News: Avios ‘Thank You’ appeal closes, Luthansa bailout is finally approved, Loyalty Leaders webinar

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News in brief:

Avios ‘Thank You’ appeal closes at 300 million points

Last month we covered the Avios ‘Thank You’ appeal, which will see Avios offered to NHS workers as a big thank you for their efforts during coronavirus.

Avios Group donated an initial 210 million points.  British Airways Executive Club members donated a further 95 million Avios on top, which will allow over 5,000 NHS workers to receive enough points for a short-haul ‘flight and two hotel nights’ package.

You cannot nominate yourself or a friend to receive a grant.  Avios has asked over 250 hospitals, ambulance trusts and other NHS healthcare organisations to put forward a list of proposed beneficiaries.

Lufthansa bailout approved by shareholders

Lufthansa bailout approved by shareholders

The saga of the Lufthana €9 billion bailout, as we covered here and here and here and here, is finally over.

I won’t go into the details again – the four links above tell you more than you need to know – but the deal was approved by 98% of shareholders at a meeting yesterday.

Despite threats to the contrary, Lufthansa’s largest shareholder Heinz-Hermann Thiele voted in favour of accepting the deal, which gives the German Government a 20% stake in the commpany.

Loyalty Leaders webinar

Loyalty Leaders webinar

If you work in the loyalty industry, you might be interested in a webinar I did on Wednesday in the ‘Loyalty Leaders’ series.

It was based around the topic of ‘How do you make your loyalty promotions relevant during coronavirus?’, with a particular focus on the hotel sector.  It runs for an hour – click here or on the image above to launch it in YouTube.

Because we didn’t have the questions in advance, it is a bit more freeform than usual.  ‘Fairly slick TV Rob’ is replaced by ‘random stream of consciousness Rob’ – it is interesting to compare with the BBC Scotland interview I recorded literally 30 minutes earlier!  I’m also impressed by how the other two guys can sit and stare at the screen without moving for an hour, whilst I am up and down and messing with my hair and pulling faces …. if I am looking away it’s because I’m doing email at the same time …..

A warning about the Dell / American Express Business Platinum promotion
Is easyJet Plus worth the annual membership fee?

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  1. On the subject of Amex offers, I didn’t initially get the 15% back for Wineflyer. It wasn’t clear whether this was because it was charged as Laithwaite’s or because of some IT glitch (the chat CSA said the offer wasn’t showing at their end), but they opened an investigation for me and the 15% was refunded a few days later. It was a great deal as I also got 20% off for being a Blue Light card holder.

    • Craig says:

      Similar for me, possibly because I’ve used wine flyer in the past? Chased with Amex and the 15% rebate was applied stacked with the Blue Light code, as an added bonus 1000 Avios appeared in my account a couple of weeks later.

      • Boo – I didn’t get the extra avios 🤣

      • @Craig. Just to confirm, the only Blue Light code I can see is for generic Laithwaites, that works with BA Wine Flyer too? Thanks.

        • Input it at checkout and see if it works, it did for me.

        • Craig says:

          I didn’t log in via WineFlyer, forgot I had the account to be honest. But the case had WineFlyer branding when it arrived.

  2. Avoid Dell. I was looking at a laptop and this offer made it a sensible deal. Not a bargain but a good price. I logged the deal onto my card and next morning went to buy to find a 16% hike in price from £749 to £869.

    Not sure who is paying the £100 but it looks like they are making sure they get their money back one way or another.

    Amex are also unmovable with US flights cancellations that are described by airlines as schedule changes. I had to go via insurance route

    • There’s a time limit in the US before which a ‘changed time’ becomes eligible for refund. This is in the airline T&C which you would have agreed to at the time of booking. See the press around what happened when United tried to get around it (spoiler – they retreated pretty quickly). You can’t expect European rules or standards to apply globally.

    • That didn’t happen when I bought my laptop a couple of months ago, that’s disappointing.

    • Mr(s) Entitled says:

      So Dell knew that the day before you went to make the purchase you had saved the offer on to your Amex card and they adjusted the price of their stock across the board just to get you?

  3. L Allen says:

    The way Dell charge has always been that way. If ordering, say, a laptop and peripherals, they will arrive separately. I suspect the individual charging is to ensure they only charge for what they’ve shipped. Having been a Dell customer off and on for years, this is no surprise. Amex not allowing cumulative spend is also often hit and miss. The learning here is to buy something you actually want rather than for the sake of thinking you’ll get something for free.

  4. MattB says:

    Another amex offer data point – I spent £250+ at selfridges online across 3 orders and the £50 hasn’t arrived after over a week so not hopeful. It was things we wanted anyway in the sale so luckily didn’t buy just to get the cashback. Still got a few k avios through the BA store.

    • I was also charged separately for items but have had the £50 credited on 2 cards – hang on a few days as it may still happen.

      • Though both transactions were on single order numbers, so maybe that makes a difference.

  5. Simon Barlow says:

    Bought a monitor for £164. Offer worked perfectly, especially as I’m WFH 😉

  6. Does anyone know if the currys/PC world offer valid for all Amex cards or only business cards?

  7. About Dell / Amex:
    Do I have to use the business Dell website?
    Can I use the consumer website? or can I order via phone?

  8. onlysuites says:

    Spent over £150 at Dell and it was split into 2 orders so cash back didn’t track. I spoke with Amex and the Brighton based operator confirmed that it qualified and noted my account to say that I would get the money but have to wait 100 days to get them to manually do it if it doesn’t show up.

    So I would suggest calling up and explaining to Brighton Amex.

  9. Finally cleared out my Morrison’s gift cards

    Any ideas how to secure at least 10pc off Morrison’s m and s, John Lewis gift cards at this point in time?

    • Andrew says:

      Not off the Gift Cards, but if you are one of our country’s beloved NHS staff like me, you’ll get 10% off your grocery shopping at Mozso’s. There’s too many offers to list really.

      I’m now up to 15 offers on LBG, albeit nothing for groceries yet.

      Check your Sazbo’s offers on the Nectar App, a £10 off £50 has arrived in my digital coupons.

      • Jonathan says:

        Assume the 10% NHS offer doesn’t apply to gift cards? Not sure my moral compass would let me game what I think is a very generous offer anyway!

      • I used a nhs discount in store at Morrison’s, but staff discount appeared in the till receipt. Consistent with your experience?

        I wonder if this is how they block gift cards getting discounted?

  10. tical says:

    I know this has been discussed at length in different circumstances and I am dealing with the most plain of them now – BA just cancelled a flight on the 4th of July and refuse to book me on alternative airline for the same date (only offering refund on August 1st flight). What is the consensus – book alternative myself then claim? thanks

    • I think 3 days is probably long enough difference that you would be within your rights to claim for an alternative. Check what the CAA imposed on Ryanair during their strike – I think that was alternate airline if >48 hours delay/difference.

    • tical says:

      …meant to say “refund for July 4th flight OR BA flight on August 1st”

    • This is BA’s standard stunt and is infuriating, especially when you’ve got other things like accommodation booked and they seem to think it’s entirely reasonable for you to just cancel your trip. I would say that the August flight may well be cancelled anyway, but in any case a month between travels dates is ludicrous. You are absolutely entitled to re-routing and duty of care in this instance. As your travel date is not far off, I would suggest getting some sort of acknowledgement that BA won’t budge, book an alternative flight and start a claim against that after your holiday.

      • tical says:

        Thanks Anna – agree absolutely. Problem is BA will not provide written confirmation other than the agent’s name and her code as well as a promise to update the notes on the booking. Have sent a formal complaint just to make sure my side is documented

      • Lady London says:

        I cannot believe British Airways are taking the p*ss so close to your departure time.

        do you have details of another flight(s) that departs close to your original time from your starting airport? call them again and request them to reroute you on that. Remind them EU261 requires them to provide an alternate flighr/routing from your departure aurport that will get you to your destination airport if they cant provide a flight of their own reasonably soon and their offer does not meet this.

        Also tell them that you will require duty of care ie hotel and 3 meals a day,at their cost, for each day you are delayed also EU261. Are you the person whose house has been given away / undergoing maintenance while ypu are away?

        if all else fails buy another ticket if they refuse your rights above (if you have the cash) and sue them for cost of that ticket, plus every conceivable cost. someone said today they asked on their moneyclaim for £100 for timw spent and got it.

        You can also try a Section 75 claim on your credit card for cost of replacement flight plus any extra expenses caused by this as Sectilon 75 covers consequential losses and here you have breach of contract and consequential losses. Why not talj to your cardif you get a second refusam from BA?

        btw dont do chargeback as this lets BA off the hook, with you suffering all the losses, and dont take a refund for the same reason.

        so (1) ask again adbabove
        (2) section 75
        (3) moneyclaim dot gov dot uk ( you get the small fee back as well as your winnings)

        • tical says:

          Thank you Lady London – thankfully the case you refer to (house refurbishment) is not me. BA continue to refuse rerouting – new reason given is they do not have a ticketing agreement with the one other airline flying the route from LHR on the 4th. Conversation recorded and complaint to BA lodged so will now go on to book myself. Presumably I only book a one way replacement flight – as only the outbound was cancelled?

          • Cuchlainn says:

            I may be wrong but if your outbound has been cancelled your inbound is also cancelled automatically – problem being you will not be notified of it yet.

  11. Hello Fresh did this with my order, it is actually impossible to have the deal credit as the base package is under £29.99 and all extras are charged under separate transactions, feel pretty duped tbh.

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