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More British Airways tier-point earning flights as Alaska Airlines joins the oneworld alliance

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Alaska Airlines announced yesterday that it will be joining the oneworld airline alliance.  This is a welcome boost for the alliance following the resignation of LATAMRoyal Air Maroc is already gearing up to join oneworld on 1st April.

Alaska Airlines has been a British Airways partner for a long time.  You have always had the opportunity to both earn and spend Avios on Alaska Airlines’ strong US west coast network.

Alaska has now decided it wants to deepen its ties with oneworld partners and, in particular, American Airlines.  This is a multi-pronged partnership that should enable easier opportunities to earn and use Avios when flying on US domestic routes.

Alaska Airlines to join oneworld

When is Alaska Airlines joining the oneworld alliance?

By far the biggest news from the expanded partnership between Alaska and American Airlines is the announcement that Alaska Airlines intends to join oneworld in the summer of 2021.

This is no real surprise given Alaska’s existing relationships with both American and British Airways, both of which are cornerstones of the alliance. Alaska was not previously part of an airline alliance, instead choosing to curate its own portfolio of partners in the same manner as Virgin Atlantic.

The passenger benefits when Alaska Airlines joins oneworld include lounge access, priority check-in, baggage, boarding and preferred seat selection.

The Avios benefits are limited, but you gain tier points

Because of the existing British Airways / Alaska partnership, covered in this article, you are gaining less than you think from their entry into oneworld.

It is already possible to spend Avios on Alaska.  The problem is that you only can book by calling British Airways as it is not integrated into  This should change once Alaska joins oneworld fully.

The real benefit is from tier points.  Whilst you currently earn Avios when flying with Alaska, you do NOT earn British Airways Executive Club tier points.  This will change next year.

British Airways Executive Club Silver and Gold members will also get access to the full range of oneworld benefits when flying with Alaska, including lounge access.

Members of other oneworld frequent flyer programmes have more to gain from this announcement than Executive Club members, as it will open up Alaska award inventory to them for the first time.

Alaska Airlines to join oneworld

American Airlines and Alaska codeshare expanded to include long haul

The other part of the announcement is that American and Alaska will expand their existing codeshare to include American’s international routes from Seattle and Los Angeles.  This means that you will enjoy seamless connections between the two airlines at both West Coast hubs.

Compared to American’s seven routes, Alaska serves an astonishing 60+ airports from its hub in Seattle-Tacoma:

Alaska Airlines to join oneworld

American Airlines launches Heathrow-Seattle route

In order to support the combined Alaska and American network out of Seattle, American Airlines is launching Heathrow to Seattle in March 2021.  This will complement the two existing British Airways flights to Seattle and provide feed for the domestic flights.

(Or will it?  I have a suspicion that British Airways may now quietly drop one of its daily Seattle services.  Three flights per day between BA and AA seems excessive.)

American will also be launching a new route to Bangalore from Seattle.

Of course, if you want to maximise your British Airways Executive Club tier points, the smart routing – once Alaska joins oneworld – is to fly from the UK to the US East Coast and then pick up an Alaska Airlines connection to Seattle.  Seattle to the East Coast is over 2,000 miles and would earn 140 British Airways tier points in Business Class.

There is one downside here …..

Alaska Airlines currently has an exceptional range of airline partners.  Some people used Alaska as a way of consolidating miles from flights on Aer Lingus, BA, Cathay Pacific, Condor, EL AL, Emirates, Fiji, Finnair, Hainan, Icelandair, JAL, Korean, LATAM, Qantas and Singapore Airlines.

We would expect that these partnerships – except for the ones with oneworld members – will now be cancelled as contracts come up for renewal.

If you want to redeem Avios on Alaska before they join oneworld …..

This HFP article explains everything you need to know about using Avios on Alaska.  For many people, the most attractive part is the ability to fly to Hawaii from the US West Coast on Avios.

Our beginner’s guide to redeeming Avios points is here and includes more details on how to spend your points with the airline partners of British Airways.

PS.  If you missed it, take a look at our recent article on the top 10 reasons to get the British Airways Premium Plus American Express card.

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Comments (38)

  • David Cohen says:

    Currently two cabin domestic premium cabins on Alaska are coded as “first” meaning that you need a greater multiple of Avios to redeem than you would for AA. This is like it was before AA recoded from F A P to J C D I now. If this holds true, then I could imagine the Hawaii flights from Seattle are going to be a very popular tier point run. In fact some of them already have a BA code and thus should earn 210 at the moment.

    • memesweeper says:

      I’m guessing that loophole will be closed soon enough… but a good spot, if it’s still there on the day Alaska actually join.

      • Nick says:

        They’ve announced a JV with American, so I imagine there’ll be a recoding before it actually happens. AA won’t want the discrepancy there.
        (And if by chance it doesn’t, remember that will mean premium redemptions also cost more Avios).

        • JAXBA says:

          Not a joint venture, just codeshares.

          AA can’t dictate to AS on how to code their F cabin, although it makes sense to align, it’s up to AS to decide.

    • Spurs Debs says:

      I’ve got a choice of redeeming on AA or Alaska for Hawaii haven’t I?
      I better get reading and researching. The upside of my Japan trip being cancelled is the return off 200k points so hoping that’s enough for 4 seats from West Coast of USA to Hawaii. In early days of planning or researching that idea for a trip so not up to speed on what’s what.

      • Lady London says:

        Be quick. All the Hawaii routes are very sought after by US flyers.

        Good luck with Hilton Tokyo. Would travel insurance cover losses?

        • Spurs Debs says:

          I’m starting with Hilton,then going to insurance I’ve got good insurance but don’t think it covers “ cancellation due to a worldwide virus” I paid for everything else just not that!
          I’m hoping common sense prevails.

          • BJ says:

            If you have a good relationship with your GP that could be helpful.

          • Lady London says:


          • Lady London says:

            …or was that, “Cough! Cough!”

          • BJ says:

            Nah, “Cough! Cough!” is mostly for adolescent males.

          • Spurs Debs says:

            I can try the Dr route I’m asthmatic so it shouldn’t be a problem. As to wether we have a good relationship that’s still being decided. He knows I’ve got it quite tough looking after someone with dementia so he might help me out. As it’s £500 for room I won’t be giving up till I’ve exhausted all avenues.

          • Spurs Debs says:

            I did call Hilton but due to time difference they couldn’t speak to hotel but he didn’t say it would be an outright no! And I did get 500 Hilton points for listening to a promo. I’ve emailed hotel direct if no luck I’ll phone Hilton up again and see what happens.

  • L Allen says:

    Re: Amex offer
    I have a £2900 target for 1500 points on my platinum Amex. That’s roughly double my usual spend. Not unachievable if I bring forward some spending but I’m not going to do that especially.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Premium monese and a few trips to PO would’ve done it but that doors closed lol

      Perhaps a few more trips to Co-Op …

  • Andrew says:

    Whilst their website says “debit card only”, Octopus Energy accept American Express for one-off payments.

    Might be a handy way to drop a £1,000 if you’re trying to generate spend for an MR Target.

  • avstar says:

    for the long term points enthusiats out there alaska was/is one of the few sweetspots left in the frequent flyer game. be interesting to see how this plays out

  • Aisak says:

    You mention Lounge Access as one benefit, but we will have to wait and see on that. AA has alwas been THE sole US carrier in oneworld, and now there will be two. AA has a carve-out on OW benefits for its own AAdvantage members travelling on NorthAmerican itineraties. It will be fun to watch what kind of lounge access policy AS can get from AA

  • QueenOfTheSkies says:

    Will the current distance based avios pricing model remain for Alaska redemptions? Or will it become more/less favourable as they become OW partners?

  • Ayearinmx says:

    Thanks to this very website I spent 39k Avios with Alaska flying LAX-OGG (Maui), OGG-ANC, ANC-LAX this winter… Amazing trip and great value for money. Hopefully prices stay the same once they join oneworld

  • Nick_C says:

    Best route to HNL from LHR on OW is via DFW. Flat beds from DFW to HNL. Very few flat beds from the West Coast.

    Alaska and Hawaiian are good in that they allow you avoid HNL / Oahu altogether, and fly directly to some of the other islands from the West Coast.