25 Clubcard points (60 Avios) for 30 seconds work!

OK, I admit, 60 free Avios is not exactly going to change your life.  However, you are getting 60p of value for approximately 30 seconds effort, so on that basis it isn’t a bad return on your time!

Tesco and Coke have joined together to encourage you to recycle your empty Coke bottles and cans.  By completing a form and pledging to do your bit to make sure your empties don’t go to landfill, you will earn 25 Clubcard points.

Tesco Coke recycling

The link with the form is here.

The small print says that the points will not post until your November Clubcard statement, but I doubt anyone is in a rush to receive just 25 points!

The closing date for this promotion is 22nd July.

(Want to boost your Clubcard points?  Click here and scroll down to the Clubcard logo to see our list of current promotions.)

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  1. I can’t seem to find the form. Link takes me to sign in page but once in no form is shown:(

  2. The form took a while before it appeared for me. It then rejected the Clubcard number shown on my Tesco credit card.

    • Add two zeros at the front, Clubcard numbers on the credit card are shorter than usual

      • guesswho2000 says:

        That didn’t work either, I stuck two zeros on the end and it worked, but I’m not sure the points will appear. I’ll try it again later using my old actual clubcard.

        • Odd. I did one of those ’25 points for reviewing your local store’ surveys yesterday, and it specifically said that credit card holders should put 2 zero’ IN FRONT of the Clubcard number printed on the card!

          • Guesswho2000 says:

            Yeah I did one of those, and it did work that time, but unfortunately this time it just still says invalid number. Never mind, I’ve just done it with my normal card, thanks for sharing anyhow!

    • Same problem here, and adding two zeros at the start doesn’t help.

      The clubcard site doesn’t list the full card numbers so I can’t even look it up there.

      Will have to see if I can find the original card, though tbh I’m not sure it’s worth it for 25 points!

      • Here is how you get your Clubcard number. Click on ‘need a replacement card?’ after you’ve logged in. It will give you an option to be posted a new card, or to print one at home. If you click ‘print at home’ the card that comes on screen shows your number.

  3. Jens Moller says:

    Works fine for me.

  4. Slightly off topic (and not a currency for this blog) I appreciate, but worth mentioning you can also get 200 free Nectar points for signing up to SwimBritain: https://register.swimbritain.co.uk/index.php/registrations/signup

    Choose the SwimBritain DIY option. You don’t actually have to do any swimming…