See The Who in concert with your IHG Rewards Club points

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If The Who was ‘talking about your generation’ (see what I did there?) then IHG Rewards Club has some good packages to see the band at The SSE Arena at Wembley on 8th April.

Via the IHG Access platform, there are three ‘buy it now’ options available.  There is no auction involved.

You can redeem for:

VIP packages @ 50,000 IHG Rewards Club points: Two Terrace Seat tickets, fast track entry to the venue, casual 3 course set menu including drinks at the arena’s Empire Bar & Grill Restaurant, lounge access and 1x free drink voucher per person

See The Who with IHG Rewards Club

Club packages @ 30,000 IHG Rewards Club points: Two Club tickets, fast track entry to the venue, lounge access with 2x drinks vouchers and 1x food voucher (choice of burgers, salad, sandwiches) per person

Standard packages @ 20,000 IHG Rewards Club points:  Two general admission tickets

If you are willing to take the risk of winning an auction, there is also a VIP package which comes with a night at the InterContinental Park Lane.  There are no bids so far.

You can redeem on the IHG Access site here.

PS.  If you missed it, take a look at our recent article on the top 10 reasons to get the IHG Rewards Club Premium Mastercard credit card.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. RE: BA Exec Club Avios for AirBNB bookings:

    LST wrote yesterday:
    “Hi. I usually send them the tracking ID number (you can’t see it on the app) and that shows that you have clicked through. That has always sorted the problem.”

    What is the tracking ID and how do I find it on the desktop version of the airbnb website?
    or is this from the BA exec club site?

    Issue is the landing page ( does not require a prior log in. Instruction is simply to enter BA exec number only

    • Hi Nick,

      It’s from the BAEC shopping site. If you click on your name and then “my account” go to “my history” there will be a a column on the right showing visit history. Scroll down to find the AirBnb one that you used on the date in question and send that to Ba avios customer service to confirm that you clicked through.


  2. The Original David says:

    Speaking of IHG, has anyone had success with points posting from the current “4x bonus” promotion yet? I’ve done the first 3 night stay, so was expecting 1k for the first night and 2x for nights 2 and 3. It’s posted the basic points for the stay (plus my standard 100% Spire bonus), but no sign of any promotion related points. Didn’t these normally appear at the same time for Accelerate promos?

    • My 1000 points posted 3 days later.

    • The T&Cs say allow 2-3 weeks for the bonus points to post

    • During the first part of my last stay, points were posting automatically with every stay credit. For the second part after they extended the promotion they stopped posting automatically with every stay and a bulk credit of bonus points happened about a week after the promo finished.

      Only just completed my first stays during this promo so I don’t yet know what I’ll get!

  3. OT: Applied for Barclaycard 0% cc, rejected. Strong salary so I am a bit surprised, maybe because I have 6 other credit cards open? Anyone ever appealed this?

    • Shoestring says:

      I got one of their 0% purchase cards the other month, which came with a fairly low limit £3K so wasn’t that useful, though the number of months is good (27 months).

      Sainsbury’s have a similar product and gave a decent credit limit.

      • Need to watch Sainsbury Bank though as they give less than the advertised months if you have a high income.

        • There’s probably still 7500 Nectar points on the Sainsbury card too for 10 x £35 shops.

    • It’s not the salary that matters, it’s how you use credit facilities.

      Have a check around on the usual free Credit History sites to make sure there is nothing unexpected. It’s not just credit cards that are reported these days, your utlities will probably report too, as will your mobile contract.

      Oh, and don’t forget, if you have had the same bank current account for a long time (or have a “staff account” with your employer), it might not be reported on your credit history.

      • Yeah checked my Experian seems clean. The only thing that might be impacting me is the high single digit thousand o/s on my Sainsbury’s 0% whereas rest of my cards at near zero. I was just keen for that 0% card, but if they give £3k that’s pretty poor.

        • Shoestring says:

          now you mention it, that could be exactly the reason the Barclaycard came with a lowish limit – as I did the Sainsbury’s card first, too & loaded it up

  4. With Marriott the standard points post a couple of days before the bonus ones, so bear that in mind if you’re in a hurry to redeem them.

  5. Regarding the 100k Marriott Bonvoy points transfer limit, there is actually a way to get around that. There is a 500k points limit on RECEIVING points per account. Thus if you manage a few accounts (spouse, parents, kids etc.) you can easily buy points using their accounts and then transfer up to 500k to your account, and 500k to your spouse etc. Only fiddly issue is that you have to telephone Marriott Bonvoy to carry out the transfers, unlike SPG when you could do it all online.

    • You need to have had thee account open for 90 days without qualifying activity or 30 days with a qualifying activity before you can transfer out i believe

  6. Marriott – Don’t forget their 5 nights for 4 deal on points bookings (cheapest points night free) – could make this significantly more worthwhile. Am looking at a cat. 3 hotel where that brings 5 nights in July down to 70-75k points when cash rate is EUR 880-950, so say GBP 740-800 rounding up (excl FX fees).

    • Or a stay at a Cat 8 hotel where it’s $4k for 5 nights or 340,000 points would make it worth 2 people buying the maximum number of points and transferring one lot.

  7. Marriott-related: staying at this new-to-Autograph Collection schloss among all the wineries in Germany’s Moselle valley on points this weekend – only cat. 3 (for now!) and looks amazing. DBB package at €60, or £52 allowing for 3% FX on Amex, seems a steal for what looks a fairly high end restaurant. Winery & spa on site too. We’ve passed by this building over the years when it wasn’t in use and then being renovated into we didn’t know what. Can report back!

      • That looks excellent, thanks for sharing. What’s DBB?

        • @HarryT Dinner, bed & breakfast 🙂 Breakfast alone is usually €28 per person!

          • Are you basing those prices on buying points? It’s 15-20k Bonvoy points a night when I’m looking, and cash prices are around £200.

          • Use 15-20k points per night for the room, Room Only. Then decide if you want to eat onsite à la carte/pay as you go, or take one of the packages (B&B €28pp or DBB €60pp), or eat elsewhere (more casual places in Lieser or 20min walk across the river to Mülheim where there are plenty of dining options – such as Culinarium 2.0 which looks of a similar level to the Schloss resto and offers wine pairing options with set menus, for a fixed price. Is that what you meant?

          • @hayMow
            My apologies, didn’t realise you could pay an additional fee on top of points for food. That’s a great idea. Looks like the category of the hotel isn’t going up this year either. With direct flights from Edinburgh to Frankfurt, I’m tempted to make a weekend of this later this year. Thanks for the idea!

        • How do you book the DBB for a points redemption? I don’t see the option or do you contact the hotel directly?

          • @HarryT No probs, I didn’t either but noticed a half board option for cash rates so asked them and was pleasantly surprised. Sounds like a great plan esp.if Frankfurt Hahn as much nearer than FFT, under 40mins by car.
            @Munch Yes I did points booking online then emailed reception (address on schloss’s own website, googled) – really helpful, quick responses too; also sorted out the resto reservation for us and said they’d see if we can have a nice room as it’s for a birthday.

  8. OT:
    Anyone stayed at the Excelsior, Hotel Gallia, Luxury Collection in Milan? Amex FHR has a very good rate for when I want to travel, so wondered if it was decent for a three night stay. Amex rate is £150 less than the Bonvoy breakfast rate and includes bonus food and beverage credit as well as the usual perks. Even is over £100 more than AMEX if you want breakfast.

    • Us, last year! We had a big suite so not exactly representative which is why we didn’t review it. However, the Qataris have spent a LUDICROUS amount on it and it looks beautiful. Very classy place and a classy breakfast too. Next to the train station so it’s a 15-20 minute walk into the city centre. We overlooked the Pirelli building too which was cool.

      • Stayed there many years ago, pre refurbishment. It was good then and Rob has summed it up well for the post refurbishment view!

      • Thanks, Rob. I’ve booked a normal double room. Hopefully Bonvoy Gold and Amex FHR produces an upgrade.

        It’s £750 for three nights. Includes $325 of food and beverage credit (promotion), daily free breakfast, 4pm check out, possible upgrade etc. Will also earn Bonvoy points and elite nights. It’s £930 for the same three nights B&B on

  9. OT,
    Any buy avios promotions around?

    Might fit with all the availability floating around.

  10. YMMV but if you buy in anticipation of a Aadvantage bonus transfer at some point your buying AA points for 1.25p per point. YMMV but if you have a specific redemption it can be fantastic value.

  11. Team Plat says:

    OT: Accor Related.
    I have 6000 points (that are expiring today) that I want to use for a non-refundable booking in March.
    2 rooms required – each costing 74€.
    My interpretation of the rules regarding redeeming accor points is that they are redeemable in 2000 point chunks (for 40€ off per chunk) on the TOTAL bill amount. My outlay should then only be 28€ (148-120).
    Spent 2 hours on the phone yday trying to get call centre to book. They say because the room rate is below 80€, I can only redeem 1 x 2000 point chunk against each room. Meaning I’d have to pay (74-40) x 2 = 68€ + 4000 points which leaves my other 2000 points to expire. Website only lets me use 4000 points too.

    Anyone had a similar experience? Any way to fix/get around this? I would much rather use up all 6000 points and only pay 28€ vs. lose 2000 points and pay 68€.

    • You can move the spares to Iberia Plus Avios at 1:1 – don’t let them expire. And don’t move to BA as the ratio is 2:1!

      • Team Plat says:

        oops, forgot to mention I did realise (and was planning to do that!). I just wanted to maximise the value of the points where possible (120€ vs 6000 avios).

    • Lady London says:

      Add 1breakfast it will increase each cost to just
      over 89. Or look closely at what other extras this hotel charges for that would do it. Pretty sure you can phone hotel direct to book especially if there’s a charge you can’t pay online..good excusr for calling.

      If necessary book each room separately to make it work

      • Lady London says:

        Just over 89 mistyped meant just over80

      • Team Plat says:

        @Lady London, your mis-type was actually more accurate! Breakfast is an extra 14€. Prices have gone up today too, so adding breakfast to 1 room would mean my cash outlay is 50€ rather than 28€ as hoped. Thank you for the advice anyhow!

        Looks to be a (bad) quirk of the Accor IT. So in any case,
        PSA: Accor points are not redeemable against your total bill (as outlined in the Accor FAQ’s), but in fact on a room-rate basis.

        • If your points are expiring TODAY, is what you propose in your OP even possible? Will the points be deducted today from your booking, or will they be taken when you check out?
          If it is possible for the points to be taken today (2x 2,000 for 2x EUR40 off) my understanding is the remaining points will not expire for a further 12 months because there has been some activity on the account. Clearly not so good as getting EUR120 off for 6,000 points as you’d like to do!!

          • Team Plat says:

            I’m 99% sure what I proposed is possible, given the website and each of the 5(?!) agents I talked to quoted to me to redeem 2 x 2000 points.
            The final agent also assured me by making any redemption today, the rest of the points will extend the expiry of the remainder by 12 months just as you said, so there’s that.

          • Lady London says:

            Yes he’s ok if expiring today. Points are taken when you book leaving the amount of cash left to pay or guarantee according to rate type booked

            If booking was refundable then points are also returned if cancelled

            Be careful with Accor’s language : when they say a booking is non-refundable they also mean it’s not modifiable.

            Also just a reminder that using points for any part of an Accor booking means the stay won’t count for any promotion. Whether the terms say this or not. These days that is in the promotions I see but trust me even if they’d left it out, Accor would still refuse to credit you.

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