Update on the 1,000 Clubcard point (2,400 Avios) bonus for a Tesco MasterCard referral

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(EDIT, August 2015 – whilst the article is now two years old, the 1,000 points referral bonus is still valid.  Email me at raffles [at] headforpoints.co.uk and I can send you the relevant form.)

A couple of week ago, I wrote this post about the refer a friend scheme for the Tesco MasterCard.

As a result of that post, I referred a couple of Head for Points readers who had recently taken out the card.

The good news is that Tesco is proving to be unbelievably efficient at processing the 1,000 bonus Tesco Clubcard points that both the referrer and referred person receives. The points appear to be going onto your account on the same day that Tesco receives the form in the post!

Tesco MasterCard

The Tesco MasterCard remains the best Visa or MasterCard option if you want to collect Avios points. 0.6 Avios per £1 spent is not life changing, I admit, but it is a heck of a lot better than the 0.2 Avios you receive on the Lloyds Avios MasterCard! And, of course, if another 40% ‘Tesco to Avios’ conversion bonus comes along, you would be getting well over 0.8 Avios per £1.

If you’re interested in the referral scheme – especially if you have recently taken out the Tesco card and would like to request your 1,000 referral points (even though I didn’t talk you into getting the card!) – then email me at raffles [at] headforpoints.co.uk and I will email you the form.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (www.shopperpoints.co.uk), which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. Well it depends if Tesco vouchers are of any other use to you. I usually don’t convert my clubcard points to Avios but may do so when there is a bonus.

  2. Is this better than the BMI Mastercard?

  3. sorry- bmi visa

    • The BMI Visa card is better at the moment. I think it’s recently just gone up to 1 Avios per £1 on the Visa, and 2 Avios per £1 on the Amex. However since this card isn’t available anymore for new signups, if you don’t have the BMI card then Raffles is correct this being the best one at the moment.

      • is the BMI CArd definitely 2 points per pound on Amex and 1 on Visa?

        Will then have to start using this more.

        Does anyone know if I cancel my Amex gold card, do I have to move my MR points at the same time or will my account remain open once card is closed and I can therefore wait for a bonus>>>>

  4. esperluette says:

    being pedantic: surely its only a mastercard option?
    Being ignorantL whatt are CW ( cable & wireless?),RFS, WTP?
    i could work out 241( just about)
    bmi visa ismuch better and giving double at present for reasons unknown.But I suspect one needs to plan for a replacement.
    newbee fawzia

    • trickster says:

      CW = Club World – BA’s long-haul business class cabin
      WTP = World Traveller Plus – BA’s long-haul premium economy cabin
      RFS = Reward Flight Saver – a product offered by BA for redemption of Avios on short-haul flights from the UK (and Spain with Iberia) where you only pay a fixed cash element rather than full taxes and surcharges as with other Avios redemptions.

      I’m sure if you search this blog there’s an article by Raffles on the use of RFS. I think they’re great personally. With a small child in tow, we’ve not been in the position to burn Avios on long-haul, but have done several RFS bookings to Rome, Prague, Copenhagen from Manchester in Club Europe (at no extra cost than if from London).

    • Yes, sorry, I do purposely try to avoid jargon on the blog, but I was on an ipad and got lazy!

      I will try not to do it again!

      • one of the hardest things to get my head around on flyertalk is the jargon. its everywhere and if you are new you find yourself using google to explain something very straight forward. its worse than being in the office (and i work in IT – enough said!)

  5. I don’t have that many Avios – I’d say about 50k, and I don’t spend enough for 241 vouchers. Since I’ve only used my Avios so far to do a World Traveller Plus > Club World, and because I like to keep things easy, I see one Avios as worth 1p. Maybe that’s conservative?

    I suppose if you do have loads and loads then there value is decreased like you said.

  6. I know of the card, but it is too complex to use as a reference point when writing credit card reviews! It will work well for some people, though.

  7. Hi raffles!

    could figure out how to contact you so ill post it here, soory about that!

    There is an offer only TODAY for BA AMEX card holder of 500 bonus points for every suplementery card holder added.

  8. It depends what your average transaction value is. If you put EVERYTHING on your card, down to your morning coffee, then it will have an impact. If your average transaction size is £30 then the effect is modest.

    However, Starbucks etc all take Amex anyway – B&Q is the only big retailer who doesn’t take Amex (and Tesco sells B&Q gift cards for that scenario!). I am assuming that the MasterCard will mainly be used for online transactions such as paying utility bills (see tomorrows article for eg). The impact of the rounding down to the nearest £4 becomes almost irrelevant if the transaction is above £50.

    Personally, my biggest issue is the low street cred that comes from carrying a Tesco card around! Whilst I am trying to fill up my £7,750 credit limit quickly, I am doing it with large purchases (which are mainly online) and I still pull out the BMI card in Waitrose.

  9. Nick Burch says:

    The M&S bank account is worth a look too – it’s not a credit card so won’t show up for churning! If you have the account for 21+ days, they’ll give you £100 in M&S vouchers. It’s £15 per month, with a 1 month cancellation term, so it’s £30 for those vouchers (and some others too). Takes about 30-40 minutes to open the account in store, might be quicker online. I don’t think they have that many people come in for the offer, and certainly not many FTers, based on the reaction to my passport full of visas and stamps when I handed it over for the ID check!