Another Amex / Foursquare update

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Here are a few more snippits from my Foursquare adventures to date, for those who are following this:


I have now successfully received cashback for supplementary Amex cards on an account, as well as on the main account. Very nice!

The Liberty offer (‘spend £50, receive £25’) is now working and can be ‘loaded’ onto your Foursquare account. If there is nothing you need, buy a £50 gift card and use it for cosmetics next time you need some.

The Tesco offer (‘spend £50, receive £10’) only works at Tesco Metro stores. If you have struggled to find the offer on Foursquare, that is why. You need to search for (and presumably spend in) a Metro.

Reader Andrew tweeted me to suggest buying the £50 Visa giftcards sold in some Tesco branches. These can be used anywhere that accepts Visa, so are easy to use. There is a £3.95 fee to buy one, but you are still £6.05 plus 12 Clubcard points in profit! (Personally I will stick with buying £50 of branded gift cards and getting 150 bonus Clubcard points along with my £10 cashback, but it is a sound idea if you cannot find gift cards in store for somewhere you go.)

The Gap offer (‘spend £10, receive £10’) is still not working again despite being plugged in the Amex email last weekend (EDIT – overnight this seems to have been fixed, see Comments)

My Harvey Nichols stash now stands at 2 bottle of £27.50 wine, 1 x £25 gift card and a £26 shower gel! Three more cards to go!

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  1. Has anyone got this to work with tesco groceries online??

  2. I did last week,
    I checked into the store it usually comes from, but there is a risk you are supplied by a different store

    • Flashware says:

      I don’t think it matters does it? When you check in to one it then loads it for that brand, you don’t necessarily need to buy from the store you loaded it at?

  3. so… enthused by all the comments, I headed to covent garden to do a bit of shopping at nike. Only, I couldn’t find how to send the offers to my card. Just got home to read this in the small print:

    Which mobile devices can I see American Express offers within?
    You can view American Express offers within the Foursquare app on iPhone, Android and Blackberry

    Trust me to be the only idiot still using Nokia!!!

    • I also have a Nokia! However, I downloaded the iPhone app to my iPad and checked in that way (from home). You can’t do it from a PC, though.

  4. Hi!

    When using Foursquare with the aim of putting money onto gift cards: do you buy x amount of separate gift cards or do you put x amount of value on one gift card and use different cards within one transaction?

    PS: I’ll upload an avatar as I feel I’ve left enough comments to merit it!

    • Harvey Nichols only sells paper vouchers anyway. It doesn’t matter otherwise, but for an easier life (and an easier ebay sale if that is your plan) I would hand over the same card every time and say you want to add some more money to it.

      If you making multiple transactions at the same till, however, you may feel more comfortable asking for 3 x £10 GAP gift cards but saying you need to pay for each one separately! It would be a bit weird handing back the same card 3 times and insisting you pay separately.

      When spending, you can use multiple gift cards in one transaction if necessary. I used 3 at Pizza Express on Monday to settle the bill.

  5. As an aside, I got another 2 x £25 in Harvey Nichols yesterday (same till, said they were for different people and needed to use different cards). I genuinely felt that they thought it a bit odd that someone was buying gift vouchers and that they are NOT seeing a mass influx.

    However, it is more likely that they have so many staff (all till trained as far as I can see) that the staff haven’t noticed the increase.

    • I agree, though unless what you’re doing is totally arbitrary the SA will be receptive, well has been trained to be at least.

      I should count myself lucky I only have three cards, some readers have a lot more. Though, it’s believable enough to just say they’re for different people (as I gingerly slip my other card in!)

  6. Johnny5a says:

    Bought £75 gift vouchers yesterday with my 3 cards. Almost bagged another £25 but they wanted to see the card … it’s my wife’s card

  7. Very nice! So Tesco gift cards can be used on Direct online, I assume?

  8. Trickster says:

    Anyone having issues with the foursquare app no longer showing the special for Tesco, Starbucks and harvey nics when checking in? As far as I’m aware these specials run unt 31st.

    • Akhil Gupta says:

      Just decided to give this a go – cant see specials for harvey nics – no load to card thing either

      • I saw a similar report on Flyertalk … not sure what is happening

        • trickster says:

          Hmmm, worrying. I have several other Harvey Nics opportunities to take advantage of, but only up to Friday wehn I finish work.

          I have done a check-in a Tesco on an account that hasn;t had the credit yet, then done the necessary spend, but did get th eload to card option. However, no confirmation message in the app as in the past. If this credits I shall report back.

        • Johnny5a says:

          Hmm I managed to load the card on Friday evening, double checked it on Saturday and the system said “already loaded” – we made the purchase of gift vouchers on Saturday, no notification on Foursquare, I will chase it up with them on Tuesday.

  9. FanOfPoints says:

    Not sure whether you guys know about this already – it’s more of XBox rather than FourSquare but the principle is the same and you can get it as long as you have an XBox or know somebody who has one and is willing to help you!
    The best thing is you get £10 free credit on your Amex Card if you manage to sync it properly as well as potentially a free movie at Cineworld!

    1. Sync your American Express card at You should receive a sync code in your email your signed up with.

    2. Sign up for an Xbox Live account (Free) at

    3. Switch on your XBox – under Games -> Browse Games – at the bottom right hand corner should be an icon to ‘Play Halo 4 and unlock American Express specials’. Click on that

    4, Enter the sync code you received in step 1. If successful, you will then unlock the following specials which you can then load onto your card :-
    Amex : Get £10 credit on statement for Amex Sync
    Cineworld : Spent £10 get £10
    Topman : Spent £50 get £25
    Carphone Warehouse : Spent £50 get £25
    Dixons Travel : Spent £50 get £25
    5. You will receive an email confirmation for the specials you have loaded. Once you ‘trigger’ these specials by spending the required amount, you will receive an email almost instantaneously saying ‘You sync, you saved’ and to expect a statement credit within 8 weeks.

    If you have multiple cards :-
    You can do this for multiple American express cards. Only thing is you can’t use the ‘+’ code to sign up multiple times for XBox accounts under Step 2 – you will need separate emails for that (Outlook only allows you to create up to 3 a day I think).

    If you want to sync for a separate card on a separate XBox Live account, before proceeding with Step 3, go to the ‘Social’ tab on your Xbox screen, sign out whoever is currently logged in. Then when the selection of avatars to sign in appear, just scroll all the way to the right and ‘Download Profile’. You then enter the email/password you used in Step 2.

  10. Has anyone had an offer not track through correctly? Is there a process for raising a claim? Couldn’t seem to find anything online..

  11. Where has FourSquare gone?? I have tried to use it today, and none of the shops I logged into had the Amex offers anymore – Harvey N, HMV, Tesco, Liberty…. Hugely disappointing, as I thought it was running to 31 Dec.

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