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NOW LIVE: You can transfer your Avios to Qatar Privilege Club – and why it changes everything

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This morning, Qatar Airways has officially adopted Avios as its frequent flyer currency. Qmiles are no more.

You can now link your British Airways Executive Club account with your Qatar Privilege Club account and move Avios back and forth at a 1:1 ratio. Our ‘how to’ guide to account linking is here.

If you think ‘so what?’ because you could already book Qatar Airways flights via British Airways Executive Club, then you need to think again.

You can transfer your Avios to Qatar Privilege Club

This is such a big topic that it’s going to take us a number of articles over a number of days to explore its nuances. In this introductory piece, I want to highlight a few things that should get you excited, or at least intrigued.

There are two additional articles today:

Qatar Airways reward flight pricing has changed, irrespective of where you book

Historically, if you booked a Qatar Airways flight on using Avios, it priced off the ‘partner reward chart’ which you can see in this HfP article.

This is no longer the case.

From today, Qatar Airways and British Airways flights will cost the same number of Avios irrespective of whether you book them on via Privilege Club or via Executive Club.

I do NOT mean that you will use the same number of Avios to fly to the same city on British Airways or Qatar Airways. I mean that there is no Avios arbitrage between the two websites:

  • a British Airways off-peak flight to New York in Business will cost 100,000 Avios via Executive Club on or Privilege Club on
  • a Qatar Airways flight to Dubai in Business will cost 100,000 Avios via Executive Club on or Privilege Club on

Qatar Airways has lower taxes than British Airways

When comparing British Airways and Qatar Airways redemptions to the same city, you should find that taxes and charges are lower on the Qatar Airways flight.

You can’t use a British Airways American Express 2-4-1 companion voucher or a Barclays upgrade voucher on Qatar Airways redemptions, of course. Your flight will also involve a connection in Doha.

It doesn’t matter which website you book on. For most destinations, you will pay a similar level of taxes irrespective of whether you book Qatar Airways redemption flights on the BA or Qatar Airways websites.

There is a difference when you book Business Class and your connecting flight from Doha is on a short-haul aircraft. This is what you would get if you booked London – Doha – Dubai for example.

This is down to how the BA website handles the connection, which is on a two-class aircraft featuring just Economy and First Class. It means that you pay £50 more to book the routing above on

Qatar Airways redemption flights starting outside the UK are great value

Qatar Airways has a broad network of departure points across Europe, allowing you to save a substantial amount on Air Passenger Duty and UK airport charges.

Again, we’ll look at this more closely in a few days but here is an example (remember that you ONLY see this pricing if you book on

  • London to Bangkok, Business Class, on Qatar Airways – £526 of taxes and charges
  • Dublin to Bangkok, Business Class, on Qatar Airways – £295 (€355) of taxes and charges
  • Amsterdam to Bangkok, Business Class, on Qatar Airways – £318 (€383) of taxes and charges

For comparison:

  • London to Bangkok, Business Class, on British Airways – £759 of taxes and charges

The real difference is availability, however. In practice there are ZERO dates you can get Club World seats to Bangkok over the next year. Qatar Airways is wide open.

Qatar Airways also has a superior Business Class product to British Airways, especially if you can secure flights with Qsuite:


and, especially good for families:

Qatar Qsuite

Our most recent Qsuite flight review is here and we plan to run a fresh one in the next few weeks.

Avios requirements on Qatar Airways are often cheaper too

In our Bangkok example above, Qatar Airways wants 150,000 Avios return. British Airways wants either 150,000 or 180,000 Avios depending on date.

Look at Sydney. British Airways, in the unlikely opportunity that you can find a seat, wants 250,000 or 300,000 Avios return in Business Class.

Qatar Airways has decent availability for 180,000 Avios and under £600 of taxes and it flies to multiple cities across Australia.

Remember that Avios transfer to and from British Airways Executive Club to Qatar Privilege Club in a 1:1 ratio.

Qatar Airways will guarantee Avios seats in all cabins on all flights

Like British Airways, Qatar Airways will be guaranteeing Avios seats in all cabins on all flights. The exact amount will vary by cabin and by aircraft type, but there will be at least two Business Class seats available.

This is not a ‘big bang’ change. For practical reasons Qatar Airways hasn’t been able to open up every flight in the schedule from today, but it will happen.

You can transfer your Avios to Qatar Privilege Club

You can use ‘cash and Avios’ to get cheaper cash tickets on Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways has adopted ‘cash and Avios’. This allows you to use your Avios to save money on a cash ticket, which means you get around issues of award availability.

We have a separate article today on a special launch offer which you can read here. You can book ‘cash and Avios’ on the Qatar Airways website here.

You can now earn and spend Avios on new airlines

Qatar Airways has partnerships with a number of airlines outside of the oneworld alliance. You can now earn and spend Avios with new airlines – see here.

We will look at this in more detail on another day, but I am most excited by the opportunity to redeem Avios on Oman Air, especially as British Airways no longer flies to Muscat.

Unfortunately, you cannot redeem with partner airlines online, but I believe it is in hand to launch later this year.

You can now earn and spend Avios with new hotel and car partners

This is also an article for another day, but a lot of new Avios earning options with partners are now available (as long as you open a Privilege Club account).

Europcar, Hertz and SIXT car rentals can now you earn Avios, for example – see here.

None of this applies to Iberia Plus members, unfortunately

It appears that you can only link British Airways Executive Club accounts to Qatar Privilege Club.

You can’t link Iberia Plus, Vueling Club or AerClub accounts.

This isn’t a huge problem but it is a bit annoying. You can use ‘Combine My Avios’ to move Avios from Iberia, Vueling or Aer Lingus into a British Airways account, and then on to Qatar Airways.


We will have a lot more on the benefits of this new partnership over the next few days.

The bottom line is that if you don’t think there is anything in it for you, you’re wrong.

Even if you never fly with Qatar Airways, you’ll be grateful for this partnership next time you use an airline, hotel or car rental company which works with Privilege Club but doesn’t work with British Airways.

Further reading:

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  • George K says:

    I can’t seem to link my accounts, but everything matches, including middle names…

    What gives?

    • Rob says:

      If you are registering other family members, double check that the Qatar site is not logging you back in as you. I had this issue yesterday. It rejected my wife’s match but only because when it returned back to QPC it was logging in as me.

      • George K says:

        Hmm no, just me.

        I may leave it for a bit. I see others are having issues. Not sure I dare call them…

      • ChrisC says:

        Im getting this as well and I’m not the only one.

        And there is only me here so a family members account isn’t the cause.

        And yes I’ve matched all the details with my BA account – even down to having Brighton all in capitals how it is in my BAEC.

        Unless QR are picking something from the wrong field but it’s not obvious.

  • Jake says:

    What would happen if one member of a BA household account (holding most of the avios) was to sign up and the other not.

    To confirm, would there be no loss of current functionality on BA HHA?

  • JerrySignfield says:

    If anyone has problems with the password box try google login

  • zee says:

    So there’s no way we can use a 2-4-1 voucher on Qatar airways?
    Do Qatar airways have 1st class cabins, and if they do which routes?

    • Rob says:

      Only on the A380 fleet, of which only 2-3 (?) are currently flying. It’s also not very good, oddly – Qsuite is better.

      • Tom says:

        Depends on your perspective, this is a very basic / simplified view. Even ignoring the soft product differences, QR A380 F is miles better than Qsuites for overnight flights where you want to sleep, it’s not even close – like being in a proper bed vs. cramped Qsuites for tall people. For a day flight I agree they both have pluses and minuses, although I’d always take QR F above Qsuites, personally.

        • flyoff says:

          QF First When I flew QR First the food was superb. I just focused in multiple starters – Caviar, huge scallops and great service.

    • Aston100 says:

      This guy is a bit annoying but is quite impartial unlike Sam Chui for example.
      He makes the point that Qatar 1st is probably not worth it given how good Qsuite is.

      • marcw says:

        “Not true. Remember it’s because airlines don’t know how to sell First Class”
        This was sarcastic, obviously.

    • chabuddy geezy says:

      Only on their A380 planes

    • iamlost says:

      Have experienced it DOH-SYD before. The hard product is nothing to get excited about, but the F&B is a step up for sure.

  • marcw says:

    Be aware of “redemption-fees”, which are non-refundable!

    • meta says:

      Are you saying that surcharges and taxes are not refundable? If that’s the case, it’s no use unless you need something last minute.

      • Rob says:

        I doubt that’s the case, because – as BA is charging identical taxes on non-UK departure points – people will book through BA instead and Qatar doesn’t get to pocket any surcharges when you actually fly (the ticketing airline gets those).

      • marcw says:

        When you are at the payment page, check Fare Breakdown -> expand “Taxes and Carrier imposed-fees”. The redemption fee, which is only part of taxes and fees (but a significant %), is clearly NON-REFUNDABLE. One way, BCN-DOH-BKK, 75000 Avios + €181.33 (redemption fee is €126).

        • meta says:

          Just reading up on this. They eliminated these non-refundable redemption fees in 2020, but have now with the switch over re-introduced them. BA then it still is or better AA Advantage.

  • FlightDoctor says:

    Which routes ex-EU typically have Q suites?

    • Rob says:

      A380 – no. 787-9 – no (has the new-style seat though which we’ve not reviewed yet). 787-8 – no. 777 – probably, not sure if refit is finished. A350 – definitely but fleet currently grounded. Not sure if the A330/340 fleet are still there.

      I think this is correct but someone will no doubt be along …

      • marcw says:

        Airbus 350-1000 yes. 350-900 only some of them have QSuite. Around 22 are currently grounded.
        But the easiest one is to check while you book. It should show whether your flight is Qsuite. However, be aware Qatar may swap, change plane from booking to departure date.

    • numpty says:

      Some 777-300 ERs still have the old biz seat (not Q suite and not that of a 787) – I’m booked on one from KUL to DOH which is the result of an equipment swap. Its an old seat with mixed reviews in a 2-2-2 layout. Still looking forward to it as over 4 sectors I’ll be in 787, 777s (Q Suite and Old) and A380 (with bar).
      Check the seat map and keep fingers crossed.

      • iamlost says:

        The 2-2-2s are showing their age, for sure, but I still love them for night flights as you have unparalleled leg room and it’s more comfortable than the coffin-like leg space in QSuite and herringbone. They might also be the only QR J configuration for a couple to sit together with a window seat?

  • smm says:

    I signed up last night following a comment on the forum but it did not mention a code and I did not get a bonus – is there a way to add this code now or has that boat sailed?

    • Rob says:

      Boat has sailed.

    • A says:

      Login to QR, unlink BA if linked, edit QR profile, delete account.

      Go to link above using code and sign up again – you can use same email and phone again if you wish as they will work again once you have deleted the account – and 2500 will be there. Link and transfer away.

    • Nick says:

      Just delete your account and then sign up again. Took me just a couple of minutes and then the 2,500 credited instantly.

    • neuromancer says:

      You can delete your account and sign up again. Did it in the past, and the button is still there.

  • Damilola says:

    I have linked my BA account and new Qatar privilege club into one and can see the balance on both. I am unable to combine the Avios on the “Move Avios between your accounts”. Any luck from anyone?

This article is closed to new comments. Feel free to ask your question in the HfP forums.

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