Flying British Airways on Saturday 15th February? Cancellation / reroute guidelines due to Storm Dennis

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British Airways has put in place rebooking guidelines for anyone travelling on a short-haul BA flight on Saturday 15th February.

As this is the first day of half-term, this is likely to impact quite a few readers.

BA is currently planning for potential cuts to its short-haul flying schedule due to Storm Dennis.  These cuts will not be known until Friday.  Cancellations are mandated by the airports and the only flexibility available to BA is which services to cancel.

British Airways storm dennis guidelines

If you are due to travel on Saturday, you can rebook now onto an alternative flight tomorrow (Friday) or between Sunday and Wednesday.

There is a gamble to take here.  Your flight could operate as planned on Saturday.  However, if you wait until it is cancelled, you will be further down the queue to be rebooked.  Due to the half term holidays, it could be a couple of days before seats can be found.

Heathrow passengers are more likely to see cancellations than Gatwick passengers, as Gatwick has more flexibility in its timetable should aircraft need to be given more time to land or take off.  However, rebooking is available to anyone flying from Heathrow, Gatwick or City on Saturday on a short haul route.

Here is a screenshot of the information from the BA travel trade website – click to enlarge:

British Airways Storm Dennis

British Airways will not be contacting you directly unless a firm decision is taken tomorrow to cancel your flight.  The information above is not publicly available via

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  1. OT to kick-off: is anyone willing to refer me to Monese?

    • Shoestring says:

      probably everybody except me (I’m too shy) as they get £15-25

      but I believe the correct thing is to pay your HFP sub

      • Shoestring says:

        If you don’t already have a Monese account, you can use my refer-a-friend code of ROBE820. You will receive a £5 credit plus a further £15 when you’ve spent £500 on your card. (I think that is how it works – it doesn’t actually tell me anywhere what you get!)

  2. Probably BA really upset how it’s a Virgin day at HFP so they had to push something

  3. Optimus Prime says:

    Guess you have to wait for the cancellation email if you’re going to need an extra hotel night because you’re abroad?

    • stevenhp1987 says:

      No duty of care applies because you’re voluntarily changing flights.

      If you want duty of care compensation then you need to wait for your flight to actually be cancelled. It’s a gamble…

      This move, which looks like a nice gesture, is just to lower their compensation requirements.

      Can’t blame them.

  4. JamesLHR says:

    For anyone interested, this is the process under which flights are cancelled, it is not necessarily BA’s fault, although as the major carrier, disruption results in aircraft and crews out of place, so some of the cancellations are based upon this and made by BA!

    • Shoestring says:

      whenever that procedure is invoked, BA is 100% in the clear ie no EC261 compo

      because they are complying with Heathrow request

      duty of care still applies

      • Charlieface says:

        I know airlines got away with ughs argument, but arguably they didn’t have to cancel YOUR flight, they could have cancelled another.

        • Shoestring says:

          my sympathies lie with BA here

          yes, I know you could claim variously

        • My problem with this, if you’re suggesting what I think, then flights may be cancelled on the basis of least EU261 liability.
          The problem is the % capacity that LHR operates at. But then most of us I think would prefer that to the loss loads of services on no problem days to avoid cancellations on problem days.

        • If you go to court, let me know. I’ve had similar thoughts (why did they cancel this flight and not my neighboring flight?) – but I’m pretty sure any judge would argue that’s it’s BA responsibility to cancel the flights they wish (least operational impact, comercial reasons,…)

          • Yes, very, very unlikely you’ll get any compensation given that the matter truly is out of BA’s hands. I wouldn’t even bother.

  5. Rob – Many thanks for the heads up!
    I decided to change from the early morning Sat LHR – OSL to the last one tomorrow. Thought it wasn’t worth ruining a skiing holiday for the cost of a cheap airport hotel.
    4 Emergency Exit seats now free if anyone is still on that flight!

  6. There’s no 300 mile change of route concession on this – was that the same last weekend???

  7. End of half term in Scotland, so I’m off on holiday 😉

  8. Derek Scott says:

    Please bear in mind that you will have many readers who are not in England who don’t hand Half Term next week. Lots of areas outwith have their Half Term this week

    • I think Rob has pointed out many times that most of the readers are in financial institutions in the south east of England, so the “half term” does apply to them. They won’t notice these comments though since he’s also pointed out that the majority of readers don’t write comments.
      I’m writing as somebody who doesn’t live in the UK and doesn’t have kids so the continual mention of English school holidays is something I’ve learned to immediately ignore.

  9. Paul Pogba says:

    Halfwit suggestion, but can’t services cancelled due to weather events at Heathrow be run to Luton, Gatwick or Stansted? During the winter when poor weather is most likely these airports must have a bit of slack.

    • Gatwick is the busiest single runway operation in the world. And that’s before you factor in the need for gates, security capacity, terminal capacity, and the massive complexity of suddenly moving an entire airline to another airport! Won’t happen.

    • Lady London says:

      Those airports are all likely to be affected by the same weather. They’re not that far apart.

      • Paul Pogba says:

        but the issue with the weather is that the slots need to be longer to allow for more complex landings, there is no float at Heathrow so you cancel to create room. A GLA report from 2013 states that during the Olympics STN runway was only 47% utilised, LGW 88% (with spare concentrated in the evening period), LTN 51 per cent (but with terminal capacity issues).

        Given BA have seasonal operations at STN so there must be some integration with the ops there and we usually have a weeks notice of these storms it must be cheaper to re-route and lay on buses rather than pay out for hotel rooms.

  10. We are due to fly to Vienna from T3 tomorrow afternoon. What are our rights if our flight ends up being cancelled?

    • You won’t get compensation but they do have a duty of care

      • Effectively BA will pay for a hotel for as long as it takes to get you a BA seat. No chance they will pay for another airline even if it was cheaper than the hotel.

        • We’re in exactly the same position as Barry (flight to Vienna Saturday afternoon). Would anyone care to hazard a guess at the probability of cancellation?

        • Charlieface says:

          But the law requires them to offer a reasonable rerouting, even if that is with another airline. If they don’t give that then book it yourself and claim it back.

          • Flight has been cancelled 🙁
            They’ve rebooked us on the late flight, arriving in VIE at 21:55 and also dropped us down a class to economy.

          • Shoestring says:

            30% refund due

            was it a cash or points ticket?

          • Points fare – but annoyingly, used my last Lloyds upgrade voucher so I assume that’s lost now.

          • Shoestring says:

            I think you’ll get back the difference in points, which is better than getting 30%

            Lloyds voucher: I’m no expert but from reading here, yes sounds as if that’s lost, might be worth asking though – if you can actually get through to them!

          • It will be interesting to see how this pans out as no extra points were used for CE as a Lloyds upgrade voucher was used. Good luck for the later flight leaving.

          • Got the Lloyds upgrade voucher back with extended validity to April 2021.
            Will be refunded difference in taxes.
            And as xcalx says, no Avios back as we only paid economy avios which is class we are now flying.
            They wouldn’t entertain the idea of rebooking with a different airline at a more favourable time as there is an available BA flight on the same day.

            Little sad as one of the reasons we selected this route was to lounge hop in T3!

          • Shoestring says:

            shame as you probably have an extra 6 hours to lounge hop as well 🙂

            £18 Dragonpass good for Club Aspire/ No 1

          • Thanks shoestring but we have the RED by Dufry dragonpasses! Shame as I love the Cathay lounge. Oh well! Fingers crossed the later flight actually goes!

          • Chabuddy geezy says:
  11. Jonny Price says:

    Re your travel trade screenshot. What’s the URL for the travel trade website and can normal travellers access it?

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