Another Amex / Foursquare update

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Here are a few more snippits from my Foursquare adventures to date, for those who are following this:


I have now successfully received cashback for supplementary Amex cards on an account, as well as on the main account. Very nice!

The Liberty offer (‘spend £50, receive £25’) is now working and can be ‘loaded’ onto your Foursquare account. If there is nothing you need, buy a £50 gift card and use it for cosmetics next time you need some.

The Tesco offer (‘spend £50, receive £10’) only works at Tesco Metro stores. If you have struggled to find the offer on Foursquare, that is why. You need to search for (and presumably spend in) a Metro.

Reader Andrew tweeted me to suggest buying the £50 Visa giftcards sold in some Tesco branches. These can be used anywhere that accepts Visa, so are easy to use. There is a £3.95 fee to buy one, but you are still £6.05 plus 12 Clubcard points in profit! (Personally I will stick with buying £50 of branded gift cards and getting 150 bonus Clubcard points along with my £10 cashback, but it is a sound idea if you cannot find gift cards in store for somewhere you go.)

The Gap offer (‘spend £10, receive £10’) is still not working again despite being plugged in the Amex email last weekend (EDIT – overnight this seems to have been fixed, see Comments)

My Harvey Nichols stash now stands at 2 bottle of £27.50 wine, 1 x £25 gift card and a £26 shower gel! Three more cards to go!

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  1. Badgerdirect says:

    I tried checking in at the NikeTown store to get the Nike promotion but it didn’t work. Are there any other Nike owned stores in the UK?

    • The Nike deal seems to be loaded for 2 places as far as I can tell in Central London – not sure if they are Nike stores or offices?!

      • Flashware says:

        NikeTown doesn’t work but if you check into Nike Studio it gives the load option (which I’ve now done). When I look up the address that is against Nike Studio, it’s listed on Google Maps as NikeTown (but the address is the side street, rather than the corner of Regent & Oxford). Hmm…. I was going to buy a Nike Pro Combat Compression long sleeved item but upon seeing this realised I could get 2 for the price of 1, so hoping that by going into that store it will work fine…..

        • Flashware says:

          OK, I rang Nike Town on Oxford St and he said that NikeID Studio (which is where the checkin to load the card exists) is a separate part within the store to customise your shoes, etc. so it seems like maybe the Nike offer doesn’t apply to the broader store.

  2. My local tesco did show and the £10 posted to my account a few days later. I had bought a £50 tesco gift card.
    So far however the bonus points for the gift card have not posted and transaction shows as £0 in club card account.

    • I don’t think Tesco gift cards accrue Clubcard points. You’ll earn them when you use the card.

      • You get 150 clubcard points if you buy a £50 gift card. Beware you can not by a gift card and then go in and use it straight away. There is a 24 hour waiting period, as I found out

    • Same here, I wonder if this is another one of the things that posts at the end of the period

      • No. You do NOT get the 150 bonus Clubcard points if you buy Tesco or Visa gift cards. This is marked on the webpage, on the banner in store and in all the posts I have made on this offer!

        If your purchase had qualified for the 150 bonus points, they would have gone on instantly at the till.

  3. Gap is now live with the end date extended to the 31st Dec. Free money available £10 off £10

    • Excellent. I am not really a Gap man, but if I can get £70 of gift cards across 7 Amex cards then it should sell on ebay for £50 after costs!

      • Raffles, are these 7 cards amex cards across 7 Four Square accounts, with 7 different emails ?

        • Yes. I have also put fake dates of birth into the accounts to stop them being matched, although obviously the IP addresses are the same and only 2 names used. 2 BA Amex’s (me and wife), 1 Amex Plat with 2 supps, 1 Lloyds Avios with 1 supp.

          You MUST keep a list somewhere of the email, password and linked Amex for each account, just in case this offer comes back in 2 months. You don’t want to have forgotten all your details!

  4. I had a foursquare credit cancelled when I returned the original purchase.

  5. Thanks for the name check. Agree that it’s the weakest redemption offer, but it makes sense if you don’t have line-of-sight to using one of the other gift card options (e.g. If, like Raffles, you have seven eligible cards and think that £300 of gift cards is enough). You can always just pay your card bill with the visa gift card and close out the profit straight away.

  6. Hi

    On Foursquare I have successfully received, mainly using Amex gold and supplementary cards:
    House of Fraser –£10 credit only one where I did not get a notification but the credit went through. Went to load it on another card last night but this special seems to have disappeared. Will get Gift cards from Tesco now.
    HMV – £5 credit used this on my Amex Gold and Lloyds Amex, worked perfectly.
    Starbucks – Amex Gold, SPG Amex, Lloyds Amex, worked perfectly. Got £10 gift cards as stocking fillers, they have nice Xmas gift cards
    Gap – £10 credit Amex Gold, SPG Amex, Lloyds Amex, worked perfectly. If the special appears again have 1 more card to go.
    Harvey Nichols – £25 credit. Used 5 cards (Amex Gold and SPG) worked perfectly. I used them to get food products. I have 3 more cards incl Lloyds Amex and I will use these this weekend.
    Liberty – haven’t tried that one yet, not a store I usually go to but I like the idea of gift card and then use it on beauty products. Will give it a go this week.

  7. Tesco does NOT only work in metro, worked in a regular superstore.

    Great blog BTW

  8. You can only get 1 x Foursquare per card. You can, of course, buy more giftcards for the 150 point bonus, you just won’t get the £10 back.

  9. Here’s an interesting question. Since the Gap offer is now saying from Dec 5 to Dec 31 does that mean that it is a new offer and I can load it again on the cards that i used back in Nov?

  10. I actually purchased online with tesco after ‘checking in’ from my living room. I got a notification from the foursqaure app that my £10 would be credited. Will report back when its showing on the statement.

  11. Hi, does the “load to card” expire?

    If anyone knows that would be great.

    I am going to do £25 Harvey Nichols gift card on three different cards. I would rather load at home and then do it rather than have to sign in and out three times while pretending to browse!
    Thank you!

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