New Amex statement credit travel offers launched inc Eurostar, Hyatt, Selfridges

American Express has launched a new round of statement credit deals, with a particularly strong travel focus.

There are two ways to sign up to these deals.  The easiest is to visit the Amex website or app and go the statement page for each card you hold.  At the bottom is a list of current offers targetted to you.  Click ‘Save To Card’ and you’re good to go.

A selection of deals are also available via the Amex Connect website here.  If you hold an American Express issued by Lloyds, MBNA, TSB or Barclays then you can register for these deals via Amex Connect.

These are the travel related offers available:

Eurostar – £20 cashback when you spend £60

Expires 24th July.  If you have two Amex cards you could book a trip as 2 x one-way tickets and get the cashback twice as long as each leg was £60 or more.

Hyatt Hotels – £50 cashback when you spend £250

Expires 30th September.  Valid at most European Hyatt properties including the four in the UK.  Remember that, if used in Europe, the cashback will be offset by Amex’s 3% FX fee.  This offer is NOT on Amex Connect.

Ashford Castle Red Carnation

Red Carnation Hotels – £50 cashback when you spend £250

Expires 29th July.   They run Ashford Castle in Ireland (photo above) amongst other properties although only the UK hotels are included in this offer.  Earlier this week I wrote about their generous ‘2000 Virgin miles per night’ promotion which you could combine with this.

The Halkin / Metropolitan – £50 cashback when you spend £250

Expires 17th July.  This offer is valid twice per card so you can earn up to £100 back at each hotel.

Landmark Hotel Group – £75 cashback when you spend £200

Expires 11th September. Valid at The Landmark London, Lancaster London or K West Hotel & Spa.  This is obviously very generous and worth considering if planning a London hotel stay.

One Fine Stay – £100 cashback when you spend £300

Expires 11th September for stays by 31st December.  Generous deal from the ‘upmarket Airbnb’ company.

Of the non-travel deals, there is a ‘£30 back on £100 spend at Selfridges’ which I thought was pretty decent plus quite a few others.

(Want to earn more miles and points from credit cards?  Click here to visit our dedicated airline and hotel travel credit cards page or use the ‘Credit Cards Update’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. No sign of the Selfridges deal either on any of my direct Amex accounts or Amex connect

  2. Doesn’t Eurostar have quite a hefty credit card fee?

    Not as much as £20 but it does reduce the value of the statement credit if you usually pay by debit card.

    And if you like a glass of wine in the lounge, best wait for England to get knocked out of Euro2016.

  3. I’m not seeing Selfridges in either site..,

  4. No selfridges for me either but I’ve got house of Fraser £10 off £70 spend and £10 off £50 spend on different cards

  5. The Landmark is often available on Hotels Tonight for ~£200, so that could end up being a very good last minute deal.

    • Hotel Tonight is only prepaid though, so you would need the hotel to have the same rate itself direct (which it might).

  6. No Hyatt offer on any of our cards :(

    • Jovanna says:

      No Hyatt for me too, which is annoying because I need to book a couple of nights in August.

  7. I have just made a booking on Amex Travel which means that I have to pay about £2000 by Feb 2017. From time to time there are statement credit offers for Amex Travel (or at least there have been).
    From people’s experience would I be able to pay chunks off what I owe on various Amex cards and get the credit?

    • Yes, you can trigger multiple statement credits across several cards for the same purchase, if they are so good as to allow you to use different cards – which is allowable in any case with Amex Travel ISTR.

      I split my £50 Xmas beef joints across 5 Amex cards to get 5x £5 statement credits on the 5x £10 payments. [Amex Shop Small.] Thank you, Messrs Butchers (though 1 person thought I was money-laundering & was on the point of calling the police :) )

      • Genghis says:

        Paid for my dental hygienist appt across 5 Amex cards in Nov last year for £25 credit.

        • Yes, last December I split one purchase across 13 cards and another across 10, but this was with small businesses.
          I wondered if anyone had specific Amex Travel experience, but did not word it very well.

  8. No Selfridges for me either!

  9. Frustratingly no Hyatt on any any of my cards (I could happily use it on all of them).

  10. BigDave says:

    Selfridges not popped up yet for me but when the Pizza Express offer runs out tthere’s an ASK Italian offer until Sept.

  11. Matthew says:

    Any recommendations for nice hotel in London for about £150 max? It’s for a Sat night in July for anniversary. Got a stash of Club carlson points too but a lot want the upgraded room at 105,000 points which seems a waste, so was thinking cash for room. Anyone managed to get IHG Mastercard rate through there app as my accelerate bonus is all via the app. If so then the IC O2 could be a goer! Thanks :-)

    • Wayne Phillips says:

      Make a refundable booking and then check accor happy mondays in the lead up.

    • If the one of the Landmark hotels was £200 you would be down to £125 after the £75 Amex credit.

    • Matthew says:

      OK, thanks for the tips :-) Will keep an eye out for the Landmark hotel price.

      Any particular Accor hotel highly rated in London?


      • The Novotel Blackfriars (reviewed on this site) is good – if you’re Platinum, they should treat you well. Novotels are generally good for Platinum recognition – I’ve always been upgraded to an Executive Room. I rather like the Mercure Bloomsbury and the Ibis St Pancras – both regularly appear on Happy Mondays, as does the Pullman St Pancras (albeit at £90, so dearer than the others).

  12. Thanks for highlighting those. I wonder if the Landmark offer is only for hotel stay.
    Do you think the offer could work to pay for a nice meal (with wine) at their restaurant? Sometimes, the restaurant charges guest under the hotel name on their credit cards… If anyone has even tried, please share. Thank you!

  13. rams1981 says:

    no selfridges or H of F for me. Only one card had the Eurostar offer

  14. I’ve got 3 amex cards and not a single one has any of these offers. :(

  15. Jordan D says:

    Eurostar on one, but not both cards. Very frustrating.

  16. Is there any way to add an Amex Connect offer to a Amex-issued card when it is not appearing in the Personalized Offers section? I was able to add the Eurostar offer to my Lloyds-issued card very easily, but not to my BA Amex-issued card…

    P.S. Thanks again for those advising on the waiting time for my Amex application. Raffles was right: I found out the next day when the card arrived in the mail. (And only one day later I received the email saying “your application was successful”. Snail mail is faster than email…)

  17. I got eurostar on one amex but not the other, strange, most offers appear on both

  18. Andrew* says:

    For anyone (?) who has the Selfridges offer, it’s currently 12 Avios / £ on Gate 365 / Avios eStore – until 04 July.

    • O/T just received a letter from AMEX saying that as an existing customer my £150 annual fee is increasing to £195….. Guess existing customers are not exempt!

      • Kinkell says:

        Not exempt, but , for me, new fee will be charged next anniversary in July 2017. So I suppose, I’m a bit better off than some.

      • Is this for the BAPP? Stuff that, I was going to keep the card until next year, but now I’m cancelling. At least that way I might get a sign-up bonus to make up for the extra fee.

  19. Jonathan says:

    I remain convinced that AMEX don’t target customers with offers that are of any relevance to them. When asked about how these offers are worked out I was told that they look at your spending pattern, where you spend money etc. So based on my spending in the past 2 months at Four Seasons, Dorchester Collection and Oetker properties AMEX thought an offer for money off at 4 star Red Carnation hotels would be relevant to me. Right. The Hyatt offer would have been particularly useful as we’re actually going to the new PH in Mallorca soon. And all this after an increase of £45 to the BAPP card membership fee. I was told this was due to inflation. As far as I’m aware inflation in the UK hasn’t hit nearly 25%.

    • Kinkell says:

      Have 3 cards and loads of offers, some of which are HoF, Eurostar,Pizzza Xpress,Hotels x2 ..Landmark and RedCarnation , Etihad, Zing , French Connection. …you name , I’ve got it! Have I shopped in any of these estsblishments?….. Well, I live in the Hghlands, so popping in to a HoF requires a 4 hour trip, and Eurostar isn’t exactly convenient. So, I do feel that I get offers that I am very unlikely to use ( and I prefer Costa to Starbucks!)

  20. I also had none of the decent offers on my card and I looked at 7am this morning

  21. sorry OT (but still amex): Does anyone know how to refer a friend for a different card than your own? For example, you hold a BA PP but want to refer a friend for the Gold card? Thanks :)

  22. Slightly OT, applied for the BA amex PP card on Monday, application was approved on the weds. I was somewhat shocked at the poultry credit limit the gave me though (1.5k). My credit score is excellent. I’ m guessing this low limit is because i currently have an SPG amex with 12k limit? I assume their algorithms make sure you arnt over exposed to credit? This will make it somewhat of a juggling act each month to get that 10k spending done for the 2for1 voucher.

  23. yaucc86 says:

    what a joke. I have 5 Amex cards and my wife have 2 and guess what. Non of them have selfridges discount!