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Is it Grand Theft? Avios for 0.4p each, possibly 0.27p!

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If you go down to your local Tesco (it probably needs to be a large Tesco, a Tesco Extra for safety), you can take part in a fantastic offer that lets you pick up Avios airmiles for just 0.4p each. This could drop to as little as 0.27p each with a Tesco conversion bonus.

The product involved is a video game, Grand Theft Auto V. Ironically, this is a video game that is not even released yet!

Grand Theft Auto V is expected to be a blockbuster, with copies hard to find. Tesco is therefore offering customers the chance to pre-order a copy for £5. You will receive a £5 voucher to redeem against our copy of the game on release, plus a free poster.

Here is the amazing bit. Tesco is offering 500 bonus Tesco Clubcard points with every pre-order!

This means that, for just £5, you will receive 1,200 Avios or 1,250 Virgin Flying Club miles. If there is another 50 per cent conversion bonus from Tesco to BA at some point, you would get 1,800 Avios for £5, just 0.27p each!

This is how it works. A participating Tesco will have a pile of GTAV empty boxes in the video games area, with posters alongside. Take a box or two and pay your £5 per box. Points go onto your receipt immediately.

It is important to understand that you are NOT obliged to buy a copy of the game when it eventually comes out!

Now, the question is: how many can you buy? One certainly OK, two probably. But 5? 10?

Tesco has a track record of taking points away from people who buy more of a product on special offer than they consider ‘normal’. For a video game, that number could be quite low. Doing more than two copies per Clubcard may be risky, in my view – but it is up to you.

The offer runs to November 18th. As the empty boxes are presumably put back on display to be sold again, there shouldn’t be an availability issue.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

Comments (28)

  • Andy says:

    This offer has now been pulled, in Nottingham anyway

  • pazza2000 says:

    Pulled how? Sold out or no bonus points given?

    • Andy says:

      no bonus points given. I took a copy to electrical desk and they scanned it, only showed 5 points.

      • pakster says:

        Just got 500 points at a large Tesco in west London a few minutes ago… but I did NOT get the GTA voucher!! I got a £5 off for £40 spend though.

        I don’t want the game anyway, and I only bought one with this clubcard, so I hope Raffles is right when he says you’re not obliged to buy the game, and they won’t take the points away if you don’t.

        • Raffles says:

          Did you use a self service till? They don’t give vouchers. Not sure how you are meant to know that, though!

          • pakster says:

            Yeah, I should have said. I used the “Shop and Scan” where they give you a handheld scanner which you use as you put stuff in your trolley. It then wirelessly sends your shopping to a self-checkout. This is useful as I had a £6 off £40 voucher and the scanner adds things up as you go along.

            From the pic above by the guy who bought 300, it just looked like an ordinary till spit. As I said, I did get another voucher from the till, which looks very similar, so not sure why it can’t do the GTA voucher.

            The promotion said ENDS 18/11, so I’ll pop back to get a few more. Even if you just use the points for money off shopping, you’ll still make a 1% profit!

  • Jimmy says:

    Points posted to my account today for 3 copies purchased Friday morning. Assume tesco have now closed the offer thanks to some greedy idiot raising suspicions by purchasing so many copies.

  • Jamie says:

    It might be store by store whether the promo is advertised, however if they have the box it will work. I work with Tesco head office and their systems are not that sophisticated, if they pull the deal it won’t work anywhere.

    There are plenty of people who appear to have bought yesterday so it does not appear to have been turned off yet.

    • Jovan says:

      I got it yesterday, although it took me ages to find it. It was a stand on its own opposite all other computer games.

      And 500 points offer is a really small print.

  • Andy says:

    OK got to the bottom of why when scanned at the electrical desk GTA only showed 5 points. When an item is just scanned to find out a price the ordinarry points show. I took the same box as I got scanned a couple of days ago through checkout. 505 points on the receipt.