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Amex / Foursquare – iPads, laptops, prams, fridges etc available at half-price via ‘Debenhams Plus’

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Last week I outlined the new Foursquare opportunities available at Debenhams and Fenwick / BentallsFor each American Express card you own, including supplementary cards, you can buy a £50 gift card for £25.

After I’d written the post, I spotted ‘Debenhams Plus’.  I mentioned it in the comments, but a lot of people will have missed it, especially those who rely on the email and RSS feeds.  I therefore wanted to give it additional prominence.

Debenhams Plus‘ – click the link to visit the site – is a sort of mini Tesco Direct, specialising in electrical items.  In particular, they carry the full range of ipads and quite a few laptop computers.  There are also washing machines, TV’s, accessories, cookers, fridges, tumble dryers, printers, e-readers and a huge amount of childcare stuff (prams, cots etc).


Now, here is the clever bit.

Debenhams gift cards can be used to pay for items bought at Debenhams Plus.  The only snag is that you have to ring up to place your order, rather than buy online.

The upside, though, is that the rule that applies to the Debenhams website – that you must pay your whole bill with a gift card – does not apply here.  You can pay partially with a gift card and partially with a credit card.

This opens up some great opportunities, such as (depending on how many Amex cards you hold) half price iPads.

Comments (37)

  • Mark B says:

    Do Debenhams not ask questions if you are using say 4 (as is my plan) seperate gift cards in one transaction?

    • trickster says:

      No comments (other than, “ooh, that’s a nice gift”) when I asked yesterday to put £150 on a gift card, and split it across 3 credit cards. I actually volunteered the reason why (watered down) due to a slight puzzled look. Then today, I topped the same card up with another £150, split across my wife’s 3 cards – again no queries. all very easy.

      Therefore, when I called up Debenhams Plus, I was actually using a single gift card worth £300, which made the process much more painless. I would not expect them to query your use of 4 gift cards – they are legit methods of payment.

      • Nick Burch says:

        Topping up a gift card with several amex’s isn’t a quick process (I’d say it’s a bit over a minute per card), so make sure you find a quiet till to do it at. I got a very strange look when I asked, but after explaining it was for an Amex offer they just shrugged and started the slow process of adding 50 quid per card

        • Trickster says:

          On the contrary, it was easy as anything for me, and I got no strafe looks. I topped up the card ONCE with £150, but did 3 separate payment transactions.

  • Gill says:

    Sorry to appear thick.
    So I buy several Debenhams gift cards from tesco, get the 150 points for each, go online and use my synched Amex card to buy something fromDebenhams plus over the phone with my amex and giftcards.
    Does the £25 credit for each card appear automatically?

  • Gill says:

    I think I may have got it now – I have to use different Amex cards to buy £50 gift cards, because each card can only have one £25 credit.
    Does the £25 then get credited because it goes down as a Debenhams spend even though I bought the giftcard in Tesco?
    Or is it credited when the giftcards are spent at Debenhams?

    Thanks, (trying to work out how many Amex cards are in the household)

    • Rich says:

      Hi Gill,
      No you need to make the purchases from Debenhams, buying a debenhams gift card at Tesco will not be eligible spend for te £25 cash back!

      So first you need to link each amex card with a unique Foursquare account, then check in to debenhams and load the offer to card on each foursquare account.
      Once you have done that, make £50 spend at debenhams on each card, which can be on a debenhams gift card as this post refers to, and about 3-5 days later you will get a £25 statement credit appear.

      Hope that helps!

  • Gill says:

    thx, So I have to load the offer onto the card from a store. But then I can use the card to spend online.
    I don’t see how the Amex link works though. I could have bought the giftcard with any card or cash.

    • Rich says:

      It is Amex that give you the £25 rebate for spending £50 on your Amex card. Debenhams don’t give you a refund in store.

      The idea is to buy £50 Debenhams gift card(s) from Debenhams, using your Amex card. You will pay £50 there and then. If the offer is loaded correctly as mentioned previously, when the £50 hits your Amex card statement a couple of days later, it will automatically refund you with £25, another couple of days later.

      This can only be done once per card, so talk on this post is referring to using multiple Amex cards to buy multiple £50 gift cards which in turn will give you multiple £25 rebates on your Amex statement(s).


  • Gill says:

    Got it, thanks for your patience. I’m usually quite good at this sort of thing but this one had me baffled.

  • James67 says:

    Thanks to all for helpfull responses. Good news though, myrefunds have now posted, it justook couple of days more than previously. So still 100% for 4sq promos.

  • Craig Shaw says:

    Has anyone tried this at a Debenhams Travel Money counter? Or does anyone know why this wouldnt work? (And I’m aware i’d incur a charge from Amex for using a credit card)

    • Trevor says:

      Hope I’m not too late to save ya bacon… If you use your Amex at the travel money counter, it’ll go through as a cash transaction, not a purchase, and you are therefore very unlikely to get the refund (if you check the sync websites T&C’s, it might even say as much). I thought of trying this route at both Harrod’s and HoF, but realised that using the card itself would incur the cash charge and wouldn’t work, and having enquired about use of giftcards, neither store would accept them at the travel money counters as that’s effectively a “refund” and they don’t allow refunds on gift cards 🙁

  • Colin A-B says:

    To make creating alternative 4SQ accounts easier you might find using gmail (if not already using) will help. This is because you can append your normal gmail address & any email connected with it will still end up in your main gmail inbox.

    eg: say my email address is [email protected] – For my Virgin Amex card I’ve synced I used the email address [email protected] & for my Starwood Preferred Guest Amex card I’ve used [email protected] to register. Basically you can put anything after the name of your email, as long as it’s prefixed with +.

    I hope this has made sense & helps someone a little – certainly makes it easier for me when I’m switching between 4SQ accounts to checkin.