Big 40% bonus lets you buy Avios points via Iberia for as low as 1.0p each

(EDIT: This morning, launched its own 72-hour flash sale for buying Avios.  This is more expensive than the Iberia offer – it gets no cheaper than 1.15p per point – but you don’t have the restriction of requiring an ‘active’ Iberia account which is 90 days old.  The BA ‘buy Avios’ page is here.  Note that the Iberia offer runs until Sunday whilst the BA offer ends on Thursday.)

I normally do not recommend buying Avios unless you need to ‘top up’ an account for an immediate redemption. With a few exceptions, buying a large proportion of the miles you need is rarely a good deal.

This is a bit different.  Iberia Plus is currently offering a bonus of 40% on purchases of Avios points. This deal runs until Sunday 29th May, see here for further details.

Note that you need to log-in to see details of the bonus offer. Without logging in, the page just shows the standard pricing.

Iberia A330 350

The deal does not seem to be targetted – I see it on my account but I haven’t received an email about it.

There is no minimum purchase.  Even a 2,000 Avios purchase gets you 800 bonus Avios.

At the top end, you will be paying €1,800 for 140,000 Avios (100,000 + 40%).  Given the weak £, this works out at exactly 1p per Avios, based on £1,393.  You would need to add a 3% foreign exchange fee to this price if your credit card has one.  Smaller quantities would be pricier.

I would not usually be a buyer, even at this price.  1p per Avios is usually my (very conservative) target value when I redeem so I don’t like paying that much to get them.

However, it may well make sense for you if:

you have a specific redemption in mind where you know you will get over 1p per point of value

you value the ‘easy points’ aspect of this offer (no need to visit Tesco, apply for a new credit card etc etc)

You MUST have been an Iberia Plus member for 90 days before you can transfer your bought points across to BA. 

You must also have earned at least one Avios in the account before you can buy points (one easy option is a small Amex Membership Rewards transfer, or credit a flight, hotel stay or Avis rental).

If you have never earned an Avios via Iberia Plus then you are stuck and cannot buy until a transaction has gone through your account – and that won’t happen in time for Sunday.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. As other posters have pointed out BA are running this. However, they want £1615 for 100K + 40k bonus, as opposed to Iberia who want €1800 (which is about £1400) for the same amount of Avios. The difference becomes less at lower amounts but BA is still looking like poor value compared to Iberia.

  2. Just so happens, as for an earlier reader that this is very frustrating timing for me. Have been actively collecting avios using lots of the tricks for about 6 months and yesterday bought 30,000 for a huge £495 (which I felt bad about then given how expensive it was) and booked 2 first class flights to Rio and 2 business class return flights back which is what I’d been working towards booking. So annoying that this offer comes the day after and it would have saved me £140! It’s just over the 24 hours when I read about it as well!

  3. If you pay by BA Amex does it get treated as double Avios like flights/holidays?

    • just purchased the 100,000 avios via IB plus bonus 40,000 and used my Curve Card to pay that bill via BA Amex so should get those avios as well but that opportunity stops on 31st may of course but so does the iberia bonus which ends today so hurry up!

      Also can anyone explain how I go about transferring my IB plus Avios to my BAEC account. Just tried on IB site and it seems to want to charge me and there is a max transfer of 24,000 or am I doing the wrong thing?

  4. i was working this out for myself (using an interbank EUR/GBP exchange rate) – so thought i would share – hope the formatting works:

    Avios EUR GBP Pence/Avios
    2800 54.00 40.96 1.46
    5600 91.00 69.03 1.23
    11200 164.00 124.40 1.11
    16800 237.98 180.51 1.07
    21000 293.00 222.25 1.06
    28000 385.00 292.03 1.04
    33600 459.00 348.16 1.04
    49000 665.00 504.42 1.03
    56000 757.00 574.20 1.03
    63000 845.00 640.95 1.02
    70000 935.00 709.22 1.01
    77000 1027.00 779.00 1.01
    84000 1118.00 848.03 1.01
    91000 1209.00 917.06 1.01
    98000 1300.00 986.08 1.01
    105000 1390.00 1054.35 1.00
    112000 1475.99 1119.57 1.00
    119000 1564.00 1186.33 1.00
    126000 1647.00 1249.29 0.99
    133000 1729.01 1311.50 0.99
    140000 1800.00 1365.34 0.98

    I think i might purchase at the 1.04 pence per Avios level.

  5. “You must also have earned at least one Avios in the account before you can buy points (one easy option is a small Amex Membership Rewards transfer, or credit a flight, hotel stay or Avis rental).”

    Are you sure about this statement. Everything on the site seems to suggest that you are allowed to buy points and you are allowed to transfer points out if you have been a member for more than 90 days, even if you have 0 balance.

    I want to book a flight tomorrow on BA so I need to buy and then transfer out the Iberia avios!

  6. Hi all,

    If person A gifts the maximum Iberia Avios to person B (say 100,000+ 40,000 with the current bonus), can person B still buy 100,000 for himself (+40,000)? I find their T&Cs unclear in this regard.

    I would like to use my wife’s account to gift Avios to myself and then buy Avios for myself so that all Avios are in one account (I don’t’ have a household account for various reasons).
    Thanks in advance.

  7. Great deal! Was enough to bump up my Avois to have enough for First return using 2x 241 vouchers to the west coast USA..and in Easter hols too 🙂


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    40% bonus when you buy Avios points via Iberia