Is the new Tesco Clubcard Plus credit card, which earns Avios, worth a look?

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This is our review of the new Tesco Clubcard Plus credit card.  Does it have anything new to offer?

Last November, Tesco launched its new subscription-based Clubcard Plus proposition.  The idea is that, for a monthly fee of £7.99, you get a range of benefits on Tesco products.

Tesco Clubcard Plus credit card review

Here is what you get for your money:

10% off two monthly shops, up to £200 each (INSTORE ONLY)

10% off F&F, Fred & Flo, Go Cook, Fox & Ivy, Tesco Pet and Carousel brands all year round

Double data on your Tesco mobile contract

Exclusive access to a Tesco Bank card with 0% foreign transaction fees

These are on top of the usual benefits you’d get from a ‘standard’ Clubcard, including points earning and spending.

The response to date from the public seems to have been muted, to say the least.

Whether these benefits are worth the £7.99 a month you are paying depends on your personal shopping habits. If you spend £100 on groceries every fortnight in a single shop, you would save £20 per month. That would mean, disregarding all the other benefits, that you were saving £12 a month.

The problem is that many of us are moving away from big weekly or monthly shops, choosing to nip around to the local shop more often to buy fresh produce.  There is no simple answer, so you will have to work out yourself if you will save any money upgrading yourself to Clubcard Plus.

The inability to claim the discount on deliveries is also odd.

Is the Tesco Clubcard Plus credit card any good?

Whilst Clubcard Plus launched in November, the credit card only launched this month.  It looks like this:

Tesco Clubcard Plus credit card review

Here is a summary of the benefits:

No annual fee

No foreign exchange fees

0% interest on purchases for 12, 15 or 18 months depending on status

Earn 1 Clubcard point for every £8 you spend (1 per £4 in Tesco)

Representative interest rate on purchases 19.9% variable

There is NO sign-up bonus.

On the face of it, these benefits are not bad.  The problem is this – they are nowhere good enough, on their own, to justify paying £7.99 per month for Clubcard Plus.

I would go further, in fact, and say that this credit card should play no part in your decision on whether to get Clubcard Plus or not.

The Clubcard earning rate on this card is the same as the rate on the free Tesco credit card.  At 0.125 Clubcard points per £1, you would get 0.3 Avios or 0.312 Virgin Flying Club miles per £1.  It’s not great, but the ability to use your vouchers for other Clubcard deals if you change your mind about Avios or Virgin miles is a strong plus point.

However, if you want a Tesco credit card, you can get the free one which has the same earning rate – there is no need to join Clubcard Plus.

Similarly, there are no shortage of free credit cards offering 0% foreign exchange fees.

There is one genuine benefit.  As well as 0% FX fees, you will also earn Clubcard points on your foreign spend.  This means that it is the only personal credit card which lets you earn Avios on foreign spend whilst paying 0% FX fees.  The Avios rate is so low, however, that you could never justify the £7.99 fee just for this.


Tesco Clubcard Plus is a bit of a missed opportunity and, for Tesco, possibly a mistake.

If you spend £80 or more across no more than two in-store shopping trips per month, it makes sense to join – but does it make sense for Tesco to give you a big discount, whilst also alienating online customers?

For everyone else, the additional benefits – such as this credit card – are so weak that signing up makes no sense.  This isn’t Amazon Prime, by a long way

If you have got Clubcard Plus already and spend a lot of money outside the UK, it may be worth adding this card in order to earn Avios whilst racking up 0% FX fees.  Assuming you already have a 0% FX fees card without rewards, however, I doubt the benefits make it worth adding yet another card to your life.  If you had £5,000 of foreign spend per year you would earn just 1,500 Avios, which is hardly worth the effort of applying.

You can apply for the card on the Tesco Bank website here.

PS.  If you missed it, you should take a look at our recent article on 10 good reasons to get the standard Tesco Clubcard Mastercard credit card.

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  1. Hey, shame about all the negative feed back.
    I have Tesco Clubcard Plus and I think it worth it. I pay £95.88 per year and get £200 of my shopping plus Double data on my Mobiles which saves me £240 a year plus £48 off Mobile bill per year Family perks for having more than one mobile. That’s £392.12 in my pocket.
    I also love Shopping at Tesco’s.

    • That’s a very specific type of person though that uses Tesco in the right way (big shops), and has Tesco mobile. It’s great that you get the benefits and you’re the type of person that should definitely be signed up to this, but for most people it means either changing their shopping habits, changing their supermarket or changing their mobile provider, and given the context of this site for earning points, it really is not an attractive offering. Kudos to you though for identifying it as a good fit for you and grabbing the benefits.

    • It’s only £392 if the Tesco mobile perks can’t be found elsewhere for cheaper, and the £200 discount is a real discount on things that you would actually buy.

      If Tesco is your most convenient supermarket that is fine, but they may be 5-10% more expensive than elsewhere.

    • Do you by any chance work for Tesco? 🤔

      • Plenty of people still doing £150 shops at a Tesco Extra every fortnight.

        • Lady London says:

          Yes but those are the people who so far have used their Tesco points for money off their shopping. They are not into the effort and tenacity required for our hobby as they’re not interested.

          I think the card is mistargeted – or very well targeted to those who are already loyal to Tesco and not in our hobby.

          There are plenty of Tesco customers who still do the traditional shop. They would really hoover up £40 discount per month on their shopping for a cost of £8. Other benefits would pass them by except maybe the mobile phone one. This type of customer probably hasn’t got the many better deals in the market – they’ve gone for Tesco instead.

          Tesco may even be pleased to hear those with our hobby aren’t interested.

          • But why would you not be interested in Tesco? Every pound I spend in Tesco earns me 3.9 Avios points. Is there any other supermarket that can beat that?

          • Shoestring says:

            of course, those of us buying more in Aldi/ Lidl are smashing the price/ quality offering you can get in Tesco – no loyalty scheme but for buyers of fresh food, staples and all the regular prepackaged ready meals/ frozen stuff, we’re beating Tesco hands down (money saved for equivalent items) on every shop

            may not look much to some, but this means massive shake up of the UK supermarket scene with more to come, won’t be long before Aldi/ Lidl combined share is targeting 30%

      • +1

    • I am the same as Tracey. We’ve shopped in Tesco since late 1980’s. I now do all my in laws food shopping so my bill is higher each month. Now switched this to 2 big monthly shops and get some fresh stuff in between. We have 3 tesco mobiles in our family account and i take the extra CC pts as the perks. One nominated card now gets double data and double points so it works for us too. The first month the app didn’t work and we got a manual refund of £20. We were then able to still do the 2 big shops in Dec so got about £60 back less the £7.99 fee in the first month. It works for us. Got £76 of vouchers coming this month. Sainburys stopped sending us MOC and my MIL doesn’t receive them from Tesco anymore either.

  2. I signed up to the Clubcard Plus when it launched in November. I’ll probably cancel it soon as it’s not that good. In the few months I’ve used it I think I’m about £1.20 ahead of the fees I’ve paid. The reason is that so many items in store do not qualify for the 10% discount. If you spend £60 you might expect £6 discount but it’s more likely to be £4.50 because things like “home ware” and many others don’t count. So, buy a mop, a set of dishes etc, etc and you won’t get the 10% discount on them unless they are part of the more expensive range of say Fox & Ivy. Ultimately, it’s not worth it unless you regularly spend a very large amount at least twice a month.

    • I’ve been making it work by waiting until I’m running low on lots of stuff, taking out the subscription, doing the 2 big shops, then cancelling the subscription until ot suits me to take it out again.

  3. Hmm, was reluctant to commit to £7.99 monthly fee but as OH spends >£100 a week at our local Tesco in store this will work for us

    • It’s interesting how people are swayed or not by loyalty cards/points. I think in general the general populace like a bargain irrespective of points on offer. I’m not sure how much impact new Tesco card will have on consumer behaviour.

      I have kept a spreadsheet of expenditure over the last 7/8 years (terribly anal I know). Seven years ago we spent approx. £250 a month in Sainsburys, £180 in Tesco, £250 in Costco and £60 each in Waitrose and M&S.

      Roll on to 2019, £50 monthly in Sainsburys and Tesco, £125 in Aldi, £50 in Lidl, Asda £65 Coop £55 Costco £275. Waitrose £60, We used to collect Nectar and Tesco Clubcard, but no more, now we use Amex for more or less all of it.

      • Well done on that list. One berometer if you can call it that, is the amount of items under £1 in Aldi/Lidl and the amount of items of that same price in Tesco. Difference to me in incredibly noticeable.

  4. Richard G says:

    This works for me, and to be honest, even though the points rate isn’t great, I’d be happy to once again have a card I can use abroad and get points.

    I tend to average about £150 a month in Tesco over two shops, so that definitely covers me for the base price.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Curve backed with an IHG premium will serve the same purpose.

      I know a lot of weight is put on Avios around these parts but flight deals are abundant hotel points can be a god send when you need to be somewhere there’s an event etc

  5. Seems like a duff deal to be honest much better with the IHG premium card.

    You can get 4% off if you are able to get a employee perk programme and the double data is not really worth anything if you choose the correct package in the first place.

    • Aston100 says:

      An employee perk programme?

      • Peter K says:

        Some places of employment allow you to buy gift cards at a discount. Eg Tesco might 4% off, Halfords 8% off etc.

        • I have this very perk from work but I have found my trolley half full and at the till it’s £40 odd. A trolley full as well as with the same items in Tesco is £40 odd in Aldi/Lidl.

          4% off of no use to me.

        • Lady London says:

          Thinks like nextjump. I forget the names of the others. Wouldnt mind hacking a few.

  6. Jim Ryan says:

    “This means that it is the only personal credit card which lets you earn Avios on foreign spend whilst paying 0% FX fees”

    Tehcnically true, but you could use an avios mastercard or visa with curve ?

  7. and don’t forget that the headline 0.3 avios per pound is nothing like that in reality when each *transaction* is rounded down to the nearest £8 for points calculation

    worth downloading your credit card transactions and having a look to see what you’d actually achieve … suspect it’s more like 0.15 avios per pound for most people

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