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  • ml256 13 posts

    Applied 29th, accepted and subsequent acceptance email on the 1st.
    Have now had multiple welcome emails.
    Phoned them on the 6th to be told that they had no idea where the card is, even though I can see that the emails give the end 4 digits as part of the usual security measures. Phone support had no idea what to do except wait.

    PIN through today, so hopefully card will arrive shortly.

    MD 14 posts

    Applied on 30/03 and got the dreaded 5 day referral, but no email confirmation (desire the eligibility tracker saying I’d be accepted). Today, which I make 7 working days since application, got an acceptance email. No card or PIN yet. I’ll forgive them their tardiness though, as they’ve given me a rather decent £35000 limit!

    Nath4n 68 posts

    Applied on 28th PM, received 5 day referral message – but then approved and activated on the 30th with large limit. No card, no pin. Barclays app showed card from 30th onwards, and have also received multiple emails and messages, including those encouraging me to ‘activate’ my missing card…
    I’ll give it a few more days/week, and then ask them to reissue, as well as request a partial refund on the 1st months fee.

    rahaney 44 posts

    Update – No card today here neither. Also charged first months fee earlier this week.

    NorthernLass 8,237 posts

    I think everything is slow with BC! It took 2 weeks for my spend tracker to show anything at all. Yesterday morning I paid my final car payment split over Virgin and the BC, Virgin took the payment straight away whereas it’s still pending on the BC app over 24 hours later. Who knows when it’ll actually track for the SUB and voucher??

    Blindman67 141 posts

    Applied 30th
    Instant approval

    Lots of emails asking me to activate lots of stuff

    No Card or PIN yet.

    Just rung CS
    Apparently card posted 1st April-Should have been here 6th April.

    Rob I hope you are proud…..

    jayjay 74 posts

    Applied late on the 4th of April – got some sort of ‘we will review and get back to you’ message but haven’t heard anything since. No rejection email either yet…so hopefully it’s gone through.

    Pleased to say that the card arrived in the post today. No sign of a PIN, however I managed to get the PIN by registering for online banking so it’s all good.

    World Elite Mastercard which didn’t work with the Travel & Lifestyle benefit as reported by many:, so I’m curious to see what actual benefits we can get.

    ml256 13 posts

    Rang again as still nothing, and was told that they are aware of the issue, that it is due to “problems with a card supplier”, and that they will send out replacements “by courier”

    Time will tell…

    At least they confirmed I haven’t been charged for it yet…

    BuildBackBetter 705 posts

    Applied 30th. Instant approval.
    Received pin today.

    iamlost 108 posts

    My card finally turned up today, after a 2 week wait.

    rahaney 44 posts

    Copied from other thread.

    Success Data Point!
    Applied and accepted 28th, in app on 30th alongside Premier Account. Card arrived this morning 11th… so 10 working days or 2 weeks total for the wait.

    Also just rang so I think I’m getting a refund on the £20 monthly fee that they took last week. Unfortunately however they can’t change the intro offer start date as it’s hard coded into the system. So I’m 2 weeks down from the 3 months already..

    DaveP 3 posts

    Card arrived this morning. Activated and ready to spend. Barclaycard communication makes no reference to the HfP 5k extra bonus Avios. I applied through the HfP link – will it automatically be credited alongside the 25k Avios?

    kebl2555 29 posts

    Applied on 2nd and arrived today.

    BuildBackBetter 705 posts

    Card arrived today. Applied 30th. Received pin two days back.

    StephenW 4 posts

    Applied on 28th. Have PIN but no card. Helpline said there was a specific issue with the Avios cards and I should wait until (Good) Friday before reporting lost.

    iamlost 108 posts

    Applied on 28th. Have PIN but no card. Helpline said there was a specific issue with the Avios cards and I should wait until (Good) Friday before reporting lost.

    At least they’re acknowledging they have a problem now.

    Elle55e 4 posts

    Partner and son applied 31/3/22 (plus & free), both cards arrive today.

    Ingking 39 posts

    Applied on 29th. Pin received Friday 8th. Card received today

    Aston100 1,450 posts

    One week after Player 2 card arrived, they got an email advising them the card is on its way.

    sm 185 posts

    Applied 28/3 and accepted immediately. Pin arrive last week. Card finally arrived today ( exactly 2 weeks after applying ). Activated it with Barclays app.

    CH 16 posts

    Applied and accepted immediately a few minutes into 2nd April (effectively Friday night).
    Received acceptance email around 8am same day. No further emails until yesterday (Sunday 10th April) when it said I had a statement.
    Card received today 11th April. No PIN but have activated and seen online.

    And linked to Curve (no other transactions before)… Hope there’s no funny business!

    TheHills 5 posts

    Received card and pin yesterday too. Now just trying to get my Premier account and Barclaycard linked…

    ml256 13 posts

    Applied 29th, card arrived today.

    jondave 8 posts

    Applied 3rd April arrived today (12th April).

    Chiroman 5 posts

    My card also arrived today (12th April) with pin having already arrived several days prior.

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