Get 18,000 Avios points with a subscription to The Economist (1.2p per point)

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If you are running low on reading material whilst sat at home, British Airways and The Economist have brought back their special offer for taking out a subscription.

As you can see at this link, you can earn up to 18,000 Avios with a new one-year subscription.

Here are the two options on offer if you are a UK resident:

Print only or digital only:  £179 with 15,000 Avios (1.19p per Avios)

Print and digital:  £215 with 18,000 Avios (1.19p per Avios)

Subscribing to The Economist could make sense just for the Avios bonus even if you have little intention of reading it in detail, although there are occasional opportunities to buy Avios points for nearer 1p each.

avios economist

There are even better deals when looking at other countries.  A digital only subscription for someone with a Canadian address snags you 15,000 Avios at 0.78p per point (C$199). Pricing in the Eurozone is unfortunately poorer than in the UK, with 1.58p per Avios on digital-only subscriptions in Belgium, France, Germany etc.

As always, if you are self-employed you may be happy writing off the subscription cost as a business expense.  This would sharply reduce your price per Avios even further.

This offer runs until 31st May.

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  1. Are there any other good Economist offers at the moment? I was looking to take the 12 weeks for £12, but are there others?

  2. Mr. AC says:

    I must say that The Economist (which I started reading due to this offer 2 years ago) is a shockingly excellent publication. It’s the only outlet I’m aware of that doesn’t lead to me rolling my eyes when I read about my industry or my country of origin. I’m now getting all my news from it.

    That being said, they’re surprisingly stuck in an earlier age in some important ways, e.g. they don’t have a convenient app. I end up reading the actual print version, which is a bit of a faff (although it has it’s benefits).

    • mr_jetlag says:

      I have read it for decades, took a break over the last 4 years because of its tedious brexit doom mongering, then picked it up again with the Avios offer this year.

      I agree it seems to be consistently excellent reading in a crisis and even 2 weeks ahead of the news with pieces on civil liberties being stripped away by Corona (which even the Guardian only now discovers)…

      • The Original David says:

        Their Android app works excellently on my BlackBerry! Do they not have an Apple one?

        • Mr. AC says:

          Wow, I guess I just haven’t checked for a while – they do have a good app now! This is excellent, thanks!

      • mark2 says:

        I too have had a subscription for decades but just ignored Project Fear.
        I did not receive a copy last week; was it just me?

        • You mean Project Reality?

        • Rui N. says:

          Regarding late magazines, it’s probably due to delays in the Royal Mail system. Mine usually arrives on Saturday or, very rarely (once every 6 or 8 weeks), on Monday.
          Last week it arrived on Tuesday, this week it hasn’t arrived yet.
          If yours from last week hasn’t arrived yet, you can now probably go to the “manage my subscription” website and ask them to extend your subscription by one week.

        • mr_jetlag says:

          got mine on Saturday as usual; it has happened before and I’ve got an extra week by calling their subs line.

    • Harry T says:

      I bought mine through the Canadian website for the Avios but have been greatly enjoying the app and Espresso.

  3. Peter Dixon says:

    Hmmm – payment went through then it asked for an address change and another payment ! Suspect will be chasing them before too long

  4. krys_k says:

    This offer seems to fluctuate between 13k and 18k. Been a reader for over a decade and for the last few years have collected Avios for my efforts. Win-win.

    • Pete C says:

      The T&Cs state that the offer is for new customers only, is that in practice not true? I took advantage last year and would like to again this year…

      • krys_k says:

        I swap subscription with my wife each year. So effectively new customer.

        • TGLoyalty says:

          I’ve resigned up myself and had no problems getting the miles.

          One year I let it lapse before I signed up again. Another 2 years I didn’t

      • Pete C says:

        Thank you, I reckon I’ll do the same then

  5. Thomas O'Brien says:

    How quickly do the points arrive after you subscribe please?

    • Tom Murray says:

      This last year, my points (for last year’s 15,000 Avios offer) took seven months and almost one email per Avios point!!
      Very frustrating dealing with the error. There’s not enough space or time to list the excuses. I got them in the end. I probably chased once every week or so by email. They got there in the end but it was irritating. That was my second subscription, the first one a year previously good Iberia offer was no problem. It is a good news read but we get a lot of mags here. Worthwhile though

  6. Just read it for free using your library’s app

    • Lady London says:

      Anon which app is this? My library used to use something beginning with z. But it stopped working a long time ago and I never followed it up to find out what their subscription had switched to. Now of course all libraries are closed.

  7. Sambe says:

    What is the precise definition of “new subscribers” in the terms and conditions?

    • Genghis says:

      A person taking out a new subscription. I’ve had many different subscriptions in the past and have always received the different offers.

      • Lady London says:

        They also understand that their subscribers are quite mobile and may seek up update their address even if they get transferred internationally.

        Just beware they are a bit like the Reader’s Digest in that they seem to send junk mail for 2 or 3 years after your subscription ends.

        At one time I had a subscription for work and one for home. I also gifted the issues to a college and a medical centre.

        • Lady London says:

          College and medical centre I sent the hard copies to were both abroad. I had wanted to help out an intellectual friend in Canada but he only wanted the digital version so sent the hard copies to college local to him. On one of my subs I later switched it to a deserving address in another country.

      • Sambe says:

        So if you’ve had a subscription before and it has lapsed, you will still get the points (even with the same personal details, email address, Economist account etc)?

    • Im guessing in this context a new subscription more than a new subscriber?

      • Lady London says:

        They don’t seem to be fussy. When I did this I only had a few months gap.

  8. David says:

    Is it simple to go down the Canadian route? Can you just put in any Canadian address if going digital only?

    • Yes

      • I am struggling with this (booking a Canadian subscription using a UK card).

        For print and digital, it is tagging on an additional C$38 in “taxes” when I input a Canadian delivery address but a UK billing address. This makes it less worthwhile in terms of collecting the Avios, using the digital subscription and posting the physical magazine to a worthy recipient like a library or YMCA.

        For digital, you cannot even change the billing address to be UK, it is greyed out as Canadian only.

        Anyone have a workaround for this?

        • Which bit is greyed out? Amex doesn’t do country verification, so if the rest of your address matches it should process.

  9. Dominic says:

    It doesn’t seem to be possible to get a Canadian digital only subscription right now. The payment details showed as “Payment Application Error” 2 days ago, and now just don’t show up at all.

    Tried multiple browsers and devices.

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