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  • jjoohhnn 27 posts

    Can’t remember from previous years, is it a single transaction or can it trigger with cumulative spend? The coffee stand at my local station is on there and could hit it up across multiple days perhaps..


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    thom 25 posts

    It has to be a single transaction I’m afraid. It’s also only valid once per participating shop, but if you have multiple Amex cards you could get it on each.

    Bill 165 posts

    I wonder how long it will take to receive Shop Small credits. Some of the Offers credits haven’t posted after 4 weeks

    Super Secret Stuff 365 posts

    Buy some cakes and sandwiches for work!

    rum 275 posts

    I wonder how long it will take to receive Shop Small credits. Some of the Offers credits haven’t posted after 4 weeks

    Yup, it’s been like this for a while now. I end up having to call Amex to get credits manually and I am beginning to get tired of doing this every time.

    cinereus 161 posts

    It’s not really worth bothering with any more tbh…

    rams 224 posts

    My Sat spend credited today

    thom 25 posts

    My Spend on Sunday credited on Wednesday so three days.

    DJ 90 posts

    The credit for my Saturday spend at our local restaurant has posted as well.

    Tom 25 posts

    Sat spend. Credit on Monday

    peckishpassport 44 posts

    Always check the ‘Savings’ tab on your online account after a couple of days as it typically appears on there if it’s triggered – only accessible on the desktop/web version, not the app.

    If it’s not appeared on there, it most likely hasn’t triggered so Amex CS chat should be able to manually apply.

    truthbetold 131 posts

    Despite posts to the contrary,I received email notification of my single shop small transaction this season within minutes of my spend.

    dst87 263 posts

    I haven’t received any shop small notifications, but have had one credit.

    The other place didn’t credit automatically. Apparently they’ve switched to using a payment aggregator. CS said they’ll credit it if the place is on the map, but they really need to find another way to track these (or remove them from the list if ineligible) as it would take someone with fairly specific knowledge to identify what type of payment system a retailer is using.

    JonathanC 104 posts

    I think it was last year, I shopped at a place on the shop small map, and the credit has never arrived. I don’t bother with it anymore now

    memesweeper 1,242 posts

    I managed to make a COVID isolation overlap almost perfectly with Shop Small! Doh!

    ms 69 posts

    No chance of getting a credit for cumulative spend?

    Peter K 546 posts

    No chance of getting a credit for cumulative spend?

    No, no chance at all.

    yorkshireRich 191 posts

    Never understand the negativity regarding this offer. Maybe I’m just lucky but I absolutely love shop small. I’ve used the offer in a couple of local pubs and cafes, and on the wife”s supplementary card and her own too.
    Used this in some lovely villages in South Wales last year also. Never once did it not credit.

    ryaneberry 50 posts

    I’ve found a nice sweet spot (for us non London lot) and Cosy Club or branded ‘lounge’ counts, even though they’re a chain of around 180, all under one company! Plus each restaurant counts as another shop so an easy £25 per card with buying gift cards

    ms 69 posts

    On many occasions I had to chase missing credits.
    Mainly because of iZettle.

    Also disappointed that this year the spending period has been cut.

    MD 14 posts

    I shouldn’t laugh, but my other half had her supplementary BAPP stolen recently and the scumbag charged six fraudulent transactions to it before I realised. All fairly small thankfully, and impeccable customer service from Amex in freezing the card and refunding the transactions. Just noticed this morning that one of them was >£15 in a newsagent, and has now triggered Shop Small… Manufactured Spend?

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    Jan M 56 posts

    I keep on discovering that places listed as eligible for Small Spend don’t actually accept Amex…

    Mikee 21 posts

    Anyone else getting nil results from the Shop Small map? Tried 2 different browsers and no shops appear no matter what location I choose.

    TeamPlat 6 posts

    Had an interesting experience with a restaurant on the shop small map the other day. Went to pay and tapped my amex card to the machine. Transaction went through fine and receipt printed. It was only then did the restaurant owner realise I’d paid with an amex. He said something along the lines of “we don’t usually accept amex because they charge fees which are something like 10x more than visa/mastercard”.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong – don’t shops have to sign up separately to amex to be able to accept them? I thought I remembered reading somewhere (possibly on hfp) that amex have been working on their relationship with small business owners so that fees are no more than visa/mc or if so, only by a very tiny amount?

    Was an awkward situation but since everything went through fine, the owner just accepted it and we went on our way.

    Aerotec 36 posts

    Shop Small map not loading any data. Just says “We weren’t able to find any results for this location.”

    Shame as I was planning on popping out for a Shop Small lunch and visit a few shops for some small xmas gifts. But without being able to plan where to go it will be too much hassle hunting down Shop Small window stickers and hoping they are indeed still taking Amex!

    I walked to a shop yesterday to pick up some gifts but their card machine was out of service! I have only done 3 or 4 Shop Small transactions so far. I always used to get to 30-40+ transactions across the multiple cards. 🙁

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