Book now – wide open Avios flight availablity to East Coast USA and Canada in Club World!

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British Airways has opened the floodgates on Avios availability to the US East Coast and Canada in Club World for the rest of 2020.  This even includes Easter and key Christmas dates.

Our main article on Wednesday covered the amazing Avios availability to Asia.  Unsurprisingly, this is not top of many peoples lists although I would be happy to risk a (refundable, remember) Avios booking for later in the year.

There are no risks to the US or Canada at the moment, of course.

The availability is astonishing on East Coast routes.  Here are some screenshots showing days where there are NINE or more Club World seats available on one aircraft.

I have even seen dates with 9+ seats available on the BA New York flight from London City, which only has 32 seats on it!

If your family is smaller than nine, you will have even more choice 🙂

Lots of Avios business class availability to the USA

My gut feeling is that this is a cash grab by British Airways.  It needs money, and quickly.  Getting you to pay a couple of thousand pounds in taxes and charges for four Club World redemption seats is a FAR easier way of getting a few quid in the door than trying to sell a flight to Singapore for cash …..

Here are screenshots from taken on Wednesday.  A ‘hollow’ circle is off peak, a ‘full’ circle is peak.  Click to enlarge.  Remember that these are dates with at least NINE Club World seats showing on one aircraft.

(Do not look for First Class availability because, due to issues with the BA data feed, you will get false positives.  The Club World data is perfectly fine.)

Seats are wide open for Easter weekend (10th-13th April) on most routes.

New York:

Lots of Avios business class availability to the USA


Lots of Avios business class availability to the USA


Lots of Avios business class availability to the USA

San Francisco (not much, but 9 seats over Easter is exceptional):

Lots of Avios business class availability to the USA

Los Angeles (not much, but March is good):

Lots of Avios business class availability to the USA


Lots of Avios business class availability to the USA

It doesn’t work everywhere.  Orlando doesn’t have much, for example, and neither does San Diego.  Miami has a huge amount in late April but not much else.  It doesn’t cover new, niche routes like Portland, Nashville, New Orleans or Charleston either.

Turning to Canada, there is a lot between now and April if you need 9 Club World seats!


Lots of Avios business availablity to Canada


Lots of Avios business availablity to Canada


Lots of Avios business availablity to Canada

There is a lot to go at here.  See what you can find.

If you are looking into next year, you can find the 2021 calendar of peak and off-peak Avios redemption dates in this article.

PS.  If you missed it, take a look at our recent article on 10 good reasons to get the British Airways Premium Plus American Express card.

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  1. I’ve got a return leg from GCM booked on a single PNR in Y at the end of April for 3 of us (they rarely release more than 2 in CW so not usually an option on avios). I booked this when the seats were released online and then rang BA to get one lot of avios refunded as I used a 2 4 1 on the (separate booking) outbound leg.

    So, my question is – if I cancel the return leg in order to rebook in CW from the US, will I still be able to have it as my 2 4 1 return sector? I presume it would have to be done on the phone as half a voucher can’t be refunded.

    • To clarify – we’re currently flying out in F to MIA, connecting to GCM 3 days later, then travelling home directly from GCM in Y at present. The MIA and GCM legs are on award seats using a 2 4 1.

      • Though BA aren’t even answering calls at the moment as they are so busy. 😫.

        • Lady London says:

          That’s always what their answerphone says.

          • It cut me off after the message!

          • Lady London says:

            Usually cuts me off when I have been holding on for 50-60 mins !!

          • If you call from a mobile with the usual ton of free minutes, BA automatically cut the call off after exactly 60 mins while on hold… I found out. The call handler told me that if using a land line, this cut off does not apply. When I looked at my mobile, sure enough, last call showed 60 minutes.

          • Lady London says:

            Good tip @Mikeact. Thanks.

    • Should be possible, although you may have to pay a change fee. Worth giving them a ring.

  2. Secret Squirrel says:

    Wow, those SeatSpy charts are what dreams are made of.

  3. I wish Virgin would do something similar for Christmas, I can fly to Hong King or LA but not New York. Outbound is available but nothing on the return for the 9th Jan.

  4. ‘My gut feeling is that this is a cash grab by British Airways. It needs money, and quickly.’

    Come on your excellency – buy the rest of it!!!

    • ah … i thought the cash grab sounded weird …

      but if the draft purchase agreement has a specific liquidity ratio, then it all becomes clear !

      although surely having a non European owner would cause problems with some of the flying rights treaties ?

      • Well I don’t know what Rob was thinking however my thoughts are the real prize is south of the UK.

        Olé !

  5. Shame the taxes and fees are at a stupidly high level. £680+ For Usa destinations. My first redemption back in 2015 was under £400 to the big Apple in club world.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Yup not far off good cash fares and using Avios to bring down the price even at 0.8p-0.6p

      F can still be good value especially F out CW back.

    • +1. With the rampant inflation in both charges and points required, I fear BA may have priced themselves out of the game when it comes to redemption bookings. Long haul J with a 2-4-1 used to be a real sweet spot, but with £600 in charges, plus the avios, plus the usually restricted availability, it makes no sense when you have offers like the recurrent LX/LH sale fares on the table.

      I used my most recent 2-4-1 on a pair of one way flights to Europe. BA was only selling full J or Y, but kindly loaded up 2 business award seats (LON-SZG last Saturday). I’m sure scalping the market like this wasn’t what air miles were invented for, but it’s where I think the market now sits.

  6. Is it possible to book the 2-4-1 as two one ways? The taxes and fees tend to price lower this way, so I assume it is not permitted….

    • I thought that one-way from the USA is now insanely expensive for taxes and fees?

      • Lady London says:

        +1. Huge from US to Eur as a one way

        Delta miles plus 5 to 25 USD.
        AS also reasonable?

        • BA Y from the US can be very cheap. SFO – LHR for example is around £78.

          • Only Y – W or J incredibly expensive on BA as a one way US-UK

          • Lady London says:

            On a s t a n d a l o n e basis?
            Seen it all the time for nearly two years now as part of a return ticket but never standalone.

            That’s Norwegian-level/ Level pricing.

            But not BA for pure one ways. Are you sure?

          • @Ladylondon – the US – Uk y redemptions around £75-80 but even cheaper via iberia. Last time I checked nyc-Lhr it was £57 on Iberia plus

          • Lady London says:

            You mean just the taxes, surely?

        • That’s how we’re getting back in a few weeks time, not much more than a fiver each… brainer, and e can use Delta lounges as an FB Premium.

  7. I have just stopped buying regular avios redemptions with BA and VS. Between the “taxes” and avios it is almost always better to just pay cash in a sale. I will however buy PE and upgrade with avios. That is the only useful long haul use of avios for me. Especially combined with an Ex-EU where the base PE fare is less than or equal to what the “taxes” would have been on a straight redemption from London.

    • Probably a newbie question but how do you work out the avios/fees you need to upgrade

      • Shoestring says:

        log in to BAEC, search flights using Avios – it will show you the difference between classes of fare (in both Avios needed & fees)

        you pay the difference

      • Avios is the difference between the two cabin classes. The fees number is a mystery – the only extra is BA’s mythical surcharges.

  8. I don’t think I appreciated this. A return Business class from Manchester to Washington (for example) is £400 more in “Fees” than going from Heathrow. I thought the two fingers up to non london was for short haul no long haul. Was I mistaken?

    • You still have to pay the RFS fee for the domestic leg, however that should only be £50 return in CE. Have you clicked through to the next page? For reasons which have never been explained the “fees” element always seems to be too high on the page where you choose your flights, then adjusts downwards on the next page.

      • I did find that it dropped back on the next page. I was halfway through updating my comment but got sidetracked.

        It is very off putting to see the level of fees being suggested on the first page.

      • Charlieface says:

        No you don’t pay RFS fees on long haul domestic connections.
        You do pay a bit more YQ (surcharge), this seems to be more on the LHR outbound than on the inbound. On certain flights the YQ is actually less, MAN-LHR-NYC in particular

        • I thought you paid the RFS fee but not the avios? Fee element is always higher when I add on a MAN connection, though I’ve never broken it down by sector.

          • No. Charlie is right. It’s just extra YQ 👍🏻

          • I’ve been looking at some economy redemptions to he usa out of manchester via lhr and comparing to lhr direct.
            Going from manchester adds on £70 carrier charges return and appx £16 of passenger service charge in taxes to a return. Maybe its coincidence but £70 carrier charges looks awfully like two lots of RFS to me

          • Hmmm. I’d agree it does seem too exact to be coincidence Phil.

            In contrast, the LHR to MAN legs of a LAS-LHR-MAN journey, cost me an extra £7.92 per person in F (well, J for that sector) when I booked a few months ago (so if true, it may have changed since then?)

  9. “My gut feeling is that this is a cash grab by British Airways. It needs money, and quickly.”

    I find that incredibly hard to believe… Unless you know something about BA’s finances?

    • Depends how much liquidity the business keeps on hand, but it’s certainly not out of the question they’ve dropped the ball on cashflow and have a potential problem at month end.

      On the other hand, with all the routes suspended to China you’d think that there is less cash leaving the building to pay fuel and other costs on those routes at the moment which ought make this less likely

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Wages are still being paid, planes are still being maintained etc

        I know fuel costs alot but imagine the marginal cost of flying a plane you already own/staff vs not flying it isn’t actually as massive as you think all things considered.

      • Quietly releasing CW reward seats to the US East Coast seems like an incredibly random way to organise a “cash grab”.

        • Lady London says:

          Not with the level of so-called ‘taxes’ BA now charges on award tickets unfortunately.

        • I have little understanding of the revenue management behind the scenes at BA, but agree this seems a low key / limited audience way of raising cash.

          Maybe a way of testing market reaction in some way? (Similar time the 3000 avios for £300 spend?)

  10. lebron 23 says:

    also beware that seatspy is showing a lot of phantom availability in First on some of these routes.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Seems to be an issue for seatspy and RFF for quite a few months.

    • planeconcorde says:

      Agreed, SeatSpy is not reliable. A few days ago I checked availability in J to Miami for specific dates in January 2021. SeatsSpy showed availability. So I when to logged in as a Silver Exec Club member and it shows no direct flight availability in J for the same dates. So my question is does SeatSpy include connections ( at greater amounts of Avios) or is it showing Gold Exec Club member availability?

      • Sandgrounder says:

        Seatspy isn’t live. The seats may have gone since the last data download.

        • Well if it’s not live data then it’s as much use as a chocolate thrust reverser.

      • Jonathan says:

        There’s no extra Avios availability for Golds long haul unfortunately. Short haul a Gold can book using Avios at standard prices if there are cash fares selling in the V fare bucket.

  11. New York has had good availability for quite some time

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