How I am maximising the American Express Business Platinum £150 Dell cashback offer

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American Express recently launched a series of cashback offers for its Business Platinum and Business Gold cardholders.  This is how I am trying to maximise one of them to generate as much money as possible.

I am going to look at the Dell cashback offer for American Express Business Platinum cardholders.

This is a generous deal.  If you spend over £150 at Dell before 27th August, you will receive £150 cashback.

Amex Business Platinum Dell offer

Unfortunately, we have no need for any IT equipment at the moment.  I decided that the best way to maximise this deal was to buy something for close to £150 and then resell it on eBay.

This needed to be approached sensibly.  Buying a monitor, for example, had many problems – they are easily damaged in transit, and they are bulky and expensive to ship.  This wasn’t the way to go.

I also wanted to spend as close to £150 as possible to minimise my out of pocket expenditure.

I settled on this:

It is a Dell USB 3.0 Ultra HD Triple Video Docking Station D3100 UK.  I had absolutely no idea what it did, although the description says “The Dell Docking Station – USB 3.0 connects your laptop to up to three additional monitors, various external devices and the Internet with a single cable.”

However, this is what I DID know:

it cost £128.94 plus VAT with free delivery, so the total cost was £154.72 (£4.72 over the magic £150 level to trigger the cashback)

it looked like a relatively small and sturdy item to post

brand new ones were listed on eBay for around £100 and many were at higher prices

A few seconds after placing my order, I received an email from Amex confirming that I had triggered by £150 cashback:

The cashback triggered within 24 hours of the transaction hitting my statement:

American Express Dell cashback

You might make a profit even if you don’t sell the docking station ….

Dell Small Business is on various shopping and reward portals.  If you are a member of any of these, see what you can get.  As long you’re getting more than £4.73 of value back on your £154.73 purchase, you will automatically be in profit even without selling the item.

You have also earned 154 Membership Rewards points from your purchase!

Next step …. sell the D3100

I haven’t sold the unit yet, so this is still a work in progress.  However, I will show you what I have done so far.

eBay was always going to be the best place to sell this.  eBay lets you clone listings run by others.  This made it very easy to get my product listed.  The parcel arrived as scheduled on Wednesday 8th and it took me under 10 minutes to get my eBay listing up.

You can see my (still running) eBay listing here which you can clone.  Go to my listing and on the left hand side, click where it says “Have one to sell? Sell it yourself”.  You will be taken to the listing form with all of the data pre-populated.  There is virtually nothing for you to do except set a price.

eBay recommended I price it at £109.  I went for £99 plus £5 postage.  Amazon was charging £119.

This was for a ‘Buy It Now’ listing.  I could have run an auction, but I was happy to sit it out and hope for £99.  With other ‘Buy It Now’ sellers asking as much as the £150+ I had paid, albeit they had professional looking eBay ‘shops’, I am hopeful it will sell.

If it doesn’t, I’ve not lost anything.  Second-hand units are selling for around £60, so I’m sure it would go quickly if I went down from £99 to £75.

In the end, I estimate that I will have spent no more than 90 minutes on the entire process, of which 60 minutes will be a casual stroll down to the Post Office and back which I am happy to write off as exercise!

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  1. Amusing story, thanks Rob.

    The lazier approach would be to short sell the item on eBay first, then have Dell drop-ship it to the directly to the buyer. 🙂

    • Fair point!

    • Dropshipping from Dell does carry some risk. I’ve ordered several laptops from Dell over the past few months and some have taken 2-6 weeks to arrive and the majority have been cancelled (usually 4-6 weeks after ordering) then though it said in stock or delivery within 2 days etc. That said, with accessories I’d say the risk is somewhat less.

    • Pat the Postie says:

      Never heard it called short sell before, drop shipping from companies is not worth the hassle unless you have an agreement setup

  2. Daniel Evans says:

    I don’t see this offer. I have just ordered 5 x 1m USB-C cables @ £20 each from Google to trigger 5 x £20 credits and will be selling on eBay as described above.

    • Andrew says:

      £20 for a USB-C cable!! Good luck reselling those given that a perfectly serviceable cable from ebay or Amazon shouldn’t cost more than £1.

      • Daniel Evans says:

        Serviceable USB-C for £1? Please tell me where. I’ve had soooo many USB C cables fail on me over the past year it’s ridiculous. There seems to be something inherently unreliable about them, especially the cheap ones.

        • cinereus says:

          Just buy from decent quality listings/sources. I batter my USB-C cables and they’ve lasted almost 4 years without breaking a sweat. Nobody will buy a USB-C cable for £5 let alone £20.

          • Frank says:

            Confusing as it might be USB-C cables do not all have the same functionality, so depending on what your bed to use it for £20 might be what it costs. If it’s just for charging your phone then £20 would be expensive though

        • Andrew says:

          They’re not perfect but you certainly won’t go through 20 of them in the lifetime of the google cable. I tend to get braided cables for £4/5 each. They look better than plain plastic and are more flexible.

  3. Pompeyyorkblues says:

    Random question time please. Apologies if it’s the wrong thread as I’m not good with technology, but can someone please help?
    My return flight to Prague has been cancelled and after 15 attempts to get through I Finally got refunded in full. Great news! However my outgoing one x 4 on July 25 has not been cancelled yet. They are refusing to refund as I booked it separately to the return one (a lesson learnt there). I believe we can’t visit Prague atm anyhow so where do I stand?
    Am I correct t in saying I can cancel up to 24 hours before n get a voucher plus Avios back. So I may as well wait and see if they cancel?
    Thank you in anticipation

  4. David S says:

    And it’s a tax deductible expense ?

    • Not if you sell it!

      Technically, as the credit is directly linked to the purchase, if you put the purchase through your accounts you should put the £150 credit through too.

      • Alex W says:

        If you only sold it for £100 though presumably you could tax deduct the £50 loss?

        • Genghis says:

          Buy item for £150: Dr asset £150, Cr cash £150
          Receive statement credit for £150: Dr cash £150, Cr P&L £150
          Sell item for £100: Dr cash £100, Dr P&L £50, Cr asset £150.
          I make that a Dr cash £100, Cr P&L £100 end position, meaning tax due on the £100.

  5. Simon Cross says:

    I am sure it will sell especially with all this “advertising” to the HFP customer base (joke).

  6. mr_jetlag says:

    I have this dock, it’s OK. Anything Dell sells you can find a chinese clone for around 1/3 of the price even on Amazon, but without the quality control and manufacturers warranty.

    If I see a glut of these on ebay I’ll know who to blame, “whitestone” 🙂

  7. onlysuites says:

    Is anyone still waiting for their split Dell transactions to be credited back from Amex? They haven’t credited my account yet.

    Also for the Business Plat card holders how long are they taking to give back the £250 credit once they have charged your card the yearly fees?

  8. Lashious says:

    are the 5 views per hour all from HFPointers?

  9. LEWIS says:

    Sorry for going off topic. Does anyone know if there is a way to get a car purchase?
    Not that I would buy a car just based on avios but some avios might tip the scale

    • Genghis says:

      I negotiated the best price with the dealer and then paid on credit card in full.

      • Mark M says:

        +1 It’s a good way of getting an immediate free IHG voucher – use Curve if needed.

      • LEWIS says:

        My credit limit doesn’t stretch that far unfortunately

        • Mr. AC says:

          I’ve had my credit limit raised 4x (2500 -> 10000) on Virgin (free) after I called telling them I wanted to book an expensive cruise on the card (this was pre-COVID). Obviously not enough for a car, but wouldn’t hurt to call and see if your credit card provider can accommodate this based on your prior history with them.

      • Did the same but split over my IHG and my wife’s card.

  10. Does anybody know if this offer is available on new applications? One would assume not but worth asking! Thanks

    • Good question. It is open to ‘all’ cardholders but whether that includes new ones I don’t know. Same goes for the £200 Currys PCWorld credit.

    • I applied for the business platinum a month ago. Registered the card as soon as it arrived and I’m the past week the Dell, fed ex and google store offers have been loaded one by one. So it worked for me but YMMV

  11. Jamie Collins says:

    This sounds like a stupid question but here goes.. Can I access this offer if I don’t have a business?

    • You need a business bank account to apply. Business does not need to be trading oddly.

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