More Black Friday deals: 25% off plus Avios at Hackett, 40% off Accor hotels, £19 sub to Conde Nast Traveller, NCP savings

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Here are some more Black Friday deals we’ve been sent. This is an extra Friday article which will be emailed on Saturday. Hopefully you can find one that is relevant for you!

Save 25% at Hackett

Menswear retailer Hackett offers 10 Avios for every £1 you spend.

Until midnight on Monday, you can get 25% off all blazers, coats, jackets and knitwear, plus free delivery with every purchase.

Earning Avios is a bit of a faff.  You need to be a member of the free Hackett 65B club.

If you are not already a member, you can join via this page of the Hackett website.  Membership is free.  You need to add your British Airways Executive Club or Iberia Plus number to your Hackett 65B club profile.

As long as you give your 65B membership number when ordering, Avios will automatically be deposited into your account.  You don’t need to give your Avios details each time you purchase.

The general Hackett retail website is here.

Hackett Avios offer

Save 40% on Accor hotels for Spring 2020 stays

Accor, the hotel group covering Ibis, Novotel, Mercure, Raffles, Fairmont, Sofitel etc, is offering an aggressive 40% discount.

40% is fixed – it is NOT ‘up to 40% off’.  However, the discount is based on the ‘Best Flexible’ refundable rate, and these sale deals are non-refundable.  You will still be getting a big saving on the standard non-refundable rate however.

You need to book by midnight hotel time on 2nd December.  You MUST be a Le Club AccorHotels member.

The offer is valid for stays from 1st January to 15th March, except in Asia Pacific (exc China) when it runs to 30th April.

Full terms and conditions are on this Black Friday page of the Accor website.

Accor Black Friday deal

£19 subscription offer to Conde Nast Traveller

Conde Nast Traveller ran this offer last year, and I can honestly say that I haven’t seen it cheaper in the last 12 months.

The deal also applies to Vogue, GQ, Tatler, Wired etc.   The £19 price gets you 12 issues, which for some titles which skip the occasional month means you will be getting nearer 18 months than a year.  You can buy here.

This deal is advertised as ‘Friday only’ but was extended last year.  If you are reading this on Saturday, it is worth checking.

NCP Black Friday

Save on NCP airport car parking

Finally (for this round-up, there will be others!), NCP is offering discounts on airport parking across the UK.

Code BFT19A save 20% off NCP parking at London Heathrow T2/T3 & T4/5.

It is valid for entries between 2nd December 2019 & 31st March 2020 (excluding 20th December 2019 – 1st January 2020.)  You must stay 5 days or more.

Code BFA19 saves 20% at Birmingham Airport Car Parks 1, 2&3, 4, 5, 7 & Valet, Edinburgh Scotpark & Norwich Airport.

It is valid for entries between 02 December 2019 & 31 March 2020.  You must stay 5 days or more.

These codes expire at 10am on Saturday 30th November.  You can book on this page of the NCP site.

PS.  This HFP article explains why NCP Terminal 5 – at the Hilton T5 hotel – can be a particularly good deal.

Black Friday lunch round-up: Glasgow and Aberdeen lounges, Vueling, Lufthansa, Etihad, Cathay, Air France and Amazon!
The best Black Friday deal? Very cheap MeliaRewards points being sold both directly and via Amazon

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  1. Sandgrounder says:

    I have been tracking some Accor hotels in the run up to this, for a trip to the UAE in the new year. Room only prices are cheaper, but some of the better b&b rates have vanished during the week. To add breakfast to these rates seems to wipe out most of the savings. Still, I have saved a few quid on Abu Dhabi. There is also up to fifteen percent back at the site that shall not be named.

    • ankomonkey says:

      I have booked Accor through both the main £back sites and it never pays out in my experience – even when I’ve met all the criteria and not used any codes. YMMV.

      • Sandgrounder says:

        I used to be quite a frequent guest and I can’t say I’ve ever had it declined myself, but then again I don’t use Accor that often these days. Perhaps things have changed.

        • ankomonkey says:

          I’m 0/3 right now for completed stays. I have 1 pending for a stay next August, but I’m not expecting to get it based on my previous experience.

  2. Nate1309 says:

    I wish the sunday times travel mag offer would come back

  3. Accor will stack with the 10% Corporate Perks BF offers if your Employer does NextJump

    Additonal fully stackable BF offers on NextJump are:-

    15% – IHG
    12% – Virgin Atlantic
    15% – Harvey Nichols
    15% – Disneyland Paris
    10% – Hilton
    20% – Philips
    18% – Under Armour
    25% – UniQlo
    8% – Ebookers (inc Flights)

    20% at the Microsoft Store is back on again this morning, there seems to be a daily tranche and will stack with the £100 off £400 on Amex.

  4. check the payment option on the magazine offer

    default is direct debit which renews every SIX months

    credit / debit card is a single 12 month sub

  5. OT: Need one lounge pass for Abu Dhabi long stop over in January, anyone seen special offers?

    I think my HSBC Premier Credit Card (free one) only allows for me to buy a pass for myself right?

  6. Off topic:
    Do they still require a reference from your bank ?
    Is it your £ bank or your €/$ bank ?

  7. Sam Bessey says:

    OT not sure where else to ask this…

    Me and the other half are supposed to be off to Mexico (CW, Amex 241) in April, but we have just found out she is expecting..!
    According to the travel advisory sites, pregnant women should avoid Mexico. For logistical reasons late March/ April is our only window to take a holiday in 2020. Does anyone have any suggestions for easy CW Avios redemption that would be suitable for a pregnant lady? All I can think is LAX/ SFO and doing the Pacific highway, or going East/ West across the southern part of the USA. Availability for most other places is very restrictive at this stage…


    • Shoestring says:

      Zika virus I guess? Highly unlikely esp if you take precautions – but no point arguing with your wife. That rules out Pacific region, South and Central America, the Caribbean, Africa, and parts of south and southeast Asia.

      So sure – sounds like N America if you want to get good use out of the 2-4-1 – or somewhere further flung (Japan/ Australasia etc) but you might struggle with availability. Try the 2 reward seatfinder apps, seatspy being the newest of pay the sub on

      • Sam Bessey says:

        Thanks I suspected this would be the case.

        I will check Reward Flight Finder out!

    • Spurs Debs says:

      Congratulations …. just remember wherever you go but especial USA to make sure your travel insurance covers the pregnancy. If you are thinking about west coast you could fly on to Hawaii, redemption flights on AA or Alaska airlines seem reasonable.
      You might find availability to Japan but that’s peak cherry blossom season.
      How about Canada ?

    • If the 241 is valid for a while longer, I’d postpone it to when the baby is 4-5 months, and travel within Europe during the pregnancy. Main reason being if she isn’t feeling it for whatever reason you can be back in the UK within 3 or 4 hours.

      By that stage of pregnancy my wife was sleeping 12 hours a day, although still keen to do things when she was awake. No idea how anyone manages to continue working beyond the 2nd trimester

      Unless one of you is American I would avoid the US. We did not want our child to be born in the US at any cost (you are setting them up for a lifetime of trouble with bank accounts and tax. If they want to move to the US when they grow up, that’s their choice)

      4-5 months can be a good time to travel because your baby will likely be sitting up and able to look around, but not eating yet. Once they start eating you’ll have a lot more things to carry around. In our case it turned out not to be a good time because he stopped being able to sleep for more than 2 hours ine one stretch.

    • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

      If you’re staying in Mexico City then no need to worry about Zika – it’s too high altitude for the mosquitoes. Would avoid the coast though.

      Oman is worth a look if you’re after winter sun – shortish flight, no Zika, plenty to see by car and you won’t be drinking much.

    • Congratulations – when is the baby due (you don’t say how early you have found out about the pregnancy)? Most travel insurance policies will only cover you up to a certain stage in pregnancy -possibly 36 weeks but you should check your own policy. Also, you probably wouldn’t be covered if you go somewhere that’s advised to be unsafe.

      I appreciate what John says about waiting, however travelling with babies and children is utterly different from travelling as a couple, so if you fancy a last couples holiday, go for it. Your first few years of travelling with a child isn’t really a holiday at all, it’s basically attending to your child, just somewhere else, very possibly with fewer amenities than at home! You certainly won’t be relaxing a beach very much!

      • The Canaries would be nice and warm in March/April and you would have a short-ish flight and good hospitals and other facilities if required, also English is widely spoken.

    • We went to Seoul and Hong Kong in Oct last year (baby came in March this year). Both zika free and decent for pregnant women

      • Sam Bessey says:

        Thanks all! It is super early days yet (Not due until end of July)… The voucher expires late 2020, so we will probably have to use it before the little one arrives.

        I’ve had a good peruse of BA’s availability charts, and our options seem to be either:

        In/out of Miami and Austin and travel along the southern part of the US… Texas, Louisiana, Florida
        In/ out of San Fran/ San Diego or LA and head down the Pacific Highway, Yosemite, etc.
        There seem to be a few options to China (Totally new to both of us!) but no idea if this is a good idea half way through a pregnancy…

        Most other Asia destinations (Tokyo, Hong Kong, S.Korea, etc.) don’t really fit with the time we have, and with the exception of Japan, we have done a lot of those places already.We have about 2.5 weeks set aside for our trip.

  8. GLA sells it’s own on-site parking now (used to be NCP). Their Black Friday code is BF2019 for 20% off valid till Tuesday for stays till end August. Valid for first 1000 uses.

    • Thanks for this heads-up. I checked at ABZ and they too have a Black Friday sale on just now, useful as we have half term flights from there next Feb, as EDI flight prices were crazy.
      I’m sure I could have got the standard price down using someone like Holiday Extras, but booking direct they also offered free fasttrack security on my long stay option, so it made sense to got for that!

      Just a normal Friday at EDI today!

  9. OT: Amex Gold FX quirks
    Sorry for the OT. I was always under the impression that the 2.99% fee for FX transactions did not earn points but my recent transactions tell a different story. A recent hotel payment of 458 Euros hit the card as £404.52.

    When I tap on this transaction, it shows:
    1.166 FX rate
    £11.74 fee

    By these numbers, the Euros converted to around £392.79 and £11.74 fee on top of that (give or take rounding) so I thought I should be earning 392+392 points but I actually earned 404+404.

    If I spent exactly £10,000 in a foreign currency, I will be charged £10,299 and earn 20,598 MR points rather than my original assumption of 20,000.

    This does make the fee more palatable for me as it also earns points and I can just view it as a bad exchange rate. Doesn’t change my view that Amex Gold is the best card for FX spending and non-BA airfare.

    • Shoestring says:

      if you hit the £15,000 spend to trigger 10,000 bonus (at year end), you could even add on 0.67 points/ £1

      so your £10,299 actually earns 27,264 points (stop spend at £15K & divert to another card)

      I also have no problem using Gold Card abroad, the cost is peanuts on a smallish FX spend

    • Your incorrect assumption really makes very little difference.

      If MC and Amex exchange rates are equal, £10299 on Amex would cost you £9950 on Tandem, therefore you have paid £349 for 20598 avios or 1.7p each. Bad deal for me.

      If the Amex forex fee did not earn points, then you would only get 20000 avios for £349, or 1.75p each, an insignificant difference from 1.7p.

      In practice the Mastercard exchange rate is usually better than Amex, so that £10299 is probably £10325, raising the price per avios to 1.8p.

      If like Shoestring you spend 15K a year, that was £14564.5 before the 2.99% fee which costs you £14491.7 on Tandem, therefore you paid £508.3 for 40000 avios or 1.27p each. Still a bad deal for me but people who normally pay for UK origin J fares might be happy with that.

      If you could put the £10299 spend through Curve or Revolut which have better exchange rates, the Amex effective exchange rate would increase the price to approx £10350. If you used the Lloyds MC earning 0.5 avios per £ as the underlying card, then you have paid £350 for 20700 – 5000 = 15700 avios which is an awful 2.2p per avios.

      • You make good points and I don’t disagree at all. A minor point – I think it’s actually 45,000 points for £15k spend if all foreign FX so the £508 difference in pays for points at a rate of 1.12p rather than 1.27p.

        If looking at pure FX value for money then yes anything put through Amex is poor. But as the fee earns points, I now view the the whole thing as just getting an exchange rate 3% worse than other providers, the ability to earn 2.66 points (I’m rounding down because Amex does on all points earnings) per £ on foreign spend is something I’m happy to suck up. The gold card is a keeper beyond year 1 in my view.

  10. OT: and a week late as it’s related to the Curve debacle but wanted to check and see if I have got the change to the Curve Ts&Cs correct. If I top up my Revolut card with my IHG card, via Curve to then pay my tax free childcare, this will incur the fee as they are a “merchant which does not accept credit cards”?

  11. Southend Airport offers:
    – Skylife Premium for £18
    – 15% off pre-book parking with code BLACKFRIDAY2019 (book by Monday)

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