REMINDER – Earn double Avios on British Airways flights and via BA Holidays

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As it is a few weeks since this offer launched, we wanted to remind you today about the British Airways ‘double Avios’ offer for this Autumn.

Two new opportunities came up this week which will double up with ‘double Avios’:

BA launched another interesting new promotion yesterday – book four Club World return flights and you will be allowed to use your Avios for ANY seat on ANY flight with virtually no restrictions 

BA launched a flash sale from London Gatwick yesterday which runs until Tuesday 5th November – our main article today has more details on that

‘Double Avios’ has the potential to be very lucrative if you can work it around your travel plans.

For the first time, this offer has also been extended to BA Holidays. Not only will you get double Avios on BA flights booked as part of a BA Holidays package, but the bonus Avios you earn for using BA Holidays are doubled to 2 Avios per £1.

The sign up page for the offer is here. You MUST register before making any bookings.

Earn double Avios on BA Holidays

The offer is simple on the face of it:

Registration is required via this page of

The offer is open to all BAEC members globally

You earn double base Avios, excluding cabin and status bonuses, on your next 10 qualifying BA flights (a return trip = 2 flights)

You must book your flights before 13th December

Existing bookings prior to registration do not count UNLESS you booked during the September British Airways sale. There is a form on the registration page here which you can fill in to request that sale bookings are counted. It is not fully clear how you are meant to know if a flight you booked recently was at a ‘sale’ price or not, however …..

You must fly before 30th June 2020

The offer is also valid on American Airlines, Iberia and Finnair flights when travelling between Europe and North America on a BA flight number. Don’t be fooled by the statement at the top of the registration page that AA, Iberia and Finnair flights to North Ameria count – the terms and conditions say they do not, unless there is a BA flight number on your boarding pass.

British Airways flights booked as part of a BA Holidays package WILL count. You also get an extra bonus for booking via BA Holiday which I discuss later on.

The offer is also valid on Comair-operated BA services in Southern Africa.

However, apart from the exceptions above, no other BA codeshare or franchise flight will count. You won’t get double Avios on, for example, a Bangkok Airways, Vistara, Aer Lingus, Qatar Airways or Vueling flight with a BA flight number.

Note that double Avios are awarded on the first ten qualifying flights that you fly after registering and booking. The order you book them makes no difference. If you book 15 flights, you will get double Avios on the first 10 you fly and not the first 10 you booked.

Earn double Avios on British Airways flights

Here’s a snag though ….

You only get double Avios on your first 10 segments.

If you have a number of long-haul flights coming up before the end of the year, you don’t want to use up your 10 flight allowance too quickly. This means, bizarrely, you may want to consider moving some short-haul flights away from British Airways. This will preserve your 10 flight ‘double Avios’ allowance for long-haul flights which will be far more lucrative.

And an extra bonus when you book with BA Holidays

Regular readers of Head for Points will know that we are big fans of booking your flights via BA Holidays if you can, adding in a hotel or car rental.

The main reason for this is that a ‘flight and hotel’ or ‘flight and car’ package is often cheaper than booking a flight on its own, especially in Club World.

There are two other good reasons to book with BA Holidays:

you only need to pay a deposit at the time of booking, with the balance only due five weeks before travel

you receive an extra bonus of 1 Avios per £1 spent, on top of the Avios you receive from your flights and from your credit card spend if you use a BA Amex

The only downside is that flights booked via BA Holidays do not qualify for On Business points in the BA small business loyalty programme.

During this promotion, you get two extra bonuses for booking via BA Holidays at or via the BA call centre:

your flights will earn double Avios, as long as they meet the definition of ‘qualifying flights’ and originate in the UK

the extra Avios you receive for booking with BA Holidays is doubled from 1 Avios per £1 to 2 Avios per £1

The same rules apply as with the main promotion – you must register before booking, you must book before 13th December and you must travel by 30th June 2020.

Don’t forget to register before you book

You can register for double Avios here.  The deadline for bookings is 13th December.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. Specific and limited to UK based members only. Try to register.

  2. Bluekjp says:

    You mentiom:
    If you have a number of long-haul flights coming up before the end of the year, you don’t want to use up your 10 flight allowance too quickly. This means, bizarrely, you may want to consider moving some short-haul flights away from British Airways. This will preserve your 10 flight ‘double Avios’ allowance for long-haul flights which will be far more lucrative.

    Would it not be better to still travel on BA for these shorthaul flights (rather than move them away from BA) but omit to enter your executive number. After you’ve completed you 10 double avios longer flights just go on to and claim missing avios for those short flights with the omitted exec numbers which you can do upto 6 months after travel I believe?

  3. Chelseafi says:

    3 out of 4 in our family account registered successfully. I still can’t register my 21 year old son comes up does not qualify for promo? We all joined BA ex club back in 2012 so no idea why that account is different?

    • Contact the Exec Club and ask them.yo manually register him for the promotion. I struggled to do it online but a rather long phone call sorted it and I got an email confirming I was registered.

  4. I have have held status with BA for a very long time, usually it was silver but there are around 10 years of gold including the last two. My year ends in April and I have 5 tier points! My wife and kids all lose status this year.

    Flying BA is, for us, a chore and we have found that other carriers offer far better products, far better service and usually at far less cost that BA. There have been no dramas, no major delays since moving away in general we have found travel to be more relaxed.

    BAs gimmick promotions such as those discussed are decidedly niche and their complexity just reinforces to me why I won’t fly BA on a paid basis any more.

    I am using my Avios but getting 2 F seats
    anywhere was tortuous and then the almost £1,300 in BA fees (not taxes) makes you wonder why you bother. A reward system that drives you to be up at 1am booking seats 355 days out is not a reward system.

    I will miss gold reward booking as I have used it to go skiing when BA wanted £1200 return to Munich with no bags or coffee!

    I won’t miss dealing with poorly trained and frankly incompetent BA call centre staff. They have such poor product knowledge that transactions take an eternity and often I know more than they do. Recently getting gold reward seats booked one way from Europe to LHR took 35 minutes and for of that I was on hold.

    BA have a very long way to go to catch up with quality carriers and currently I just don’t see that happening.

    • Agree. There are too many BA apologists here who don’t see the stark (and poor) current nature of BA. I also will not be renewing status, having held it for many years. I have not spent any significant number of Avios on a long haul flight for years (but RFS is good…)

    • Harry T says:

      Who are you flying with instead? I fly from the North a lot and I’m looking for better rewards schemes than avios. Which airline reward schemes have you found most rewarding?

      • Quark999 says:

        And this is where usually the tumbleweeds appear from the “non-BA-apologists”, especially for anyone who dares to fly west instead of east… 🙂

        • Shoestring says:

          not really, @Paul (if it’s the same Paul!) is a well-known BA critic but is perfectly entitled to his views, which may even be helpful in forming a balanced view

          but the point about a loyalty prog is perfectly legitimate, in the UK you can go for BA, Virgin, any of the airlines where Amex MR points = airmiles – and that’s about it apart from actually flying the airline to get points —> but the easiest by far to get points with is BAEC

          so quality of loyalty or reward program & ease of collecting points really does matter

          • Yes it does – and I think you need took beyond them now.

            The fares ex EU and in sales ( I am solely a premium leisure traveller) are such that redemptions are becoming too difficult and I don’t need the flexibility.

            Longer term the mood around frequent flying is looking more hostile. This may impact on on my choices. For example if I were leading a U.K. political party adding £500 to the costs of a F redemption as an environmental tax is a no brainer. BA and others are already doing so and you can’t get a seat!

            Rob frequently discusses spreading risk by hold points in Amex MR and tesco till you need them. I would add to that other airline schemes.

      • Virgin offer great redemptions flying West, generally nicer CS and more friendly crew

        • Quark999 says:

          The miles are difficult to collect with Virgin on European short haul from LHR though, aren’t they 🙂

          All I’m saying is that these alternative Frequent Flyer programs that are so much better don’t exist, as they all have their up- and downsides. It’s unfair to say that BA’s is universally rubbish – it just works for some people and not for others.

      • Big fan of Qatar, American, Cathay, Qantas (but limited now due cost ex U.K.) LATAM were great but Turkish were outstanding last summer. Not only matched my gold card but offer family pooling. There 787 is brilliant and shorthaul business world apart from BA.
        I would happily fly any Oneworld carrier and thats how i retain status. I can generally get 4 BA paid sectors in a year. I have got over 150,000 virgin miles and never set foot on VS. Really looking forward to them joining up with KLM /AF to spend them

        • Shoestring says:

          snap on never setting foot (yet) on Virgin but I think we’ve got 400K 🙂

          decent redemption rates in Europe would be good but I think it’s more likely we’ll use them LH in a couple of years’ time

        • Harry T says:

          I’m collecting VS miles in anticipation of the KLM/AF opportunities – very exciting.

          I’ll have to give Turkish a go too.

          I am looking to keep as many points in flexible currencies as possible (MR, Clubcard). Points have become much harder to acquire recently too, which has changed my perspective on using them or tying them up in a certain scheme.

  5. Michael C says:

    I booked a BA Holiday last week after registering. Do we know if this appears in the ‘number of avios you’ll receive’ or will I just have to wait after the holiday?

  6. Article mentions double Avios not applying to codeshares including Bangkok Airways. Can you normally earn Avios on Bangkok Airways if you have a BA flight number? I didn’t think that was possible?

    • Yes – it’s a codeshare, you get Avios and TP. You can only book Bangkok Airways with a BA flight number if it is booked at the same time as a LHR-BKK flight though.

  7. On a slightly different note…I booked a flight to India for next year using Avios & a 2-4-1 Voucher….no problems booking but then I had to cancel due to a wedding…not mine I hasten to add!!. It took over 5 weeks, £30+ of mobile phone calls, many emails and much frustration to get the 82.5k Avios miles back to my account…

    Those people who say BA need to sort out their poorly performing call centre staff are absolutely correct….

    • Had a similar struggle getting a redemption award back from my cancelled bookings during the BA strike. Money came back fine but it’s take multiple phone calls and nearing 2 months (Flight 9th Sept) and I finally got my avios refunded on Friday. I don’t understand how the currency they own can take longer to be returned to you than the hard cash.

  8. hi,
    how do you calculate if you should use avios or buy cash ticket

    In BA app I see a BC ticket in November from heathrow to Warsaw

    29500 + 25.00

    Thank you

    • Shoestring says:

      35500 Avios + £ 1.00
      29500 Avios + £ 25.00
      25500 Avios + £ 51.00
      18700 Avios + £ 111.00
      17000 Avios + £ 121.00
      13600 Avios + £ 141.00
      or £377.84

      so you work out your own valuation for Avios, many say 1p/point, I buy them at 0.8p so that suits me better – using 0.8p this now gives the following:

      35500 Avios + £ 1.00 = £285
      29500 Avios + £ 25.00 = £261
      25500 Avios + £ 51.00 = £255
      18700 Avios + £ 111.00 = £261
      17000 Avios + £ 121.00 = £257
      13600 Avios + £ 141.00 = £250
      or £377.84

      so it depends on how much you like preserving your Avios, how keen you are to go for the cheapest possible option, how much you value Avios @ etc

  9. Do I need to book the flight through or can I use an agent?

  10. Does anyone know if the double avios offer still works if you use ?part pay with Avios’?

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