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How can you maximise the American Express ‘£20 back on £25 Daily Telegraph spend’ offer?

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There is an interesting offer from the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph showing on a lot of American Express accounts at the moment.

To see if you are targeted, you need to look under the ‘Offers’ tab on the statement page for each Amex card that you hold.  If you see the offer, click ‘Save To Card’.

This is the deal:

Spend £25+ on The Telegraph subscriptions and get a £20 statement credit

Offer valid until 21st November

That’s it.

Daily Telegraph subscription offer

The reason this is interesting is that The Telegraph has some offers running which would combine with the Amex statement credit.  This makes your net cost potentially very low.

What are the best value Telegraph subscription packages?

Have a look at The Telegraph subscription website here.

On the basis that you want to maximise the £20 statement credit, these are the ones I liked the look of:

Best deal – a one year digital Student Subscription for just £5 net

Do you know anyone who is studying and has a or .edu email address?  You can buy them (or buy yourself, if you’re a student) a full year online subscription to The Telegraph for £25 via this page.

The cost of a one-year digital Student Subscription is £25.  With the £20 Amex cashback, your net cost is just £5.  £5 for a full year of The Telegraph app is an excellent deal.

The sign-up page for a Student Subscription is here.

Best deal – a six month digital Standard Gift Subscription (which you gift to yourself)

There is no six month option if you pay for a full subscription for yourself.  However, under ‘Gift Subscriptions’, you’ll see that you can buy someone – yourself! – a six month gift subscription for £49.

This would reduce to £29 after the cashback.

The sign-up page for a Standard Gift Subscription is here.

Daily Telegraph sports subscription

Not a great deal – a one-year digital Standard Subscription

The 12-month subscriptions are not a great deal.  They costs £99 for a year, which drops to £79 after the cashback.  You are better off with a six-month gift certificate.

Historically we have seen very generous free gifts attached to standard subscriptions, which could often be sold at a profit.  There is nothing on offer at the moment.

The sign-up page for a Standard Subscription is here.

Best deal for sport fans – a one-year digital Sport Subscription for just £19 net

If you only read the back pages of the newspapers, you might be interested in a one-year digital Sport Subscription instead.

The annual cost is £39 so, after the Amex cashback, you are only paying £19.

The sign-up page for a Sport Subscription is here.

With all of these offers, make sure that you pay upfront for the year.  £25 needs to be charged to your American Express card by 21st November to generate the £20 cashback.

Want to earn more points from credit cards? – May 2024 update

If you are looking to apply for a new credit card, here are our top recommendations based on the current sign-up bonuses.

In February 2022, Barclaycard launched two exciting new Barclaycard Avios Mastercard cards with a bonus of up to 25,000 Avios. You can apply here.

You qualify for the bonus on these cards even if you have a British Airways American Express card:

Barclaycard Avios Plus card

Barclaycard Avios Plus Mastercard

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Barclaycard Avios card

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You can see our full directory of all UK cards which earn airline or hotel points here. Here are the best of the other deals currently available.

Marriott Bonvoy American Express

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British Airways American Express Premium Plus

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The Platinum Card from American Express

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Virgin Atlantic Reward+ Mastercard

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Earning miles and points from small business cards

If you are a sole trader or run a small company, you may also want to check out these offers:

American Express Business Platinum

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American Express Business Gold

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Capital on Tap Business Rewards Visa

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For a non-American Express option, we also recommend the Barclaycard Select Cashback card for sole traders and small businesses. It is FREE and you receive 1% cashback on your spending.

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  • Colin MacKinnon says:

    I rather like the Telegraph’s travel pages, so once took up an offer. Didn’t carry on.

    Keep getting offered deals to come back, the latest being £1 for three months.

    Maybe one should swap temporary subscriptions between partners, rather than taking up the Amex offer?

    Anyone suggest – apart from FT – better holiday travel pages?

  • Dave says:

    It surprises me just how many leftie remoaner torybashers we have on hfp. Certainly not representative of the population. As a young Scotsman I’m very used to a vocal minority!

    Anyway, I prefer to read a physical copy and usually pick one up for free in Waitrose. Incidentally, the Telegraph always sells out before any other paper in my local (Scottish) Waitrose so there is clearly high demand for it.
    The Sunday edition also has plenty of good, non-political supplements (travel, food, motoring, business, etc).

    My only issue with the paper is its physical size. It’s fine for reading at home but too large for travelling. When travelling I prefer to read the Spectator.

    • David says:

      They don’t stock as many copies as other papers, which is why it goes so quickly.
      I’d also say that it is entirely reflective of the population. Why not tot up the votes of right wing and left wing parties at the last election to see that the UK is, unlike it’s parliament, a generally left of centre country.

    • James says:

      It surprises me that you think a newspaper that writes 1000 words on the shortage of food in our supermarkets without mentioning the B word is a vaguely credible newspaper!

    • J says:

      “leftie remoaner torybashers” – Amazing how your news sources have managed to distort your analysis of political view points. Pre referendum the supporters of Brexit came from both the left and right extremes. Centrists were pretty much universally remain. Convincing you that anything other than hard right wing is ‘leftie’ is a stunning manipulation by some of the media, when in fact, you probably have more in common with the average socialist worker reader than neoliberal small ‘c’ Conservatives.

    • WaynedP says:

      @ Dave, genuinely applaud that you hold deliberate views. Wish more did.

      But by the time you become a mature Scotsman, I hope that you will recognise (and champion) the criticism of poor stewardship, regardless of political affiliation.

      I voted for my excellent local Conservative MP, but my open criticism of poor governance by the UK PM and some of his chosen cabinet ministers would unjustifiably earn me your “leftie remoaner torybasher” label.

      Blind sectarian support for, or rejection of government policies and their overseers purely on ideological grounds is to fall into the dangerous and destructive trap of “if you are not for us, then you must be against us”.

    • Harry T says:

      This is exactly the kind of comment that gives Telegraph readers their reputation. It is entirely possible to find the Telegraph poorly written, biased and ill informed without actually being a Guardianista. It’s just the inevitable product of having a basic understanding of written English and critical thinking.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Happy freedom September Dave?

    • ThePenguin says:

      I wouldn’t bother, they are not listening and never will – you will soon be branded a “bordering on Racist”

  • A says:

    Really think the head for points site should ditch promoting this lame offer. As per a million other comments the journalism is mediocre and If you must then just get it from the library via press reader. Save the fiver and put it towards your holiday.

    • Rob says:

      I think you’re just displaying cheapness and narrow mindness 🙂 They still have over 300,000 people paying cash for it, and PressReader is simply not suitable for using on the go if you want to refresh top stories quickly.

    • jj says:

      It’s funny how some people can be so intolerant of other people who like different things or have different values from them.

      This site sometimes runs articles about hotels that I have no desire to visit. When that happens, I simply read a different article. It has never occurred to me to post comments that slander the character of people who stay or work in those hotels.

      Is it really so difficult to be pleasant to each other?

      • A says:

        This offer or some variant gets wheeled out so frequently I think Rob basically confirmed he’s just trolling us…
        Will definitely prep popcorn for the sequel to this offer.
        I’m still loling at the potential readers spoofing being a student to nick a few quid of a newspaper subscription from a tip they read on a travel related site. Stay classy everyone.

      • ThePenguin says:

        Why do you think Lefties would be tolerant and liberal minded? Oh wait a min…………

        Those days are long gone! You do as they say and think as they say you should think

        If not, you can get cancelled, just like this character is trying to cancel this article!

  • John says:

    New York Times UK rate using or edu address is £2 monthly, cancel anytime. Worth it for the archives alone.

  • Pangolin says:

    I wish Amex had a way you could tell them to never show offers from a given retailer again. No more Sweaty Betty and all the other junk that has to be scrolled through just to see if there’s one worthwhile new offer.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      I’ve noticed saving is just 1 click now. Welcome improvement.

      I suspect they don’t want you to hide as that’s part of the appeal (marketing)

This article is closed to new comments. Feel free to ask your question in the HfP forums.

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