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Bits: 100% bonus buying Hilton points, 25% discount buying Hyatt points, Zipzone expands

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News in brief:

100% bonus buying Hilton points – one week only

Hilton has brought back its offer of a 100% bonus when you purchase 20,000+ points. Your options are limited though – you can only buy in chunks of 20,000 points with a cap of 80,000 points, plus the bonus.

The Hilton ‘buy points’ page is here

If two of you each bought the full cap of 160,000 points and then transferred them into one account via Points Pooling (free), you’d have 320,000. This is what you need to book a 5-night stay at an 80,000 points per night luxury hotel, given the ‘5 for 4’ deal given to all elite Hilton Honors members.

This is the deal I used to book 5 nights at the Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah Dubai over Christmas, saving over 60% on the cash price. I wrote about how I did that in this article.

You are paying 0.5 cents (0.36p) per point via this offer. As we wrote in our recent article on what Hilton Honors points are worth, our target is 0.33p so you won’t lose money with this deal. You also have the potential to do substantially better at peak hotels at peak times.

The page to buy points is here if you are interested. The offer runs to 29th July.

Hilton Honors buy points 100% bonus worth it

25% discount buying Hyatt points

World of Hyatt has also launched a ‘buy points’ offer. To confuse people, this one offers a 25% DISCOUNT rather than a bonus.

A 25% discount is equivalent to a 33% bonus, to save you doing the maths. This makes it better than the 25% and 30% bonuses we usually see.

It is clearly worth a look if you want to top up your account in advance of a redemption. It may also be worth buying all of the points you need if you are planning a Summer break. Here is our article on the new luxury 7Pines resort in Ibiza and what a good deal it is for points – even if you buy them.

One great benefit of World of Hyatt is ‘last room availability’. If a standard room is available for cash it must be made available for points. This can greatly increase the value you get.

The ‘buy points’ page is here. The offer runs to 25th August.

25% discount buying hyatt points

Zipcar Flex expands to Ealing and Richmond

We’ve written before about how you can use Zipcar Flex to rent a car and drop off a car directly at Heathrow Terminal 5. It’s actually my preferred (and fastest) way of getting to the airport, and last year I reviewed the Zipcar Flex experience from start to finish.

You can do the same in reverse, picking up a car from Heathrow T5 and driving home or wherever you need to go.

Unfortunately, whilst Zipcar does offer its Flex (one-way rental) services in many parts of London, vast swathes are still excluded.

This is slowly changing. Zipcar has announced it is expanding Zipcar Flex into the boroughs of Ealing and Richmond.

If you want to try Zipcar out use our link to receive £15 free driving credit you can get when signing up. Membership is free and £15 will get you just over an hour of drive time. Note that if you drop off or pick up at Heathrow you have to pay an additional £7.50 fee.

Zipcar Flex ealing

Masters dissertation survey

A reader recently reached out to ask whether we could publicise their masters dissertation survey, which is based on business air travel. Here is the invite:

Dear Business Travellers,  

Have you or do you currently travel by airplane for business purposes? If yes, I would be grateful if you could complete my survey.  

You can complete the survey here.

I am a postgraduate student at the University of Surrey, studying Air Transport Management. For my dissertation, I am conducting a survey focusing on the importance of airline service quality attributes from a business traveller perspective.  

The survey takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes to complete. All information provided is anonymous and will be treated confidentially.  

Thank you for taking the time to complete my survey! 


If you ever had to run a similar survey at university then you can pay it back by helping Patricia. It took me 5 minutes to complete.

Comments (35)

  • Ehch says:

    Survey done Patricia but adjusting option 2/4 on the likert scale will help future respondents and your results. 2 – ‘it must be that way’ is stronger than 1 – ‘i like it’ in my reading. Also, 4 – ‘i can live with it that way’ is neutral and same as 3.

    • Susan says:

      Also it’s pretty common these days for s/haul = economy, l/haul = business. The survey didn’t recognise this mix.

      • Andrew says:

        Who are the employers (outside of PE firms before Rob says them) that pay for long haul business these days and how can I get a job for one?

        • Red Flyer says:

          I work for an international pension and investment company and our contract states economy up to 5 hours and business if over that. I think that is still pretty standard for most financial services companies these days?

          • Rob says:

            I think my wife is 5 hours.

            The only exceptions were a couple of times when she wanted to go to conferences in Asia, and the bank was like ‘look, we’ll pay the fee, we’ll give you a luxury hotel, we’ll adjust to not having you here for a week but we’re not dropping £5k on a flight as well’ – which is fair enough.

        • the_real_a says:

          My former employer (top 3 tech firm) used to only offer business if you had a medical need. It was surprising how many of the frequent travelers had bad backs and knees. The local private doctor have a reliable income stream for medical notes.

          • Jonathan says:

            Tbf if I was regularly travelling long haul economy I’d probably have a bad back or knee!

  • Olly says:

    No detail on how much one would be paying for the points and whether this represents good value? Is HfP getting lazy in the summer heat?

    Is the 5 for 4 deal available for all Honors members or only those with Silver upwards?

    • Chris Heyes says:

      Oily That’s a bit unfair there are plenty of posts/articles on how much a Hilton point is worth, including when buying them
      Also plenty of articles about Hiltons 5 for 4 deals including qualifying
      Maybe readers on HFP are getting lazy in the summer heat and want Rob/Rhys to hold there hand ?

      • Olly says:

        I know how much a point is valued at Chris as I’ve read those articles but if there’s no detail included in this article of how much you’re paying for the points, then it’s not possible to judge the value of this particular offer. Analysis always adds value to the reader.

        • Lady London says:

          Very, very recent articles with 7Pines detail and ditto for valuation of Hilton points

  • MiddleEngland says:

    I book the Hilton points offer last night. I was able to use this offer despite having purchased the maximum annual amount in the last offer. 160,000 cost 800 USD.

  • Travel Strong says:

    Needed 6 rooms in Bournemouth on a recent weekend with the Hilton running at £330 per night. Bought all the points and secured 6 x 50k redemptions at a cost of 250 USD / £178 per room. Which was even cheaper than the few premier inn rooms that were still available.

    However it took a couple of days to process the $1500 purchase which was very unnerving! Thankfully the rooms stayed available through that time – but be aware the Hilton points purchases may not be instant.
    When purchasing IHG’s through in the past, I recalled them being instant, so was suprised.

  • Dave1985 says:

    Good to see zipcar expanding. Great news to coincide with freedom week!


  • Judge says:


  • Jamie says:

    Is there any way round the Hyatt 55k points limit? Barely enough for two nights at my intended redemption (Hotel Martinez Cannes)

    • Rob says:

      Another member can transfer points to you (for free, needs a call) BUT both accounts – giver and receiver – must have had a stay in the last 12 months.

  • Roy says:

    Worth pointing out that the offer runs until 29th July or until sold out.

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