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Here’s the new British Airways airport lounge breakfast

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What food is British Airways offering for breakfast in its Heathrow lounges?

We did an article yesterday on the new meal service being offered in the British Airways lounges in Terminal 5.

I didn’t have any information on breakfast at that point, but thanks to readers Chris and Neil we do now.  This is what is available to you via the table service online ordering system.  Interestingly (or not) the online system is credited to ‘Hangar 51’ which is IAG’s incubator scheme for start-ups.

The screenshots below are what is offered in Galleries Club South. 

If you have an Executive Club Gold card or are travelling in First Class, you can use Galleries First. Galleries First has a different breakfast offering which allows you to basically build your own plate by selecting from all of the individual options (beans, sausage, mushrooms etc).

British Airways lounge breakfast


British Airways lounge breakfast

Here is the vegetarian full English:

British Airways lounge breakfast

A full selections of drinks are offered.  Here are the coffee choices:

British Airways lounge breakfast

Again, this looks like a more-than-decent effort by British Airways.  As long as there are enough staff to deliver orders promptly, this new table service approach may even be an improvement on what was available before.

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Comments (35)

  • Andrew says:

    Yes this is a decent effort – and should be a quick turnaround of orders as essentially all that is happening is that they are plating up from the buffet for you, that would have been self serve. Hope there’s still champagne at breakfast, I do hate to start the day without a glass!

  • Aaron says:

    Does anybody know if you can edit the breakfasts – no beans etc?

    • Rob says:

      You can in Galleries First – don’t think you can here.

      • Mark says:

        Does the Galleries First menu have additional cooked breakfast options or is it just a customisable version of the standard menu.

    • Pat the Postie says:

      Well i hope you can otherwise its worse than before, not everyone wants all of their standard offering

      • sunguy says:

        Well, its better than what they have been offering for the last x months……I can only hope it gets better in time…

        I mean….people…..WHERE ARE THE BACON ROLLS!!!!!…..

        Just sayin` 🙂

        • Andrew says:

          You mean a doughy part-cooked roll with half a piece of bacon in? I always feel so bad that I have to take about 5 of them and empty the bacon into one roll to make something substantial without consuming a week’s calories and carbs in white bread. They need a duck pond at T5 for all the bread waste!

          • TGLoyalty says:

            +1 to that the rolls are awful

          • Lady London says:

            I thought that was only me.. disgusting poor quality bacon, wet and not properly cooked even when requested… you’re lucky if you can make up a butty from 5 of them. Rolls often soggy and undercooked as well.

            If you want bacon fly Star Alliance from T2 and use the United Lounge. Decent orange juice too, OK coffee and a bar.

            I dont think the Americans on AA who might get shifted to T5 are going to be impressed with BA’s bacon.

          • Andrew says:

            I think AA customers generally are going to be disappointed by BA lounges – AA First lounge at T3 is much better than Galleries First and of course not to mention the CX First and QF lounges. Even the Champagne in T3 AA First lounge is Moet, rather than the Tesco stuff they service in Galleries First. I wonder if once the Concorde Room is open, passengers seated in AA Flagship First will be able to enter?

  • Lady London says:

    Looks pretty much the same as before in the better of the two lounges.

    I think I’d be breakfasting at my hotel.

    Anyone know if there are still printers in the reopened lounge? Unsure if my hotel next time will have its business centre open

    I know I can print in Regus LHR T5 landside or LGW South landside, but I’d rather not use up a lounge pass for them since my membership of Regus’s global program (thank you Rob) lapsed.

  • Pat the Postie says:

    Certainly a lot of opportunities for businesses to do a better job than before and what they should have been doing in the first place rather than the cheapest option

  • Chris Heyes says:

    Why would you want to visit any lounge in normal times ?
    When you can book into the Sofitel the night before drop suitcases off after 6.00 pm
    Check in boarding ect
    Then Breakfast at Sofitel leaving just 35min to walk through empty security
    (maybe one pilot but normally only us) and onto plane
    I Time it normally 20min if you know gate number
    Even easier at GATWICK (Hilton)

    • Terry Butcher says:

      The lounge is free but a hotel costs money!

    • Andrew says:

      Because the Sofitel is FAR more expensive than the other hotels at LHR and if you’re entitled to a free breakfast in the lounge why not have that? But each to their own, I’m just a bit more careful with money. And your example also only applies to people staying over night at LHR, most London residents would just travel to LHR on the morning and therefore not be using twilight checkin or having breakfast at a hotel.

      • Chris Heyes says:

        [email protected]’ve never found the Sofitel expensive we are always in the Junior Suite which includes Sofitels Lounge assess (we book private sale normally or sometimes secret escapes)
        If secret escapes we still luckily get upgraded free to Junior Suite, even Suite occasionally)
        Upgrades are not normally given with secret escapes, but I just ask at check in
        “Can you ask the Manager if our usual Suite is available)
        Using Sofitel every time helps

    • Lady London says:

      Er… I dunno @Chris J.
      Could it be that even at the best of times on secretescapes there are still at least 85 reasons?

  • Aston100 says:

    “your choice of”
    Those words are so unnecessary and probably used to pad the description.
    Like “hand cut” chips, and “pan fried” fish etc

    • Andrew says:

      Like in the onboard menu for First it says “A selection of British Kettle Chips” – how to make a bag of crisps seem fancy – I would also be checking that ex-USA the bags of crisps loaded were in fact British!

      • Peter North says:

        @ Andrew, Like you would know the difference,

        • Lady London says:

          It’s moot as Kettle Chips, whilst founded in the UK, has been owned by a US company for quite some time now.

    • The Savage Squirrel says:

      Not really in this instance as, when followed by “x,y, and z” it gives the information that you can choose some, none or all of the options it goes on to list. Without these words it would read that it always came with all those options included, while just replacing “and” with “or” implies you can only have one.

  • Anna says:

    For those of us who are normally waiting for a regional connection at breakfast time, this is so much better than the rock hard toast and muesli of a dubious age which is the offering at MAN!

    • Doc says:

      Second that Anna. The breakfast is atrocious at MAN lounge. The only lukearm thing is the porridge!!!
      Hopefully if this is rolled out to the Galleries Lounges in the outposts, it would be a decent upgrade of food but doubt it is going to happen anytime soon outside of Heathrow T5.

  • Mark says:

    Post-breakfast menu looks to be the same in Galleries Club as Galleries First. The Club lounge is open until 2pm (not 12:30 as previously report in a number of places), or at least it was yesterday.

    Breakfast runs until around midday – not sure how that compares to the pre-COVID service.

    The breakfast could have been a bit hotter, but all in all a good effort.

    • babyg says:

      Thanks for the info Mark, i have a flight from LHR-FAO @ 1320, so knowing the lounge doesnt close @ 1230 helps.

      Wondering how strict they are on letting in 2 x adults + 1 x 3 year old on a single silver. On that note wondering if anybody knows what email address or URL i use to contact BA about cancelled flights that would have renewed my silver to get temp silver?

      • Ryan says:

        Pretty strict in my experience, unfortunately.

        • babyg says:

          Ryan – is that recent experience? or pre-covid?

          Bump on contact details for missing silver due to cancelled flights?