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Stay in the new YOTEL London for £30 per night!

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YOTEL, the small capsule hotel brand, has recently opened a hotel in Clerkenwell, London. With the new YOTEL promotion you can stay in central London for £30 per night!

The link to the booking page is here.

Your booking is refundable up to 3pm on the day before arrival.

YOTEL London lobby

What is YOTEL?

Founded by Yo Sushi creator Simon Woodroffe, YOTEL is based on Japanese capsule hotels.  YOTELs have rather small rooms, called cabins, and are designed for short stays

With most tourist spending the majority of time in the city and not the hotel room, this concept makes sense for people who want a particular level of quality but are less concerned about space.

At the end of 2020 there will be five YOTEL sites in the UK. Two YOTELAIR opened at Heathrow and Gatwick in 2007 – you can read our review of YOTELAIR Gatwick here.

In 2019 it opened a new location in Edinburgh. YOTEL London has just opened whilst YOTEL Glasgow is due in the coming months.

YOTEL London

YOTEL London

YOTEL London is situated in Clerkenwell, slap bang in between Kings Cross St Pancras, Farringdon, Barbican, Holborn and Angel. It is a fascinating area which still retains a lot of independent retail.

There are a range of ‘cabins’ available depending on your needs. You can choose between a solo cabin:

YOTEL London solo cabin

…a queen cabin:

YOTEL London Queen cabin

…a premium triple, with a floating bunk bed(!):

YOTEL London triple cabin

…as well as a variety of ‘premium’ options such as a ‘First Class’ cabin or VIP Suite:

YOTEL London First Class cabin

As you can see, the rooms make an inventive use of the (relatively small) sizes.

You’ll also get “luxury bedding, rejuvenating rain showers, relaxing mood lights, numerous charging points and smart TVs that can easily be connected to guests’ own devices.” WiFi is free and “super-fast”.

Stay in YOTEL London for £30 per night

This leads us to YOTEL London’s introductory offer, which it is branding as a “commuter rate” although it is open to all:

“We’ve launched the ‘£30 Commuter rate’ at YOTEL London. For cheaper than the average cost of a daily commute, you can now enjoy a night or two or three at our brand new hotel in Clerkenwell and what’s more, get more time to sleep in before arriving at the office.”

To access the rate, book via this page on the YOTEL website or use the promo code ‘COMMUTER’.

The commuter rate is available for stays Monday to Thursday nights until Friday 9th October.

The rate is cabin-only but you can add breakfast for an extra £10 per person which includes a ‘build your own breakfast bag’ of breakfast muffins, pastries, fruit, yoghurt, juice, tea and coffee.

As far as I can see the £30 promotion only applies to a standard Queen cabin. Other rooms are available with a 10% [email protected] discount – more info on that in our article here.

Unfortunately the commuter rate does not stack with the 10% [email protected] discount, although you should still be eligible to earn Virgin Flying Club or Flying Blue miles!

Even better, the rate includes free cancellation up to 3pm the day before your arrival.

You can book on the YOTEL London site here. I assume that only a handful of rooms are available per night at this price so I wouldn’t hang about if you are interested.

Comments (53)

  • tony says:

    Some interesting deals doing the rounds on London hotels this month, clearly. I got an e-mail earlier from South Place hotel offering rooms for £100, Sunday-Thursday, until the end of September. No offer code needed apparently.

  • Youngtraveller says:

    Stayed in yotel Singapore the room was similar to the queen one shown here. Really convenient and really nice for budget travel. Will have to try the London one soon.

  • Sina says:

    It’s just a test 😅

  • BJ says:

    What size are the queen rooms? Are we talking Tokyo-sized 14-17sqm or bigger than that?

  • Novice says:

    I was impressed many years ago when I stayed in Yotel at Heathrow which had lighting that changed for sleeping and a massive shower. I got breakfast included (paid for it as extra) and it arrived in a box delivered to the room at requested time and still hot. I thought it was a great concept for allowing a good nights sleep just before my train back home. It was very secure and professional. I must have been 16 yrs old still felt very safe to make the way to the Yotel despite coming back on a late flight from travelling on my first trip solo touring Iceland. I had been nervous to be in London alone at that time at night, imagining all sorts of nasty things as I had took a morning flight going and had private guides in Iceland so I had been dreading coming back late. It was my first experience of being in London at night without family. But, the Heathrow staff were very nice and helpful and pointed me in the right direction. And, the Yotel receptionists were great especially when they saw age on my passport and the fact that I was alone. They put me in a room they could keep an eye on and it was sound proof.

    I don’t know if anything has changed but I have only a good memory of my stay.

    • HAM76 says:

      The Plaza Premium lounge is also right next to the Yotel in LHR, which makes it a nice lobby bar with free drinks if you have a priority pass.

    • Novice says:

      @Peter North, are the restrictions making you cry yourself to sleep 😴 every night… Sounds like it

    • Fenny says:

      It would have been nice to have had the option for one when I came back from Norway in 1988. First time I’d ever flown. I was on my own and had to spend hours in the bus station waiting for a coach back to Sheffield. Got the 3am coach. Home just as my parents were getting up for work.

  • Funtime says:

    I really haven’t a clue what this blog’s target audience is.

    Boris bikes, £20k vat “losses” and now £30 cabins of 10 square metres.

    Yes, I know I’ll cancel my sub.

    • Rob says:

      That’s why I get to run a blog which will do 20 million page views this year, hang out with airline CEOs and fly around in Business and First Class for nothing, whilst you don’t 🙂

      • Yorkieflyer says:

        Well said, I for one enjoy a bit of variety

        • BJ says:

          +1, long term readers like me probably enjoy the variety. Would be dull if the articles were all same same. Used to be that I didn’t care much for hotel reviews on HfP but the recent reader-review angle has changed that too. HfP has adapted with the times and I think that’s important. In the early years it was dominated by miles and points but there was loads of promotions. As they dried up a bit things evolved to give more weight to flight abd hotel deals. Amex changes two years ago, we got loads on strategy. Times like now, we are getting news. Cannot fault the general balance and pertinence of articles over time in my view. Unrealistic to expect to be interested in everything all the time but hardly a reason to run off.

          • Funtime says:

            I’ve been reading the blog for about six years and in the early days benefited greatly from it.

            People brag and boast of their wealth and numerous fantastic holidays etc, but seriously BJ if aspirations are a £30 box room.

            • BJ says:

              I guess the attraction of aspirational deals has been a big draw for a substantial number of readers but there is more to it than that. If there wasn’t then I would have neither found HfP useful or enjoyable to read. I’ve stayed in Peninsula and Four Seasons hotels but it didn’t mean I’m not interested in reading whether a seaside hotel in Southend might have something to offer me. I’ve flew First Class on a number of airlines but the most fun I had flying in recent years was rediscovering economy on Etihad having been motivated to do so by articles on HfP about the mbna card and the various ways of redeeming EG miles on flights and upgrades. I am not bragging about the opportunities I have had that some might consider aspirational, it has largely been good fortune more than anything else. Furthermore, those experiences pale into insignificance when compared to my travels as a student which were much more memoraboe and which I had to work hard to realise. Sure, there are many here who can afford luxury travel, and some who don’t want to pay much for it even though they can. However, there are loads of readers here too who have had dreams, both modest and amazing, come true thanks to what they have learned on HfP and that’s a great thing.

      • Lady London says:

        Airline CEO’s and Eric Lanlard, actually 🙂

      • Funtime says:

        So what is the target audience?

        • Rob says:

          If I like the deal, I run it.

          Data shows readers are London professionals, £75k, 25-44.

          • Funtime says:

            So Rob, why would they want to stay in a £30 cupboard in London?

            • Rob says:

              Have you read the article? It is a rate for City workers (ie our readers) who don’t want to commute home during the week, probably because they are off eating or drinking after work.

              £30 is a lot cheaper than a taxi.

              That’s why we ran it.

              • Funtime says:


                Thought the city boys were happy to pay surge pricing. Those super models in the school waiting area aren’t cheap to run.

                I’ll leave it at that.

              • Binks says:

                Completely agree. If you are a commuter or even if you travel to londOn and stay in hotels 3/4 nights a week for work, before going back home, the article would definitely be of interest.

                Even someone who lives and works in London I found it interesting and an option for me.

            • BJ says:

              Sex, drink, domestic strife, covenience or any combination of those four 🙂

            • TGLoyalty says:

              Honestly. go out, get pissed, sleep, checkout and go to work.

            • Ryan Gill says:

              If I just wanted somewhere to sleep, this would fit the bill. I would then have more money to spend on a luxury hotel when I choose. Aspiring usually involves making choices, hopefully the ones that achieve the best overall lifestyle, not just spending money for the sake of it. Many wealthy people would book these, an attitude that may have helped them achieve and sustain their wealth.

            • Lady London says:

              because historically the choice has been a £75 to £90 cupboard in London.

          • Mutley says:

            I’m well past the target age, but earned more, and stayed grounded and humble unlike a lot of the posters on here. The level of arrogance and patronising on here sometimes defies belief, we don’t all live in posh London, sometimes a bit of reflection on where we all came from wouldn’t go amiss

          • Gormlesstraveller says:

            Any chance of an article with tips on how to earn 75k?!

            • ChrisBCN says:

              How to earn 75k? Learn to do something that is in demand that few others can do.

            • Rob says:

              Add more than £75k of value to your employer in a way a random person picked from the job market cannot.

              It really is that simple. If you can convince me that you can sell £200k of advertising for HFP to new clients in a year I will start you on £75k tomorrow.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      I don’t understand the comment this blog is about maximising value out of points or great travel deals (ex EU etc)

      Boris bikes is how to game the system to make £4 (if you value Mr at 1p each) or 1000 MR that would normally take anywhere up to £1000 spend.
      Loss of VAT / duty free from UK airports is going to affect nearly everyone who reads this blog regardless of what they earn.
      Cheap deal in central London for those that like to travel.

      It’s all connected!

    • Lady London says:

      I am very interested in this type of hotel because of the number of nights I arrive 1am-3am and leaving following morning.

      For me a hotel either has to be 5*+ or one of these. I only stay in hotels in between these two extremes for work. I’d like to hear of any others as they come up.

      Premier Inn has something but regional and looks like rollout of more than a couple is currently stalled. Does anyone know did Marriott reformulate the Motto idea?

      • memesweeper says:

        The Residence Inns are very cheap in London at the moment … good for the crash pad and the ‘day office’. But not £30 … that’s a fantastic rate.

  • letBAgonesbe says:

    Thanks Rob! I like this article very much!

  • ChrisW says:

    Great offer for people who CBF getting an hour plus train home after a late work session, or a long boozy dinner.
    I could see people with long commutes loving this, although with so much remote working this year surely people who don’t live close to work will avoid coming into the office next year as much as possible.

    • Lady London says:

      also perhaps not to present oneself at home in too bad a state after a night out and a commute… sometimes discretion and staying in town for the night will preserve domestic blisd and avoid earache.

    • Fenny says:

      Also great for people who would like to go to the theatre (well, not right now, obv) and the last train leaves at 10pm. Cheap option to stay over and get the first train back in the morning for work. An extra £90 or so on top of London theatre prices doesn’t work.

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