Book now – wide open Avios flight availablity to East Coast USA and Canada in Club World!

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British Airways has opened the floodgates on Avios availability to the US East Coast and Canada in Club World for the rest of 2020.  This even includes Easter and key Christmas dates.

Our main article on Wednesday covered the amazing Avios availability to Asia.  Unsurprisingly, this is not top of many peoples lists although I would be happy to risk a (refundable, remember) Avios booking for later in the year.

There are no risks to the US or Canada at the moment, of course.

The availability is astonishing on East Coast routes.  Here are some screenshots showing days where there are NINE or more Club World seats available on one aircraft.

I have even seen dates with 9+ seats available on the BA New York flight from London City, which only has 32 seats on it!

If your family is smaller than nine, you will have even more choice 🙂

Lots of Avios business class availability to the USA

My gut feeling is that this is a cash grab by British Airways.  It needs money, and quickly.  Getting you to pay a couple of thousand pounds in taxes and charges for four Club World redemption seats is a FAR easier way of getting a few quid in the door than trying to sell a flight to Singapore for cash …..

Here are screenshots from taken on Wednesday.  A ‘hollow’ circle is off peak, a ‘full’ circle is peak.  Click to enlarge.  Remember that these are dates with at least NINE Club World seats showing on one aircraft.

(Do not look for First Class availability because, due to issues with the BA data feed, you will get false positives.  The Club World data is perfectly fine.)

Seats are wide open for Easter weekend (10th-13th April) on most routes.

New York:

Lots of Avios business class availability to the USA


Lots of Avios business class availability to the USA


Lots of Avios business class availability to the USA

San Francisco (not much, but 9 seats over Easter is exceptional):

Lots of Avios business class availability to the USA

Los Angeles (not much, but March is good):

Lots of Avios business class availability to the USA


Lots of Avios business class availability to the USA

It doesn’t work everywhere.  Orlando doesn’t have much, for example, and neither does San Diego.  Miami has a huge amount in late April but not much else.  It doesn’t cover new, niche routes like Portland, Nashville, New Orleans or Charleston either.

Turning to Canada, there is a lot between now and April if you need 9 Club World seats!


Lots of Avios business availablity to Canada


Lots of Avios business availablity to Canada


Lots of Avios business availablity to Canada

There is a lot to go at here.  See what you can find.

If you are looking into next year, you can find the 2021 calendar of peak and off-peak Avios redemption dates in this article.

PS.  If you missed it, take a look at our recent article on 10 good reasons to get the British Airways Premium Plus American Express card.

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  1. can you remind me pls…i know you get a 24hr cooling off period when booking flights for cash only on BA. is it also the same when booking a flight/hotel package? i cant recall but i think i remember it doesnt? thanks

    • If you phone up to book it you get the cooling off. If you book it on line you dont..

    • Titus Adduxas says:

      I thought you got 24 hours on line too. I’ve certainly cancelled flights with KLM within 24 hours when I realised I’d booked the wrong date.

      • Jonathan says:

        For flight only yes but a BA Holidays booking gets no cooling off period if you book on line but does if you book on phone

      • Lady London says:

        Apparently not – in the past IIRC 2 reports on here where people had booked BA holidays online, wanted to cancel within 24hrs like you can with a normal cash or avios ticket and founs cancellation wasn’t free of charge within 24hrs of booking

        • BA holiday terms
          3.3. If you book with us directly on the internet at or, your contract will come into existence immediately at the time your booking is completed (unless Clause 3.4 or 3.5 applies). Your booking is completed when you see a “Booking Confirmation” page on your screen. We will send you an email or letter confirming your travel arrangements, together with a link to an online summary of your booking that contains a link to these conditions.

          3.4. If you are resident of the United Kingdom and have booked in Pounds Sterling with us over the telephone and your departure date is more than 14 days after the date of your booking, your contract with us will come into force after 24 hours, during which time you are allowed to cancel your arrangements with us and receive a full refund, and will not be subject to any cancellation charges.

  2. Still doesn’t interest me – seems much better value to buy unrestricted availability sale fares, then reduce by Avios. You make back a bucket load of Avios as it’s a cash fare, and tier points too, if that’s of interest. This and using Avios for short-haul £1 taxes tickets is my strategy now.

  3. Over the past few years US East coast Avios redemptions have reached ludicrous levels and offering more seats doesn’t come close to addressing that issue for me.

    • I assume you mean due to the “fees” – yes, as long as that element corresponds roughly to the price of a Y ticket at the time I want to travel (peak at present), I’ll continue to use avios for J and F travel, however if they creep up significantly beyond what I consider my cash budget to be (3 x peak Y fares or 2 x Y plus 1 in CW), that could be the tipping point for me.

      • Sorry, yes I am referring to the charges whatever BA choose to call them. I’m reaching the end of what was a very healthy AA miles account now but PHL-MAN for 2 J redemptions costs under £9 with AAdvantage while if I use avios on BA via LHR BA want £1,069. No value there for me.

  4. O/T – Hilton website – you used to be be able to search ‘flexible’ and view a range of dates/prices on one page, but this option appears to have have disappeared?

  5. Simon Barlow says:

    any chance this could extended to south america??

  6. There’s also a lot of CE availability in the summer routes from MAN (I suppose they can make as many CE seats available as there is demand for on these routes). These obviously only attract the RFS fee so I’m wondering if BA are also on a mission to reduce the number of Avios in circulation.

    • I don’t think they mind too much about the number in circulation. Like gift cards, every one sold but not redeemed is money in the bank.

      I think it is more likely that they’ve been unexpectedly hit by the strikes last year, then the Corona virus now and it’s the quiet quiet months. They suddenly need some extra cash and getting the fees will help, with the avios liability gone a bonus.

  7. I have a BA 241 voucher, but no Amex cards in the family (as had cancelled all and am waiting a few more months for sign up bonus elibility to kick back in). Are there any other Amex card issuers left in the UK? I’d like to get an Amex but via another card issuer so I don’t have a direct personal Amex, but also so I can book using the 241, which demands the use of an Amex for payment. Any ideas appreciated.

    • I can’t think of any now the Lloyds one is gone, have you got a friend with an Amex who would help you out? At the moment you can use any Amex to pay the taxes/fees.

      • Darn it! Thanks I will ask around, else may need to break my strategy to grab a summer hols flight.

    • Lady London says:

      If you’ve done 6 months with an Amex and if you’ve got a genuine business of some sort then you could sign up for Business Amex Rob has done articles.

  8. Will Chung says:

    The screenshot you shared, is that a standard BA tool to search or if you can share the link?

  9. As already mentioned here, the taxes are really putting me off. £500 a person I could put up with, £662 a person I don’t want to.

    • Thywillbedone says:

      Indeed – and as several commenters have said.

      For me (family of 3), I am looking at options like Avios F redemption one way on Oneworld partners (for a better guaranteed product) and economy or PE back cash fare. Have three companion vouchers to burn but suspect they will go on European trips. The surcharges have become a con – I can almost imagine the sniggers in Waterside about how far they have been able to push these up.

    • The way I see it is that you just add 660£ to 100k worth 1000£ and you go yourself a flexible ticket that you can can cancel for 35£.. 1600£ seems very good for flexible ticket
      you can always buy on sale for 1000-1200£ but it all deponds how you collect your avios and if you use 241

    • But that £662 would get you Y ticket at peak time, so I look at it as using the relevant number of avios to upgrade to J or F. (Though obviously we don’t get any avios or tier points back, it’s not an issue as we’re very unlikely to be paying cash for 3 J or F seats).

  10. Is there any clear guidance on the Club Suite roll out? Looking at Toronto for later in the year, but it appears that BA93/92 revert back to the Club World Seat around the summer… anyone got any info?

    • It will never be clear. BA is at the mercy of Boeing and Airbus to deliver the new aircraft on schedule (the first 787-10 is delayed AGAIN for example) and also to do the refurbs on schedule. You are then at the mercy of your plane not getting a mechanical issue and being swapped for a non-CS.

      Look at Qatar, where it is still a throw of the dice whether your QSuite aircraft appears, three years after launch.

    • Currently, for July Club Suite will be on Tel Aviv, Bangalore, Tokyo, Dubai, Philly, Washington DC and Austin (A350), Atlanta, Seattle and Dallas (797-10). The refurbished 777s are harder to spot, but some are on New York.

  11. I would expect a lot of availability for Miami in Aug-Sep when they have hurricanes and no one wants to go. Or BA playing ethical and doesn’t want to mislead greedy but ignorant travellers?

    • August is key summer holiday season for the UK. There will be lots going to the theme parks etc. I bet BA think they can get enough cash buyers not to need to cannibalise the potential earning on the route with redemptions.

      • Yes, lots of families heading to Orlando who can’t or won’t pay through the nose for direct flights which can be £1k pp in economy!

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