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Amex / Foursquare – iPads, laptops, prams, fridges etc available at half-price via ‘Debenhams Plus’

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Last week I outlined the new Foursquare opportunities available at Debenhams and Fenwick / BentallsFor each American Express card you own, including supplementary cards, you can buy a £50 gift card for £25.

After I’d written the post, I spotted ‘Debenhams Plus’.  I mentioned it in the comments, but a lot of people will have missed it, especially those who rely on the email and RSS feeds.  I therefore wanted to give it additional prominence.

Debenhams Plus‘ – click the link to visit the site – is a sort of mini Tesco Direct, specialising in electrical items.  In particular, they carry the full range of ipads and quite a few laptop computers.  There are also washing machines, TV’s, accessories, cookers, fridges, tumble dryers, printers, e-readers and a huge amount of childcare stuff (prams, cots etc).


Now, here is the clever bit.

Debenhams gift cards can be used to pay for items bought at Debenhams Plus.  The only snag is that you have to ring up to place your order, rather than buy online.

The upside, though, is that the rule that applies to the Debenhams website – that you must pay your whole bill with a gift card – does not apply here.  You can pay partially with a gift card and partially with a credit card.

This opens up some great opportunities, such as (depending on how many Amex cards you hold) half price iPads.

Comments (37)

  • James67 says:

    Morning Raffles et al. Have you received your amex refunds for Debenhams in the usual timely fashion? Purchase 4x £50 giftcards on Monday but to date no refund showing agaisnt any of my 4 cards.

    • Rich says:

      All my Amex Amex’s posted 3 working days after spend for Debenhams.. (Spent on Saturday – credited on Wednesday)
      MBNA and LTSB credited on Thursday.

    • Rob says:

      I had the notification in my FS account within an hour or so, as usual (this was on a BA Amex, you don’t get this with MBNA or Lloyds cards usually). It is not on my statement yet but I wouldn’t have expected it yet, and as I’ve got the notification it is 99% guaranteed anyway.

      • Rich says:

        Weirdly, my MBNA card is one I get a notification for every time. Gold and LTSB cards never and BA, 50/50..

        Not sure why it’s so hit and miss!

      • trickster says:

        I get in-app notification for MBNA cards straight away, as with Amex issues cards.

        Heading down to Debenhams in Manchester at lunch today to spend on another 3 cards, then time to call Debenhams Plus!

  • Rich says:

    Did exactly this, got the cheapest ipad (£399) using a Debenhams Gift card which I topped up with 8 Amex’s! Arrived yesterday 🙂

  • Shaun says:

    Does anyone know how to chase up a missing foursquare credit on a bmi MBNA amex account?


  • Rich says:

    Amex can see when you loaded the offer to your card, so assuming you do it correctly they shouldn’t have a problem with applying the refund. At least that’s been my experience…

  • Rich says:

    Doh! Assume you’ve opened/used the Dyson? If not, refund-rebuy!

  • Neilypokie says:

    Hi raffles. I’ve seen that supplementary cards can be set up on foursquare, but tried it only to be told that they couldn’t be synced.

    Is this an issue with new Amex? (I’ve had BA one for 6 months and platinum one for 1 month). Any help here would be really appreciated.

    This is a great post btw!!

    • Neilypokie says:

      Thanks raffles. Managed to suss out what I was doing wrong. Somewhere on my iPad I had foursquare open and logged into an existing account linked to main card and not the blank one I’d set up for supplementary cards.

    • Trickster says:


      Do you know whether bmi supp. cards gave a different card number? If so, I might have just found two more options for debenhams and shell, assuming the cards arrive quick enough.

  • flyoff says:

    So far I have had a 100% success with all Amex/FS deals. I did have £50 debited off one Amex account as they thought that they had credited a rebate twice after both the main and supplementary card on an account were used on the same day. This was credited back once challenged. Nearly £3K of free spend once I go to Debenhams at the weekend and a free Xbox which was used to exploit the Amex/Xbox deal.

    Don’t forget Bentalls/ Fenwicks. If you are near London, the Kingston store has a reasonable Audio/Video department. There is also a range of champagne (including Magnums), whisky and brandy.

  • trickster says:

    iPad ordered over the phone – it was ridiculously easy!
    Cannot grumble at an iPad Mini for £144 🙂