opened but room smelled of damp?

    • It is ugly as f*** and I doubt anywhere except Great Yarmouth would have let something that bad have a prime seafront location 🙂 Very pleasant inside though.

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