What British Airways long-haul flights are scheduled for April?

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If you think that there are no British Airways long-haul flights currently available to book, think again.  There is a surprising amount still scheduled to operate during April.

Even if you have no intention of travelling – or if the country won’t let you in! – the flights may well operate in order to bring travellers back home.

The list below was published by Routes Online on Thursday afternoon, which is the key global publisher of route movements.  This was before South Africa closed its airspace, so you can probably delete those from the list.

If the listing starts in April (eg Bermuda is listed at 16APR20 – 30APR20) it means that there are no services scheduled before that date.

This list is clearly hugely speculative – although the flights ARE bookable on ba.comRemember that the Foreign Office ‘do not travel’ guidance was only for 30 days, ending on 16th April.

British Airways long haul routes for April 2020

British Airways services for April 2020:

Accra 30MAR20 – 11APR20, alternating days, 747-400; 25APR20 – 29APR20 777-200ER
Bangalore 15APR20 – 30APR20, alternating days, A350-1000XWB
Bermuda 16APR20 – 30APR20, 3 weekly, 777-200ER
Boston 29MAR20 – 30APR20, 7 weekly, 787-9
Buenos Aires 18APR20 – 30APR20, 3 weekly, 777-200ER
Cairo 02APR20 – 30APR20, alternating days, 787-8
Calgary 19APR20 – 29APR20, 3 weekly, 787-8 operating
Cape Town 29MAR20 – 06APR20, alternating days, 747-400; 18APR20 – 30APR20 alternating days, 747-400
Chicago O’Hare 30MAR20 – 30APR20, 1 daily, 777-200ER
Doha 18APR20 – 30APR20, 1 daily, 787-9
Dubai 25APR20 – 30APR20, 1 daily, A350-1000XWB
Hong Kong 29MAR20 – 30APR20, 1 daily, 777-300ER
Hyderabad 15APR20 – 29APR20, alternating days, 787-8/-9
Islamabad 05APR20 onwards, 3 weekly, 787-8
Johannesburg 18APR20 – 30APR20, 1 daily, 747-400
Kuala Lumpur 19APR20 – 29APR20, alternating days, 787-9
Kuwait City 13APR20 – 30APR20, 3 weekly, 777-200ER
Lagos 25APR20 – 29APR20, alternating days, 777-200ER
Los Angeles 04APR20 – 30APR20, 1 daily, 787-9
Mexico City 29MAR20 – 28APR20, alternating days, 787-9
Montreal 18APR20 – 28APR20, 3 weekly, 787-8
Mumbai 15APR20 – 30APR20, 7 weekly, 787-8
Nairobi 29MAR20 – 28APR20, alternating days, 777-200ER
Nassau – Grand Cayman 13APR20 – 02MAY20, 3 weekly, 777-200ER
New York JFK 31MAR20 – 30APR20, 14 weekly, 777-200ER/-300ER
Orlando 14APR20 – 30APR20, 7 weekly, 777-200ER
Rio de Janeiro 23APR20 – 29APR20, alternating days, 787-8
Riyadh 29MAR20 – 30APR20, 4 weekly, 747-400
San Francisco 04APR20 – 30APR20, 1 daily, 747-400
Santiago de Chile 29MAR20 – 04APR20, 3 weekly, 787-9; 23APR20 – 30APR20, 3 weekly, 787-9
Seattle 29MAR20 – 30APR20, 1 daily, 787-9
Seoul Incheon 29MAR20 – 28APR20, alternating days, 787-8
Sydney 1 daily, 777-300ER
Tel Aviv 29MAR20 – 30APR20, 7 weekly, 777-200ER/A350-1000XWB
Tokyo 29MAR20 – 30APR20, 1 daily, 787-9
Toronto 18APR20 – 30APR20, 1 daily, A350-1000XWB
Washington Dulles 01APR20 – 30APR20, 1 daily, A350-1000XWB

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  1. Craig Anderson says:

    This list was already out of date the day after it was published. Please don’t run stories like this just because it’s ‘content’ and gets clicks.

    • I didn’t know you’d employed an editor in chief for HfP Rob! 😉

      • It was actually meant to run on the same day the list was published, but we kept pushing it back as we had more relevant stuff …

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      If you dont like it, go and read other UK travel blogs that will probably run the same story tomorrow…

      • Sloppy says:

        ok I don’t get this …
        What is the BIGGG problem even if a story is run for clicks…
        Are the runners of this site not ‘entitled’ to earn or do they ‘deserve’ to go bust? Why is there such an issue (has been ‘pointed’ out by people before and repeatedly) with running a story 1 day late or being repeated. We can choose to look at a topic and ‘not click’ but instead we go into the article to leave a snide remark! what a good use of the free time (says the person who just wrote an essay)
        and agreed with above – if such an issue : you can make ‘better’ choices for your day in lounge :*
        (rant over)

        • Nathan says:

          Some people weren’t hugged enough a children? (ah diddums). Maybe they think we’re all thick, (thanks) with insuffient discrimination to be able to exercise judgement upon the timeliness of published information in a rapidly changing environment (I am, I can, and I will thank you) so they feel the need to intervene on our behalf to protect us from rapacious clickbait purveyors? Maybe it’s because some people simply have NOTHING BETTER TO DO? In which case, they should start their own obviously much better/more current/more altruistic/clickbait-free website that is also free to read.

          Send me the link when it’s up and running. I’m waiting …

          • Sloppy says:

            +1 Nathan
            There is no need for curt replies…
            Was really irritated at people pointing out ‘flaws’ in the Qatar Business class tickets earlier.

  2. The schedule seems overkill for passengers, but cargo must be keeping BA alive right now.

  3. Rosalie says:

    I was booked from HKG to LHR 9th April, email to me dated 27th March offering me to book earlier flight as no longer will be doing this route from 5th April.

    • Lady London says:

      You have the full right to get a cash refund. You do not have to accept any voucher.

      If you still need to travel that route on that day, or perhaps a later date of your choice, even into the future, you can also keep the ticket and request to travel same route in a later date you choose.

      You also have the right to insist that you can only travel on that date and request them to rebook you onto another airline. I believe Qatar may still be flying that route.

      None of these choices will cost you anything even if what you rebook onto would actually cost more. Your airline is obliged to arrange whichever your choice is at no cost to you.

      All if the above is under EU/EC261 for which your booking qualifies if it is on a European airline or on any booking departing Europe.

  4. Shouldn’t it be ‘which’ and not ‘what’ in the headline?

  5. Bob Downe says:

    Where does the Sydney flight stop now enroute? I thought Singapore wasn’t accepting transit passengers or is that misinformation?

  6. The question is how do we keep track of which countries would let us in?

  7. Secret Squirrel says:

    How can BA schedule flights into a country which has suspended all international flights to atleast 2 x days after the start of their schedule in the list?

    • oh man – isn’t it obvious? so that customers are obliged to accept a voucher rather than a cash refund for a cancellation – as this site shows, most people are unwilling to sit patiently and play the game and thus are losing out big time. its essentially poker, and BA are cleaning up.

  8. This list isn’t quite right… all international flights out of Cape Town were suspended for three weeks from 27th March (which was announced with 24 hours notice!) leaving a bunch of us in limbo.

    (Not a criticism… I think things are just changing VERY quickly right now)

  9. While the 30 days global ” do not travel” advise was issued onApril 17 and is valid until for 30 days (ie ends April 15, for now) many individual countries have more recently issued /updated advise and i thought that any such notices had a 30 day effect and therefore many countries have a later than April 15 date.
    This is very important for cancellation / curtailment and insurance issues.

  10. Glynis SMITH says:

    How much is a flight to Manchester

    • @mkcol says:

      Depends where from.

    • Peter K says:

      I’m not sure if it’s what you need but I’ve had a look on google flights for a random day in August (14th) and a one way flight from Manchester (Man) to Manchester (MHT) starts at £568.

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