£818 Business Class sale bargains to Asia on Qatar Airways (£566 Dubai, £979 Cape Town)

On Saturday I looked at the impressive £1,150 fares available to Las Vegas this Summer in business class on British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.

If you are heading east, the great news is that Qatar Airways has brought back another round of astonishingly cheap sale fares to Asia from various departure points around Europe.  These fares are bookable for dates until 31st March 2017.

You need to book by Tuesday, however.

As well as being great deals, you will earn Avios and British Airways tier points as Qatar is a oneworld partner.  A typical Qatar Airways flight to Asia from Europe would earn 560 British Airways tier points (140 + 140 + 140 + 140) return because of the connection in Doha.  That is only 40 tier points short of British Airways Silver status although you also need to fly four BA one-way flights to gain status.

The best deals this time seem to be from Scandinavia – Oslo, Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen.  Helsinki flights do not start until October so ignore those unless you are booking for later in the year.

Qatar business class sale to Asia

The Stockholm deals list is here.  Typical fares in Business are:

Bangkok SEK 11,195 (£916)

Dubai SEK 10,545 (£863)

Hong Kong SEK 10,395 (£851)

Krabi SEK 9,995 (£818)

Phuket SEK 10,945 (£896)

Shanghai SEK 11,145 (£912)

Singapore SEK 11,945 (£978)

The Copenhagen deals list is here.  Typical fares in Business are:

Adelaide DKK 12,945 (£1,322)

Auckland DKK 14,195 (£1,450)

Cape Town DKK 11,245 (£1,148)

Dubai DKK 8,045 (£821)

Hong Kong DKK 10,795 (£1,102)

Kuala Lumpur DKK 11,495 (£1,174)

Maldives DKK 11,995 (£1,225)

Melbourne DKK 15,445 (£1,577)

Tokyo DKK 13,995 (£1,429)

The Oslo deals list is here.  Typical fares in Business are:

Adelaide NOK 18,445 (£1,512)

Bangkok NOK 10,095 (£827)

Bali NOK 15,395 (£1,262)

Cape Town NOK 11,945 (£979)

Jakarta NOK 13,195 (£1,082)

Kuala Lumpur NOK 12,145 (£995)

Maldives NOK 11,445 (£938)

Singapore NOK 10,945 (£897)

The Helsinki deals list is here.  Typical fares in Business are:

Abu Dhabi – €745 (£566)

Adelaide – €1,845 (£1,401)

Delhi – €1,095 (£832)

Dubai – €745 (£566)

Kuala Lumpur – €1,295 (£984)

Sydney – €1,895 (£1,439)

(Note that the Helsinki services does not start until 10th October and will be a short haul A320 to Doha.)

As ever with Qatar, you should keep an eye on the aircraft.  The most modern seats are on the Boeing 787, Airbus A350 and Airbus A380 fleet.  The A330 and Boeing 777 aircraft are now all fully flat, however.  A couple may even find the older style seating on these aircraft better as there are pairs of seat together.  The newer planes have a herringbone layout where passengers faces away from each other.

The A320 short haul aircraft used from Helsinki have ‘very nearly fully flat’ business class seats even though it is a single aisle plane.  I have never flown these but the feedback is OK.

My review of the 787 business class seat is here.  The 777 business seat review is here.  I reviewed the A380 business class seat here. The food and drink is the same high quality whichever aircraft you use.

You can book these deals via the UK Qatar site here.  Remember that you need to book by Tuesday 31st May and travel before 31st March 2017.

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  1. Ralphy says:

    With the low cost of oil futures and the prospect of oil staying low, $50 – $65 for foreseeable future, we are likely to see more low cost fare deals which, coupled with the paucity of Avios offers these days, and BA’s continued raping of its customers booking award flights, sadly I feel the whole Avios collecting hobby for infrequent flyers is becoming much more marginal now.

    • Interesting….

      I haven’t booked a reward flight in over a year, but have paid cash for three Virgin UC return trips and one BA F return all transatlantic.


      • (I should add reward seats were available for these flights but the cash sale prices were too ‘cheap’ to merit burning through my airmiles).


      • I’ve given up with Avios – the effort involved just isn’t currently worth it with the cheapness of J fares meaning the taxes for redemptions are only slightly less than the commercial fare itself.

        I now use Avios I get for hotels on the avios.com website, (or whisky!)

    • Not at all. Those who cannot afford premium cabin fares even at those prices will continue to find excellent opportunities with credit card sign ups and things like clubcard boosts and 2-4-1 vouchers.

      • I think Adey’s point was some of these sales beat even using a 241 and avios earned cheaply 😉
        Plus the food and service, on Qatar’s flights, is very very good :)

        • Yes, but I think James’ point is that there are people out there who would baulk at paying £900 for a return flight to Asia, especially if it involved the extra hassle and expense of going via Scandinavia, and so for them, if they can get cheap Avios via credit card sign-ups, so essentially free points, it’s still the only way they can afford it.

          • Genghis says:

            I agree Brian. My wife and I prefer to go direct (up to a point) due to the convenience of 1 flight over a possible 3 (1 positioning for ex-EU and two QR). Time (and holiday) is very valuable to us.

      • Stuart says:

        I’m torn – I’ve currently got flights booked to Sydney flying BA Club using a 241 in Feb 17.
        I can afford these fairs and they don’t actually cost too much more than the tax I’ve paid and I’d save 250k miles but is it really worth all the hassle of flights to Scandinavia and then three planes over the convenience of just going on one plane all the way from Lhr?
        At least with BA I know there will be no missed connections.

        • Frankie says:

          If you need to get there quickly then stay as you are in the relatively cramped CW 8 abreast config of the 777 to SYD . If you love luxury and lounges and like the feeling of being pampered, and want to make that last for longer, and you’re happy to make your way there a bit slower, and have the time to add a couple of days to your journey to take in the position flights, then I’d change and use the 2 for 1 another time (always plenty of seat to New York)

          • Agree completely. This is now the 2nd time we have cancelled our BA F 241 to KUL to buy a QR J to Hong Kong. It’s a more spacious cabin feeling even than BA F. We will use the spare 241 to travel in CE to position. Avios are harder to collect now apart from tesco, card bonus, so using them more now to u/g the OH on night flights back from work trips. Plus last minute urgent trips to Dub. So earning on QR is a great new way too. But only if you have time to spare of course.
            Stuart, in your case l would be tempted only because it’s such a long journey. The difference space wise is amazing. We already plan on doing AKL this way to visit our daughter 2018 fingers crossed all being well. So, good luck with that decision.

        • It’s all a matter of personal choice. If the choice was BA F or these Qatar fares then I would choose BA if there was only a slight difference cash wise and I was using a lot of avios including a 241.
          BA CW or Qatar ( on the 787, 350 or 380)plus hassle to get to Scandinavia – Qatar every time. 😉

          • I struggle with seeing the sense into dedicating so much time into collecting Avios when you see fares like this crop up too if I’m honest.

            My tactic has become to save 2-4-1’s and the bulk of my Avios to redeem for routes that rarely see such good sales (Japan/S.America etc.) and RFS. But certainly wouldn’t be in a rush to burn a pile of Avios points to BKK, HKG or KUL where this type of sale seems to crop up 3-4 times per year!

            • RIccati says:

              You will also find that Star Alliance and Skyteam carriers often match these sales.

              Turkish is good — there is no shortage of options to SE Asia destinations.

        • Ralphy says:

          BA club is such a poor product

    • Sideysid says:

      Wait until the repercussions of a financial crash going into next year. We will soon see the return of the Avios conversion bonuses from BA…

  2. Yes :)

  3. Some great deals, but yet to find anything for the dates I need to get to Seoul at the right price. Also no Biz or WTP avios availability using my Lloyds voucher.

    • I had this problem last summer. Ended up taking QR/CX to HKG, then avios flight direct to Busan on Dragonair/CX. The advantage in your case is that Cathay have many flights to Seoul so Avios availability is good, assuming you have enough. Usually there are no decent sales on Qatar to Japan or Korea, plus they tend to use their 777s on these routes so product is not as great.

      • I’m holding out for a Finnair sale. There’s a decent price ex Paris at the moment, but I do not want to visit CDG again if I can help it.

  4. Alex W says:

    It’s a shame these fares are not starting in the UK. My Mrs simply would never agree to going Ex-EU AND having to change in Doha. Getting her to agree to 1 stop is hard enough!

    • Tilly71 says:

      Agree, you have to really want to sit in a different seat to make all the effort and costs to fly from your uk airport to reach a european airport, do you have to do the same on your return leg of your journey?
      There is also the stopover time and your connection flight times may not work with your uk destination flights.
      Good idea if you can factor in a visit to these departure locations.

    • thomas says:

      And you are still together? lol

    • My wife is the same plus we have 2 children travelling with us.
      Having flown Qatar J and the BA equivalent, she doesn’t have a problem with it :)
      Plus if you plan it well it can actually work to your advantage as it did with our recent trip to MLE.

    • Spin it as a mini-break in Oslo beforehand.
      And a few hours in a spa with a shower in Doha

      You can open-jaw these fares back to Birmingham for £100-200 more.

  5. Nathan says:

    Very tempted to book my Bangkok return again as going in September 16 and February 17 but I don’t have as long this time round and I found that the return leg involved a 20 hour stop in Doha. It would renew my silver status for 2017-18 though :/ tempting

  6. Sideysid says:

    Santander has it too as well as Emirates from time to time

  7. Thought this headline was too good to be true £566 to Dubai! I did a doh – lhr on the all biz it was good but not great

  8. Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

    Someone on FT was also reporting DUB-TYO on Etihad in June for <£1k. Not an A380 route I think though unfortunately.


  9. I priced up the LHR-BKK (actually LHR-OSL-BKK) for under £1000 (£824 + £146) but the QR flight times were not brilliant, connections were longer than I would like and there is the increased hassle of airline change at both OSL and DOH in both directions.

    Were FInnair still offering £1309 or so to BKK from LHR then it would be a no brainer but I could today get LHR-AUH-BKK on EY for around £1500 and whilst I would perhaps take the extra flight to save £500 or so, I don’t think I would put up with 6 to 12 hours (18 hours in on case) layovers in DOH.

    • My connection time is a bonkers 55mins on the way out Doha, then 3 hrs on the way back via Doha…ill be using my onbusiness points (otherwise expiring) to get us bothe to OSL and back!

      • “My connection time is a bonkers 55mins on the way out Doha, then 3 hrs on the way back via Doha…ill be using my onbusiness points (otherwise expiring) to get us bothe to OSL and back!”

        Agreed on some dates but unfortunately mine isn’t one of those and the circa NOK 5000 fares jump to over NOK 10000 for the dates I would like. Other dates fine of course but as always, the best connections sell out fastest !

    • Great prices which might might even tempt me to get my backside to Scandinavia but man when I look at the connection times to Krabi, Bali or SGN…..I can’t sit in Al Mourjan lounge for 9+ hours….

      • Especially as there’s no Krug

      • The flight times to OSL change throughout the week. Returning from SGN on a Sunday I would have ~9h in DOH (for which I could apply to QR for one of their hotel rooms and visas for their transit programme). However coming back on a Monday their OSL flight leaves earlier and now only 2h in DOH.

        I know which one I will do, even considering the free hotel room.

  10. Totally OT.

    I have a number of £50 Tesco vouchers due to expire on 31st May, did I read a while back that Tesco are not keen on refunding multiple vouchers when only spending the minimum amount ie £2.50 to BA for 600 Avios and a refund of $47.50

    • Not keen but they still seem OK with it. However refunds count towards your £300 quarterly cap.

      • Thanks for that Raffles. I have them over a few accounts and if this quarter goes the way the last quarter I will not have a problem with the limit.

    • Alex W says:

      How long does it take to get the “change” after spending a voucher? I’ve been waiting ages and now missed the end of the quarter, very annoying!

  11. Mark LLL says:

    Off Topic, beginner’s question: I’ve 39,000 Qatar Qmiles expiring soon.
    How best should I use the points?
    Whisper it, but I’m flying with Emirates for the foreseeable.
    Have searched HFP for ideas , but still don’t know what to do with the Q miles. Extended the expiry last year (from memory,think I paid USD250 for 12 month extension) -which seems like a waste now.
    Grateful for any advice.
    Thanks Raffles for this marvellous site.

    • I would be looking at what sort of BA flight I could get.

    • My mother called me as she was stuck in KUL, could not get on her flight to MNL as i had not booked the return yet. I did a dummy booking and it was <35,000 qmiles from MNL to Manchester and about $50…. You can get a long way with 39,000 miles as long as it's 1 way :p

  12. Will P says:

    Just taken full advantage of this one and booked up from Oslo to HCMC with a stopover in Doha on the way back! 3 trips in one for £1150 a person in comfort. Fantastic.

  13. Some long stopovers to AKL – does Qatar offer free hotel rooms in business class for a long stop?

    • Only if you meet the criteria ie no shorter transits available and minimum connection time is greater than around 7 hours

    • Paul Jones says:


      You can get the Crowne plaza city from around £60 with a free shuttle service and an on arrival visa in the business area is about £20 well worth it if you have a 10 hour+ stopover. Stayed there many a time and is good value. alternatively use the hotel in airport and just pay for the pool and fitness centre usage about £30 I recall

  14. Qatar offer the free hotel if it’s over 8 hours. Oryx Rotana was the one I got given on my AKL flight for April 2017 with an 8 hour 45 minute layover. You just call after you’ve booked. I called before I booked as well to make sure the flights I was going to book were eligible, so it’s best to do that I think. Hardly any wait time on the UK number both times.

    • Do you have to have booked direct with Qatar, or will third party bookings (eg with expedia) count?

  15. After much time juggling flight schedules, EU start points, stop off times in DOH, costs etc etc (I’m sure many of you will be only too familiar!) I have finally snagged for next January: OSL – MEL // PER – HEL for £1385 each. The MEL – PER bit is a good value 4hr flight in QF J for 20000 avios +£8 each (cash cost showing £950 each one way!). We have a daughter in Melbourne and friends in Perth so this has worked out extremely well.

    The stop off in DOH is approx 3hrs each way (just about perfect IMO!). We will fly to OSL the night before (so extra hotel cost) and currently could make the return from HEL the same day as we arrive there: LHR- OSL//HEL- LHR is showing about £125 each on BA.

    I found this initially on Matrix, checked on QR site and then found identical pricing in £ on Amex Travel (somewhat to my surprise) so paid on Amex as I wanted to ensure max travel cover on my Amex Plat.

    I know the DOH-HEL is on an a320 but it doesn’t look too shabby (see post 2259):
    Whole cabin is 12 seats.

    Now just waiting for massive QR flight schedule changes……

    • Yes it’s really handy that you can book via amex they are also offering double points.
      I agree these fares suggest the end of avoid hobby however QR have been very clever and the deals offered last year have not been repeated this year. They support new routes then tend to rise. I wouldn’t right off the hobby just yet

  16. Is it possible to do open jaw on these fares? I would like to do ARN-HKG / HKT-ARN but trying to book this results in ‘no availability’ error on the return, despite there being availability when looking on the same date for a r/t to each destination.

    • Try kayak. QR website has never been great with open jaws. Alternative is to use avios on Dragonair for HKT -HKG for the return

  17. Are these fares for off-peak? I am looking at December xmas holidays from Helsinki to Dubai/ Abu Dhabi return and they are coming up about £850 as opposed to around £566. Do I need to input a promo code?

    • No code, but Qatar makes few or none available on peak dates.

    • Here’s some of the relevant small print for this sale:
      * Valid on Qatar Airways operated flights from Oslo
      * Travel period: 24th May 2016 – 31st March 2017. (Lowest fares available until 31st August 2016)
      * Blackouts: Outbound from 10th December 2016 until 31st December 2016. Inbound from 31st December 2016 until 15th January 2016.
      * Discount applies to instant purchases only.
      * Child/Infant discounts: 75% child fare & 10% infant fare.
      * Seats are limited and are subject to availability of the relevant booking class.
      * Fares are from fares and include all applicable discounts, fees, taxes and airport charges. Service fees may apply for tickets purchased at Qatar Airways sales offices or through travel agents.
      * Minimum stay: 5 days (Middle East 3 days) Maximum stay: 2 months

  18. James PG says:

    I’ve found the flights I want in Feb/March (return to Cape Town from Copenhagen).

    They’re priced up almost identically at Amex Travel as against Qatar’s own site – what is the advantage of buying through Amex? I’ve seen it mentioned as a positive above but from searching here I can’t see anything too obvious?



    • James PG says:

      I should also say that I don’t have the Lloyds Everyday Offer appearing.

      I’ve got the choice between using my Lloyds Amex, BA Amex or Gold Amex.

      • If you use Gold Amex then you’ll get 3MR per pound plus pay in GBP with Amex Travel. If you use the Gold or BA Amex to buy from QR you’ll pay 3% extra as it will be charged in DKK.

        If you want to buy direct from QR you should use the Lloyds Amex unless you want to reach a spending target on BA or Gold Amex and it would be impossible to reach if you didn’t use that card for this specific purchase.

        The price is not “almost” identical. Amex Travel uses the IATA exchange rates which are only updated in the early morning UK time, versus whatever you are using to convert the DKK price to pounds. As the GBP is rising quite fast, you will see the GBP price on Amex travel drop if you recheck every morning – though obviously today is the last day so you’ll have to take the plunge.

    • You’d get 2 MR points per £1. Downside is potentially less flexibility if Qatar starts to mess about with their scheduling – they may refuse to deal with you and will insist you go through Amex.

  19. I’m finding flights just as cheap to Sydney/Melbourne from Birmingham. Much more convenient than hopping to Scandinavia

  20. Rachel says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I’ve just booked my boyfriend and I a trip to see my family in September from Copenhagen to Sydney for £1600 each returning in October. Was going to go with Oslo but the system glitched and the booking progress was lost and then the price on outward was twice the amount! But happy to go this way too!

    Am so thrilled though as I was so close to booking Oslo-sydney via LHR for £1850 with BA CW which I understand to be poor compared to the new QR product.

    As to the 16 hour layover on the outward journey I understand QR might provide a hotel? I can see why some might be put off, especially traveling alone. But compared to going direct from LHR I can’t say our time is worth the £2000 difference in total. And hey, it shall be an interesting experience!

    Am very grateful for the tip, thank you again!

    • You get a hotel if there was no routing which would have created a sub 8 hour connection.

      If there were other (more expensive) flights which would have created a sub 8hr connection then you won’t get it.

      • Hi Raffles, thanks for your reply! You’re quite right, I just called this morning to make sure and there are of course FAR more expensive flights with quicker connections (Though on older planes!). Still, am very very happy with this deal even with the layover cost and time. That it’s smooth flying all the way back is more important – we’re flying for leisure so naturally the way there is more fun and relaxed anyway and travelling in comfort is more important to me than being a sardine and getting there quickly – which economy certainly is but even the BA CW looks quite tight!

        I have to say my parents are quite jealous, the exact same flights but leaving from the other end in Sydney cost over 2x the price.

        I managed to find a £1300 flight with BA CE & Virgin UP from Milan via LHR to San Fran last year by just using sky scanner on my own, and I was thrilled with that. (I haven’t seen any similar fares recently, alas) I said I’d never travel economy again after experiencing the long haul business standard. Naturally later that year I ended up on a long haul economy flight to Vancouver, ugh!

        I’m not that convinced of the merit of sky miles as they seem to hold such little value if you’re prepared to be flexible with dates/routing and get deals like these. I find myself inclined to pay more for European BA flights with the notion of being “rewarded” but when you work it out, it seems like it’s just a great tactic to trick people into loyalty. I’m only speaking as a self indulgent leisure traveller though, I know of course it’s very different if one flies all the time for business.

        Anyway, if anyone has tips for the layover in Doha I’d love to hear them.

  21. Well that sorted out my decision for next year – back to SE Asia – was going to use Lloyds upgrade voucher and go to S America on new Santiago route but would have still been about 30,000 miles short and by the time I’d got them wouldn’t have been able to guarantee availability/dates. And it wouldn’t have been too much difference for price paid compared to taxes on redemption. And this way I have quite a few miles to play with for travelling around Asia.

    So it’s Stockholm to Hong Kong and then back from Bangkok to Copenhagen – reasonable transfer times about 2 hours both times in Doha – outward is late flight about 11.45pm so should be able to take the risk of travelling in the morning from London to Stockholm but on way back will have to do overnight in Copenhagen.

    Came to £871 – was going to do cheaper Helsinki – Krabi but was won over by the planes I’ll hopefully get – as solo traveller wanted the 1-2-1 aisle access and going into HKG means I can go to either Hanoi, Phillipines or Bali with Cathay and then spend my birthday in Bangkok…. Very pleased with this but now to decide what to do with my Lloyds upgrade voucher before expires in October

    was going to do Helsinki to Krabi

    • It’s a no brainer really. We are now booked OSL to Ho Chi Minh one sector 787, and back from KUL again one sector 787. 1 hr layovers in Doha, so that’s good too. Bit more pricey than from HEL, but that was all A330 sectors, so prepared to pay bit extra for the nicer plane part of the way. We will use our cancelled 241 to fly CE RFS to HEL, as a treat. First time in Nam, so much history to take in. Will use avios on CX to fly from HO to KUL. Plan on a few days in Malaysia up country. James67, we will be picking your brains on that bit, if you don’t mind please.
      Tnx again Raffles for the tips as usual. When will QR issue shares to us hfpters? They get so much biz from us lot.

  22. infant prices says:

    Hmmm tried to book online , from HEL to MEL (return), but they are charging mega ££££ for an infants fare.. been onhold for 15 minutes trying to sort it out.

    2 x ADULT Fare 2680.00
    1 x INFANT Fare 1340.00

    Anybody else have experience with Qatar and infant fares? There Website says 10% of Adult.. but it didnt work out like that!

    • Usually, Infant fares only apply to regular scheduled prices, never on promo fares like these ones. I had to phone their technical line today, very nice chap from Poland helped out, we needed an open jaw return. He even went ahead and booked it over the phone. And called me back when I asked him to. So maybe try calling that number.

  23. infant prices says:

    Hmmm if i book more expensive (eg non-promo fares) then the infant price drops to 10% of the adult fare….

    Still on hold to Qatar… they havent answered the phone in 30 minutes…

  24. infant prices says:

    Well they answered the phone, but they are next to useless.

    QATAR “Yes this is a restrictive fare – and for this fare we have a different calculation for charging infants”
    ME “But your website says you charge 10% of an adult fare for infants”
    QATAR “Yes this is a restrictive fare – and for this fare we have a different calculation for charging infants”
    ME “Thanks for repeating that – can you please point me to where that is published”
    QATAR “Restrictive fares use different calculation for charging infants”
    ME “OK great – can you share that info with your customers”
    QATAR “Restrictive fares use different calculation for charging infants – we don’t share this info, but I can work out the percentage for you”
    ME “OK thanks – that’s 40 mins of my life I wont ever get back”

  25. Thanks again for the heads up here. Decided to change our honeymoon plans – flying Rome to Bangkok for 3 weeks in August, for 2,500 euros (2 of us obviously) in R class.

  26. James R says:

    Does anyone know anything regards to lounge access when flying Qatar from Birmingham?
    I think they only have an Aspire lounge and an Emirates.

  27. Thanks Raffles! Booked my first ever Business to Dubai. The leg from Doha to Dubai is classed as First. Now just need to book the leg to Helsinki! I am not a member of QR but wondering what the best partner would be to get the miles for these flights. I always end up with small amounts across different airlines. Can any of the airline miles who are partners be converted to hotel points like HH or IHG?

  28. Consider visiting Tallinn – only a short ferry ride from HEL and a cracking night out!

  29. Andy, def go the day before. We are going also via HEL first time for us. But plan on snow delays. Tallinn sounds interesting. Might plan an extra day on route.

  30. What Easter dates did you book? School holidays start around 1st April but fare is valid till 31st March only and is looking expensive after that.

  31. Very impressive new Hilton opening there this week with low opening rates.

  32. Nick G says:

    Our most favourite city break destination ever been 5 times. We stay at the telegraff hotel great hotel, service and location. Hotel restaurant is amazing experience eat there every time.