The cheapest Australia flights ever are on sale from noon!

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EDIT:  Please do NOT comment in this article.  There is another article up which we published at noon – click here – which has the full details and the pricing.

British Airways is not the only airline celebrating its 100th birthday – Qantas is also close to the milestone. The airline turned 99 on Saturday and is offering a special centenary sale this week.

Details will be available on the Qantas website at noon.

100 London – Sydney ‘Golden Tickets’ will be sold for peanuts

The biggest discount is to be had on 100 Qantas Golden Tickets.  These are extremely discounted economy fares between London and Sydney.  If you remember the Air New Zealand Black Friday offer from last year this will sound familiar – I got lucky there and snagged a return flight to Los Angeles for £175.

100 of these Golden Tickets will be released over 100 hours, starting midday today (Monday). Qantas is keeping very tight-lipped on the terms and conditions of these fares – look out for another article on HFP this afternoon, or potentially this morning if we get it in advance.

However, we know what these London to Sydney flights are going to cost (we can’t tell you!) and it is very low.

Whether all 100 are released at noon, or whether they are drip-fed over the four days – and, if so, when – we don’t yet know.  We also don’t know how many seats will be offered on the same flight, how long your trip will have to be (we are assuming that Qantas just sets specific flights on specific dates to the promo price), whether you can mix and match a one way promo fare with a standard fare home etc.

All will become clear later, hopefully.  However, your best chance will probably be at midday today before word gets around.

Centenary Sale fares will also be available

If you’re not lucky enough to snag one of the Golden Tickets, Qantas will also be running a 100-hour sale.

Again, prices are under wraps but you can expect to see fares from London to Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. We are hoping that there will be some good Business and First Class discounts!  Stay tuned for a more detailed look at the sale this afternoon.

What do you get on the A380 Sydney flights via Singapore?

If Qantas is offering good value Business and First Class seats in its sale, you could be in for a treat.

As a reminder, Qantas flies its A380s between London and Australia via Singapore. Qantas is in the process of refurbishing its A380s so you may be lucky enough to get one of the brand-new refurbished ones which we wrote about here. They feature a very classy on-board lounge for travellers in business and first:

Qatnas refurbished A380 lounge

The refurbished A380s have the Qantas Business Suite adapted from their 787s. These feature all-aisle access similar to what Finnair operates:

Qatnas refurbished A380 business suite

Qantas also flies its 787 direct from Heathrow to Perth. It’s not clear whether these sale fares apply to this direct route, although if they do that would be a boon, since this is a very popular flight.

The Qantas centenary landing page will have more details on the sale at midday today.

You should also be able to get the first of the massively discounted 100 economy ‘Golden Tickets’ to Sydney at noon.  More details when we have it.

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  1. Probably a stupid question – if I buy economy or premium economy tickets in this sale, can you upgrade them to business with Avios, as Qantas at a OneWorld partner?

    • No genuine question is stupid. The answer is almost certainly no. Unfortunately BA and Qantas no longer work closely together since their joint marketing agreement was cancelled several years ago, and even then I don’t think this was possible.

      • Thank you, appreciate your help.

      • Having said that, Qantas premium economy is significantly better than economy. More business minus than economy plus. Really good customer service and a much more comfortable seat, on the A380 and 747 anyway, so you may well find premium manageable even for flights to Australia. In complete contrast to BA WT+, which I find scarcely better than WT..

        • Thanks, that’s really handy. I’ve done Australia in economy once or twice and it was tough

      • Correct, only partners allowing UUA are AA and IB; only one-class upgrade is allowed.

  2. With it being 99 years and them having the Centenary sale, do you think it’s likely they’ll offer something next year too when it really is 100? I know you don’t have a crystal ball but maybe you have an idea?

    • I assume there will be ongoing promotions throughout the year, but I have no insider info

  3. OT: Has anyone recently referred a friend to find out their application has been denied by Amex? I’ve never had this before. His credit is in good state and he’s fairly well off. He did just close down one Amex and let me referred him for another.

    • The denial won’t be because you referred him.

    • It could be that something on his application form wasn’t matching from his previous applications or data Amex holds about him. Amex might have flagged some discrepancy and thought it potential risk. Did he change jobs/salary, bank account, address recently? If not, I’d call Amex new accounts department and query.

  4. Spaghetti Town says:

    I once got one of the ANZ £400 tickets to LHR Auckland on black friday 2 years ago. Had to cancel within the 24 hour grace period though as I had to act fast and the dates weren’t too favorable.

    • What a waste.
      Speculative booking?

      • Spaghetti Town says:

        Yep, exactly that. it was the only fare i could find when I searched and if you’ve ever been caught in one of these fire sales before you’ll know the rush to book

      • Lady London says:

        Wondering if seats booked speculatively and not paid, or cancelled, would go back on offer for others, or not.

  5. Do you imagine there will be a specific link to click at 12 or will that one in the article that leads to an ad about the sale be replaced on the stroke of noon? Good luck everyone!

  6. Looks like they have gone already. Only travel out dates from 2nd to 6th March, more options on the way back from two weeks to a number of months.

    • My eyes ignored that and I went straight to the group of dates on the right. No wonder I didn’t find any!

  7. They are gone.

  8. I have a pair in my basket just now that were listed as ‘Birthday Rate’ but showing as more than 205 pounds each.

    Showing as: 390 out 303 back.


  9. Scratch that – got two economy tickets in March for £389.54 for two people!

    • Bargain! I need to be more flexible and not have children….

    • Lady London says:

      Been looking hard in March and nothing.

      @Rhys As the reports of success have.only been for purchases of 2 tickets at a time are we sûre there’s not some secret condition or minimum value so that only sets of 2 can be bought?

  10. Lady London says:

    “Please do not comment in this article”. So 66 people did, so far. LOL.

  11. Are these “the cheapest Australia flights ever”? I think I flew for less than £200 when Qantas ran a promo about 10 years ago during the Ashes.
    My memory is a bit hazy but I believe the number of tickets available was equal to one team’s score and the price at which tickets would be sold was the other team’s score.
    And it was a tricky wicket.

    • Somebody commented yesterday saying they made use of the Ashes offer which was £215 – so the current one would be cheaper!

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