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Another Scottish castle you can now book with World of Hyatt points!

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World of Hyatt partnered with Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) last year.  This allows World of Hyatt members to book SLH properties via, and get exclusive benefits for doing so, and redeem their World of Hyatt points with SLH.

A further batch of SLH hotels was added last week.  It includes Inverlochy Castle near Glenfinnan (home of the ‘Harry Potter bridge’) in Scotland, pictured below.  We actually popped in to this hotel when we were in Scotland in May to see how it compared to the place we had booked down the road – I didn’t realise at the time it was SLH.

There is actually one other UK castle which can be booked with hotel loyalty points – Crossbasket Castle in High Blantyre, near Glasgow which is pictured below.  This is also part of the World of Hyatt / SLH tie-up.

Most people don’t realise what good UK hotels are now bookable with World of Hyatt points via the SLH tie-up.  They include:

  • Tylney Hall Hotel, Hook
  • The Fish Hotel, Broadway
  • Cromlix, Dunblane
  • Alexander House Hotel, West Sussex
  • Foxhill Manor, Broadway
  • Langshott Manor, Horley
  • The Grand Hotel, Eastbourne
  • Greywalls Hotel, Muirfield
  • The Arden Hotel, Stratford upon Avon
  • Nira Caledonia, Edinburgh
  • Luton Hoo, Luton
  • The Greenway Hotel, Cheltenham
  • Monkey Island, Bray
  • Dormy House Hotel, Broadway
  • Ashdown Park Hotel, East Sussex
  • The Atlantic Hotel, Jersey

Crossbasket Castle World of Hyatt Small Luxury Hotel

And in London:

  • The Franklin
  • Flemings Mayfair
  • St James’s Hotel & Club
  • Duke’s London
  • The Academy
  • The Capital Hotel

It’s just a shame that World of Hyatt points are so difficult to earn if you live in the UK.  There are only a modest number of Hyatt properties in major business cities in Europe, there is no UK credit card and they are not an American Express Membership Rewards partner.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Chelseafi says:

    O/T looking at 2 night break to Prague via BAHols for Jan, any hotel recommendations? never been, want good location Thanks

    • Jonathan says:

      My wife and I had our 40th anniversary in Prague . We stayed at the Intercontinental which was booked with BA ,flights and hotels . The hotel was fine and in walking distance to wife and her sister recently rented an Airbnb in Karlova street which was in a great location between the old square and Charles bridge this was a small flat but great value under £100 a night .

    • qwertyuh8jpo[-']# says:

      What are the outstanding deals via BA holidays?764312`1q

      The Hilton has a nice Skybar with a good view but huge hotel and not special at all little out of te way.
      The Dedica Anthology was nice also central. classical decor if you like that thng, breakfast spread was good.
      The Augustine is very well liked on Flyertalk
      BoHo looked nice as well

      Four Seasons is probably the stand out hotel, Emyr can usually sort out some extras vs the normal FS rate.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      What are the outstanding deals via BA holidays?

      The Hilton has a nice Skybar with a good view but huge hotel and not special at all little out of the way.
      The Dedica Anthology was nice also central. classical decor if you like that thing, breakfast spread was good.
      The Augustine is very well liked on Flyertalk
      BoHo looked nice as well

      Four Seasons is probably the stand out hotel, Emyr can usually sort out some extras vs the normal FS rate.

      • Always had good Honors recognition at Hilton myself but others report the opposite. I like Corinthia but years since ai stayed there so no up to date info.

        • TGLoyalty says:

          I had a one night stay and it was fine. friendly staff, exec room upgrade, lounge access, late checkout

          I liked the bar to relax but like i said just not a wow hotel.

    • We stayed at the Aria hotel Prague and loved it – would happily recommend.

    • David D says:

      Just back from there at the weekend. Stayed at the Corinthia as part of the GHA Discovery program. Business Traveller sub to GHA platinum and was upgraded to the deluxe suite with executive lounge access. Good food and drinks in there with attentive service. Pool and spa on the 25th floor were pretty good too. Only downside was the room was a bit tired and it is two metro stops into the old town due North. Good views across the the city from the higher floors though.

    • RussellH says:

      Never stayed in a chain hotel in Praha.
      My personal favourite area is Malá Strana, at the west end of the Charles Bridge. Lots of nice restaurants etc, but it was (when I was last there) still away from the tourist hordes.
      I particularly liked the hotels on Kampa Island, which is without passing traffic, and thuis quiet.
      I liked both Hotel U Zlatých nůžek and Hotel at the Charles Bridge, both small 4* (Czech rating!) hotels.
      Trams run almost everywhere – you can get a 72 hour ticket for all over the city. Though keep an eye out for pick[pockets, especially used to be a problem on number 23 tram.

  2. Mr(s) Entitled says:

    Welcome Sinead.

  3. Jake Mc says:

    What happened to the BA Pilots pay discussion in the end?

    Is it settled or still ongoing?

  4. “The winners will be notified by email to the email address provided on registration for their Eligible Monese Account by 15 October 2019 and given details of how to claim the prize.”

    So which lucky HFPr got the email .

  5. Combine my Avios working for me (18/10/19 @ 08:20 BST). Did a test move of 1 Avios from Ba to my Avios account and also a test move from BA to Iberia straight afterwards. Had problems a while back but cleared all cookies in Chrome, closed down and rebooted and worked OK.

    • What about buying avios – could that also be delayed posting to account? Normally instant, but not so today so far..?

  6. Welcome Sinead!

    O/T I noticed yesterday that my Avios earned for Rewardsforthoughts surveys haven’t been posting to BAEC since 5 Oct.

    I sent an email to their help desk (the only way to contact them!) and I received this reply 6 hours later:

    “We have escalated your reward concern. Please note that we consider this a priority and ask for your patience as we investigate this matter with our Rewards Team. We will get back to you as soon as possible.”

  7. Voltron says:

    New offers on my gold card, Spend £5 anywhere, 250 AMEX points, by 18 November

    Also save offer on BA card but 250 avios instead

    • Shoestring says:

      got the £5 on a very cobwebby Green card, probably targeting poorly used cards

      • Yep. Not used my gold in a solid month or two and I got the offer. Nothing on my BAPP which is my go to until end of the month.

  8. OT re Creation credit balances on my Marriott card:

    1. Last month, when I tried to pay my balance online, Creation’s clunky website told me the payment had failed and I should try using a different payment card. So I did. Result: both payments were credited on the same date resulting in an unrequested credit balance.

    2. Separately, 3 of my recent Creation/Marriott-backed Curve payments have been refunded – without any intervention on my part. Two were the same – payment-refund-payment-refund – the Swiss beneficiary must be very confused. The 3rd was for Amazon Prime. Amazon automatically recharged the card. We’ll see if it sticks.

    Oo er.

  9. Cromlix House is always worth a visit.

    It’s so easy to get to! Join the A40 at Marble Arch, and keep following the route North until you hit the first roundabout, go straight on. After 3 minutes come off at the second junction. Right, then after about a mile turn left. And you are there.

    Travelling by train? On a Sunday, you can check out and grab the Highland Chieftain direct from Sunny-D at 12:30 and be back in civilisation before 6pm.

    • 417 miles to first roundabout!
      But there are some junctions, so satnav presumably tells one to do something every 100 miles or less?
      When leaving Berlin for Calais the satnav does actually say “continue on A2 for 473km”.

    • RussellH says:

      Glad that Cromlix House is now reliable – it certainly was not in the early days! I heard an amazing mixture of 50% horror stories and 50% enormous praise for the restaurant. Given that I lived less than a mile away I never heard anything about staying there overnight.
      And it is not the first turning to the left – that takes you to my former home! Take the seond (I think).

  10. O/T – flying LHR to JFK tomorrow with Virgin (Economy). Been offered voluntary denied boarding at check in with an unspecified amount of VFC miles or money off a next booking, which I am considering as my partner and I have also been given seats apart from each other.

    Any idea what the expected level of compensation would be here under a voluntary scenario?

    • No experience of this scenario (try FT?), but I’d probably want something better than what you’d get under 261 and invol boarding. Not sure though!

      • don’t think it’s realistic to expect something better as virgin can just deny you boarding and pay what they need under eu261..

    • Charlieface says:

      Voluntary still gets EC261 apart from anything else they give you.

      • Really, I took voluntary off load at check in EWR-MAN with Continental/ United for a $500 voucher. Flew next day, any chance of a claim. They provided hotel food and transport

        • Lady London says:

          so long as you didn;t agree nor especially, sign anything accepting the voucher and waiving all other claims then go ahead and claim.

        • Unfortunately, you can’t claim. United is a non-EU airline. EWR is a non-EU departure point.
          If it were LHR-EWR, then you could. Or if you flew BA, then you could.
          Sorry 🙁

          • Lady London says:

            erm…. @David IS flying ex-London so EU261 compensation is his BATNA (lowest acceptable offer) and I would accept Virgin to offer something more than that althogh possibly they might try in the form of vouchers. open and shut compo if he’s offloaded as it’s a cancellation less than 14 days ahead. Plus duty of care applies.

      • Lady London says:

        dont forget they are liable for duty of care also – accomm, food , transport to and from said accomm, internet access fees if any so you can advise people of your change. Plus the compensation.

        I’d start with that. Defo wouldn’t take any voucher unless it was a multiple of that – ideally 2X. If I thought I would fly Virgin again soon or if I fly them a lot perhaps 1.5X

        Why not just say obviously compo plus duty of care etc woudl presumably cost them about £400-£450 and ask them what are they offering? If any voucher check expiry date as well.

      • Don’t think voluntary denied boarding is in scope for EC261 based on my reading, as you agree to it in exchange for airline vouchers / airline specified compo etc.

        Thanks all for other responses. Don’t think I will take it as would rather just get to destination and not sure how useful Virgin vouchers will be in the future (reading online they seem to have the same restrictions as if trying to book reward flights). According to Expert Flyer it’s a completely full plane across all classes though so will be interesting to see what happens.

        • Shoestring says:

          you’re probs right, I think it goes UC 10K, PE (Economy Delight) 7500, Economy Classic 5K – or alternative to points, a later free ticket offer in same class but with stipulations

          no EC261 compo if it’s voluntary

          • Shoestring says:

            *add a zero, 100K, 75K, 50K

          • Lady London says:

            Not sleazy. I’d prob for go for that in Y or PY.
            Hoewver the point of knowing the level of EU261 compo and duty of care that the airline is liable to, even if you decide not to take a “voluntary” offer, is that the EU261 total gives you a bottom line of real cash equivalent that the airline would have to give you, if your offloading is involuntary.

            It therefore follows that any voluntary settlement you might agree, should at least equal this – or your valuation on this in vouchers. Obviously as vouchers are less universally useable (as compared to cash) and may have small print restrictions or expiry, if the airline is hoping to save cash by making a voluntary agremeent with you then you’d normally want a face value on the vouchers of considerably more than the cash value they’d have to pay you under EU261.

            Jus’ sayin’.

            i dont blame you for preferring to take the flight and see what happens, though 🙂

          • Shoestring says:

            we got 5x £300 offer, checking in at airport early on BA, to get voluntarily bumped a few Xmases ago, they said we’d only have to wait 2hrs for the next flight or possibly 5hrs

            computer sezzed no! (my wife lol)

          • The Savage Squirrel says:

            If they threw in lounge access and I wasn’t in a rush….

            You’ll pay me £300 to sit and sip champagne in your lounge for 2 hours – we have a deal.

    • On a Delta flight from Atlanta a few years back they made an announcement prior to boarding offering 3 passengers $800 dollars credit and overnight accommodation for voluntary flying the next day, I believe it was to position some of their crew in London. Of course they also didn’t need to cover EU261.

    • RussellH says:

      We took up an offer like this from BA during the 1990s. The offer was $200 cash or $300 travel voucher for a delay of three or four hours.
      We took the travel voucher offer, but the person filling them in did it wrong and they were encashable. I took mine to the BA desk at EDI around 2100 one winter Sunday night. The lighting was poor and the woman on the desk did not notice the $ sign before the numbers, so gave me £300. I walked away from the desk **very** fast…

  11. Possibly related to the Avios issues, I sent some RBS MyRewards to Avois at the start of last week and they haven’t arrived in BAEC. Usually takes 1-2 days.

    Anyone else had issues with RBS/ Natwest?

    • Not that but having problems with Avios posting for Rewardsforthoughts surveys. Nothing posted since 5 Oct.

      I think the BA IT gremlins are having fun behind the scenes. Either that or the BA IT intern pressed the wrong buttons again.

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