Get a special British Airways Valentine deal when two people travel

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Whilst nowhere near as generous as the Lufthansa / SWISS ‘2-4-1’ offers which also launched yesterday, British Airways has launched some decent offers to celebrate Valentine’s Day this week.

Here are the rules:

  • Book by Friday 14th February
  • Travel dates vary by route and are, frankly, VERY restricted on some of them
  • Two people must travel

Full details of this offer and the valid travel dates are on this page of

Porto quayside

The most interesting deals are the three Club Europe routes from London Gatwick, to Bergamo, Nice and Porto.  These work out from £160 return per person.  This is a very decent deal if you want to pick up 80 British Airways Executive Club tier points whilst having a pleasant short break.

The pictures in this article are from my trip to Porto last week.

Porto tram

Short-haul in Club Europe:

Barcelona – £368 for two people

Bergamo (from Gatwick) – £319 for two people

Budapest – £446 for two people

Nice (from Gatwick) – £389 for two people

Paris – £416 for two people

Porto (from Gatwick) – £349 for two people

Prague – £444 for two people

Rome – £534 for two people

Venice – £466 for two people

Porto quayside

Long-haul in Club World:

Abu Dhabi – £2,800 for two people

Bangkok – £3,999 for two people

Boston – £2,999 for two people

Cape Town – £5,499 for two people

Chicago – £2,999 for two people

Dubai – £3,000 for two people

Durban – £5,299 for two people

Johannesburg – £5,299 for two people (or £1,980 in the Lufthansa sale!)

Muscat – £3,800 for two people (saves a whopping £30 per person ……!)

Nashville – £2,999 for two people

New York – £2,999 for two people

Seychelles – £3,199 for two people

Porto city centre

To maximise your miles when paying, your best bet is the British Airways American Express Premium Plus card which earns double Avios (3 per £1) when you book at or via BA Holidays.  You do not get double Avios if you book with the free British Airways American Express card.  Another option is American Express Preferred Rewards Gold which offers double points – 2 per £1 – when you book flight tickets directly with an airline.

PS.  If you missed it, take a look at our recent article on 10 reasons to get the FREE British Airways American Express credit card.

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BREAKING: Air Italy goes into liquidation - no more Avios earning or redeeming possible
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  1. Somewhat underwhelming prices and South Africa in particular is a joke. Nice pictures of Porto.

    • Some of the short-haul routes aren’t too bad. I picked up return flights to Milan (Bergamo) for £280 for two…£140 each and 80 tier points to boot (£1.75/TP).

  2. OT but no bits. Hilton seems to have updated its app – by removing all the useful information such as the room type booked and payment amount and method! So you’ll need the original confirmation email or access to your online account to check that your stay matches what you booked and paid for.

    • Yes, resisting update as long as I can.

    • I appear to be running the latest version of the app in iOS (no updates pending). If you choose ‘Stays’ from the tabs along the bottom and then ‘My Stay’ when you have selected the trip you want details of, it shows me the room type, rate, total cost for stay, and payment information. I can click on the room type and it gives me a break down of the cost per night and the rules and restrictions of the rate type.

      • That’s not the issue. The issue is that you can’t see points breakdown for past stays. So basically you can only see the total amount award for the past stay, but not the actual breakdown or receive a receipt. Difficult to check whether everything is in order when on the go. The only way now is to visit desktop version!

        • Just realised what you meant. Grant, it appears that you might be running still an old version of the app. On my partner’s phone there were actually two updates two days in a row. The first one left everything as before, but the second one was all the new rubbish.

        • TGLoyalty says:

          I have the very latest update and In my points activity if I go to a stay i see Points Earned: and a little i I can click which brings up a full breakdown?

    • Which version of the app are you now using? I have 3.28.2 on my iphone and all the info is still there.

      • I don’t know, it doesn’t say in my app settings as far as I can see!

        • Ahhh – if you tap on the confirmation number, the “old-style” info appears. Not very user friendly though, why could they not just keep the “My Stay” section on the front page?!!

          • But what about past stays info? There is no points breakdown at all from what I saw.

            The latest version is 3.28.2 I think.

          • Nope, can’t see those…
            I’m a bit hacked off with Hilton IT at the moment. I was trying to get a full price for a 4 night booking and instead of taking me to the confirmation and payment page, the website just made the booking, which must be illegal under European law but possibly doesn’t apply to American companies? Interestingly, the card they had on file was a cancelled SPG Amex, so they’re not going to be able to process the payment anyway. I’ve lodged a complaint but they seem to not be understanding what I’m trying to tell them. My biggest worry is that if they can’t get payment from a credit card they will take the amount in points from my account??

          • They won’t and can’t take the payment in points. They will contact you for another card number and/or just not bother until check-in date. If someone actually made a prepaid reservation with a fake card, and never paid, the hotel could potentially file a court claim depending how easy it is in their jurisdiction. They may also get Hilton to close the account.

            Contact the hotel ASAP and hope you can convince someone that there was a mistake. And thanks for the warning.

          • Thanks John, I’ve had a few emails back and forth with Hilton now over this so they can’t say I haven’t tried to resolve it. As a precaution I have removed all credit cards attached to my HH account for the time being and I’ll wait and see now what transpires. I might use the reservation anyway if Ryanair’s winter schedule takes me there when it’s released!

  3. OT but no bits

    Have finally got a statement through from Creation/IHG and have been hit with interest charges for revolut top ups, anyone had any luck claiming these back from either creation or revolut?


    • I got charged 92p which isn’t worth drawing attention to IMO, IHG being one of the few remaining golden egg-laying geese. I’m now paying off the top ups as soon as I’ve hit the £700 pw limit and going to wait and see what appears on my next statement.

    • I succesfully reclaimed a cash advance fee from Revolut that was charged to my Virgin card after submitting a formal complaint to Revolut.

      • But I think the Virgin charge is now standard? Don’t want other providers following suit!

        • Correct. Apologies, my answer wasn’t directly addressing the original question more of data point on the wider issue about the MCC change at Revolut.

          I agree that if, as it seems for the time being, Creation are not charging cash advance fees then it seems wise to lie low and pay small amounts of interest for the ‘service’.

    • Bugger. Just successfully applied for the IHG card – was hoping to load Revolut and pay bills with it avoiding any fees.

      Does Creation mind manual payments on the day of the loading to negate the interest?

      • What do you mean by manual payments? You can make online payments whenever you want, including overpaying (it seems to confuse Creation slightly but it still goes through). I’m currently waiting for my next statement to discover how much interest is negated by paying early.

        • Basically that – make a payment at the time of loading Revolut so, effectively, no interest will be charged.

          Any ideas of the impact of loading from IHG via Curve or Google Pay?

          • Assuming the cleared balance isn’t in credit or 0, you can make a card payment to the account.

      • If your plan is to still use Revolut / IHG and suck up the interest, then be aware that from what I recall, some cards do not issue points for cashlike transactions, so it could all be in vain (I’m unsure of what Creation do)

        • I wonder if the welcome bonus will still trigger, though?

        • rams1981 says:

          from what I can see as of my last statement I was charged interest and they counted as cash like transactions but still earned the points. Same with HSBC.

          • Me to, phoned HSBC today re WE, and they said it would refund the interest charges as a gesture of good will. Said they had a lot of people with Revolut top ups in the same position

  4. OT: Got rejected by the eligibility calculator for the IHG Premium last night but accepted for the standard one. Has anybody had any success appealing these eligibility calculators?

  5. OT – does anyone has the link to the Amex Plat Addison Lee monthly £10 credits T&C?

    • No link per se, but a credit comes on the account after 3/4 days after the original transaction.

      • presume cumulative spend here works? Or is it only if the transaction is £10+ ?

        • Cumulative works. I had a £7.00 credit for a small journey, then a £3.00 credit off my next journey. Both took 3 or 4 days to come through after the journeys….

  6. OT, My easyjet flight from London to Aberdeen got cancelled on Sunday night due to the weather and my earliest flight I was offered was tomorrow up to Aberdeen. I have now been offered a flight for today up to Edinburgh which I have accepted. They put me up in a hotel for the Sunday night but the hotel wouldn’t extend to two nights so I had to find another hotel and pay it out of my own pocket. I have tried to get call easy jet but had no success. Can anyone tell me what I can claim back for this delay?

    • Shoestring says:

      nothing in terms of compo for the delay (bad weather)

      all your reasonable hotel/ food & drink (not alcohol), communications costs plus tax or public transport to/ from hotel

      reasonable being £200/ night hotel, £25/ day food – which can both be exceeded if that’s reasonable

      • Jonathan says:

        Do EasyJet regard £200/night as reasonable? The figures you quote are for BA who are happy for you to sort yourself out. EasyJet specify in their cancellation e-mails & weather alerts on website that you need to arrange accommodation through them. I’d expect a bit of a fight if you spent £200 unless you’ve got screenshots showing that was cheapest option. Bear in mind a Premier Inn/HIE/Travelodge would probably be considered reasonable regardless of the hotel you had previously stayed in. The duty of care is to put a roof over your head not extend your holiday.

        • Shoestring says:

          otoh you’re not expected to slum it in a cheap hotel or live off McDonald’s

          obvs the more you pay, the better quality you get (in general) – if there were a 4* option @£200 vs Travelodge @£50, I’d go for the 4* option and be prepared to defend my expenses claim as reasonable

          food & drink – you sometimes get given a £10 voucher which might be fine if the delay is just north of 2 hrs, but once you start to feel properly hungry/ thirsty, you can ignore the limitations of the £10 voucher and spend a reasonable amount to get a meal & claim it back later

          there are no limitations in EC261 but you would always be expected to act reasonably – and if that means a £200 hotel & that’s a typical price for comfortable accommodation, of course you’d win any claim, LCC or not

    • you need to claim on-line.

      • Lady London says:

        I am sure easyJet can’t enforce this. Firstly you would have to be made aware and secondly they would have to be contactable or a very easy route advised to book through (and OP has noted he’s tried to contact them but can’t get through.

        Lastly if they want to specify where I stay then great provided they do all the work, keep advising me promptly, get me into the hotel promptly if it’s night time, and settle the bill directly with the hotel and not make me have to spend and then wait to claim back.

        I will take a bet that OP’s hotel probably had a second night available but wasn’t prepared to do it at Easyjet’s standard distressed passenger rate.

        • What I mean is you have to claim your food/hotel/transport expenses on-line. There’s a specific link
          In my experience, when easyJet cancelled my 10pm flight to AMS form STN – they handled it very swiftly. Hotel was arranged via the app – with a single “request overnight stay”. After a couple of minutes, I received a text and e-mail with instruction to the hotel (HIE Stansted). At the reception desk I just had to show that text – and everything else was sorted. Unfortunately, it was so late already that the dinner service at the hotels had stopped. The only option was to go to McDonalds across the street. In the meantime, easyJet offered me a flight to AMS, next day in the evening – which I wasn’t happy with. What did I do? Early next morning, after having breakfast, I went back to terminal, asked that under EC261 I could take eurostar + thalys to Amsterdam. They said, all good. Just had to claim all the food and transportation expenses directly on the web form – easy and straightforward. Everything was paid back + EC261 compo (cancellation was due to mechanical/technical issues).

    • That’s pretty shabby. Shocking that they couldn’t get you on at least one service to GLA, EDI, INV or ABZ yesterday.

      Did you try to get the Loganair Stansted to Dundee on Sunday evening? A friend of mine managed to get a seat on it. It would probably have cost them less than your London hotel room, and Dundee Hotels are very cheap.

    • easyjet does make it hard to talk to them as calling is impossible and twitter is slow and just gives you a link, it is really hit and miss.
      I had cancellation Sunday and next flight was on Thursday, so I found another flight in a town 300km away and went there by bus and stayed in a £50 hotel. It is all reasonable so they should pay, but I guess people here would gamble a bit!

  7. OT:

    What is the best way to see Virgin redemption availability?

    • seatspy until Virgin shut off access to the data like they did to rewardflightfinder

      • Thanks so much. Has anyone had experience of using your Virgin Miles to book Delta flights? Is the number of miles quoted on the Delta website the number of Virgin Flying Club Miles you need or do you need to convert your Flying club miles in some way to book with Delta?

  8. BA Valentines promo doesn’t look overly exciting though I spotted Tirana (for 24Feb-29Mar) which in CE is 160TP return (though that wasn’t enough to tempt me)

  9. OT: 80 years after Laithwaite BoJo and friends approve yet another SnailRail embarrasment that will almost certainly fail to see a train run between Leeds and London before a plane takes off from Heathrow’s third runway.

    • I’m not a business person or a rail commuter but can shaving 30 minutes off the journey possibly be worth that amount of money? The Daily Mash (a hilarious take on every day events), has pointed out that this would fund 23 missions to Mars!

      • The whole ‘it’s only going to save x minutes? what a waste of money!’ argument is a massive failing of everyone involved in the project, as shaving times off the journey is not the main aim.

        The main aim and advantage it is to move this direct traffic off the existing lines in order to help free up capacity which would allow faster and more frequent local services. Unfortunately, this has not been well communicated since the inception of the project.

        • Hear hear. The real rationale of HS2 is to add more rail capacity. To do that you need new lines. If you are building new lines the way to go is to build on a new right of way, not use the existing right of way, that was suited for Victorian times, but might or might not be suited for now. And as your building a new line, you should build to highest possible spec at the most reasonable cost, which is most of the case is a high-speed line, as it costs slightly more, but has much more potential to attract passengers. So, speed, is the last of the considerations.

        • That does put a different slant on it. But most services seem to suffer disruption round these parts from drivers and conductors not bothering to show up for work. Apparently the problem is particularly bad at weekends for some reason…

  10. Another Avios airlines goes bankrupt: Air Italy.

  11. OT but no Bits. Just had an email from Monese closing down my account. I hadn’t really been using it much, but I hadn’t really been abusing it either.

    “Dear …

    We just need to let you know that we’ve completed all the checks that we’re required to perform in order to keep your account open.

    Unfortunately, because we couldn’t gather enough information, your account will now be closed.

    We’d like to give you some idea as to why we’re unable to continue servicing your account at this time.

    At Monese, we need to make sure that the use of your Monese account is compliant with certain legal requirements as issued by our regulator, the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). These are rules that we are required to follow in order to service you as a customer.

    At this time, we haven’t been able to verify that your account activity falls in line with these FCA rules.

    Please note that we’re now unable to provide you with financial statements and we’re unable to reopen your account.

    In addition, any Direct Debits, payrolls or subscriptions linked to your account will be discontinued due to closure of your account. If funds have recently been transferred to your account but have not yet arrived, they will be returned to the sender.

    You do not currently have any funds on your account and your account will be closed without any further action.

    *Important: Unfortunately, we are now unable to reopen your account. If you do have any queries, please contact our Customer Services team. Do not respond directly to this email. *

    For more information, you can visit the FCA website:

    We’re very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    Kind regards,

    The Compliance Team”

    • Colin MacKinnon says:

      And N26 pulling out of UK and closing all UK accounts. Blaming Brexit.

      • Lady London says:

        Would that be more likely to be wider problems that N26 is using the UK thing as an excuse for? I will take a bet they will be cutting in other places too with different excuses.

        • Almost certainly. Until a trade deal is finalised they are fine to operate. Revolut has an EU banking licence too, so they are in exactly the same position and don’t seem to be going anywhere. It may be that N26 did not think it was worth the expense of getting a separate UK banking licence, should one eventually be required.

    • Lady London says:

      What did you do to upset them? This out of the blue looks really harsh.

      • Nothing about Monese surprises me, they’re nuts.

      • 10 Amex Top Ups totalling £1150 over 6 months. A couple of debit card top ups (£600). 3 small transfers in from my current ac totalling £250. Ten on line payments out. A couple of cash withdrawals at ATMs. One real world debit card attraction. So they weren’t making any money out of me. I had £30 sign up and referral bonuses and bought £250 of gift cards for £200.

        They didn’t contact me to ask for any info.

    • Did they ask you for any information, or is this just a standard email?

      • I think they might just be a total shambles Mark. As far as I can tell from your reports everything has worked smoothly for you. By contrast I have zero confidence in my account because I don’t know what I’ll be able to do with it from one day to the next. Sometimes I cannot top up, sometimes I cannot withdraw cash, sometimes I cannot make payments, all despite the fact I keep a few hundred in the account at all times and use it for regular day to day transactions when it allows me. Worst of all, they take weeks to respond to email support requests. Sent them one informing them that I’m giving it to the end of the month to settle or I’m closing it, unless they do so first ofcourse.

        • Would them closing an account have an impact on a customer’s credit rating?

          • Shouldn’t do, there’s no credit facility on Monese (at least not in ghe sense we usually understand that).

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