Qatar business class to Auckland for £1,125

Qatar Airways has launched a limited batch of Avios and BA tier point earning sale fares.  These are only available until Monday but you can book for any date in the next 12 months.

This is not a wholesale mega sale as we saw in January.  The prices are certainly good but you need to look carefully for the real bargains.

The good news is that you are now 100% certain to receive British Airways tier points and Avios on discounted Qatar business class tickets.

There is bad news for people who missed out on the April Qatar sale because they took BA at their word when they said that Qatar business class sale tickets booked before 1st May but flown later would not earn Avios.  Reports on Flyertalk are that these tickets ARE crediting perfectly happily to BA Executive Club.

The best deal I can find is to Auckland.

Qatar confirmed today (Monday) that Auckland is delayed until 1 February 2017.  You cannot now book tickets for travel before that date at this price.  If you booked over the weekend, I would imagine Qatar will re-route on the A380 via Sydney which is not a huge hardship.

If booking this deal, make sure you book directly on the Qatar website.  This leaves Qatar fully responsible for getting you to Auckland in case the start of services is delayed again – most likely by putting you onto a Sydney flight and buying you a connection.  Booking via Expedia or another agent adds a level of doubt about who would be responsible.

You should also note that Doha to Auckland is currently 17 hours on a Boeing 777 which has Qatar’s older style 2 x 2 x 2 seating.  This is great for a couple but less good if travelling alone.  My review of this seat can be found here.  It will hopefully be switched to an A350 if Airbus can fix the problems which are delaying their deliveries to Qatar.

Warnings out of the way, here are the best prices I have seen advertised.

Whilst not mentioned on their Italy deals page, Qatar is offering Pisa to Auckland for €1,423 (£1,125).  I had no problem finding this price for January 2017 but, of course, you cannot now book for departures before 1st February.  The flight from Pisa to Doha is on a short haul A320 but it does apparently have ‘proper’ business class seating.  From Rome you will pay a lot more – €2,000.

Another option, and a more convenient one, is from Berlin.  Berlin to Auckland is €1,649 (£1,300) return.  A list of other Qatar sale deals out of Germany is here.

Oddly, you can mix and match these two fares to get an even better price!  Using the multi-city option on the Qatar website lets you book Berlin – Auckland / Auckland – Pisa for just €1,393 (£1,100).

Qatar A380

What sale deals are available from the UK?

The list of sale deals from the UK is here.

From Birmingham, which is the only city listed, there is a lot around the £1,600 mark including Hong Kong and Johannesburg.  It is worth trying prices from Manchester, Edinburgh and London as well.

Apart from Auckland, there is nothing in this sale which is a ‘must book’.  It is worth remembering that these fares are good for the next 12 months, however, so you may want to lock in something for Christmas or Easter 2017.

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  1. Polly says:

    Make sure you get to PSA the night before. Take no chances with such a long flight ahead! We always go the day before to either CPH or DUB. It’s just not worth the angst if you missed such a great flight. The is no insurance out there for that type of cover. It’s up to you to be there. Your normal travel insurance would cover accident or illness and not making a flight. Enjoy , what a bargain!

    • JamesWag says:

      It is very sensible to do that and so far I’ve dine that 90% of the times I’ve done an exEU or exCAI flight BUT it is annoying to add another £100 each way for hotels 🙁 just eats into the savings made.
      Sometimes the places are interesting, which is a nice little extra, but its at a financial cost 🙁

      • Polly says:

        I agree James, but a lot of those QR flights leave late evening, so you can actually risk going RFS that morning to Europe. Just store the cases at the airport and spend the day in a pretty city. We are actually doing that late oct on route to HKT. Taking a chance, as we usually go the night before. So yes we won’t have the hotel costs the night before on that trip. On return we think we will book kate afternoon so we can nip into Copenhagen for lunch.

    • Stu R says:

      Yep, already booked GLA-LHR-PSA and a hotel overnight in PSA …. soooo excited!

  2. Thanks Raffles – great post and I’ve also taken advantage. FRA-AKL-PSA booked for next Easter for approx £1150 pp! Noticed that the cabin is pretty full going out – guessing there’ll be a few HFP readers on there with me!

    Just wondering if anyone else has had a payment verification email after the booking? Booked the flight last night (all ok – issued a ref. code etc) and had an email this morning asking for a scan of my passport and a credit card statement. It all seems legit, but I’ve not had a request like this before when booking a flight and I’m not exactly comfortable sending a CC statement via email. Anyone else experienced this and, if so, any idea what info off the statement they’re after in particular.

    Naturally I’ll be phoning them and will update this if/when I get a decent answer.

    • Trent says:

      Hello Jon, I also received the payment verification e-mail from QR asking for the card holders Passport to be scanned and a copy of the credit card statement. I sent off an e-mail to QR saying I would provide it but asked why this was required as I had never had this requirement in the past. No response as yet. However, I also received the mail, just so you know.

    • David says:

      Hi Jon
      I booked a ex-EU trip last year to Bali with Qatar after reading HfP. I had the same email and rang them and they said that they do random checks. I scanned and sent it the stuff to them by email and had a confirmation email within 24 hours to say everything was OK. I was told that if you don’t provide it, they will cancel the booking. Seemed a bit dubious but all worked out fine in the end. I assumed initially it might be because I was using a UK credit card but departing from Europe.

      • Trent says:

        I called QR there and what David says is true. She said it’s random checks and otherwise it is when the card does not match the passenger name. It’s a fraud prevention measure. The agent knew exactly what I was talking about as soon as I mentioned it.

    • Awesome – thanks guys! I’ll send them off ASAP then, don’t want to get it cancelled!

      I suppose the transaction would look a bit suspect to be fair, so at least they’re checking these things. Rather have a small amount of hassle than someone able to use my card unhindered!

  3. JamesWag says:

    It has been mentioned on FT that looking to book Jan / Feb now shows with a layover in HKG & PER (last leg on CX to AKL) instead of direct 17+ he flight on the 772.
    Has anyone here explored this & found it possible to get a real stopover of a couple of days in HKG and/or PER without repricing far too high ?
    I’ll take a look myself of course but wanted to ask others given time is running out to book this.

    • Pascal says:

      When doing a new search I can’t see the flights I’m booked on anymore, yet they’re still confirmed and no changes yet.
      Keen to see how “nice” Qatar will be at rerouting… Just giving any new flights or will it be possible to have a word in the routing? (e.g. A380 to SYD, few days there and then on to AKL)

      • JamesWag says:

        I heard they’re going to charter Ryanair planes all the way 🙂

        Just jesting obviously.

        • Pascal says:

          Yay looking forward to that 17 hours flight 😉 What a breeze…

      • I’m wondering the same thing – I posted separately about our booking early-December (also a link to confirmation that the service won’t start until 01Feb17) – I’m also hopeful they’ll re-route us via SYD on an A380 and are nice enough to allow a layover!

  4. Hi

    Does anyone know if you can book multi city trips with a Qatar sale

    Specifically i am trying to do LHR – SIN, HKT – LHR


    • Yes, the Qatar site has a multi-city option but whether the pricing works or not is a different question. There is certainly no problem returning to a different city as long as you depart the same one you arrived not.

  5. Boris says:

    This is soooooo tempting, but I don’t know yet who I would be flying with so no can do.


    Why can’t Aer Lingus to these?

  6. It would appear the launch has now been officially delayed until 01Feb17:

    We’re actually booked out on 04/12/16 and have the booking in Qatar’s system shows Status:Confirmed and seats reservation was permitted) but our e-tickets not yet been issued (although we were told that they were issued via the back office as we made the reservation over the phone as we had EMDs to use). So, now waiting to see if they bump us completely or if they re-route via Australia (sincerely hope it’s the latter!) – not sure if they can actually cancel us completely if the service is cancelled or if they’re obliged to offer an alternative (preferably not an alternative in February though!!)

  7. Thats very interesting, as I was looking to booking outbound on 30th Jan and couldn’t book it this morning, I thought they would have sold out but now this explains it. Have now booked for 5th Feb!
    Anyhow fingers crossed they wouldn’t hopefully delay the launch again. Best of luck to other who are before Feb.
    Btw I just got an email from QR customer support asking for a copy of passport and bank statement (I used super card so not sure what to send them ! ) , is this common ?

    • Re passport/statemment – see my comment a few posts up. It’s happened to a few of us and seems to be par for the course. I did phone them up as I was concerned sending card numbers etc via email but I don’t think the lady I spoke to really understood what I was asking.

      In the end I just sent them on. Not ideal but anything for an easy life!

      • Thanks Jon, Sorry didn’t see the comments before. Still not sure how do i send supercard statement ? I have just sent a screenshot and will wait and see.

        • TGLoyalty says:

          If the screenshot doesn’t work then they just ask you to show the card at check in, I couldn’t provide a statement as I wasn’t a month in to having my card at the time.

          So you don’t get the run around if you are asked to show the check in staff just need to make sure the number matches no need to go to a ticket desk etc

          • Yeah I have been asked to show CC used to make booking at check-in as I refused to share such information (risk of my personal details being used fraudulently)

  8. chris says:

    I don’t think the A350 can make Auckland from Doha. The range is under 9000nmi. The flight is 9032nmi.

    • I guess they must be shifting some 772LR from other routes which probably are waiting for the A350. I think only 772LR can do this stretch with the margins required.

    • Stu R says:

      The flight is 9,032 miles, which is actually only 7,848 nautical miles, however the A350 range is around 8,100 nm’s …. a bit tight me thinks!

      • harry says:

        The ground engineers had better not fill it up the way I fill up my hire cars when I return them 🙂

  9. Booked over Easter and May bank holiday, about £1100 Munich – Auckland – Pisa. 🙂

    Also booked my positioning flight to Munich on a Singapore Airlines 777 for £80!

  10. Booked over Easter and May bank holiday, about £1100 Munich – Auckland – Pisa. 🙂

    Also booked my positioning flight from Manchester to Munich on a Singapore Airlines 777 for £80!

    • That’s the HFP way! Although you could have tried to wangle some Star miles to do it in Business!

  11. So I booked Berlin > Auckland > Pisa and the manage my booking for BA shows only 420TPs. Is this a mistake? I don’t see how that works out… I thought it would be 140 x 4 so 560TPs… is the Pisa to Doha flight showing as 80TPs right now?

    Hopefully fixed by next year lol a long time to worry about it

    • …. you “worry” about TP’s when you’ve just bagged a return to NZ in biz for a steal?!?

      As an aside, I tried to add my booking to the ‘Manage my Booking’ on BA and got a message saying “Sorry, we are unable to add bookings that do not contain any British Airways flights to your account” …. clues?

      • Stu R this is totally normal. Only if there is any BA flight in your booking you would receive a BA record locator.

        • Yes, but Ian above says:
          “I booked Berlin > Auckland > Pisa and the manage my booking for BA shows ….”
          unless his flight from Berlin to Doha carries a BA codeshare number?

          • I did think that too but I’m just over-complicating things. It should be 600TPs all up but the Doha to Pisa route isn’t loaded into the BA system yet, doesn’t even show on the BA calculator too. Thanks for the help anyway 🙂

      • lol I’m not worried just curious. It’ll be the end of my TP year and I’ll be very close to 10,000TPs this year… just want it for a screenshot to be honest.

        I know its a steal.. but 19 hours on a plane even in business is not exciting. I would still much pefer 3-4 flights with layovers enroute but def not complaining! 🙂

  12. janice says:

    Jest had a horrendous experience with Qatar. Suffice to say, if they tell you that although your flight is delayed, they’re holding the connection for you…. they’re lying and they’re getting you to Doha to strand you rather than admitting failure and rerouting you.

  13. Those flights I bought for €1,347 to AKL are now priced in I class at €4,272. What an absolute bargain! Thank you again for the heads up!

  14. Han nz says:

    I booked a flight from Doha to Auckland a few weeks ago leaving on the 22nd December 2016… Has my flight been cancelled?! I haven’t heard anything from Qatar airlines about this yet?! Ahhhhhhhh!!

    • Yes, the launch flight has been delayed to 6 Feb 2017 and may even slips further until next April

      Call QR asap and explore your rebook / reroute / refund options

  15. I booked a business class flight Athens – Auckland via Doha (which includes the new direct Doha-AKL flight) . The booking was made via the Qatar web site for January 2017 and the flights were confirmed in April 2016. Have now been emailed a new ticket re-routing me to Sydney, Australia. On contacting Qatar Airlines Athens office I was told I could not be re-routed to Auckland and if I wanted to continue to Auckland from Sydney it would be at my own expense. I was offered a full refund or the option of rebooking for February 2017, more than a month after the original booking.

    • Not so bad, you get a full refund and plenty of time to find another route.

      • Qatar virgin says:

        Dont agree Harry. People booked fares with Qatar because they were cheap. These weren’t mistake fares that being booked. They were legit fares from Qatar. Once people book their flights they tend to make subsequent bookings for hotels, cars and time off etc… Qatar should be more flexible and help get people to their destinations with the least impact. In my instance Qatar have put me on a DOH-AKL flight that leaves before my PSA – DOH arrives – so its effectively cancelling my tickets as they are unusable. They are forcing people into cancelling their flights.

    • EC261 applies, so they can’t just try and leave you in Sydney rather the AKL. Qatar has a contractual obligation to get ticket-holders to their final destination; and with a minimum of inconvenience.

      I would let this run for a few weeks as there is still some shake out to happen, they offered too generous terms to change originally & have now volte faced and introduced draconian rules that are currently illegal under EC law.

      No doubt they will eventually find a happy medium. In the meantime check out flyertalk as this is being discussed a lot on their currently.

      • My brother and I booked PSA/AKL/PSA departing in December. As with Mary we found that our booking had been amended to go to Sydney, with the DOH/SYD flight departing before the PSA/DOH flight arrived (and vice versa!). I had a call from a reservations agent at Qatar who initially told me we could fly to Sydney and travel onto Auckland at our own expense or pay the extra taxes and go to Auckland via Hong Kong. When I called back to ascertain what the taxes would be I was then given a different story as, evidently, the first agent hadn’t seen the email from Doha setting out the official position on this.

        The net outcome was we’d have pay a considerable increase to fly to Auckland via Hong Kong or to simply fly to Sydney and make our own way there. The only two acceptable options were a refund or rebooking in February at the original promotional fare. We chose the latter option as, to be frank, it made no real difference to us to go in December or February.

        At the end of the day, a fare of just over £1,050 for business class to Auckland and back is incredibly good so I guess it’s understandable they want to limit their exposure.

      • I don’t see how EC261 impacts here though if they’re offering a full refund? I was caught out with this before when bmi regional decided to cancel a BRU-EDI flights on Sundays – this was going to be my way back from a TP run. However because they did so a month beforehand their only liability seemed to be to offer me a refund (which I had to take in the end) or a flight the next day (which would have incurred an extra hotel night).


        Cancellation more than 14 days before date of departure:

        Hugh has received a text from his airline advising him that his flight in 16 days is cancelled. He does not have a right to compensation under the Regulation but may seek a refund of his flight cost.”