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KLM is running a new business class sale for departures from the UK.

It is especially good for readers outside of London since these sale prices are valid for departures from 16 UK airports, via Amsterdam or (on Air France) via Paris.

You won’t earn Avios or tier points on these flights, as KLM and Air France are part of the SkyTeam alliance.  However, you WILL earn Virgin Atlantic miles and tier points as long as the airlines are integrated into Virgin Flying Club by the time you fly.  This is expected to happen in the next couple of weeks.

KLM business class sale

Fares start from £1,266.  The sale page very helpfully allows you to sort the fares by UK departure airport, which gives a great overview of all the destinations available.

These are return prices from Heathrow although you can also fly from Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Durham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Humberside, Inverness, Leeds, London City, Newcastle and Norwich.  You can book these sale deals on the KLM site here – the site shows both Air France and KLM pricing if both airlines serve the same city.

Here is a sample of fares from Heathrow – there are many others:

Middle East:

  • Abu Dhabi – £1,266
  • Dubai – £1,356
  • Kuwait – £1,517


  • Bangalore – £1,646
  • Mumbai – £1,657
  • Tokyo – £1,896
  • Xiamen – £1,596
  • Seoul – £1,537
  • Chengdu – £1,586
  • Beijing – £1,586

South and Central America:

  • Bogota – £1,426
  • Havana – £1,726
  • Quito – £1,387
  • Fortaleza – £1,535

The fares seem widely available.  For example, if you look at Abu Dhabi it shows £1,200-ish fares available most of the time (although not on every day in every month) – click to enlarge:

KLM business class deals to Abu Dhabi

We have never reviewed the KLM business class product, although I did get a tour of a KLM Boeing 787 when I went behind the scenes at Schiphol in 2018.  This has an attractive 1-2-1 seat layout.  The Boeing 777 and A330 fleet are still 2-2-2 I think.

I reviewed the impressive Air France Boeing 777-300ER business class product recently – see here.  Some Air France aircraft still have sloping seats in Business Class, including their A380 fleet, so research the aircraft type you are getting.

Your best option to maximise your miles when paying is American Express Preferred Rewards Gold.  This offers double points – 2 per £1 – when you when you book flight tickets directly with an airline.

You can get more information, and book, here.

Earning Flying Blue miles from credit cards

How to earn Flying Blue miles from UK credit cards (September 2021)

Air France and KLM do not have a UK Flying Blue credit card.  However, you can earn Flying Blue miles by converting Membership Rewards points earned from selected UK American Express cardsThese are:

  • American Express Preferred Rewards Gold (review here, apply here) – sign-up bonus of 30,000 Membership Rewards points converts into 30,000 Flying Blue miles. This card is FREE for your first year and also comes with two free airport lounge passes. 30,000 points is a special offer which expires on 9th November 2021.

Membership Rewards points convert at 1:1 into Flying Blue miles which is an attractive rate.  The cards above all earn 1 Membership Rewards point per £1 spent on your card, which converts to 1 Flying Blue mile. The Gold card earns double points (2 per £1) on all flights you charge to it.

Comments (140)

  • Andy S says:

    OT: BA Amex avios not posted.

    Anyone else have this issue? Had a BA Amex card for years and every month without fail on about the 15th of the month the earned avios appear in my BA account. But this month it’s been a week since the statement says they’ve posted but nothing showing.

    Who should I contact? BAEC or AMEX ?

    • meta says:

      Yes, several people have the same issue. Give it some time. It happened before with SPG card. They are obviously having some IT issues. You can of course contact Amex CS.

    • JRC says:

      Same issue here with no Amex points posted…

      • CraigyC says:

        Same here, but it’s not just Amex transfer not appearing , I moved some Heathrow points over and they’ve also left but not arrived.
        I suspect it’s an issue on the BA end.

  • Sam says:

    I am flying to Buenos Aires on Thursday with Air France. I was hoping to earn Virgin Atlantic miles but I haven’t heard if this is possible yet? If that is the case does anyone know if it would be possible to retrospectively make a claim for missing miles once it has all been integrated?

  • Tamara says:

    OT: Hi, I’ve upgraded from Green to Plat Amex, and I can see the Plat card on my account but haven’t received the new card or the confirmation email just yet. Does the spend made with the old Green card in the meantime count towards the £4000? Thanks

    • SimonW says:

      My card arrived a day after the icon changed to platinum on my account. Then the PP arrived a day later…. The 20k/ £4,000 counter is now showing too since I activated the card. Assumed the green spend wouldnt count towards the bonus – it was a different card number

      • Secret Squirrel says:

        Did you receive an email when on green to upgrade to Plat for the big bonus?

    • Steve-B says:

      Yes, once approved (ie showing online) spending under the existing card *will* count.

  • Chas says:

    OT – a couple of weeks ago I promised to update on the outcome of a complaint to BA from DBX to LHR. Although the flight was very delayed it didn’t qualify for EC261, but we were kept on the aircraft for 2 hours in sweltering conditions (engine issues so no air con) without being providing water. Additionally, in flight our window blinds didn’t work and my seat wouldn’t stay fully upright. I managed to get 10,000 Avios for the inconvenience which was more than I thought I might have got, so not too bad all things considered.

    Really looking forward to the party tonight.

    • Shoestring says:

      fair result, well done – ‘we’ – have you claimed it for the other party?

      • Chas says:

        I claimed for myself and the other 3 members of my family who travelled under the same booking reference. BA’s response initially allocating me 10k avios came back referring to everything in the singular, so I replied asking them to confirm that everyone on the booking would also receive the same compensation. They declined this, citing EC261 rules (!), to which I have pushed back again, but they seem to have ignored my latest correspondence. Ultimately, what they have offered me is a goodwill gesture, so I was going to leave it at that. Are you suggesting that I should also make separate claims for each of the other 3 family members?

  • LewisB says:

    OT: I’ve got a handful of LATAM avios redemption’s later this year. Annoyingly two of them have been cancelled and I’ve been rebooked on new flights with connections. The new times do not fit at all, am I able to get booked on new flights regardless of avios availability? The online system keeps coming back with an error so I will need to suffer in line for the call centre this evening.

    • Neil Donoghue says:

      Nope! BA will only be able to book you on flights that have avios availability as you are booking Latam flights. If these were BA flights, they would have no issue putting you on any flight as the cancellations are their fault.

      • Oli says:

        Log into your booking reference on the LATAM website and you should be able to select any other flight for free, even indirect. I even got an upgrade from Premium Eco to Business when I picked a flight without a Premium Eco cabin. All on an Avios redemption too!

        • LewisB says:

          Nice! Thank you 🙂

          • LewisB says:

            I’ve logged in via LATAM and it was allowing me to pick any flight but when I went to confirm it mentions I need to call my travel agent (BA). Sods law!

  • The Original Nick says:

    O:T, @Harry (shoestring). Just thought I’d let you know that I’ve had documents through the post of changes to the Halifax Clarity CC. Not sure what the changes are yet as I haven’t read through them yet.
    I’ve just got back home from Dubai and was using the card once again abroad with no problems and paying off straight away. ATM withdrawals and PDF machines all good. Hopefully be able to use it in Cuba next month too.

    • Roger* says: been almost snowed under with separate notifications to each of our Lloyds Group cards (Lloyds, Halifax, MBNA}. They arei n two parts: the first part (A paragraphs) refer to specifics of the card account, the second part (B paragraphs) look like general card info.

      As far as I can see, the major changekis the new usurious interest rate, which effectively doesn’t apply to us as we never use it, until now anyway.

    • Sussex Bantam says:

      I had those – I couldn’t see any reference to changes to the fee-free overseas spend which is good news !

    • LewisB says:

      Also had the letter and couldn’t note any changes to oversea spending and ATM withdrawals. All about interest and fees etc which I didn’t dive into because I never carry a balance.

  • Chas says:

    OT – spare a Winter Party ticket for sale as the colleague who was going to be accompanying me can’t now make it. I know it’s last minute, but if anyone would like to take it off my hands please reply and we’ll try and work out a way to make it work.

  • Matt says:

    OT – Revolut cash advance fees

    Hi All, been watching the comments here, but his had not impacted me the last few weeks, and I have been watching for the transaction codes online, but my last transaction I have just been hit with the dreaded cash advance fee. Has anyone managed to get Revolut to change this yet?

    • Neil Donoghue says:

      It’s not Revolut who need to change, it’s your card provider who have caught up with the loop hole.

      • Grant says:

        Wrong – Revolut have been changing the MCC on some, but not all, top-ups from 6012 to 4829. The latter attracts a cash advance fee.

        • Neil Donoghue says:

          So you are saying to contact Revolut to ask them to change the code because you have been stung with a cash advance fee? Who does the refund, Revolut?

          • Grant says:

            Basically, yes. The help section on the website specifically says that credit card top-ups will be treated as a normal transcation, not cash advance. See the comments on first page of Curve article which documents my experience this morning.

          • Neil Donoghue says:

            Cheers Grant! Appreciate the help

          • Grant says:

            No problem – I am just catching up with it myself. Colin McK and JC are leading the charge on this one!

          • Neil Donoghue says:

            I feel like the rules are changing weekly at the moment it’s hard to keep up! Got stung with a nasty cash advance fee before Christmas on Revolut and decided to never use the card again.

    • Grant says:

      Matt – see first page of comments under the Curve article

      • Matt says:

        Cheers Buddy, calling virgin now as it still is using the same “6012” code – strange.

        • Grant says:

          On Virign’s transaction list (website version) the code is only shown (by clicking the drop down) whilst the transaction is pending. Once it is confirmed the code is removed and replaced with the full text – 6012 is Financial Institution and 4829 is Wire Transfer.

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