See Simple Minds with your IHG Rewards Club hotel points

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If you haven’t forgotten about Simple Minds (see what I did there?), IHG Rewards Club has some good packages to see the band at The SSE Arena at Wembley on 17th April.

Via the IHG Access platform, there are two ‘buy it now’ options available.  There is no auction involved.

See Simple Minds with your IHG Rewards Club hotel points

You can redeem for:

Club packages @ 30,000 IHG Rewards Club points: Two Club tickets, fast track entry to the venue, lounge access with 2x drinks vouchers and 1x food voucher (choice of burgers, salad, sandwiches) per person

Standard packages @ 20,000 IHG Rewards Club points:  Two general admission tickets

You can redeem on the IHG Access site here.

PS.  If you missed it, take a look at our recent article on 10 good reasons why you may want to apply for the IHG Rewards Club Premium Mastercard credit card.

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    • What’s the betting that Aircraft Interiors Expo will suffer the same fate? High, I would imagine.

      • If things stand like they are now, it’s likely that all major events will be cancelled.

        • Lady London says:

          A pity. Huge economic damage. That will be recovered later. But till the threat is contained looks like nobody’s taking any chances.

          • Shoestring says:

            Not sure I agree that the losses in GDP can be recovered, ever. Countries go back to normal growth rates – but from a lower base. There won’t be a V-shape bounceback here – rather a new, lower base then recovery from there.

            The good news for anybody considering pension transfer is that treasuries/ gilts have hit new highs today (and that’s what pension transfers get calculated in).

          • TGLoyalty says:

            It won’t be recovered later. Geneva, MWC, ITB etc are cancelled not delayed so that’s revenue that the local economies won’t be ever making back and fixed (so late probably even variable) costs that won’t be recovered by anyone either.

          • Surely the point is to avoid COVID-19 as a recurrent disease… like flu. Does anyone know whats the yearly impact of flu, both in terms of GDP and Pubic Health? Massive. COVID-19 is a Public Health issue – not a disease issue. If we can eradicateCOVID-19, then we probably save future COVID-19 GDP negative impacts.

          • Surely you don’t believe that? The opportunity to effectively batten down the hatches presented itself weeks ago and we, like the rest, never took it. No worries, the stooges in Westminster have a fabulous four part plan which includes DELAY!

          • Shoestring says:

            @marcw – there are apparently 6 of these pandemics that we call flu – so we don’t need a 7th

            but that does actually put it in context – if things turn out badly, Coronavirus will just be another flu, killing off old people with underlying conditions etc – but just another one like the other 6 flus – mutating a lot but not that dangerous to healthy people with good immune systems

          • Shoestring says:

            Chinese kids: please don’t eat bat soup

          • I don’t see much economic damage. Every hotel in Berlin was only accepting non-refundable bookings for ITB, as happens every year. Apart from uneaten restaurant meals, probably 80% of the money that was going to be spent (on hotels and airfares) has still been paid out. Most exhibitors are already in Berlin anyway. A fair chunk of those hotel rooms will now be sold for a 2nd time to someone else who fancies a cheap last minute break.

          • Shoestring says:

            markets 15% down (in some cases) don’t agree with you

          • @BJ, unfortunately, we may have reached that tipping point. Or maybe not. I think no one knows. @the good things with the different flus… there’s effective treatment and vaccines. There’s no guarantee that there will be treatment or vaccines. For the time being, there’s no effective treatment or vaccine against feline coronavirus, despite decades of research. That doesn’t mean there won’t be treatment or vaccine agains COVID-19 – but there’s a chance there won’t.

          • Lady London says:

            Agree. By ‘recovered later’ I was thinking airlines and hotels will seek to recoup by raising prices in the future.

          • The flu comparisons aren’t necessarily helpful. Yes, the vast majority of people who get it will survive, but the impact on our health services will be extreme.

            COVID-19 has substantially higher mortality, and substantially higher levels of severe illness requiring hospitalisation (both around 10x higher than seasonal flu). It is also more transmissible than flu (higher R0). There’s no vaccine yet to protect the elderly and other vulnerable groups. There is likely to be little or no natural immunity to this virus.

            Oh, and we don’t know yet whether it is seasonal. This thing might just keep going through the summer. It might just keep going until pretty much everyone on the planet has had it, or we find a vaccine – which ever comes first. You can do the maths yourself to see just what the former would mean. Hence the importance of slowing this pandemic down as much as possible to give time for treatments and vaccines to be developed, as well as simply to prevent hospitals being overrun.

        • Russ 😷 says:

          It do.

    • Russ 😷 says:

      Not good when a trade travel show get’s pulled.

    • TravelITB says:

      Seems Rob was misguided – he thought there was no chance of it being cancelled

      • Once they pulled the Geneva Motor Show I changed my mind!

        I am now in a sticky situation. I have 2 nights at the Waldorf in Berlin. If I don’t show, I am fined the fully flexible rate which, at time of booking, was over Euro 1,500 (hence using points!). However my Mrs clearly doesn’t see why she should be inconvenienced just so I can hang around in 5-star luxury ….

        • Shoestring says:

          fully flexible?

          • NOTHING is fully flexible during ITB. Cancellation deadline was 11th February even on flex rates and points bookings at the Waldorf. Berlin is low on hotel rooms and this event is the biggest travel event in the world.

            I might nip down for a day, because my options are a) show up, check-in and leave, losing 140k Hilton points (about £450-worth) or b) do not show up and get a four-figure bill based on Best Flexible Rate, albeit with my points returned.

            I will try the Hilton Diamond Desk, which reportedly has some influence at times like this.

        • Lady London says:

          I suppose you could do like on a mattress run. Fly in, rumple the sheets, fly out.

        • Why don’t you call to ask if they’ll refund it anyway? Many hotels booked with non-refundable rates have allowed customers (particularly ones with status) to cancel if they explain their travel plans have changed because of chinapanic. I’ve heard far more success stories than failures to be honest.

  1. OT:Amex Platinum-upgraded from green mid February,are the statements generated at the end of each month,or is it still 28 days and then you get about 10 days to pay in full?I can not remember,I thought I will ask here first before contacting Amex,I was waiting for the first statement so I can plan my further spending!
    Many thanks

  2. Shoestring says:

    OK so I’ve got £2000 of M’s giftcards literally hidden down the back of the sofa to save 20% on my diesel for the next year – making it 95p/ litre I see from today’s price movement at the PFS, & oil is getting sold low very nice on the back of pussycat virus so could go lower but I’ll still get my 20% discount thanks to the institutions involved 🙂 – how do I deal with the stress of getting robbed of my £2000?

    • fivebobbill says:

      Well you obviously don’t need any more drink…!

      • Shoestring says:

        Fair point but barely imbibed more than a beer or 2, @fivebobbill – and let’s not forget I drank nothing at all Sept-January (all months) apart from school hols had a few out at our place in the sun 🙂

        • Shoestring says:

          thinking about it, my wife & I both fill up about twice every 3 weeks, let’s call it £75 a time

          so that’s 2x £75x 17 more or less

          = £2550

          I need to go out tomorrow and buy some more M’s giftcards, obvs

          and what if these offers never get repeated/ fall in the same lucky sequence?

    • No one knows you have 2000 worth of gift card in your sofa. The same as walking with a backpack with 10k. No one knows you are walking around with a backpack with 10k.

      • All he has to do is stick some fishing hooks down the sofa along with them, problem solved!

    • Thanks for the reminder. Must put in safe.

    • …if Morrisons don’t go bust or your kids and their friends don’t find them first and exchange them for biofuel! Fortunately I just have to worry about the first scenario 🙂

    • Petty melons says:

      More to the point how did you get 20%…

  3. Say I have a Amex gold, and wanted to apply for the marriott bonvoy. Could I use someone elses referral link to apply for the Marriott card. And if I can, would I still earn the referral bonus, even if I’m not eligible for the general bonus for spending ?

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