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How can you maximise the American Express ‘£20 cashback on £25 Daily Telegraph spend’ offer?

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There is an interesting offer from the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph showing on a lot of American Express accounts at the moment.

To see if you are targeted, you need to look under the ‘Offers’ tab on the statement page for each Amex card that you hold.  If you see the offer, click ‘Save To Card’.

This is the deal:

Spend £25+ on The Telegraph subscriptions and get a £20 statement credit

Offer valid until 4th April

That’s it!

The reason this is interesting is that The Telegraph has bonus offers running which would combine with the Amex statement credit.  This makes the net cost very low.

Daily Telegraph subscription offer

What are the best value Telegraph subscription packages?

Have a look at The Telegraph subscription website here.

On the basis that you want to maximise the £20 statement credit, these are the ones I liked the look of:

Best deal – a one year digital Student Subscription for just £5 net!

Do you know anyone who is studying and has a or .edu email address?  You can buy them (or buy yourself, if you’re a student) a full year online subscription to The Telegraph for £25 via this page.

The cost of a one-year digital Student Subscription is £25.  With the £20 Amex cashback, your net cost is just £5.  £5 for a full year of The Telegraph app is an excellent deal.

The sign-up page for a Student Subscription is here.  There is an option to sign-up via Unidays – ignore that (in case you get charged by Unidays and not The Telegraph) and scroll further down where you can sign up directly.

Best deal for non-students – a one-year digital Standard Subscription for just £30 net!

For non-students, the digital Standard Subscription looks like the best option.  This costs £100 for a year.

However, new subscribers receive a £50 Amazon gift card.  Add in the £20 Amex cashback and you get £70 back.  This means that your net spend for a one year digital subscription is just £30!  58p per week is not exactly a bad deal.

The sign-up page for a Standard Subscription is here (switch to the ‘Pay Annually’ tab).

Best deal for sport fans – a one-year digital Sport Subscription for just £20 net

If you only read the back pages of the newspapers, you might be interested in a one-year digital Sport Subscription instead.  Full details are here.

The annual cost is £40 so, after the Amex cashback, you are only paying £20.  That said, logically it makes more sense to get the Standard Subscription for an extra £10, after factoring in the £50 Amazon voucher.

The sign-up page for a Sport Subscription is here.

With all of these offers, make sure that you pay upfront for the year.  £25 needs to be charged to your American Express card by 4th April to generate the £20 cashback.

Daily Telegraph sports subscription

And if you have Club Eurostar Carte Blanche status …..

If you have top tier Club Eurostar status, Carte Blanche, remember that you get a FREE one-year digital subscription to The Telegraph!  

To sign up, log in to your Club Eurostar account and follow the link on the home page.

PS.  If you missed it, take a look at our recent article on the top 10 reasons why you should apply for the American Express Platinum card.

Comments (80)

  • Dawn says:

    O/T I’m in Australia and they’ve just announced anyone arriving by plane has to self isolate for 14 days on arrival. They’ve stopped cruise liners docking I think for 30 days at least. Plus they’ve implemented ‘social distancing’ i.e. no handshakes and keep 1.5 metres away from people.

    • Yuff says:

      Unlike Mallorca on Thursday which let a cruise ship dock in Palma with 3000 Italians on board…..
      Probably not the best move at the moment…….😩

      • Anna says:

        Crazy – how can Italy be in lockdown when they’re still allowed in go on cruises! In the Caribbean some islands have been refusing permission for Italian passengers to disembark.

  • Sam Wardill says:

    I would pay someone £5 not to have to read the Telegraph for a year. Is that an option?

    • TGLoyalty says:

      I was going to ask is it actually worth having?

      I’m a more regular guardian / independent reader but I’m not adverse to change if it’s worth switching.

      • BS says:

        I’m a guardian reader but frequently now read the Times as the app actually works. I also subscribed to the student Telegraph subscription for £5 with this offer. It is good for seeing what others with a different political persuasion think, the crosswords, the cricket coverage, and Matt cartoons. £5/year seems about right. I wouldn’t pay more.

        • John Blaje says:

          Hope you are a bona fide student as just had to supply my student ID as they are experiencing fraud.

          The person who called introduced themselves as ex Met Detective.

          Hope they catch out some snivelling, stingy good for nothing’s!!

          • Bagoly says:

            I can’t see anything in the Ts&Cs requiring one to be a student – only to have an or .edu email address.

            Is there something in the email they send you before you commit?

        • A Team says:

          for some reason, The Times iPhone and iPad apps are different (and they don’t update at the same time after midnight – the iPhone app always updates its content/edition first, then the iPad app follows about an hour or so later)

          pretty farcical.

      • BJ says:

        It’s just the same as the ads and sponsored articles on HFP. If you can ignore the first and avoid getting hysterical about the second then HFP is a good read, same with the Daily Boris. And Matt’s funnier than Rhys.

        • TGLoyalty says:

          Can actually get Matt on Instagram

          Sister is a student so I’ll spend £5 to try it out for the year.

          • BJ says:

            Have you checked if your local authority library has a free online subscription?

        • Rob says:

          Matt gets paid £650,000 per year for 1 little cartoon per day. I am sure Rhys would become more amusing if offered the same money!

      • Brian says:

        Definitely not worth paying for, even if you can get the £5 deal. It’s just like a more pretentious version of the Daily Mail.

        • MKB says:

          This is correct.

          As a socialist, I took the DT for years, as it had excellent news and sports coverage, and I liked to challenge myself with their opinion pieces. However, under ownership of the odious Barclay brothers, the news coverage became politically infected and the columnists largely polemicists. I really wouldn’t waste youy time on it now.

          I still see Matt’s cartoons via his Twitter account, but I find him less funny. He’s more political and less parodying than he used to be.

      • Rob says:

        Wouldn’t drop The Guardian because politically the Telegraph would drive you mad, but having a 2nd set of opinions of your phone is never bad.

      • Shoestring says:

        The Telegraph is high quality journalism, just discount the Barclay Bros factor

        try it for free here

        put a library barcode in box top left

        once you found a working one, go to ‘select title’ and navigate to The Daily Telegraph/ The Sunday Telegraph

        • Ken says:

          I’m not sure if this is satire.

          Paper has gone down the toilet in last 5 years, never mind what it was like 20 years.

          Who is worth reading?
          Jeremy Warner, Paul Hayward & Ambrose Evans-Pritchard and thats it.

          • Rob says:

            So basically three old, white, middle to upper class men. That’s diversity for you.

    • CC says:

      Yes, odd article. The best way to “maximise” the offer (in any intelligent way) is to ignore it.

      • Rob says:

        Well, no, because you are assuming you got absolutely zero value – in terms of money saving tips, good deals, ideas, savings on buying other newspapers – which is unlikely.

        I got a free Times sub with my Amex Plat Business. Not really my thing usually. But it turns out that the programme of reader offers and events is very impressive and, if you’re in London, there is value there.

        • CC says:

          > Well, no, because you are assuming you got absolutely zero value…

          Exactly. That’s why I included the caveat “in any intelligent way”. Any information of value in that newspaper can be found elsewhere for free, without the bias.
          Maybe some readers are happy to have their cash supporting a newspaper that employs and gives a platform to people like Allison Pearson (see for a fresh example), in exchange to gifts, vouchers, etc. I guess the article on how to “maximise” their return is for them.
          Not me I’m afraid.
          Anyway, I still think is an odd article in a blog about travel, thus the original message.

    • mradey says:


      Pay me £5 then. Go on. Of course, you won’t.

      • TGLoyalty says:

        I think the £5 payment would expect you to take the paper off the web/circulation for good. 🙂

  • I had the Times on subscription but cancelling was a complete nightmare, You can’t just click a button, you need to call up and sit through 10 minutes of a member of their retentions team saying why you should stay (“I’m just doing my job mate”).

    • Crafty says:

      And their back end is pen and paper, so invariably errors are made. It wound me up no end. Eventually got all my money back and more, though.

    • the_real_a says:

      And thats your opportunity to negotiate £1 a week for a further 8 weeks…

    • EwanG says:

      I found the easiest way to avoid the hard sell when cancelling my Times subscription was to say I’d just taken out a subscription to The Telegraph (which was true). Previous occasions I’ve had the whole retention nonsense…

  • Dave says:

    It’s not just students: teachers and anyone who works for an educational establishment too. Anyone who can qualify for a UNiDAYS account basically…

    • Waribai says:

      A crowd which would need a massive incentive to read the DT….

  • BS says:

    Just to add, the times is £2/month if you are ‘international’ (ie if you have an internet connection that looks like it’s abroad…).

  • Mzb says:

    I have a similar offer to save £25 off £30 from the FT that I would much prefer to read. Anyone figured out the best way I to maximise it? The quarterly digital subscription is just under £25 so would not qualify l.

    • David says:


      I’d happily pay the FT something – for a long time I’ve thought they (the FT) were pricing themselves out of the market.
      i.e. much greater uptake at lower price point.

      • Rob says:

        Agree, I don’t see the value myself and I worked in the City for 17 years.

        • Secret Squirrel says:

          What happened to that article you were writing inconjunction with the FT?

          • Rob says:

            Went up last week but I got chopped to 2 lines after they changed the focus of it.

      • Bagoly says:

        When living in London I used to buy the FT on Saturdays only.
        To at least some extent, letters in reply to a Saturday article are published on the following Saturday.
        When I moved abroad I was surprised and delighted to find that they do a Saturday-only subscription.

    • johnny_c-l says:

      I’ve used the FT offer for the weekend print subscription before and it worked to be a few quid for a quarter then I cancelled. Not sure why but the ended up refunding me something too so was probably free in effect.

  • Sussex bantam says:

    To be fair – the sports section is pretty good and i subscribed to that when this offer first appeared a few months ago. Not that they’ve got much to write about now…

    Rest of the paper – not so much

  • Mike says:

    Shoestring (Harry) – what is the library code to get all the newspapers for free again (I have lost it)

    • Shoestring says:

      you’ll have to find a working one, genuine UK library barcodes usually work fine or lots of helpful people post images of their library cards online

      my simple old formula of (say) 123456xyz ceased to work so obvs I’m a bit cagey about telling you my new one-ish – but you could try 800 followed by 6 randoms ie 800123456, it doesn’t seem to kick you out if you make 20 attempts

    • Doug M says:

      Isn’t it your own? I have a library card and use my own card code, so isn’t the answer get a library card?

      • Janeyferr says:

        Join your local library!

        Many allow you to register online and have the card posted to you. Then you can access a range of online services. Most authorities subscribe to a range of digital magazine and newspaper services, as well as radio and ebooks, some even music download services.