How I am maximising the American Express Business Platinum £150 Dell cashback offer

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American Express recently launched a series of cashback offers for its Business Platinum and Business Gold cardholders.  This is how I am trying to maximise one of them to generate as much money as possible.

I am going to look at the Dell cashback offer for American Express Business Platinum cardholders.

This is a generous deal.  If you spend over £150 at Dell before 27th August, you will receive £150 cashback.

Amex Business Platinum Dell offer

Unfortunately, we have no need for any IT equipment at the moment.  I decided that the best way to maximise this deal was to buy something for close to £150 and then resell it on eBay.

This needed to be approached sensibly.  Buying a monitor, for example, had many problems – they are easily damaged in transit, and they are bulky and expensive to ship.  This wasn’t the way to go.

I also wanted to spend as close to £150 as possible to minimise my out of pocket expenditure.

I settled on this:

It is a Dell USB 3.0 Ultra HD Triple Video Docking Station D3100 UK.  I had absolutely no idea what it did, although the description says “The Dell Docking Station – USB 3.0 connects your laptop to up to three additional monitors, various external devices and the Internet with a single cable.”

However, this is what I DID know:

it cost £128.94 plus VAT with free delivery, so the total cost was £154.72 (£4.72 over the magic £150 level to trigger the cashback)

it looked like a relatively small and sturdy item to post

brand new ones were listed on eBay for around £100 and many were at higher prices

A few seconds after placing my order, I received an email from Amex confirming that I had triggered by £150 cashback:

The cashback triggered within 24 hours of the transaction hitting my statement:

American Express Dell cashback

You might make a profit even if you don’t sell the docking station ….

Dell Small Business is on various shopping and reward portals.  If you are a member of any of these, see what you can get.  As long you’re getting more than £4.73 of value back on your £154.73 purchase, you will automatically be in profit even without selling the item.

You have also earned 154 Membership Rewards points from your purchase!

Next step …. sell the D3100

I haven’t sold the unit yet, so this is still a work in progress.  However, I will show you what I have done so far.

eBay was always going to be the best place to sell this.  eBay lets you clone listings run by others.  This made it very easy to get my product listed.  The parcel arrived as scheduled on Wednesday 8th and it took me under 10 minutes to get my eBay listing up.

You can see my (still running) eBay listing here which you can clone.  Go to my listing and on the left hand side, click where it says “Have one to sell? Sell it yourself”.  You will be taken to the listing form with all of the data pre-populated.  There is virtually nothing for you to do except set a price.

eBay recommended I price it at £109.  I went for £99 plus £5 postage.  Amazon was charging £119.

This was for a ‘Buy It Now’ listing.  I could have run an auction, but I was happy to sit it out and hope for £99.  With other ‘Buy It Now’ sellers asking as much as the £150+ I had paid, albeit they had professional looking eBay ‘shops’, I am hopeful it will sell.

If it doesn’t, I’ve not lost anything.  Second-hand units are selling for around £60, so I’m sure it would go quickly if I went down from £99 to £75.

In the end, I estimate that I will have spent no more than 90 minutes on the entire process, of which 60 minutes will be a casual stroll down to the Post Office and back which I am happy to write off as exercise!

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  1. Pablo says:

    I hope you listed it during one of £1 final fee promo weekends otherwise it’s 10% lost in eBay fees. It can always be ended early and relisted if the promo appears in the coming days.

    • Andrew says:

      Last week they offered me 2% fees which was a new approach to the £1 weekend offer. Good for anything under £50 where you will be paying less than £1 fee.

  2. KBuffett says:

    Didn’t you receive double MR points or has that offer ended?

  3. Rob, actually I, could be interested in similar I use the D6000 (£150) version, connects my Dell XPS13 Laptop to 3 screens.

    When we finally go back to the office I’m likely to be continuing working from home for at least 1 day a week so will need 2 full setups.

    • Mr. AC says:

      +1 Can someone (apart from Rob) post their Ebay listing if you pursue this? I need one of those docks to do another dual monitor setup in the bedroom, and I don’t have the Business Platinum card. Would prefer to buy from a HFPer.

      • I have the offer – happy to buy and arrange for Dell to send direct to you if you want?

        • Actually on checking it turns out I have a different – worse – Dell offer. Thanks Amex 🙁

  4. memesweeper says:

    … and I only got 10% off at Dell on my Business Gold 🙁

  5. Hotel-User says:

    How many of these will now be listed ?

    Good plan.

    Has anyone else got other thoughts on other items ( to avoid competition to Rob ) ?

    • Chrisasaurus says:

      Methinks the market for them is big enough to accommodate a few more

    • You can stick it in a cupboard for a couple of months. You’re not out of pocket.

  6. Dirtyneedlebluesky says:

    Don’t forget PayPal fees as well – they take a surprising chunk.

    Shame it’s not USB-C I’m in the market for one as Amazon recently let me down.

  7. Simon says:

    And this offer extends to supplementary cards?

  8. USATB says:

    Rob, take off ebay (end item) and relist it when they have a fees promo, they run one with a maximum of £1 selling fees every 3 to 4 weeks.. that takes the ebay fee down from 10% (£11.40) to £1

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      Doesn’t always work that way. As above many didn’t get the £1 FVF promo last weekend and was offered 2% which I must admit is still a lot better than full fees @ 10%.

  9. John Dodd says:

    Don’t forget you claim/offset the vat so you are already in pocket to the tune of £25

    • Andrew says:

      Except you would then need to charge the eBay customer VAT/declare the VAT on the sale.

    • Genius.

      Just buy stuff though the company and sell it on eBay as an individual.

      What could possibly go wrong.

  10. Optimus Prime says:

    LOL I have just bought the WD19TB since I have a computer with Thunderbolt 3 ports.

    BTW have you included the PayPal fees in your calculation or there is a way to sell on eBay without taking payment via PayPal?

  11. The Streets says:

    I got myself a second monitor for around the £150 mark which is perfect for wfh. Not sure I have the willpower or if it’s worth the risk for minimal profit to buy and resell

    However I do like the Nando’s gift cards Curry’s are selling for £20

    • The GC at Currys, is that online or instore?

      • The Streets says:

        Online. Some get posted others click and collect

        • Thanks 😊

          I did not get the offer, I await to see if it comes up.

        • DON’T DO IT.

          I tried this. It’s a farce. If you ‘click and collect’ a gift card, you DO get the £20 credit – it works. Proved it. However, the store CANNOT provide you with a gift card which is activated. It is IMPOSSIBLE to activate a gift card without doing a purchase transaction on a till.

          If you look on the Currys website, you’ll see that £25 Netflix gift cards are now ‘not available’. This is down to me, because I bought one as a ‘click and collect’ test and when Currys realised the problem they were pulled from sale. Unfortunately the idiots didn’t pull any other gift cards from sale.

          • Chris Heyes says:

            [email protected] They might not be “idiots” they pulled yours because you complained so they should
            But other gift cards still selling but not working could be months before the precipitant finds out
            unless they read your post just now easy temp money
            if you think about it

          • I promise you, it’s not easy money at all. Margins on gift cards are very low and it took a HUGE amount of staff time to sort out the refund.

          • The Streets says:

            Ahh that’s annoying. I was popping along to Curry’s today to collect. It worked fine for the £25 iTunes gift cards received through the post. That will pay for my Athletic magazine subscription and Apple TV..

            You can also buy many of the games console gift cards that can be sent through the post. I am not this type of gamer (only points!) but in an indirect way they are advertising six months of Spotify for free when you buy the £25 MICROSOFT Xbox Live Gift Card

            Last week I picked up an Echo dot with clock which was reduced from £59.99 to £29.99 for £9.99 which also came with free six months of Spotify. Unfortunately the price has gone back up to £54.99.. but there are bargains to be had!

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