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  • CarpalTravel 368 posts

    Just as an FYI really:

    I am trying to reply to TGL (to say thank you) in this thread:

    Post: 314593

    Each time I click submit the page refreshes, scrolling to the top and no post. I am using the latest version of chrome, not using a VPN nor ad-blocker.

    Just to add – this thread post using the same device obviously is working fine!

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    HfP Staff
    2,294 posts

    Thanks. We are looking into conflicts between a bit of software we added to handle quotes and other stuff. Bear with us.

    CarpalTravel 368 posts


    Lady London 2,112 posts

    The system has just lost another post on the Broken Entertainment thread.

    Not short, not long. Quoted 1 level only Reply I think. Absolutely nothing contentious in the post. Unless you count refuting someone’s suggestion that you should kiss BA’s a$$ if they give you a seat with non-working entertainment. And no that wasn’t stated like that in the post. So absolutely no reason for it to be moderated.

    So the good news is captcha’s stopped. Just the rate of completely lost posts when Submitted, is ticking up.

    Lady London 2,112 posts

    I’m suspecting it’s losing Replies with at least one Quote level if another poster is drafting a post to the same thread at the same time.

    I have a gut feeling it’s happening if I start a quoted reply, then someone else click to post even a pure (not quoting) reply to the thread after I have started my quoted reply, the other person finishes their post and clicks submit, then when I click to submit my quoted reply, WordPress has lost its addressing/cache and loses the post. Either completely or puts it somewhere by default, where it won’t be seen for a while.

    Would match the pi55-poor cache and reply management we’ve seen previously on WordPress.

    ChrisC 956 posts

    There would be less problems with quotes if we could just reply to a post and have the reply nested to the original comment!

    Andrew J 771 posts

    Agree ChrisC – I’ve just tried to reply 4 times to a quote and in the end had to just post a new message. Clunky doesn’t begin to describe!

    HfP Staff
    2,294 posts

    Quoting is done via a separate WP plugin because, oddly, the forum software in its basic form doesn’t support it. Neil the IT guy has already fixed one bug in this software, which is slighly worrying given how many thousands of sites it is installed on, which seems to have dealt with the Captcha issue 🙂 Leave it with us.

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