What British Airways long-haul flights are scheduled for April?

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If you think that there are no British Airways long-haul flights currently available to book, think again.  There is a surprising amount still scheduled to operate during April.

Even if you have no intention of travelling – or if the country won’t let you in! – the flights may well operate in order to bring travellers back home.

The list below was published by Routes Online on Thursday afternoon, which is the key global publisher of route movements.  This was before South Africa closed its airspace, so you can probably delete those from the list.

If the listing starts in April (eg Bermuda is listed at 16APR20 – 30APR20) it means that there are no services scheduled before that date.

This list is clearly hugely speculative – although the flights ARE bookable on ba.comRemember that the Foreign Office ‘do not travel’ guidance was only for 30 days, ending on 16th April.

British Airways long haul routes for April 2020

British Airways services for April 2020:

Accra 30MAR20 – 11APR20, alternating days, 747-400; 25APR20 – 29APR20 777-200ER
Bangalore 15APR20 – 30APR20, alternating days, A350-1000XWB
Bermuda 16APR20 – 30APR20, 3 weekly, 777-200ER
Boston 29MAR20 – 30APR20, 7 weekly, 787-9
Buenos Aires 18APR20 – 30APR20, 3 weekly, 777-200ER
Cairo 02APR20 – 30APR20, alternating days, 787-8
Calgary 19APR20 – 29APR20, 3 weekly, 787-8 operating
Cape Town 29MAR20 – 06APR20, alternating days, 747-400; 18APR20 – 30APR20 alternating days, 747-400
Chicago O’Hare 30MAR20 – 30APR20, 1 daily, 777-200ER
Doha 18APR20 – 30APR20, 1 daily, 787-9
Dubai 25APR20 – 30APR20, 1 daily, A350-1000XWB
Hong Kong 29MAR20 – 30APR20, 1 daily, 777-300ER
Hyderabad 15APR20 – 29APR20, alternating days, 787-8/-9
Islamabad 05APR20 onwards, 3 weekly, 787-8
Johannesburg 18APR20 – 30APR20, 1 daily, 747-400
Kuala Lumpur 19APR20 – 29APR20, alternating days, 787-9
Kuwait City 13APR20 – 30APR20, 3 weekly, 777-200ER
Lagos 25APR20 – 29APR20, alternating days, 777-200ER
Los Angeles 04APR20 – 30APR20, 1 daily, 787-9
Mexico City 29MAR20 – 28APR20, alternating days, 787-9
Montreal 18APR20 – 28APR20, 3 weekly, 787-8
Mumbai 15APR20 – 30APR20, 7 weekly, 787-8
Nairobi 29MAR20 – 28APR20, alternating days, 777-200ER
Nassau – Grand Cayman 13APR20 – 02MAY20, 3 weekly, 777-200ER
New York JFK 31MAR20 – 30APR20, 14 weekly, 777-200ER/-300ER
Orlando 14APR20 – 30APR20, 7 weekly, 777-200ER
Rio de Janeiro 23APR20 – 29APR20, alternating days, 787-8
Riyadh 29MAR20 – 30APR20, 4 weekly, 747-400
San Francisco 04APR20 – 30APR20, 1 daily, 747-400
Santiago de Chile 29MAR20 – 04APR20, 3 weekly, 787-9; 23APR20 – 30APR20, 3 weekly, 787-9
Seattle 29MAR20 – 30APR20, 1 daily, 787-9
Seoul Incheon 29MAR20 – 28APR20, alternating days, 787-8
Sydney 1 daily, 777-300ER
Tel Aviv 29MAR20 – 30APR20, 7 weekly, 777-200ER/A350-1000XWB
Tokyo 29MAR20 – 30APR20, 1 daily, 787-9
Toronto 18APR20 – 30APR20, 1 daily, A350-1000XWB
Washington Dulles 01APR20 – 30APR20, 1 daily, A350-1000XWB

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  1. What is the situation with your insurance with the current pandemic
    1- if you book a flight from April onwards
    2 if you reschedule a flight in May till later then we still can’t fly

    • TGLoyalty says:

      If you book now there’s a risk you won’t be covered as most insurance T&C’s state cover is void if you book with FCO advise against all but essential travel. In reality it might be ok as this is temporary advice for COVID19.

      It’s guaranteed not to be covered if the cancellation in the future is to do with COVID19

      • Covid and pandemics will surely be excluded from any new policies since a date around 18th March or so. However if you had a policy that started before then that is still valid for any date you travel till the end of the policy then you are covered until the end of the policy. If the policy renewed – check it as you may have a renewal where that new exclusion was not put into it. In which case you’re still covered whatever the insurance industry has tried to say since.

        An insurance policy is a contract ,that covers the risks in its small print for the time period you bought it for at the price you paid any of so far (even if paid for in installments). So the insurance company cannot change the terms within the life of the policy without your agreement. To make really sure, if your insurance company tries to say you’re no longer covered for anything or tries to change conditions in any other way that conceivably be detrimental to you, make sure you tell them as soon as you see them try this, that you do not accept any amendment to your policy and the coverage must stand as purchased.

        If you’re travelling in the period since the FCO advised against travelling to any country then of course if you’re not covered in the terms you bought as soon as the FCO says this then of course if your policy said you’re not covered then you’re not.

        Just if you have an existing policy that does not exclude you being covered for epidemics, pandemics, or vivid specifically, then if the terms of the policy don’t yet have anything that stops you being covered then don’t accept any change to existing terms during the life of your policy. You don’t have to even if the insuranc co “tries it on”.

        • TGLoyalty says:

          Which is why it’s important to read the T&C’s of your own insurance.

          Lots of insurance companies already have clauses saying that if you book a trip to destination that the FCO have advised against all but essential travel (at the time you book) you are not insured for the trip.

          This would probably be ruled unfair if the advice was lifted and you needed cover for any reason apart from COVID19 but if the reason for a claim was anything to do with COVID19 I would say your chances of making a successful claim would be slim.

          • Lady London says:

            As you say @TGLoyalty if your policy had nothing to exclude vivid or pandemic or epidemic losses, then as soon as the FCO rescinds their advice you are covered if your policy does not have those exclusions as of the date it was purchased or renewed.

            Covid exclusion cannot have come into the contract meanwhile if it wasn’t there in the first place.

          • Lady London says:

            so you would be covered for any travel loss vivid or not if the terms of your policy did not exclude it. Obviously read all the terms.

          • Lady London says:

            Vivid=vivid. D*** text editor overwriting even when it’s been corrected

          • Lady London says:

            And still overwriting even on the correction to the correction!!!!
            Vivid= c o v I d

          • TGLoyalty says:

            That’s not quite true

            See below for Nationwide Travel polices

            If you opened a new FlexPlus account or booked a trip after 18 March 2020, you will not be covered for Coronavirus related travel claims. This is because it is a known and anticipated risk.

            If your trip was booked before 18 March 2020, you may be covered if you held a FlexPlus or FlexAccount.

          • Mr(s) Entitled says:

            The key is “new” flex plus account. That does not sound like a retrospective variation to existing policies.

          • TGLoyalty says:

            Why I always say it’s really important to read things carefully.

            “ or booked a trip after 18 March 2020,”

          • Lady London says:

            We covered this elsewhere some days ago. It depends who your contract of insurance is with, how long you are deemed to have purchased coverage for, and dependent on the answers to the above if you have signed a contract for repeated trips over a given time period, who in the chain is able to change what when. I don’t have a nationwide account so I’m not aware of contract structure and contents. I wouldn’t assume the structure they have allowed them to change this without checking.

    • I believe most insurance policies will be in line with what ever the current FCO advice is; so at the moment advice is against all non essential travel (a holiday is not essential) and this is effectively until further notice and things get back to normal.

      • Lady London says:

        that’s true unless you travelled before that advice came into force.

    • Also worth adding there are thousands of British tourists stranded all over the world, and the FCO is struggling to get many back. I’d think that’s part of the reason for their advice to avoid essential travel as their ability to help if something goes wrong is somewhat limited with them being very stretched. Although the FCO often do not seem to be especially helpful to British citizens even in normal times!

  2. ‘The key global publisher of route movements’? Really?! It’s one man in his garage and is notorious for being wrong.

    The REAL key global publisher of airline routes – and the one airline staff use themselves – is OAG, but you need a subscription to use it.

    • You’re trying to tell me that a bloke in his garage is running five major global conferences each year?

      We double-checked quite a few of these on Thursday and the list was correct. There will clearly have been a few changes in the last 72 hours.

      • Yes. Airlineroute is a blog that has the honour to be published in Routesonline. I suspect he now gets paid by them, but it’s still a 1 person job. Whenever he’s on holidays, there are no updates (well, only Twitter updates).

    • Craig Anderson says:

      The AR blog is not a reliable source of anything other than what an airline has entered into the GDS, and this does not always reflect reality, but AR doesn’t check anything, just copies the data. Now airlines make dummy listings for all sorts of reasons, they make mistakes, they change things shortly after the initial GDS entry has been made, but AR reports it all with no differentiation or qualification. This is why AR is full of mistakes and cannot be relied upon, and why no-one and certainly no blogger or media outlet should treat AR seriously.

  3. Seems very likely travel restriction will be extended, we need a longer lockdown to properly flatten the curve.

    • ChrisBCN says:

      Yes I’m not sure why people would make new bookings for April, laughable really! (Exception being if you are stuck away from home of course, although surely everyone will be back by then)

  4. Hello – I have flights LHR-HND leaving next weekend for Easter. Hoping that BA will cancel prior so we can have cash refund rather than vouchers. How close to departure might they cancel the flight or is it likely to definitely operate?
    There seems to be various “rumours” about BA suspending passenger service but probably only rumours. BA seems to be operating far more flights than other similar European airlines??

    • It was 5 days before for my flight to HND on Thursday. I cancelled before then when FCO advisory came out as I couldn’t sleep at night. I still got an email that the flight is cancelled despite avios and surcharges returned within 48 hours. In any case, you won’t be allowed into Japan now unless you have a place to stay for 14 days to self-isolate. BA might not cancel your flight either, so you’ll have to claim on insurance.

    • Lady London says:

      I would watch carefully up to 12 hours before or even about 9 ! Appreciate that might be nerve-wracking.

      You could get a clue by trying on and off to book the same flight you’re on as though you were a normal customer directly on the airlines system. If you can’t then you can be fairly sure your flight is not running they just haven’t got around to telling you.

      If you would lose a lot if you cancel then consider taking the voucher. But not otherwise.

      If hey do cancel or make some other change then you can request to be rebooked on a much later date if you wish. You have that right, as well as to a refund in cash if you wish instead.

      • Thanks both (meta & Lady London). A look on BA website and it seems that all other asian routes (BKK, KUL, SIN, ICN and HKG) all have cancellations fore most/all of April…not HND yet!! Very much a ‘waiting game’ it would seem.

        • Lady London says:

          It’s ‘who blinks first’. As @meta said, if you can’t sleep at night and wouldn’t lose much, then maybe you would take the loss and cancel yourself just to have clarity.

          • Yes. I managed to minimise the cancellation costs for the whole trip to £70. Still undecided whether to bother claiming on Amex Plat insurance as excess is £50.

          • Lady London says:

            In that case I would wait. IIRC Japan has been slower on imposing restrictions than others.

    • I read on FlyerTalk (searched again but can’t remember which thread it was on) that there is a possibility that Japan may be used as a route to fly LHR-SYD now that SIN is temporarily closing ie LHR-HND-SYD So there is a slim possibility that the flight may not be cancelled.

      That said Japan has suspended its visa waiver system for anyone travelling on a British passport until at least the end of April 2020. This means that you will not be able to enter Japan as a visitor without a visa. Single and multiple entry visas have also been suspended. 

      If you don’t have a visa then best to cancel in exchange for a voucher. If you’re brave then wait until t-24 And see if BA cancel the flight before applying for a voucher.

  5. Just to add, BA seem to have cancelled HKG flights from 5th April so possible this will happen for Tokyo?

  6. New Card says:

    Is there any BA contact number dealing with flights > 72 hours away? I need to make a flight change but I can’t do it online; and the recorded messages on the telephone numbers I’ve tried say they’re only dealing with flights within 72 hours.

  7. Blindman says:

    Well I hope BA are flying from Sydney on the 1st April as we are supposed to be on it!

  8. All BA’s TLV flights are cancelled this week. According to BA.com, the next TLV flight will take off on April 6 (a week tomorrow).

  9. Quick query which I can’t find the answer for, hope some can assist. I have return flights to Johannesburg booked from 27th April (x2 adults 1x infant), Amex 241 + Avios. Given the current situation, I’m expecting BA to cancel the flight in a few weeks time, however my wife and I are seeking to postpone the trip and move the flight to September (which we can do online now), however our 1 year old turns 2 at the end of May? How will BA treat this given the current situation?

    • Genghis says:

      This was answered a couple of days ago. Have a look through the comments.

      • Mr(s) Entitled says:

        At least three articles a day.
        Comments spread across multiple pages.
        Antiquated search function.

        If someone knows the answer I am sure said answer would surely be appreciated.

  10. Delta Mike says:

    How comes they operate old inefficient aircraft like the 747-400?

    • They are all scheduled to go within the next couple of years and, in reality, you can image that being brought forward.

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