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    @Lady London it is a very common feature in many spheres of life and litigation that settlements take very little,if any, account of the cost of people’s time and inconvenience. At MCOL the court wouldn’t even have the power to award what the FOS can by way of inconvenience/distress payments.

    You should see how little people get for serious injury unless it has an actual cost such as preventing them from working.

    Lady London

    And what’s your view of the time value lost due to Creation not paying out what people had earned, at least 18 months late?

    Fee refunds : value must have lost at least 15% of their value due to inflation.

    Points have lost at least that and often much, much more due to universal inflation in hotel prices far, far beyond general inflation.

    Hotels have been regraded upwards where points could have been used into higher bands, the fact that IHG has gone dynamic points pricing based on current cash pricing – which due to other factors has pushed points prices up through the roof compared to the fixed points pricing at the time Creation refused to credit points due…

    It’s 18 months, and will be closer to 2 years by the time sleazy Creation pays up…!!!

    I am stunned the F-O-S has not forced Creation to make an offer including this principle, since they have allowed Creation to make an ‘offer’ on a ‘principles’ basis, and wouldn’t hesitate as an individual to show Creation my calculations for loss due to time value for my particular case that I also require from Creation as part of my settlement.


    Didn’t everyone get annual fee refunded?


    Didn’t everyone get annual fee refunded?

    Nope, only the people that had paid their annual fee close to the closure date

    Lady London

    Yep – I accepted on the understanding I was an eligible customer. No dice.

    I’ve actually stopped caring so am just letting it be and will undoubtedly hear back from the assigned FOS case officer some time in 2024.

    I accepted on that basis and they have pushed it over to Creation to ‘work out the details’. The uncertainty could have been avoided if Creation had been far clearer in their original offer – I’ve accepted on the basis that the offer will provide the refund, points earned till cancellation and the free night voucher (irrespective of their ‘trigger’ date). If it doesn’t then I suspect they’ll once again have a huge number of cases to be processed by the FOS and I simply can’t see the commercial or regulatory sense in that approach (but then again, they do have form in operating on an eyes wide shut basis, so perhaps nothing has been learned).

    Does anyone seriously think Creation is going to produce correctly calculated accurate detailed offers within 4 weeks? No, either they’ll produce inaccurate stuff that still requires work. Or they’ll not produce the volume needed and then, and only when prodded which will take its own time, they will ask for more time.


    This has been my feeling all along @LL, it’s taken the FOS 12 months to drag them to this point and I won’t be at all surprised if they continue to prevaricate!

    Lady London

    And this is why agreeing at this point to accept such a half-baked undefined offer, remembering everyone’s claim is individual and not a class action so should be responded to by Creation with an individual defined proposal… on Creation’s past performance this lack of definition to their proposal is just going to prolong the pain.


    Long article about FOS in today’s Sunday Times. Apparently more than 13k complaints open with them are over a year old…


    Very oddly, I have just received approximately 8k points and my credit card free night voucher into my IHG account. I thought the outstanding points balance was a bit more than that, but not much.

    Oddly, I rejected the offer made via the FOS.

    My anniversary date was January, so I wasn’t in the category of people who were DEFINITELY due the voucher, but had spent the 10k.

    Anyone else?


    I also didn’t accept the offer, but have today had a “goodwill adjustment” – however, it’s for less than half the number of points that I believe are due, which I specified again in my response.

    I don’t, unfortunately, have a free night showing in my account. However, it’s possible that this is a rollout in stages, given my points appear incomplete…


    I’ve got 27k points (I had claimed 37k) and 1 free night voucher (claimed 2 as closure date went across my card year end). Says book between today and 2/4/24.

    I didn’t accept either!

    *Edit – OH has similar, though he did accept. That’s a weekend in Bora Bora for us then 😂


    I’m only about 1000 points short of what was showing on my final Creation statement.

    It’s a very odd tactic though.


    Hmm, just done a few searches with the free night cert and I’m only getting availability in European properties?


    No idea why you’re only seeing European properties. I picked a random day in NYC and got loads of availability.


    No free night here, and a shortfall on the points due (although my point balance was very small)


    Nope, tried several random dates in NYC and just keep getting “Your chosen rate is not available …” Which date did you try?

    *Ok, this works if I go back to my account page and start a new search. If I just change date/city I get the unavailable message even though the rate stays the same. I can’t remember if it used to be like this!


    25 May


    Thank you for the heads-up. I also rejected the offer and have had the free night voucher and 18 points of goodwill gesture added. Will need to go back and check how this relates to the points I was owed… it is one month of spotify sub I forgot to cancel but I think there was another month of negligible spend.

    Agreed this is an odd way of going about it, but we seem to have the vouchers quicker than by taking the offer!

    When rejecting the offer, I made it clear I wanted nothing else and was happy to accept once I was told I was “eligible” for the voucher.

    I’m feeling resolution, for me personally, is close despite my FOS complaint remaining active. When they next get in touch I might mention the fee refund but that wasn’t part of my complaint claim. In fact, anyone checked their suspended cc account and found a refund?

    Colin MacKinnon

    Mrs MacK rejected and got Free Night and 7,400-ish points – yet she spent £10,500-ish between her renewal date in early October and the December cut-off, otherwise she wouldn’t have earned the voucher 😉

    I accepted the settlement Free Night, no points and already refunded the £99 – but no Free Night yet.

    @Northern Lass: Now have to decode if it’s worth going back to Bora Bora for a couple of nights! Will let you know the best cocktails after our September Free Night visit this year.


    My final Creation statements confirm they withheld 1,666 points. I also see this total when I log into my Creation account. Today I’ve received 524 points as a goodwill adjustment.
    My Creation account shows nothing about a fee refund or credit balance.

    I also have the free night voucher, which is valid for 1 year. Every time you want to try a new date or new city, you have to click ‘redeem’ in the IHG rewards wallet. If you just change the original search, it tells you no availability. (Never used to be like that).

    The FOS marked me as a rejection, since I had the audacity to say I needed more detail on eligibility before accepting.


    So far we have vouchers for 3 refuseniks, and for one who accepted. No voucher for one refusenik, and no voucher for jj (sorry if it is upthread but I don’t recall if you accepted.)
    A little random.
    Everyone seems short of points. Maybe only one month has been transferred (so far).
    Just wondering exactly what Creation are doing!

    Edit- my numbers are already out of date! Floodgates about to open on the thread again…


    I accepted the offer, thinking that I could easily reopen with FOS if necessary.

    I’ve been credited with November’s points, but October’s are missing. I had spent £10,000 and my anniversary date was in the shut-down period, but haven’t received a voucher (I think – where are you all seeing yours?).


    It’s in your account page just above current bookings on desk top. It does show in app as well in the rewards section.


    I accepted the offer, thinking that I could easily reopen with FOS if necessary.

    I’ve been credited with November’s points, but October’s are missing. I had spent £10,000 and my anniversary date was in the shut-down period, but haven’t received a voucher (I think – where are you all seeing yours?).

    I think I have also had November but not October points.

    Voucher visible if I log into IHG on my mobile, go to “my account” and then scroll down. I think that is where they always used to appear when on a mobile.


    I have until the end of the week to accept. I asked what happens if creation differ in what they think I should be getting and was told that at first instance was to talk to creation and then raise with fos.

    But from this thread it sounds like ppl that rejected got more than the acceptors?

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