Another 750 Clubcard points code for Tesco Wine – expires TONIGHT!

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Last week I posted a code that Tesco had made available for readers of  It offered 750 bonus Clubcard points (1,800 Avios or 1,875 Virgin Flying Club miles) when spending £50 at Tesco Wine.

The code quickly reached its maximum number of users and stopped working.  However, Tesco has now released a new code which has the same effect.

Tesco Finest wine

The code you need is XX7TCK and will automatically add 750 bonus points on a £50 wine order.  It doesn’t mention the ‘2 case minimum order’ that sometimes applies on these deals.  The Tesco Wine home page is here.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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  1. If I took advantage of this offer it would send my clubcard points for this quarter over the 30,000 point mark, is it possible to have multiple clubcard accounts converting into the same BAEC account do you know?

    • Mr Bridge says:

      i dont think so, but you can have household baec accounts and link clubcards to each household memebr

    • As long as the initial of your forename matches and your surname is the same then multiple club cards will convert to one account 🙂

    • There is no sign that the 30,000 point cap is enforced. It seems to be a fall back position for Tesco, in case you do something naughty and they need an excuse to shut you down, which is not enforced usually.

      • Thanks for the replies, I’d be happy for Tesco to look at my account, I’ve done no bulk buying or anything naughty but I think I’ll err on the side of caution in case they’ve changed anything about enforcing this, I’d hate to not be able to convert my points in Avios.

    • I cant see anything on the Tesco website about a points cap? If there were one, is it possible to split the rewards between Avios and BA Avios and then merge later?

      This years clubcard points are being stored up for Goldsmiths at christmas time on the asumption they repeat last years offer of 4 time the value instead of 3 times. Very useful. After that i will be focusing back on Avios.

      • The cap definitely exists. It is 30k per Clubcard account per quarter, but as I said it is not enforced. After all, they were giving 25k away with a mobile phone recently, which itself would push many people over 30,000.

        Easiest way around it is a 2nd CC account (they may spot it and merge them, of course). It is really not worth worrying about though.

  2. Absolutely loving it. Thanks to this website I found out about the 50k sign up bonus for Amex platinum, now spending my way towards that. If I’ve done my maths right* my £75 wine order has netted the equivalent of 3930 Avios, maybe even more if there’s another clubcard conversion bonus. Plus of course a dozen bottles of very nice wine!

    ((825 / 250)*600) + ((50000/2000)*75) +75

  3. Jens Moller says:

    Thank you – as always.

    I will use your affliate links when possible. I used the Hilton link a couple of weeks ago, but it ended up in a BRG rate, so I’m not sure how happy they are;-)

    Have a nice weekend

  4. Converting CC points from Tesco to Avios (not BAEC Avios) the DOB must match. Avois opened a new account when 1 of my sons did a typo on the Tesco sign up page and the DOB did not match the existing avios account. All sorted with a emailed copy of Birth Certificate.

  5. Gordon B says:

    wow Simon, 30,000 Tesco points in a quarter is a lot of wine! Any tips on how to collect that many

  6. Christian says:

    Yet another fine spot.

    Just added some nice Malbec to the gut (sorry wine rack) and just in time for the conversion.

  7. A little off topic but im new to this coversion business and would like some advice. Do you think I will have any problem moving avios to a baec account when one is in the name of tim and the other is timothy? All other details are identical.

    • No, you’ll be fine. Date of Birth and email are the core matches.

    • Mr Bridge says:

      you can always change your deatils on line to match, but only on one of the sites i cant remember which one

      • Thanks all. I think I tried to change my name on Avios to match but it was greyed out. And another point…I have just opened a new Lloyds duo card and I assume it should automatically link to my Avios account and I dont have to link them manually?

        • I’d try the live chat feature on the Avios site to get it amended Tim, I had a problem moving Avios due to information mismatch a couple of years ago, I used live chat and it was sorted within a minute.

        • Yes, as long as the address Lloyds have is the same as your one (forget about BA, the miles are off to

  8. can you not buy the wine, get the points and then return it?

    • No, they are smarter than that!

      • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

        It was back in 2006 or so – I placed a Tesco wine order with a £10 off voucher. Missed the delivery and decided to cancel the order and got the gross cost refunded to my card. Not sure they’ll still make that mistake though.

  9. Idrive says:

    I have placed the order and awarded the 810 CC Points as last week I missed that due to the technical faults on the points system. Definitely not bad! the only point I am disappointed is that I had 2 coupon for Double points on the final bill+double points for paying by amex (issued by tesco) i could not used online as they are in store vouchers online. which means I will used them by next week to top up my fridge. and some other 250 points with a 50£ spend +150 gift card=400 points…BUT apparently at the moment is really difficult to get a Tesco giftcard (tried only two shops but…the answer was the same, need to call customer services)

    • Buying Tesco giftcards does not trigger the 150 point bonus for a £50 giftcard spend. They need to be third party giftcards.

      It should trigger the 250 points for a £50 spend voucher, though.

  10. With only 1600, you might as well set up autoconvert to, to bank the 1500 Avios bonus.

    Once they hit, though, turn off the autoconvert. Going forward, you would be better off saving the vouchers in a drawer and waiting for a conversion bonus.

  11. GlennM says:

    Just noticed: Tesco Direct have brought back the Dan Brown pre-order book offer. 500 Clubcard points – the book is £9 (exc. delivery). Order with code: TD-MNRW. If you ordered before, it seems to accept a second order (probably a different code issued).