Amex / Foursquare – Debenhams ‘50% off’ sale starts TODAY

I just wanted to give you a quick heads up that Debenhams has launched a ‘up to 50% off’ sale, starting today.

This is, of course, fully combinable with the current American Express / Foursquare promotion, which gives you a £25 statement credit when you spend £50 in Debenhams on an American Express card. In theory, £100 of clothes – reduced to £50 in the sale – would be yours for only £25!


If you have not signed up for Foursquare yet, details of how to do it and how to register for this promotion can be found in this post on the Fenwick and Debenhams Foursquare deals.

Remember that both the Debenhams and the Fenwick / Bentalls deals finish at the end of the month.


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  1. AviosNewbie says:

    Hi Raffles, thanks for all your posts. I was able to get a Samsung tablet extremely cheap from the promo: I have 4 primary amex cards (gold, mbna, BAPP, SPG) + 3 supplementary cards, which gave me gift cards worth £350 pounds each from Debenhams and Bentalls, with only £175 of my own money for each gift card.

    I bought a Samsung Note 10.1 from Debenhamsplus for £409 – now debenhamsplus has a banner on their website saying £50 cash back on purchase of samsung tablets. In reality, Samsung ended their promo on 31st December. But I had saved screenshots and called up Samsung, who said debenhams is making false promises. So I complained to Debenhams and they gave me £50 back on their own. So 1 tablet done with £359 (of which Amex gave me back £175).

    I also bought Samsung Tab from Bentalls then sold it on ebay for £280.

    So this was a good way to exploit the great deal! However, not everyone can do this unless you have 7 (or more) amex cards in the household.

  2. If you live in Essex, note that Wiliam & Griffin in Colchester is now owned by Fenwick and shows up as participating in this promotion. (Thanks to Cliff for that info)

  3. Just been to Oxford st. in London today to buy the Debenhams gift cards and noticed that they had the Mother’s Day sp. offer gift cards for £50 which gives you an Additional 10% off on purchases (incl. sale items)
    in additiona to the following benefits of the V.I.P Gift Cards

    We can also offer free benefits from our choice of V.I.P shopping spree Gift Cards! Purchase a Gift Card worth between £50 and £99 and during the day’s shopping visit take advantage of free V.I.P treatments including:

    Free makeover with one of our beauty houses
    Free consultation with our personal shopper
    A free cup of tea or coffee and a treat from our cafe
    Free V.I.P presentation wallet

    See link here:

    See pic here:

    Hope that helps.


    • I saw £50 gift cards with 10% off/extra – not sure if they were the same ones you saw – but there was an important restriction. The 10% would only work with pre-booked personal shopper visits.

  4. Anybody used the free coffee offer at Debenhams?

    Unlocking the £50/£25 deal by 31 March also unlocks a free coffee on Fridays with no set expiry date. I’m not sure whether our 11 loaded cards would stretch to 11 cups of coffee even if we could, but if you’re gasping, as I tend to be when accompanying Mrs Roger, it’s a useful extra.

    BTW1: buying and topping up gift cards at Customer Accounts on the 4th floor at Debs Oxford Street was painless.

    BTW2: Debs Oxford Street is undergoing long term enhancements until the autumn. These include rebuilding the escalators and converting the 5th floor to retail with access by elevator.

  5. Yes, the card number on a supp is different so you get another card for Foursquare

    • Hi Raffles,

      Today is the last day for the Debenhams deal, and it’s Easter Sunday. My nearest Debenham store is closed!! Argh! The other nearest one is 80 miles away.

      In your experience, did you hear of anyone buying the Debenhams gift card online and get the foursquare promotion?

      I have already loaded my card for the promotion, right outside the closed store at 1pm today!

      Talk about leaving it last minute 🙁

      Thanks for your advice.


  6. Mike Turnbull says:

    Stupid question…sitting here with my Smartphone and three Amex cards, how do you check in with each card one after the other at this offer for example ? Thanks.

  7. Riaz Marzban says:

    Hi, I had 6 Amex cards I used recently to purchase £300 worth of Debenhams gift cards and put £50 on each. Since then I bought an iPad 2 on the Debenhams Plus website which worked out to be a great deal.

    However, these were purchased over one week ago and I have not had any sign of the £25 credits on any of the cards used. Has anyone else not had the credits applied? Who would be the best people to enquire with American Express or Foursquare?

    I recently used a couple of cards for Shell and these credits applied fine!

    • John smith says:

      I too have not received any credits on my 2 cards from Amex and I purchased from debenhams last sun

      I usually receive credits within 3 days

      • On Lloyds Amex cards it drags a lot, MBNA drags a bit, Amex Amex cards usually quick. There is an email address that will sort you out if nothing appears after a couple of weeks, don’t have it to hand but it is on here somewhere (still on hols, sorry!)

    • Louie says:

      No sign of any credits for purchases from both Shell and Debenhams last Sunday (24th). I’m assuming Easter has intervened, so will check again tomorrow. Will update you if anything appears.

      • Sarah says:

        I’ve had my credit from Shell today (purchase on Wed 26th April) but not had the Debenhams one yet from purchases on Saturday 23rd April.

        • Louie says:

          Still nothing from Debenhams or Shell from the 24th, yet the £15 Shell credits from purchases (all Amex issued cards) on 28 and 29 March were credited on 31 March and 1 April. Only difference as far as I can recall is that we did the load offer to card etc the previous evening for the earlier purchases…. I see someone on the later Foursquare post is saying that they were told the gap between checking in and buying had to be less than 30 minutes, so I am wondering if this is the problem (although I know everyone else has had no issues doing the phone stuff days earlier than the purchase).

        • No, that’s nonsense (unless its changed) – I would sync stuff many days before and they still all paid out